Mutharika invites Pope Francis to visit Malawi

President Peter Mutharika has made an impassionate plea to Pope Francis to visit Malawi during his next round of tour of Africa.

Vatican official paying a courtesy call on President Mutharika

Vatican official paying a courtesy call on President Mutharika

Mutharika and the Vatican officials at Sanjika Palace

Mutharika and the Vatican officials at Sanjika Palace

Mutharika made the invitation when a senior Vatican official visited Malawi’s Head of State Thursday at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre.

“The visit by Pope John Paul the second left a profound effect on Malawians,” Mutharika said.

The Vatican’s secretary of state archbishop Paul Richard did not immediately say Pope Francis would come to Malawi or not but in his earlier speech, he praised Malawi for the freedom of worship prevailing in the country.

Bishops of the influential Catholic Church in Malawi are dubbed fathers of democracy because they were the first in 1992 to challenge former president and dictator Kamuzu Banda over bad governance and human rights abuse issues through a catholic pastoral letter and received death threats from the regime.

Politicians then were too scared to criticise Kamuzu Banda and his Malawi Congress Party following the death of four prominent politicians Aaron Gadama, Dick Matenje, Twaibu Sangala and David Chiwanga a decade earlier and other unexplained deaths.

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18 thoughts on “Mutharika invites Pope Francis to visit Malawi”

  1. Man boshah says:

    Let him do watever he wants, let us wait for 2019

  2. ichoicho says:

    pliz pitala dont satanise our beloved country I beg. we know very well that u are the beast mentioned in the bible, we know about ur connections with obama and the satanic world but be careful bcoz GOD is watching ur moves lest u find urself in the grave before fulfilling ur sinister plans on malawi. do we need to remind u about ur plans on gays and lesbians? we are watching u.

  3. Angozo says:

    Dear Mr Zigwepano.
    I think it is high time people start thinking independently rather than relying on false prophesies that are bent on turnishing the good image of the Catholic Church. It would be better if people read the Bible to understand it. When are the prophesies against the Catholic Church going to be fulfilled? As far as I can remember a certain sector was telling people that Pope John Paul the Second was going to be the last Pope. That was not the case. Then came Pope Benedict, without shame and self audit the prophesy was repeated on Pope Benedict. Pope Benedict handed over the mantle of leadership (and not power) to Pope Francis. Benedict was not the last Pope. The same lie is coming again, still fooling people about this Pope that he is the last one. It is unfortunate that by the time the Catholic Church is going to choose the next Pope you might not be there, I mean we do not know when. How could the Catholic Church be preaching about turning to God and at the same time be doing the works of satan? Do you really read the Bible or not? This is not the forum of displaying our highest degree of ignorance about the Bible. Please do your research properly and you will discover that these are all lies. If you do not know how to conduct a research you ask those who know. People are wasting their time by preaching against the Catholic Church and they will not succeed. The Catholic Church was built on a ROCK and the combined forces of satan WILL NOT triumph over it. I am wondering if there could be churches in the world if it were not for the contributions of the Catholic Church either positively or negatively. I know other equally misguided individuals will respond because they do not know anything about the Bible but please before you do respond ask the guidance from the Holy Spirit in your response. There are people who openly say do not believe in Jesus as God or the Son of God, there are people who openly say do not even believe God does exist. Those are the people we should try as much as possible to preach to in order to turn them to God their creator. Let us not waste our energy and precious time to tell lies. Look at the positive contributions the Catholic Church has made in all sectors of life. Could this be the works of satan? Are you sure? As Christians let us work together to bring the Kingdom of God by preaching peace and love and not hatred against the Catholic Church. For your information, the Catholic Church is not worried with all the allegations or misinformation because the same was said to Jesus Christ. How can it preach God and against God at the same time? The Catholics believe in God the Creator of heaven and earth and all that is seen and unseen. To Him and only Him let the glory be and His mercy be upon those who talk bad about the Catholic Church. Amen

  4. JAMES CHIRWA says:


  5. kandapako says:


  6. Wanangwa says:

    It was a process started by many, Masauko Chipembere, John Chilembwe, Levi Ziliro Mumba, Gwanda Chakuamba, Chakufwa Chihana, Aaron Gadama, Twaibu Sangala, 1964 Cabinet Crisis etc. All of them did something but the country was still divided. I remember Late Fr Job Makirika who did a lot of Social analysis in seminaries and then Fr Mgungwe, Fr Henry Chinkanda just before 1992. When time was right and ripe after this Social Analysis,then came the final straw that broke the Carmel’s back, 1992 Pastoral Letter. Then a Civil Rights Campaigner/Trade Unionists Chakufwa appeared on the scene of history. Things ignited. The road to freedom has many faces, depending upon the angle from which you look at issues. All did something but what united all things? Pastoral Letter by the bishops and the emerging of Chakufwa Thom Chihana. Many players are silent, Fr Thom Leahey, Msgr John Roche etc.

  7. geiffrey lwanja says:

    i wish he could ask the visit by MAJOR 1

  8. Mr zigwepano says:

    And when you see the beast in the holly place , know that the time is nigh.

  9. INE says:


  10. Bolero says:

    The Pastoral Letter of 1992 reminds me of one Cosby Ungwelu Nkhwazi who after an evening meal at Chanco’s cafeteria B started a South African freedom song “shosholoza” which in no time caught everyone’s attention and spread like wild fire. This marked the first ever open protest against Dr Banda regime by students in a free Malawi. I remember late Edwin Banda then chairperson of student Union and his team convening a meeting at the Chanco’s Sports Complex. The anger, determination to fight, free speech and shouting was overwhelming which led to Prof Zimani Kadzamira then Principal of Chanco to skip his sleep and quietly sneaked in to see for himself what was happening. In no time Police personnel were all over campus. Student leaders were called for questioning the next day. Other students followed to the station in their support. Oh my good old days. All this was happening while Chakufwa Chihana was in custody after jetting in from South Africa.

  11. apapa sitinganeneretu kuti wht is what.

    We can not judge who is right and who is wrong bt only God knows.

    Mipingo yonse timatchula mulungu koma ena amafuna ayeretse mulungu wao ndikupka matope waena.

    Takumbukani kuti anati omwe atsusana nafe athandizana nafe aleken

  12. Atumbuka amati Chihana ndi amene anayambisa kuzuzula Kamuzu kikikikikiki

  13. Pido says:

    Signs of the times. Jesus is at the door, owerenga khala maso

  14. Patriot says:

    And when he comes, I hope he will cast out demons from this demonic party.
    Chipani chosayitanitsa mapemphero a dziko ngati ichi sindinaonepo.
    Demonic Political Party

  15. Mr.Chikanda says:

    Awa ndimaganizo abwino ndipo ndikupemp a President athu okondedwa kuti mtima wokonda dziko lawo asausiye,apitiridze ife ngati Malawi tili pambuyo pawo.

  16. Nyamakunutu says:

    Of course the Catholic bishops contributed to the democratization of Malawi but what was going on in the world history was what made the change come. At that time communism collapsed and there was an intention by the west to introduce democracy as a system that should follow. Before the fall of communism there was no way Malawi and the South African government would change. Soon after this these two nations plus others were tale to change as now there was no need for them to continue doing what they were doing internally. Kamuzu was told point brank by one Embassy that he has to change. The Catholics yes seized the moment but it’s more than just that letter other things were happening. Protestants started meeting long time before the Catholic letters only that their initiative was not in the open. They used to meet in churches as if they are doing church meetings but things were bein cooked out. The other group of politics were meeting in football clubs like BB and Noma as if they were doing foot ball issues but they were doing polo all stratigising. There is a lot more that happened that the letter that is very much highlighted. Open your eyes and see.

  17. Munthu wamkulu kwambiri says:

    That is a very welcome development to all Catholics in Malawi. May God bless you Mr President for that welcome invitation.

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