Mutharika, Chilima class photo trends positively on social media

Trending: The Frist Couple witje VP Chilima and his spouse

Trending: The Frist Couple witje VP Chilima and his spouse

This picture of Malawi President Peter Mutharika accompanied by First Lady Getrude Mutharika together with Vice President Saulos Chilima and his spouse Mary Chilima has been trending highly on social media and generating positive comments.

The picture, believed to have been taken by a State House photographer, has seen the two couples getting praise for their class dressing, smiles, and the display of unity from the bond that the picture is telling.

Some comments on Facebook, where the picture has been greatly shared, also suggested that the picture gives hope of the leadership of President Mutharika and his deputy Chilima.

A  caption to the photo posted on the social media site, Instagram,  reads: ” Let them waste their time planning for this country, as a party, we have progressive plans for our country – and our plans will conquer Malawians’ suffering. We will prevail and we will lead again to prosperity. Happy us together, God Bless Malawi.”

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58 thoughts on “Mutharika, Chilima class photo trends positively on social media”

  1. Katundumadzi says:

    Boma ilooooo, 2019 DPP boma, 2019 APM boma, 2019 Chilima boma.

  2. pastor ernest wahiya man of God says:

    Bas imeneyo ikhale nkhani? Kupata kwama Dolo makape samakondwa

  3. Ku mwanza cha pa mphete says:

    Zazii pali nkhaninso apa?

  4. NANYONGO says:

    While its okay to notice how our leaders dress nice and look fine. Its also important to note that those so called expensive shoes and wigs and hats whatever are paid for by donors and tax payers. So Can We see real problem solving and solutins to our poverty starvation, lack of water and many general human needs that these opulent pple can not provide. Who cares if they get along. I want to know what they are doing to change umphawi uve matenda, ndi chisawawa kumalawi. Anthu ndale amalowera business. So Not impressed.

  5. dickson says:

    so if they dress well, they will lead the country to prosperity?? Jesus Christ!! how shallow are we Malawians???

  6. A Thini says:

    They are leading a poorest nation in the world, Hah!


    Thieves robbers crooks murders and liars Malawi is a failed state. Malawi belong to Chewa people

    1. Tumb-uka says:

      People like you need to be chopped off their Gaddafi and by burned alive.

  8. timothy mandambwe says:

    Nice photo. People always talk coz they are used to. Let them talk. Once again, its a nice photo.

  9. malume says:

    Aliyese ndi mbava ngakhale iweyo you are one of them stealing things from your work, home, friends so wat are u talking about here, let them show good example to other couples to be happy always in their families.

  10. victor khundrah says:

    Tisadandaule a Malawi, ndinthawi yawo alekeni anjoye amoyo adzawona.

  11. Wizeman Paul says:

    Nice one, even the security officers were smiling.

  12. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    The photo tending on social media, as DPP is trending among the populace!
    This picture is worth (more than) a thousand words. APM and VP, SC, are exuding confidence: Malawi is in capable hands, to be sure. And their spouses? The smiles show they are enjoying themselves, and their respective relationships. Seems like the dynamics between all four (not just between the two men, and between the two women) are favorable. Furthermore, just take a peak at the smiles, even in the background!
    APM and SC they are a quick study, individually; remember that they were never understudies in their respective positions. Their appeal is directly proportional to their coolness, in the sense that they do not rush into decisions. They make sure they understand the issues, and analyze them in “professorial” manner, before signing off.
    Underestimate these two men at your peril. They are steering the ship steadily as she goes. But then, MCP and PP cadres will never admit this, because they are in denial of what is evident. Bao players and spectators are salivating! And they are taking note!

  13. pavlov says:

    So what! proud of the first couple and the veep’s.

    Wakwiya ndi mfiti

  14. Dr Moo Thaa Leeker says:

    Alhomwe busy commenting. Where is Ben Phiri, the Prime Minister?

  15. Kankobo says:

    Anyima ziii zenizeni. Wat wil malawi benefit frm dis pic. Mpupuluzi wa njala ulipo

  16. human says:

    Mary uli boo and Getu u are now stepping up to the game. Koma mayi chilima musanenepe ndi ma sausage ku state house chifukwa simuoneka bwino mukatero

  17. VIN KANYIKA says:


  18. namalira says:

    kufuna kudanisa

  19. napawekha says:

    lakula apa ndi jalous basi ana abakha inu joyice mayi wanu ali kuti?? Tikuonani simukulowa mu nsewu kawiri for fedelisation tikuphaniso agalu inu 20 july simakukwanani

  20. The Patriot says:

    Zimatere bwenzi zikoma! Proud to be Malawian! Let us spread love and unity, and say no to hate! Proud of you our leaders and the first and second ladies!

  21. john says:

    Deliberately taken after the President had joked kuti mukulepheratu kuyenda apa am fit and they all laughed,Martin Nkasala brother to Ben saw that as an opportunity to spin it and neutralise the story by Allan Ntata in order to hoodwink that all is well.On his page he has also posted one where Ben is conferring with the VP. All is not well in DPP and this is a cover up.Most of the comments criticising Allan is a spin by a team of State House’s specially assembled to protect Ben

  22. The true gospel: says:

    Basi a Malawi kungokhala ndi maganizo asatana otsutsa,kunyasidwa,kaduka ndizilizonse! Nagkhale Yesu khrist anati tikondane wina ndi mzake that’s the great commandiment we hav’ been given.Tiyeni zabwino tidziyamika eeeeee Malawi Malawi.
    Peter,Sau,Gertu and Maria kondanani

  23. Chaka chino kuli njala ya mtima biii. Yenderani mmera from Uliwa to Kapolo along M1. Zolilitsa!

  24. ujeni says:

    Za ziii! does this solve our poverty problems. Dictators world over are known for opulence while the masses are in thick poverty. Get real Malawians but first wake up

  25. Nsete says:

    Za ziiiiii… so what does this benefit the nation still reeling in abject poverty? Ndiye mutukuka? Mbuzi za mano kunsi

  26. Hello! says:

    So cute jealous down, mkhwani sawotchera.

  27. Ade says:

    Zaziiiiiii. Don’t read much into this.

  28. marvelick says:

    Yah it does give confidence of the 2…. we have had enough bad relationship b/w Presidents & Vices…..

  29. Barefoot Assassin says:

    At last something positive.

  30. Wotchani says:

    Amene sayamika amatamba

  31. Tonde says:

    beautiful. Brilliant team God bless our leaders

  32. koma Umbuli? says:

    Nice picture indeed

  33. Penjani says:

    Koma pali nkhani apa???
    Dada wane tikayankhula muziti ambwenufe ndiwoipa?

  34. wakale says:

    we dont need photz bt transformation at national level..kulibe dziko lidatukuka ndi facebook..uku ndekuganiza ngati abakha…….koma zina zithuzi zachani…tinani zano ife…marabish..we seen ngwazi…muluzi..bingu kahuna….bt wer are we….

  35. Mumalawi weni weni says:

    This is so wonderful, proud of ur well civilized politics, than the previous hate leadership.


  36. GUSHESHE says:

    ziili bwino pamenepo.

  37. Lupanga says:

    Hahahahaha nyasatimes!

  38. Louis Gobede says:

    Some People In This Country Want These People To Separate Which Is Very Bad. Bravo Chilima Continue With Ur Workmanship With The President.

  39. Carlos Mzumara says:

    Apa ndiye zili bwino kwabasi this shows unity which will spreadto the whole nation,keep it up.

  40. mo says:

    Zinali bo!

  41. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Whewwww! Finally Mrs Muntharika looks like a first lady. She only needs to get rid of those humangus rings on her fingers, she looks like a Nigerian clothes vendor

  42. Davie Chikaonda. says:

    DPP ndi more!! If u cn’t beat us then u better just join us. Dpp bomaaa

  43. John Phiri says:

    Great picture great leaders

  44. Looking fly and JB must see that picture sitifuna akazi mukavala muzioneka ngati cabbage zilundu kunyasa

  45. Sandalasi says:


  46. Urunji says:

    Zazii zopanda mchere

  47. Joyce Banda says:

    this is what we call new politics. not what we saw in the past. God Bless the Presidency.

  48. AJO says:

    We are proud of you Mr President and your Vice together with your spouse.Keep It Up Mr President.

  49. henry vaslantos says:

    thus nyc combination

  50. pamsundu says:


  51. machine says:

    Thats the photo of the year

  52. john says:

    just say it you are surprised to them together

  53. Ma Ullets says:

    Looks gud indeed if not the best for Getu kkkkkk

  54. 997 says:

    The Chilimas seem to have none of this blue(DPP) thing.Where was the prime minister and his girlfreind?

  55. CHEKUCHEKU says:


  56. Nyasatimes, be reminded that this is Easter where each and every Christian corner is seeing Malawi with a bright future from God the Almighty and the smiles from the couples give testimony to this. No amount of cheap and rude talk against the two will detract God from showering His blessings to the peaceful Malawi under the leadership of Arthur Peter Mutharika and the vice president Saulosi Klauss Chilima. May I therefore encourage Malawi loving Malawians continue praying for the beloved Malawi. May God bless you all!

  57. usobva says:

    Yah its a nice pic,,,,,gud fo a dp’… wonder its trending…….yeah Malawi zina atha kuyamikadi yeh

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