Mutharika, PAC in frank talk: Agree to disagree on thorny issues

President Peter Mutharika on Thursday had a frank talk with quasi religious body, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) on thorny issues affecting the country from political to economic issues and agreed to disagree  in some areas.

President Mutharika with PAC members

President Mutharika with PAC members

Mutharika with PAC delegation

Mutharika with PAC delegation

League of presidential aides at the meeting

League of presidential aides at the meeting

However, the talk helped to bring together the President and PAC who had daring differences following a recent high level PAC meeting in Blantyre where some members asked the head of state to step down allegedly because he had failed to run the affairs of the country.

PAC officials, led by its chairman Reverend Felix Chingota seemed not to be intimidated by the high level presence of all cabinet ministers and most of ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) governing council members as well as a dozen of the president’s aids.

In addition, Mutharika decided to beam the meeting live by state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), very unusual for such audiences at Kamuzu Palace.

Chingota read out all recommendations made at the PAC indaba a few months ago, telling the President realities on the ground, problems ordinary Malawians are facing ranging from scarcity of food especially maize and economic hardship facing Malawians and is slowing down development in most sectors.

Chingota pointed out the eroding rule of law, the appointment of cabinet by the President based on political patronage, the refusal by the President to reduce his presidential powers, among others.

Mutharika seemed to agree fully on some of the issues raised by PAC and promised his administration would work on them but dismissed other recommendations as unrealistic.

He said people should appreciate that he maintains a lean cabinet and government officials have drastically cut on external travel following the economic slump.

In a statement posted on social- media, Mutharika what was of essence in PAC’s meeting was that  “all of us who are placed in privileged positions of national service should always put Malawians first when we undertake our duties.”

He added: “We must not be driven by mere speculation and exterior forces when we intend to bring forth national agenda rather we should always collectively point our energies towards improving livelihoods.

“My government is always ready to openly discuss all national matters so as to grant you my fellow countrymen and women a chance to make informed decisions in as far as your contribution to Malawi is concerned.”

The PAC face to face frank talk with Mutharika has been praised in some quarters as important in a highly charged political environment.


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Yaaaaa! All hungry lions looking for gwape

High Time

Koma please a PAC next time do your homework well. Apansotu munapusapo ngati nthawi ija mudamputsitsa Mandala Mambulasa. Please remember that “once a snake, always a snake”. APM has been a professor of law and has done active teaching for decades so mukamapita kwa iyeyo muzikonzekera bwino muzikapereka mfundo zanu osati zokochedwa ndi a chi na Jessie ndi a Kachaje. Ndizimene tidaona dzulozi. APM adakudodanitu zedi!

Vyantonda no.7 which donors are you talking about? Why and when did they leave Malawi? Where were these donors during amayi’s 2 years? If they were here, what did they do to improve our lives? When you ask this govt to call back the so called donors you should ask yourself first why they did not wish to come during the time of PP govt. What is the problem if they will be recognized by the lomwes only? Is it not the same lomwes who have contributed to his 2014 win? Associate yourself with the party you like and make… Read more »

APM is gud bt the the problem is njoka zimene zinamuzungulira mkuluyu are the ones disturbing him ndipo njokazi nzofunika kuphedwa b4 2019 . Wishing APM to maintain this style of leadership. LONG -LIVE APM.


PAC please tackle with boma the issue of excessive depreciation of the kwacha which we suffered last year, prices are climbing everyday and we can not make ends meet, why did the kwacha depreciate from 440 to 770 to a dollar that is a 75% depreciation, malawi kwacha was the performing currency in the world. civil servants salaries have not gone up by 75% , so give us a increase of 75% or appreciate the kwacha back to 440 so we can start making ends meet,, or else life is miserable and unaffordable at the moment

Con Lee

I salute APM for your bold decision to openly discuss these thorny issues with PAC. Others may choose to disagree with you as they have some hidden agenda. All in all, you were articulate in raising your issues. Rome was not built in a day and hope you will tackle these pertinent issues.

O Jere

That is a good start bwana president. But check again what Timpuza Mwansambo is beaning on your TV because he is the one destroying face of MBC and even his comments are very clear is being used but some forces.


Mr president kumeneko ndiye kupanga zinthu zokomela a Malawi.Zinthu zikalakwika kumavomereza sometimes ndi bwino.Chachikulu tione kusintha especially in terms of economy,peoples wellfare.Tifatu ndi njala Mr APM.

Well, you gotta give it to the president; looks like he’s now come out of his shell to take charge of the situation. I suppose he was tired of being called a “puppet” by that noisy guy. Ntaba must really be a good “advisor” and Malawi wins. An assertive APM is good news for the country. Author, can you confirm whether indeed the issue of federalism/secession came up. You know that this matter sends a chill down the spine in some circles. I’d ask, why not just build “them” the international airport they want… Nevertheless, let me agree with PAC… Read more »

it is always impossible to rule without money this govt doesn’t have money they have to explain the 577 to bring the donors back otherwise they will be recognised by the lomwes and atupele s only

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