Multichoice to crackdowm on bogus DSTV operators in Malawi

MultiChoice Africa has embarked on a programme meant to combat illegal DSTV operations in southern Africa and  will carry out visits to unregistered operators claiming to be DSTV agents in Malawi.

MultiChoice Malawi spokesman, Chimwemwe Nyirenda

MultiChoice Malawi spokesman, Chimwemwe Nyirenda

The statement issued by Multichoice said there are a number of agents who claim to have authorized status and are promoting the illegal provision of South African accounts to users in Malawi.

“In terms of international copyright laws, MultiChoice South Africa can only provide its services to people resident in South Africa due to channels being authorized for reception in South Africa only.

“All operators providing DSTV connections and support services in Malawi are bound by the law to ensure that DSTV services in Malawi are those that are legitimately provided for in this country, and they may not connect Malawians to DSTV services in South Africa,” reads the statement.

According to the MultiChoice, bogus operators have been identified from visible offers who give Malawians, South African DSTV accounts which make their actions illegal and can result in criminal actions against both the service provider and customers taking up the offers.

“Illegal agents carry no guarantee of service quality and there is no means of enforcing adherence to DSTV standards. It is clear that a number of bogus operators are promoting access by Malawians to DSTV services sourced in South Africa, an act that is illegal and in flagrant violation of international copyrights regulations,” further reads the statement.

The statement says the exercise will help to crackdown and eliminate bogus operators who are putting customers at risk of poor quality and exposing them to possible prosecution for infringement of international copyright laws.

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Charlie Hebdo
Mr Nyirenda, If you are a marketer worth his salt, take all the comments here seriously. There is no single favourable comment about Multichoice Malawi. This should tell you something is seriously wrong with your organizations marketing strategy. These comments can provide solutions to your many problems. Gone are the days when you were the only provider pay TV service. Know your competitors. I now have a choice of subscribing to Zuku, Star Sat, Azam, Multichoice SA, not to mention of the free Kiliyekiliye and free to air. Multichoice Malawi took their subscribers for granted and they are now crying… Read more »
prof. Odiyayo

Please guys, I will register your DSTV in South Africa, Leave those Nyasa DSTV thugs and capitalists close their company. Please send your names to my email. payments will be made once you are assured that you are connected.


Gentlemen can you please sell me the south Africa decorder. I stop watching this stupid MW DSTV because i could not manage the prices and it was better for me to use that money for my children fees. But with price being mentioned and i know I can manage both very well. stop listening to this nyathenda

Maggie Lucious

Empty threats. In fact this so called marketer needs to be fired for failing to bring sales to his organisation and brainwashing his bosses that the only solution is by intimidation. Blind bosses too. Multichoice Malawi is nothing but a bunch of robbers. Can you justify why your service is 100% more than the SA price? You have just done yourself a disfavour as more eyes have now been opened and are looking for these “bogus” installers. Wait and see a mass exodus …… that advert was wrong

Very stupid marketing the way, whats your qualification? I wonder if with such people malawi can go a step ahead. Be realistic with your demands. Its not that these guys are bogus providers, actually the services are paid for but in south africa. Actually u r lucky becoz many malawians dont know how to go about it, u have potential of losing all ur customers. More over u give us low deal. Imagine every day kumangoonela the same movie komanso ya 1970, zoona? Are your services worth the charges you inflict on us? Think again. Ife timapanga stream nkumaonela… Read more »

Multi choice, you’re too blind to see that the poor quality service you are talking about are generally those provided by you than the outside services. To hell, am going to start selling the decorders

Brainless market manager, fighting a competitor and customers for not buying from him instead of investigating why it is so? If it is not allowed to get services from outside, why is it allowed that your services be charged using a foreign currency, $? This intimidation won’t work. You even facilitated theft of your decoders. How come people after stealing from us are able to register and enjoy your services from our stolen decoders? I left you because you’re here to rob us. To hell with your campaign and you have just made it worse. I will be one of… Read more »

The problem is SADC free trade ,the solution is to reduce your prices and start charging malawians in kwacha that u Will have more customer’s


Y not be dealing with multichoice SA for beaming there signal to Malawi. I think that cab help but only if u (multichoice MW) can afford to create ur own signel…then making silly noise to the venerable.

Let me remind Mr Chimwemwe Nyirenda that one can not reclaim lost customers by intimidating or threatening them because they have thier bonafide rights to choices. If you crack down the bogus service providers, do you think customers will come back to you? In this case, Multichoice South Africa is becoming your competitor not by their choice but by Malawians’ choice. The best way for you is to leave Malawi customers alone, and at the same time engage the giant South Africa Multichoice in your strategic idea sourcing, then you will see customers comming back to you, Otherwise you will… Read more »

Kkkkk! I like the argument: “trying to reclaim lost customers by intimidation”. These were really multichoice malawi customers in the first place and they could have found out what wrong they did to their customers instead of intimidation.

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