Mutharika, Malawi Muslims Assoc hold talks

President Peter Mutharika has described the cordial relationship that exists between the Muslim community and Government as an important step towards the country’s development.

Sheik Ali Kennedy Chair of Board of Trustees of Muslim Association of Malawi speaking when the Executive members met president Peter Mutharika on Sunday at Sanjika palaceCgovati nyirenda. MANA

Sheik Ali Kennedy Chair of Board of Trustees of Muslim Association of Malawi speaking when the Executive members met president Peter Mutharika on Sunday at Sanjika palaceCgovati nyirenda. MANA

Mutharika made the remarks Sunday afternoon at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre when he hosted a delegation from the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM).

The President stressed the importance of joint efforts from stakeholders, including the faith community, in uniting the nation.

“The meeting that am having today is among series of meetings that I have been conducting in the past. Basically with the Muslim community today we are discussing various issues like floods which the country is facing right now.

“We discussed issues to do with economy and how the Muslim community and government can work together to develop the country,” said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader also  emphasized on the need for Malawi to maintain her integrity. He called for tolerance among Malawians.

Spokesperson for the Muslim Association of Malawi, Sheikh Dinala Chabulika hailed President Mutharika for engaging various groups on matters of national importance.

“We discussed a number of issues with the president. First we wanted to congratulate him for being elected president of Malawi since this is our first time to meet him.

“Secondly we wanted to inform the President how MAM is progressing and that also to ensure the head of state that as a Muslim body we support the government of the day.

“MAM has assured the president that it will continue working with government in all projects including assisting the flood victims in affected area,” said Chabulika.

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40 thoughts on “Mutharika, Malawi Muslims Assoc hold talks”

  1. Nevarson Msusa says:

    ISLAM the only truth and light in the world, I like it and will die for it.

  2. Chirombo says:

    There is no religion that kills people but a particular group just like christians of CAR who are killing and eating muslims right now. This goes to mbuli zakumalawi who are aiming at turnishing Islamic image. Boko Haram is not Islam even the name can suggest (western education not allowed). why dont you denounce CAR christians who are killing many Muslims? Israel the murders but no any single comment. mukakhuta mbatata basi zonena zake zachisilam osamakangonyambita maliseche azimayi uko monga mmene azibusa anu akuchitila bwanji.

  3. Stanley says:

    Abdul Aziz Jameson thanx but no thanx don’t scare me there is nothing u can do with your boko haram you are human beings guys.

  4. Rambos says:

    Some faith are the cause of human sufferng. Double check ur faith, otherwise u wl b worshpng evil spirit. This faith of killng others for nt believng in wat u believe, bring in the world. U must apologise for killng innocent ppl in the name of allah.

  5. Rambos says:

    Malawi is in trouble as long as we have leaders who dnt knw leadership, good governace. Three weeks ago weathermen predictd heavy rains. What did the government do? n othng. Did the put in place any meature to avoid the disaster? I cry for mother malawi.

  6. EDSON JOWELO says:


  7. Political Analyst says:

    Who wants religions of ignorance and hypocrisy?Truth sets people free!!!Simply go for the TRUTH and not lies,propaganda and selfishness.

  8. Stanly! U r very stupid even if can go and sue me in a court of law i will say the, why do take this country as if it belongs to christians only? We also belong to this country. And coz of ur arogance thats why we killing u. And i have an assignment with u musamadziyese ochenjela mukayankhula I personaly deal with u. Ediot.

  9. Chabecheker says:

    Islam means total surrender to god

  10. kapindula says:

    All moslems are stupid fools. They follow dead Muhammad. Jesus is in heaven .Muhammad is in graves in Saudi Arabia. Pali nzeru apa? Nkhumba akuti zidamudyanso. Kikikikiki

  11. APM says:

    German Muslim scholar replies on TERRORISM … I liked the answer of this German Muslim scholar when he was asked about terrorism and Islam : He said : Who started the first world war? not Muslims ? Who started the second world war ? not Muslims ? Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? not Muslims ?? Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? not Muslims ?? killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America ? not Muslims ?? Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? not Muslims ?? Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and were thrown in Atlantic ocean ? not Muslims ?? No , NOT Muslims!!! First of all, You have to define terrorism properly… If a non-Muslim does something is crime. But if a Muslim commits the same..he is a terrorist… So first remove this double standard…then come to the point!!! , . . . . . I am proud to be a MUSLIM !!! ARE YOU??? SPREAD THIS MSG & DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN

  12. sulman says:

    i think it is important to practise wat u preach.

  13. chembe says:

    If you followed comments made after the death of Bishop Zuza which was very sad and arest OF a SDA pastor at Kanengo, one is left wondering the teachings You christians are taught.Nokhanokha kutukwanizana.Mpaka kutukwana mtembo oti siungayankhe???.Sunday okacheza ku church chifukwa opemphera satukwana.Madzulo waku mahule mma night clubs.SHAME!!!!

    1. Pemphero says:

      Very true. Tangowerani yangobwerayi mmene awanenera a Mai Muthalika. Nkumafunsa kuti anthuwa koma amapemphela?

  14. Ine says:

    Bola inu mukutukwananu are not fools.

  15. A meeting between the infidels and a toothless dog. Sure it seems a well placed association for both are myopically pathetic in their own right, and I’m not amused they are coniving.

  16. che chisyano says:

    kungoti you people called christias ndinu mbuli kwambiri. simuwelenga mbiri ya dziko lapasi. chomwe chimayambisa zithu zimenezi simuchidziwa koma maso muli nawo koma simuona. and remember there is no peace without justice

  17. Stanley says:

    Foolish people killing innocent people boko haram don’t start here.

  18. tonde says:

    Abale athu asilamu timakukondani, tiyeni tipitilize kukhala bwino ngati a Malawi.All th best.

  19. chembuye says:

    I hope you reminded these people kuti we dont want ISIS here.

  20. nyayo says:

    Point of correction Chabulika is not a Chair for MAM.

  21. Muslims are dangerous people or in other words Islam is dangerous. We have Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, Islamic State, Taliban, Al Qaeda etc killing innocent people. I wouldn’t give them a chance.

  22. Kenya says:

    Kusowa anthu okambilana nawo,kapena Chani? Ku America ndi Europe anawapatsa mpata omapemphela monga akufunila kapena nditi ufulu WA chipembedzo komano iwowo asilamu m’maiko amene Ali ocholuka saloleza ufulu WA chipembedzo moti akhristu amavutika kwambiri ndipo samapeleka mpata oti anthu asankhe chipembedzo chomwe akufuna. Chinanso magulu onse a zauchifamba ngati akhaida,boko haram,ashabab,Is,hisbollah(never mind about spellings) amavuta kuwagonjetsa chifukwa amaikilidwa kumbuyo ndi kuthandizidwa ndi atsogoleli a chisilamu ndie mukamakambilana nawo mudziganizilanso zimenezi kuti alive chifundo.

  23. Kadakwiza says:

    Soon or later Malawians will know exactly what was behind that meeting.

  24. Patriot says:

    Dziko akulipereka mmanja mwa agalu.
    Taonani asilamu anapemphelera mvula, tonse taona mvula imene yagwa…176 dead people, 154 lost (considered dead also).
    Asilamu si zinthu.
    Atoti ndi Mulungu amene anasankha mkuluyu….ehe??? Atonena zoona?
    Nanga muliriyu bwanji ku mwera kokha kokha?
    Ma floods ku mwera,
    Water shortages ku mwera,
    Blackouts ku mwera,
    Posachedwapa kolera ku mwera kuno.
    Ayi ndithu mwera mulungu wayisiya mmanja mwa satana malingana ndi masamu anu abodza aja….inu inu 22+1 yankho yake ingakhale 221?
    Kaya musova….

  25. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Any discussions on boko haram and Paris attacks?

  26. Nanga simunakambilane zoti nanunso mukufuna khrisimasi ya Prophet Mohammad!

  27. imraan Sidik says:

    Je suis charlie Herbdo

  28. everyone needs to be part of the solution but i feel the religious leaders need to do more they are the moral stanadard of society, at least thats what they are supposed to be. lead from the front

  29. muonosile says:


  30. Kharupa says:

    @ chilungamo,
    kodi nkhani imeneyi ikukambidwabe? find out what the leaders of federalisms are doing now, they are silent popeza aiwona kuti mmmmm ndiyosagwira. Anthu adyera inu

  31. karoda says:

    Dont twist information Chabulika is the spokesperson not chair. Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad is the Chair.

  32. phodogoma says:

    Which federation? A forgotten thing and let sleeping dogs keep sleeping until 2019.

  33. $[=]@¢fi¢( says:

    Muslim asociation of malawi..,,, MAM.


  34. Aferazao says:

    Was Boko Haramuism and the idea of wanting to introduce shariah law in Malawi not part of the discussion?

  35. Abdullahman El Majid Nthumbidwa - Sitaubi says:

    I hope you weren’t given any brown envelopes containing the president’s vision of the Muslim community in Malawi.

    Any progress on the proposed national holiday for our prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him?

    Allah Akbar.

  36. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    i know you also discussed on the issue of federalism! even if you talk from corner to corner we will keep on fighting until federalism comes to malawi.

    1. yonayona says:

      Lekani kulota!

    2. man joe says:

      @chilungamo chimawawa
      what do you know. ? Moslems discussing federalism , for what ? This is shallow thinking at it’s best. Mukufuna za utsiluzo ndiwe ndi mbalame zinzako and not these guys and i don’t think your guess would be right. If you don’t mind, keep your dirt ass out of this issue. I rest my case

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