Mutharika challenges PAC to form political party and face DPP in 2019 elections

President Peter Mutharika has challenged the quasi-religious group and governance watchdog Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to form a political party and dare his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) during the elections due 2019.

President Peter Mutharika at Biwi Triangle s in Lilongwe -(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Mutharika was speaking Monday at Biwi Triangle in Lilongwe during a political rally he addressed on return from Southern Region.

The President was hitting at PAC which issued a statement last week that the country was currently experiencing mediocrity as poverty levels have been deeply entrenched among ordinary citizens.

But Mutharika said the quasi-religious group was harbouring sinister political motives.

“A PAC angoyambitsa chipani [PAC should just form a political party],” said Mutharika.

“They should stop hiding behind religion because the committee no longer speaks for the people,” he added.

Mutharika expressed misgivings with PAC assessment that during the past three years, the DPP administration has failed to fulfil its own manifesto, citing what it described as deep-rooted corruption, fraud and selective justice.

He said the DPP administration should be credited for implementing numerous development projects, which he said PAC is failing to recognise.

But PAC chairperson the Reverend Felix Chingota maintained that the DPP administration has failed miserably.

Chingota said they would not be intimidated but the body will continue to do its prophetic work.

“The mediocrity we experience today will not improve the lives of Malawians and the nation needs to wake up to the call,” he said.

He said as PAC’s duty is merely to provide safe space for Malawians to discuss pertinent issues, the body would be holding the Sixth All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference in May this year where it will ask Malawians to decide the next action as regards the future of the nation.

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zuzo dekha

nkufa uku awa.wamkulu akakhala kuipa suumuuza imamuuza ndi mphepo. sinkuva mkhutu mwanga. bwanji misonkhano thoo kumalongolola mamuna nkulukulu. no shame???????? develpment ndiyo yofunikatu basi
by the way enanu mukunama nthawi ya kamuzu yese okuba cuma ca boma amalandiswa katundu. pomwe makono mungoti khalani kaye pambali acimwene

You say APM should ask his late brother about PAC. Giving impression that his conflict with PAC made him meet death by the will of God. PAC did not want Bingu and his DPP to continue ruling this country, and God supported the move hence the death. If this is true why is it that the same God allowed the same party led by the very brother to the late one bounce back to power? Don’t you think God was disapproving the lies you were making on him? Why didn’t he chose any party apart from the DPP to lead… Read more »
You would expect an old man to have a superfluity of wisdom, but Peter Mutharika is the worst disappointment of his kind who unfortunately, is unearthing gloom and doom for the current young generation of mother Malawi. He is acting like a rebellious thug against a quasi church group which provides guidance to government and solace to the citizenry. To fairly describe Mutharika, I would say, his head is injured and his heart is sick. His head is injured in the sense that he has lost thinking capabilities of how to analyse mistakes,failures,and how to find solutions. His heart is… Read more »
Nyerere ndiye ineyo

Iwe Pitala ukalimbana ndi PAC ubwererenso ku mpumulo wabata ukamufunse mkulu wako. Anamuuza he shoud step down in 90days….ndie ukamufunse ngati anakwanitsa even 45 days….ukupanga zibwanatu iwe. Touch not my anointed…mawuwo amatero.

chancellor wa Chancellor
chancellor wa Chancellor

Do you people know why PAC came into being?
If you knew you would not be against it or
castigate it.
PAC played a big role in assisting the parties in
1993/94 during the one party rule to bring sanity
into this country.
If PAC had not been there surely there would not
have been all these so called “mighty parties”.
Shame you were not there when PAC was being
PAC can never be a political party but may be
some members might join various parties.
Got it.
PAC keep on with the good work.
God Bless you PAC.


Vuto ndi amalawi munayika matchona pa mpando. Koma iwe petulo PAC umayidziwa?

be humane

koma abwan anena zoona. PAC is there to advance their own political agendas angopangadi chipani chawo. When did they seek views of Malawians in what they say today? Very true asamabisale kumbuyo kwa chipembedzo form your own party

Rift Valley
Never seen a man so confused. Please Mr. President answer the following questions: 1 Why don’t you want to make the ACB independent? 2 Do you honestly believe only the Lhomwes/ Mulakhos are the only people to occupy lucrative positions in Government/ Parastatals/ Embassies? 3 Why is that some Lhomwe individuals are appointed to several boards/ commissions? 4 Why is the NAO not independent? 5 Is the office of Assets declaration really doing its work? ,….. The list is too long but if you can honestly answer the above questions, some of which are relevant to DPP manifesto, or have… Read more »

peter usalimbane ndi PAC upita ask malemu achimwene ako alikut lero?

Malawian if you want to see a faction president/ Government, you must do the following before the next elections; De-touch the following positions from the president appointing them; MBC director general. Chief Justice. ; Chief Election officer/ Commissioner. The Anti corruption Bureau Chief. IG police; Simply it means in real life is that when you appoint someone , that individual is answerable to you who is appointing him or her. So you can not bit the finger that is feeding you. So Malawian work hard scrap the current rubbish system. By doing so you will have effective Government, and those… Read more »

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