Muluzi claims libel: Malawi minister demands Daily Times newspaper apology

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Atupele Muluzi’s lawyer has sent a letter to a Daily Times newspaper demanding an apology and the retraction of an allegedly defamatory article published on Thursday May 28, 2015.

Atupele Muluzi:   Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security claims to be defamed

Atupele Muluzi: Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security claims to be defamed

The paper published a report that the minister has been implicated in a case in which two people are answering a charge of defrauding a Lilongwe based businessperson Trevor Kandoje.

Lawyer David Kanyenda confirmed that he has been instructed by Muluzi seeking retraction and apology of the story which he said “falsely and maliciously” alleged that Muluzi is implicate in a fraud case in that he had allegedly instructed Steven Otieno and Imran Mlanga to hire four motor vehicles from City Transport Brokers and that terms were allegedly agreed.

“Our client [Muluzi] denies ever hiring the said four motor vehicles from City Transport Brokers or at all puts you to strict proof thereof,” reads Kanyenda’s letter to Times Group.

The lawyer said Muluzi “categorically denies any liability to pay for the said motor vehicles at all.”

Kanyenda said the article portrayed Muluzi as” untrustworthy and unscrupulous character” yet he is not involved in the issue at all.

“The article tends to lower our client in the estimation of right thinking members of the society generally,” Kanyenda tells Times Group.

He states that Muluzi has been “greatly injured” with the article in his credit, character and reputation.

“His name has been brought unto public scandal. Odium, ridicule and contempt,” reads Kanyenda’s letter.

Muluzi, through his lawyer, is demanding a retraction of the said article and an apology or he will commence court proceedings “designed to secure adequate compensation.”

According to the story Kandoje told court that in September 2014, Otieno and Mlanga approached Kandoje to help running an SMS campaign through Kempcall, a company for which he is the director.

Mlanga, believed to be a relation to the Muluzi family, is said to have been using the link to swindle people. He is currently at large and Magistrate Paul Chiotcha ordered the arrest of his surety, Esnart Katema but lawyer Gabriel Chembezi later obtained a stay order against the arrest of Katema.

The trio are also reported to have forged signature Collins Magalasi and stamps of First Lady Getrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi as they were using to link up with Nigerian singer Davido,

Of late there have been many tricksters in the country who have swindled businesses and individuals impersonating Presidential advisors and other top government officials including some posing as journalists.

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23 thoughts on “Muluzi claims libel: Malawi minister demands Daily Times newspaper apology”

  1. dambudzo mwasanya says:

    Imraan Sadick uzafa kaporo wa the Muluzis family.Who cares about Atupele anyway?Ankaona ngati zimuchitikira ngati za mwana wa Kenyatta?Amalawi anasiya kuyendera maina.Mwina azabere ngati Pitala.He has inherited crooked genes from his father.Whether Udf is swallowed by the useless Dpp are we bothered?Atupele cannot make survival without politics.Look at his six pounds thief father.He is always in the armpits of Pitala begging favours for his son.Malawi politics is crap with no future.No any Muluzi will rule this country iwe ka Imraan Sadick shut up your smelly gobble.I would rather vote for Lucius Banda as my president than this useless guy.

  2. obwande says:


  3. Mike siliya says:

    Some coments out of sylabus, zikugwirizana bwanji nkhani ya atipase ndi tribes, fokolo zanu

  4. Dr Mbewe says:

    You know Atupele is a crooked individual. The newspaper was right to expose him. Umbava wa Atupele comes from his parents. His father Bskili Mukuzi you know is also a thief. He has a corruption case against Malawi government. Zinazi ndi zosachita kufunsa

  5. Noxy says:

    That’s Atupele an Assertive Person.I have also seen the news,a useless story put on front page.This shows how other newspapers are used to assassinate characters of people of their integrity. People who want to benefit from crisis.No crisis no food,Shame on the writer and shame on daily times newspaper.

  6. chindele says:

    You Lomwes You Are Too Regionalistic. If You Have An Issue Just Talk About It. Not Mentioning About Tumbuka Because Something Is Happening In The North. Stupid

  7. Mapwiya MulupaleNtakanya says:

    Mulakho sizibwana,no more Agenda 4 Change nevermore, & No more UDF for ever!!!!!!!stupid UDF supporters

  8. Phodogoma says:

    Tumbukas are selfish grouping in Malawi. Look the very same NAC has funded Mzuzu Youth Organization to initiate campaigns for closure of city beerpubs, and Timothy Mtambo do not say anything. Had it been that the MYO was run by the people in south particularly the Lomwe this could have been a hot issue. Timothy Mtambo where are you? Come out and demand NAC money back. NAC money is for direct support to HIV/AIDS issues. MYO and Mlakho are two organizations whose issue of HIV is an indirect one. There is no difference. Indeed if you fight for the better Malawi then make noise against your brothers and sisters in Mzuzu who have been funded by NAC. Mind you people at Mlakho festivity are very loose with their skirts and trousers. Mlakho tried to just the reason why NAC came in to support its activities. It was because of AIDS related cases just as MYO is claiming.

    Please Timothy Mtambo, Trapence, Jessy Kabwila, come out and ask the Mzuzu Youth Organization to fund back NAC’s support soon soon.

  9. Malawi daily times news always give as negative news story,mmulipila mwanayo ngati simuziwa ,uyu ndi atupele sanyengelera ayi

  10. The news paper should be sued for slander
    You’re trying so hard to taint his squeaky clean image by coming up with unfounded allegations
    And all of you talking your rubbish here that he has been swallowed up by Dpp you better shut up,you accused him of being immature(baby) and now that is trying to get the experience you’ve been crying for you sulk
    You did not vote for Atupele(UDF) ,however,minding your own business it’s the right thing to do-we staunch UDF cadres we’re okay with the move of working with government hence stop poking your long noises into others people’s business
    Atupele Woyeeeeee

  11. herb plants says:

    Trevor Kandoje is not a business model in general. by the way does his so called companies pay taxes to the government? Please let the court investigate more information on this case in the strongest terms as we can smell a rotten rat behind this case.

  12. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Analemba yekha crook laku Kenya ndi m’bale wake ndiye satitopetse ife. He should just shut up coz himvand his crooks owe several Malawians lots of mny which God will look to it that they pay back!

  13. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Atolankhani akumalawi ngati sana namepo ndiye kuti news siyi yenda malonda

  14. ask me says:

    The Muluzi family has never been trustworthy.Since when?

  15. Chakwera: "Mulakhoism" says:

    Good move Atupele. Any freedom has a responsibility attached to it. Drag these jealous swollen people to court. They have to be responsible and accountable for what they wrote. In Malawi people go scot-free with defamatory actions. Teach these jealous people a lesson. Warning to Nyasatimes: If you don’t stop publishing defamatory false stories, you will one day face the same legal action just like Times Group.

  16. hango says:

    Call Shakespear to write a movie Novel involving Malawi leaders and style of leadership at work.

  17. ujeni says:

    Malawians are learning this trickster business from west Africans. Musova?

  18. njolomachipilingu says:

    Hahaha Atupe mu office ya nduna sitilowetsa anthu chisawawa.By allowing the negotiations to take place in your office, you automatically become an.accomplice.Why in the firtst place allowing this to take place in your office??

  19. Let the truth be told. There is now imminent proof that there r is a well coordinated campaign with sinister motive to assassinate Atupele’s character. For what reasons?? Muckracker-Elect answers!! Just Get your sunday times newspaper copy this sunday

  20. blessing lipengs says:

    I am tired of the stories coming out of Malawi! they are continually depressing.

  21. mtumbuka 1 says:

    Is atupele still there and in politics?. He has been swallowed by mlakho wa peter mutharika,come 2019 it’s your family only that is going to vote for you. Useless agenda for stupidity.

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