Murdered woman dumped and buried in toilet –Malawi Police

Malawi Police have confirmed that Agness Natani of Sesesantonga Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Khombedza in Salima went missing on June 29 this year was murdered and her body has been found dumped in a pit latrine in Dowa.

Toilet cemetry

Toilet cemetry

Dowa Police spokesperson Sergeant Richard Kaponda the decomposed body of a 50-year-old woman was found in a toilet on Tuesday this week.

Police said the woman has since been buried in the toilet because of the corpse’s decomposed state.

“The scene of crime was visited by the police together with a medical doctor who confirmed death due to suffocation and [that] the woman was murdered

“They placed big stones and sticks on top of the toilet hole to conceal the death,” said Kaponda

There has been no arrests so far but police assured they have intensified their investigations.

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61 thoughts on “Murdered woman dumped and buried in toilet –Malawi Police”

  1. Emmanuel says:

    its fast cnnnecting

  2. zk says:

    Its a pity malawi

  3. Rat says:

    Very bad indeed

  4. wales banda says:

    A malawi taonjeza, eeeeeee

  5. Kawonga says:

    No more warm heart of africa now

  6. Khamani!! says:

    Akuti God fearing nation. Za ziii!!

  7. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    Too bad

  8. Joseph Nkhata says:

    Zafika posauzana

  9. zabooka says:

    A malawi tayiwala chikhalidwe chathu. Zoona tiziwopa munthu kuposa mkango?

  10. Blessings Soko says:

    apolice mugwile ntchito yanu pothandiza kuchepetsa uchigawenga,ndipo akapezeka azilandira chilango chopweteka

  11. wakukaya says:

    Its over now every day bad news

  12. kachitsamba innocent says:

    analakwanji mayi, kodi sakambirana zikalakwika? kulakwa!

  13. Lingstonechirwa says:

    Amalawi dziko lathu likupita kuti?

  14. Tili Chenene says:

    Someone should be told that recruiting more people alone is not enough but sensible leadership brings about good governance that security is a catalyst of any development

  15. Tili Chenene says:

    It seems there is no government in Makawi

  16. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    My first reaction when I saw the picture, was that it was dis-respectable for the victim and her relatives to show the body in that state and environment. This website should have shown more sensitivity. Always ask oneself; “How would I feel if it was a member of my family?” I still feel the same way, and I am resisting looking at the picture again!
    And to rub salt into the wound, the authorities put back the body into the pit? How would they feel if that victim was their daughter, wife, mother, sister or what have you? The Police and the coroners are paid to handle such evidence, regardless of the “dirt” encompassing it, aren’t they?

  17. Chisale chindipha makina says:

    Mmmmmmmmmh! Koma anthu mulibe chisoni eti!

  18. Nkhedu says:

    ‘These thugs were sent by jb,’said nankhumwa.And he has a CCTV to prove this.

  19. dungulinu banda says:

    As longer as the body is decomposed there is no need for further investigation by police in Malawi.There is no syllabus for training of decomposed bodies at Kanjedza police training school.What they know is kunyamula zibonga ndi kuvala zisoti ngati akukavina beni.Crime solving is for the intelligent police.

  20. Mwetse says:

    may shame be upon malawi for allowing the spirit of killing to dwell on us.

  21. BLACKBAZUZU says:


  22. GumbiGumbi says:

    Dziko lili mmanja mwa agalu ili. Koma mwati tipulumuka?

  23. Aron says:

    All these is about lack of security

  24. zeko says:

    zimenedzo zkunkhuzana ndi boma zachamba bas,

  25. Hey says:

    Hey! Do we really have leadership in this Country? Who made that decision to bury the woman in the toilet? How was post mortem conducted by the doctor and where and who was the doctor? Policing in the Warm Heart of Africa. Why then do people go for training. Just a waste of resources indeed. Case opened and closed that’s it.

  26. Please says:

    Body buried in the toilet because of the state of decomposition, really? Where are our morals? Who made that inhumane decision? Why do we have cemetaries then? Whoever made that decision, did they consult the family or what? Where have we left the respect for the dead. This woman deserves and deserved to be buried with dignity whether decomposed or not. Where is compassion, duty of care love sympathy in this. The most sensible thing will be to exhume the body and be buried in dignified manner. This is sickening to the relatives. What about the pain of not knowing why and what went wrong and how was she in those painful moments facing death. Then comes an issue of a human being being buried like a dog. How can her soul rest in that pit latrine. Her body is supposed to be in the grave at the cemetery. If this woman was a high person I don’t think that inhumane decision would have been made. Those incharge would have made an effort to salvage everything in order to preserve the dignity. Whoever made decision, think if it was ur mother sister or yourself. How could you sleep knowing your relatives body is lying in a toilet not a grave? Think and do everything in your power to bury this woman with dignity.

  27. Yelembe says:

    Suffocation or murdered?

  28. munyalika says:

    DPP at its best Dziko likuyenda akatero

  29. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Do we really hv crime solvers in the Malawi police?People will just be dying like chickens with the way things have reached Malawi.Our police needs to recruit young intelligent young men and women who can be effective in the Malawi police and can merge the puzzle together to corner these lowlife thugs.It is becoming scary as to who will be the next to face the same fate.

  30. EdK says:

    Why not give the poor woman a more dignified funeral other than burying her in a toilet you idiots. Decomposition is no excuse!

  31. ninkuuzeni says:


  32. isaac says:

    Where is Malawi heading to?

  33. nkhambako says:

    dpp chi Lunga mo, chiteteźo

  34. loscosoko says:

    This is when ishall always remember Bibgu was Muntharika.He was a no nosence leader.

  35. Malawi says:

    Buried the body in the toilet because of the decomposed body? Where are our morals? Why not bury the woman with dignity. Can someone please resume that body and bury it properly. Do you want to tell me if this woman was someone famous the police would have done that. Despite the smell or whatever they could have buried her in a dignified way. Think of the relatives. They will live with mental torture not knowing what happened, how she suffered in those last moments let alone buried in humanely. No matter how decomposed the body was, the police had the duty of care and respect, and also to show compassion to the relatives. Please do the right thing. That body deserves to be in a grave that is why we have cemeteries. I feel bad to write may her soul rest in peace. This is not right.

  36. The Real ujeni says:

    Malawi @51 abundant primitive lifestyle. Time to check out of this DPP thug led country.

  37. mMalawi says:

    Nde mwati the doctor went and said she died of suffocation? Did they do a full postmortem? Koma pa Malawi timanamizana eti?

  38. jabulani says:

    Achewa muthana chaka china mainly Dowa, Dedza, Mchinji,

  39. CONGO MAFIA says:

    She met her death in a brutal way. To bury her in that manner is like adding insults to injury.

  40. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Is that enough explanation to bury someone’s daughter, mother, auntie, sister in pit latrine simply because the body is decomposed? If she was a relation to one of the authorities you wouldn’t allow that. Malawi has gone to the dogs really.

  41. wavisanga says:

    God have mercy on Malawi! last days indeed! people are butchering each other like chickens, forgive our sins dear Lord!

  42. Akatswiri says:

    Why are these things happening around?What you should bare in mind is that God is watching you.

  43. Nabanda says:

    Kodi abale munthu akakuknizani nyelo ndiye mumuphe? ndipo ndikufuna ndinene pano akuti anthu enanu ngati mutakapulumuke inenso ndidzapulumuka

  44. chikkkae says:

    Very very sad indeed

  45. Dziko lolamulidwa ndi anthu osapemphera ndicocho

  46. Ndaliraaaa ndithu shaaaaa sob sob sob so saaad

  47. Judge Mphwinye says:

    This is total barbarism…I wonder where this country is going..analakwa chani munthu wa Mayi?

  48. Pitala says:

    No arrests? who are the owners of the toilet?

  49. mwahana says:

    Something very, very wrong going on in this country. Killing each other seem to be order of the day these days. Is it that people are copying what government is doing????????

  50. yooo says:

    Pitani muntendere wa mulungu akuziwa ndi mulungu,kubwezera kwake

  51. yooo says:

    Big do something abaut security country, pena ukamalephera umathawira mukufasa kkkkkk owona kumati akunganiza munthu atayimika manja

  52. Kadakwiza says:

    Very sad indeed,R.I.P

  53. amfana says:

    muzalangidwa nonse amene mwapha gogoyo.

  54. really? says:

    Because of the state of decomposition body buried in same toilet? Really? Would you bury accident victims on the accident site? How were you able to ascertain cause of death if ur afraid to carry remains to a decent burial site? Lazy Malawian police. Take the body, study it further, bones are not decomposed yet.

  55. ZOZO says:

    thats Sad.

  56. bwangazi says:

    Chipani cha diphiphi!!! Ndi manyi!!! Chabweretsa uchigandanga mdziko muno!!! Anyway bubu ku statehouse asovenge!!!!

  57. omex says:

    Murder is the order of the day here in Malawi. No arrests made is what we always here from the police

  58. KAMUZU BANDA JR says:

    I am gobsmacked on how the Malawi Police intensify a murder investigation, do they even know what that means.

    I will tell you the techniques if you want to intensify investigation on any murder incident; you first of all ensure to make safe the murder scene….leave at least two police officers guarding the area and stop people from accessing the area in case they tamper with the area and mislead the investigation. secondly, remove all the items left at the murder scene or any circumstancial evidences you may find. Thirdly, you ask for any information or witnesses who may have seen anything suspicious at the time of the murder, once you have found witnesses do not scare them they are just helping you and you are not obliged to listen to them if you think such testimony will not stand in court. Fourthly, ask neighboring houses if they heard anything, a scream or people walking, talking, any vehicles or lights something like that. For example, Issa Njauju’s incident occurred at a stone throw with Peter Mutharika’s residence, summon him to come down town for questioning if he saw or heard anything. Family members or staff if at all any of them left the house or made any phone calls that night. THAT’S INTENSIFYING INVESTIGATION

  59. Samarakunjuta says:

    There has been no arrests???? No arrest my foot!!! Anyway as long as it is happening kwanuko I don’t care very soon you will be eating each other you people you are cowards!!!

  60. Emmatuwa says:

    very very sad

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