‘Mutharika cruising to self-destruction : Losing public trust’

I don’t know about you, but where I am standing I can evidently see how full President Peter Mutharika’s tray is in his office. Issues that demand his decision continue to pile up.

Mutharika: Mr President, you are losing public trust

Mutharika: Mr President, you are losing public trust

There is one demanding that he assures us of our safety amidst rising insecurity. There is another demanding that he provides leadership on the sale of Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) and, again, how Malawi proceeds after the recently released Cashgate Report.

And there is the economy stupid: With donor taps officially disconnected, the economy is wobbling dangerously but, as a President, he needs to assure 14 million worried Malawians that we shall overcome.

It is cold outside for the President.

Though these issues are pressing and, indeed, do demand Mutharika’s urgency, I do not find them critical for Mutharika.

What I find critical for him—and this is something he must, underline ‘must’, immediately attend to—is the question of his public trust.

I have a strong conviction that Mutharika’s greatest challenge, today, is that most Malawians are losing trust in his capacity to provide the leadership Malawi urgently needs.

We have come to a point where we just can’t trust anything coming from Mutharika’s government.

On MSB, even when we understand its precarious financial position, we still fight every inch of government’s position to sell it. We think there are some monkey business happening behind doors.

On the economy, we just can’t trust any economic growth projection coming from government. We think  they are doctoring figures to cover up a deep and shameful wound.

On the recent K92bn Cashgate report, we think the one in circulation is not the actual one, adding it has been watered down to save their perceived dirty face.

Yes, we are in a democracy where we agree to disagree. But what  we are witnessing is a situation where we have vowed to disagree.  This is not democracy. It is anarchy or something like that.

But how have we come to this?

Firstly, I should underline that this has not started with President Mutharika. It is a general feeling that dates way back. I think it is a feeling that stems from years of bad governance in this country. We have become a nation that barely trust its leaders because we are haunted by a painful past.

But Malawians are quite an interesting people. We are a nation that easily gets angry and, at the same, easily forgives. That is why whenever a new leadership comes in, we become hopeful of it, thinking it will be better from its predecessors.

And indeed, even when tortured by memories of DPP’s  darker past, we were hopeful that the young Mutharika will be a different and thoughtful leader than his departed brother.

I am saying Mutharika inherited a broken nation, a nation that lost trust in its leaders, and his first job, perhaps in his first year,  was to provide leadership to restore this trust.

It is almost without expression, then, that Mutharika has failed that duty because, today, we are doubting every leadership decision he makes.

This underlines one fact: As we continue to discuss Mutharika’s first year in office, we must emphasise that his leadership has failed short of restoring the lost trust.

The President, while preaching the reform rhetoric, has not, in principle, been different from his predecessors.  He has chosen the same old road of nepotism and retribution with a strong touch of lacking transparency and accountability.

For instance,  corruption is a serious disease in Malawi and committing to its fight need to be evident.

Mutharika, however,  has chosen to fight corruption by shielding names that should have been in courts, not near State House, answering huge corruption cases.

Just in the past weeks, Mutharika’s governemnt tried various tricks to shield the public from accessing the released K92bn report. In fact, some parliamentarians have already questioned the authenticity of the one released.

All this boils down to one thing: Instead of taking a reverse gear, President Mutharika is taking gear two cruising to self-destruction.

Surely, at the rate the public is losing trust in President Mutharika, his the next four years will be one tough ride. Thanks.

The article appeared ‘On the Frontline’ column in the Nation on Sunday.

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42 thoughts on “‘Mutharika cruising to self-destruction : Losing public trust’”

  1. Mulohmwe wa kwa Mendulo says:

    Ameneyo ndiye Pitala Muthalika lero siuyu wakupepeletsani!!!? Stupid opposition basi mwangokhala kumugonjera???? MCP & PP can’t yu join hands & fight head or toe against this stupid so called Pitala Muthalika, zikakuvuta ndipezeni afe ngati Brother wake uja!!!!!!!

  2. Fanny says:

    Ephraim.Bingu yekhayo umusiye!Dont refer to Bingu tiyambanapo.Bingu is the great leader that happened to Malawi.OK?

  3. Banzo says:

    Amalawi tizafadi ndi zigamba. Wea are full of hatred. Thats why God is panishing us. We dont know what we want and we doesnt know where we are going. Its true poverty has made us to be drankered . Instead of appreciating Peter muli Busy kumunyoza yet ndimutsogoleri wanu. Kumunyoza mukumunyozera pa chilungamopo come 2019 God will favor him once again tiwone komwe mutazapite. Muzafa ndi mtima inu ndinthu. Anayamba Cashgate scandal ili hot, now zimukwiyo zanu zili thoo zopanda nanzo nzeru. We are supposed to wish him good, he is a President of Malawi not something else.

    Envil people you are Busy predicting the president failure , dont you know that the failure of president is equal to failure of Malawi ? I have never seen stupid people in thi entire universe like these known as Malawians wishing bad progress for their own predident. I donk care whether you are from North, Central or Sothern but if you are predicting bad thing for Malawi prresident we are predicting bad thing to your family as well.

    Titikukhumbiyani umoyu utali a Predident widu. Lamulani chalu mwakufwasa, siyanani ndi azumbwiwo. Mr president do not role this country to convince or to entertain someone. Role it for the fear of your creator. We love you.

  4. mulopwana says:

    Am lomwe,,but have lost hope in mutharika mathanyula,,,tiye nazoni.

  5. phodogoma. says:

    As long as I see the name, Nyondo, I don’t read that article. First because of useless Nyondo of Livingstonia Synod. Second every Nyondo is Tumbuka. No sense in form of advice can come from Tumbuka to government.

    Imagine all these insults are mainly based on these key words: sale of bank, cashgate issue, and economic growth projections.Those insults are irrelevant in any case.

    For the past ten years, there has been strong wind of privatization of process of state business units recommended by donors. There is nothing malawi Government can to keep running MSB.We had many state business units which have sold in the past ten years by state and no single business unit has been sold in presence of general public. In the past it was being communicated through hearsays, lucky enough APM is communicating the intent of sale. Thank God. Thank APM. So there is no justification for you to claim that you can block the government to sale its property. Even our Courts are very clear on that , supporting that the government has the right to sale its properties using accepted government acts of parliament or simply using laws.

    Are you economic journalist or photojournalist? Remember every news has its journalist. It appears this is not your field.Are you sure that cashgate is an issue for you to vomit such nonsense. He is acting accordingly. Remember this issue was started by Jb who appeared to be president of Atumbuka although we dont have such a thing. Why didnt you push it like that during that Abiti Namaloko. PP passed a dangerous move from western world mainly Kwacha devaluation but you Tumbukas did not say anything. To me kwacha devaluation was more inhumane than the sale of MSB. After all what will change its only ownership. Do you know that NSB was also ran by government but it was also sold. Look at it today. Isnt it performing? In short economic projections are made and the maker can change it the way he wants. Havent you heard Dr Mboshombosho changed budget projections. Economic growth projection are made iby Malawi government. what do you mean when it is doctored. You are a fool. Read many books before presenting in order to show that your gray matter up stair there worth listening to.

    Abit Namaloko and all Tumbukas you had ample time to persecute responsible officers for K92 billion. But Namaloko did not do that. Why you didnt push her as she would have been the injuried person as president of malawi with K92 billion DPP members ar accused. Yet you did not. But today you are asking the same accused to fasten in hanging his neck on the guillotine. Malawians indeed think upside down. We really dead as Zambian president KK described us. You dont mention anmything concerning K370 billion for mai namaloko. Useless malawians.

    Looking at these three keywords in your communique, I dont see any justification for the Tumbukas to insult Pro Mathanyula. Think twice even thrice before voting your shits.You have never have a fellow tribesman in the name of president and you will perish all of you. Just live positively with it.Look every Tumbuka is just murmuring like day old birds crying for milk from their mother. Shit.

    1. Deontology says:

      Blame game will not help us no more!

  6. Says the truth to shame Devil says:

    adzalithawa yekha boma litamukanika. Running a Government is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

  7. msokwa j says:

    not true, eyes of today cannot judge challenges of atime rather tobe aspectator as a player can not yield goals

  8. msokwa j says:

    yielding fruits requires patience &dedication with u taking part, ayear is not enough rate someone.

  9. kabotolokamo says:

    Known that he has failed !

  10. mwahana says:

    The fact remains, he is CLUELESS.He failed to perform as minister how do you expect him to perform as President!!!!!!!!! Ndi munthu Basi!!!! Nothing else!!!!!!

  11. matutu says:

    Added to what others have about the un inspiring leadership,is the lie that is frequently on radios: the so called economic boom. This is irritating. How ca one talk about economic boom of a country when so many things are not right. I may not understand economic boom, but surely it is not when hospitals have limited drugs, teachers not paid in time, most civil servants aren’t, no significant development projects etc. Then you talk of economic boom. It is not right.

  12. Mafuta says:

    Am not so sure about his work ethics, because there are people who do a good job but can’t speak well. My advice to him though if his elder brother was a thief he Mus publicly say so it will help elevate the confidence that is lacking with the people he leads. One thing that is true though is that DPP is not totally clean and he needs to do things a bit different. In a true democracy election promises must be measurable and results at at present don’t allude to that. If he can’t act now history will judge him harshly.

  13. aurora says:

    my first time to vote and i voted for PETER MUNTHARIKA,and if we were to re-vote i wouldvote for Peter Muntharika, i would vote for him over and over and over.LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM HE STILL IS THE PRESIDENT OF MALAWI AND WILL BE TILL LIKE 2019 WHEN WE WILL VOTE,UNFORTUNATELY I HEARD HE WILL NOT STAND BUT ANYONE WHO STANS FROM DPP I WILL VOTE FOR HIM/HER..

  14. kanyimbi says:

    The best president so far. The country being run on our own. No aid. Be strong APM look forward.

  15. Manganya says:

    Mutharika has been like that right from the beginning – very flat and uninspiring. If you voted for him expecting change, sorry because change can never come with this madala boy.

    Mai Banda was much better than this thing – by far!

  16. john banda says:

    my president is doing well. jealous basi

  17. mapapaya says:

    I voted for APM and nothing to move me. Udindo umavuta kugwira ngati ena akuufuna.Tadikirani mpaka amene mukuwafuna kuti ayendetse dzikoli mmene mufunira mudzawasankhe. Osataya nthawi kukamba za ena. Mukuoneka anzeru .Ndidzakuvoterani 2019 bwana. Bola mudzaime.

  18. The Truthful One from the West says:

    There is no new vision, policy and strategy by Peter Mutharika. He cannot transform this country. Even his speech at the opening of the investment forum today(29th June 2015) was dry and uninspiring. He lacks a deep understanding of the Malawi economy and DPP Cashgate of K577billion is shocking.

  19. Nivindele says:

    Ndalama zikuthera MA cadet touring african countries. Ma cadet ake ma kape okhaokha mwamva

  20. Zeni zeni says:

    Zaukape. Akukanika kulipira ndalama za mwezi

  21. kuchikwela says:

    Mulomwe uyu analephela ali nduna.
    ndiye mumaganiza upulesident apanganao chiani.
    chinthu chimenechi ndichanzelu za mkalasi zokhabasi.

  22. Xeenoph says:

    Mmmmmm!! Eeeeeee!! Choncho tionana 2019 amayi akabwerako kuzayambaso PP!!!!!!!!!!!! Odi Ukoooooooo!!!!!!!! Amayi adusekooooooo!!!!! Osawapingapingaaaaaaaa!!!!!! MUZAUMVA MBEBEEEEE

  23. mwatero says:

    May be give him time and see. He might prove himself good in the near future.

  24. It is culture of stealing in Malawi no wonder visiru vina are supporting mbava K577 billion anthu Ena kumasekelera

  25. Mr Ibu will not last long. If he manages 10 years then he’s lucky.

  26. Idulusi Issa says:

    Malawians will never change. They were brain washed by Kamuzu into perpetual stupidity of respecting any fool who simply bought his seat corruptly as an MP, because that is what they do. They start by buying the chiefs, then the electoral monitors, followed by buying the returning officers and finally buying off the Electoral Commission who finally endorse a stolen election. That is why you get a president being sworn in at the High Court instead of a public forum like the stadium. They use barbaric tactics under the guise of the police to silence any dissenting voice…and then the idiots at MBC continue to peddle the appropriate propagand to entrech the thieves who will continue to masquerade as politicians serving the people for 5 years. What utter stupidity. The simple solution is an Isalamic revolution. We shall intoduce Sharia Law not this stupid Roman Law which protects thieves!

  27. straight Talk says:

    Mafia leading Malawi to destruction. Shame on u and all ur hand clappers.

  28. ineyo says:

    zopusa zimenezo ephraim nyondo uzavotere nyondo wakwanu uja……….Mutharika mpaka 10years akulamulira,,,,,,mulira ntiiiiiiiii

  29. mdk says:

    Munayamba kale kale kulankhula zimenezi even just after a week he was in power.the bottom line is you don’t like this president. Muzingokhalila kulila chomcho and please know that it’s not good for your health.nanga munthu daily kumangolila?Lol

  30. The real Ujeni says:

    He failed as a cabinet Monister, all he was good at was using his brothers position and fly around in a helicopter smiling like a stupid kid..Nothing strange to hear that.

  31. Chibanja tv says:

    Sorry Mr Ephraim Nyondo, it is you who don’t like APM but for us who voted him into office, our trust is 100% intact. Once again sorry!sorry! Mr Nyondo we love APM!

  32. Mauziboy says:

    Mr Nyondo you are entitled to your opinion but avoid misleading Malawians with your halfbaked stiries. Learn to be objective and analytical. I know some of you had too many expectations but 1 year in office can not answer all challenges. Be constructive or bring in alternatives. Some of us used to respect you for investigative reporting koma tsopano mwayamba chani a Nyondo. This article has no merits and is not balancing.

  33. zakusimba says:

    Mtumbuka Nyondo. There will be no president from the North because you are selfish. Mudzi gonyambita basi. DPP will make it.

  34. Charter says:

    Literally in over-drive towards the cliff!

  35. Patriot says:

    We need a forensic audit for 2014/2015 chifukwatu in his first year chitukuko nje koma ndalama zatha.

  36. tumbuka of nyika says:

    Mulira. Mutharika is here to stay.

  37. Patrick says:

    Absolutely thinking the malawian way. We always expect someone to perform miracles which we ourselves cannot. The president has been in office for one year and Mr Nyondo expects him to turn around the mess which he himself confessed to have been there for decades, I mean since Kamuzu era. The fact that Kamuzu was feared throughout Malawi shouldnt make him a performer. So, from Kamuzus 30 years, to Bakilis wasted 10 years, then Bingu, and JBs 2 wasted years, you expect Peter to make malawi prosper in one year? Where is your judgement and reasoning? Judge the president atleast after his first term to be fair enough mr Nyondo and malawians of like thinking!

  38. Steven says:

    Kkkkkk you are missing your sight on how we are progressing as a nation. Help the government with constructive solutions.

  39. thinktankmalawi says:

    Malawians not stupid…they are fair minded…they know it took long to get into this economic mess,and it will take long to get out..

  40. Moya says:

    Tick tock DPP is like a terrorist with a suicide vest on its a matter of time and location it will detonate, any one who is smart better keep your good distance bcoz you certainly dont want to be caught up in the debris.

  41. concerned citizen says:

    Watever the case,i love and trust APM,he is a man who thinks outside the box and doesnt rush when making decisions.even mumunyoze zanu izo!!!

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