Mutharika says a college every district: ‘Education will transform Malawi economy’

President Peter Mutharika has said the goal of developing Malawi’s economy can only be met with the right education system, saying there cannot be growth without skilled labour.

President Mutharika inspects the Welding and fabrication Class - Pic by Malawi News Agency (Mana) Photojournalist Stanley Makati

President Mutharikatalks to a  Welding and fabrication  student

Mutharika speaking to a community college student

Mutharika speaking to a community college student

Mutharika talking to Minister of Labour Henry Mussa

Mutharika talking to Minister of Labour Henry Mussa

Mutharika said this in Mponela, Dowa on Friday when he presided over regional launch of Community Colleges.

“The whole idea of community technical colleges was born in the spirit of waging war against poverty and to raise living standards of our communities,” said Mutharika.

Government has already opened 11 community colleges, and the President said more will soon open in every district will have its community technical college.

Mutharika said a complete education system must teach the whole human being, that is the mind, the heart and the hand hence the establishment of the Community Technical Colleges as part of a comprehensive education to equip the youth with appropriate skills so that the country becomes a producing and exporting nation.

“These colleges are part of a comprehensive education that teaches us to do things more than know things. It is the education of the people that drives us to move forward with the rest of our youths and our communities. This is a fundamental paradigm shift and a cornerstone of economic transformation,” said Mutharika.

The President further said the program has received overwhelming response and support from international community as a result the country was nominated as a pilot country among only four countries in the world to champion skills development.

He said Malawi as a nation should start living the pillars of progress mentioning patriotism, integrity and hard work emphasizing that hard work is a secret behind every human achievement and national prosperity.

Minister of Labour and Manpower Development Henry Mussa MP said the Community colleges in the country are now 11 in total and offering six courses from Carpentry and Joinery, Brick lying, Welding, Plumbing to Textile Design Tailoring.

He further said there plans of expansion to other courses like Cosmetology that specializes on human beauty to reach public demand of helping more women to become self dependency.

Over 300 Malawian youths have since enrolled for the community colleges in Dedza, Karonga, Nkhotakota, Dowa and Mzimba.—Additional reporting by Mana

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36 thoughts on “Mutharika says a college every district: ‘Education will transform Malawi economy’”

  1. kachamba says:

    Dzuka Malawi iwe dzuka!

  2. Phwado says:

    Patriotism?When you shed 99.999999999999% of your teeth abroad!kkkkkkkkk!thanks

  3. jimbo says:

    Education should begin at primary school level. Without well trained primary school teachers and decent schools fully equipped with the basic learning facilities and materials there is little hope of developing the country. These community technical colleges will be a non-starter without a decent primary education. APM thrives on pipe dreams! He wants the country to run before it can walk.

  4. Matelala ndi makalipentala ali mbwembwembwe m’mizimu ndipo ntchito zimachita kuwasowa. Ndiye awa ntchito zogwira azazipeza kuti? This project just shows lack of foresight. Malawi so-called leaders are just useless.

  5. Commissioner of Truths says:

    In this day and age a whole state President visiting welders and tailors with a simple sewing machine. This chap is a primitive local authority. Not Head of State

    Kamuzu did this in the 70s.

  6. 50 Cent says:

    Patriotism or enslavement? What good will patriotic hard working Malawians gain when all harvest of their sweat is milked and embezzled by a few greedy at the top? Patriotism should start from the executive top and trickle down to the community masses. Institute prudent financial management and accountability for the benefit of all Malawians. Just tell me, how many teachers, nurses or even doctors should have been paid from the money that has been squandered on this whole useless crap of launching community colleges? Really, do we need these useless launching activities? Patriotism, my foot!

  7. Chakhulukwenda says:

    The concept is good but do we have enough competent Teachers to teaching in all these Colleges otherwise we need:
    (a) To have enough Teachers to be teaching both Theory as well as Practicals on the subjects we are offering.
    (b) Enough Workshop equipment and materials for practical lessons for students to be doing the practice on. Most of our current colleges are lacking these equipment and materials.
    (c) Accommodation for these Teachers and students.

    (d) we should lessons from free primary education which had a lot of challenges.

  8. mzungu wa nzeru says:

    This is what is called being practical.The problem with many Malawians is that they fear self employment due to laziness

  9. Telling the Truth says:

    Someone has said skills without capital to start business with will not help. I agree with him. I add that without adequate demand for goods and services to be supplied by the businesses to be started by these artisans nothing much will happen. Peter Mutharika and Henry Mussa need to understand self employment and availability of jobs depends on adequate demand for the goods and services to be supplied.

  10. Teams says:

    Establishment of a community college even at every village without a corresponding favourable economic conditions won’t bring anything positive. You can have highly skilled people but if people have no money to buy their products then they will go back to vending.

  11. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr Peter A.Wamuthalika.Let me cut you short.The colleges you want to build through out the country. where would the people get jobs after their graduation? I think the best thing firstly,is to creat lucid economic climate of which,disappoingly,does not exist.So the government trains thousands of people, who will employ them? The fact that you do not want your children to live in Malawi,smells rat.You and your late corrupt and tribalistic brother Thom Mutalika careless about the well being of Malawians because you are political excursionists,In other words,you are just travellers you have no love for Malawians and the land itself.the fact that you do not want your children to live in Malawi explains volume.The characters you and your late tyrant and corrupt brother Thom Muthalika have shown to Malawians,are very synonymous.You are in our country to exploit our people and amass unprecedented wealth of which,some are already in foreign Banks while our people are embroiled in a vicious cycle of poverty.Peter,our people are not fools,theday will come as it did to your late brother Thom.Malawians have endured unforgivable miseries since independence,but time is a factor,God has not forgotten us,but you and your brother history will one day condemn you.GOD BLESS MOTHER MALAWI AND AFRICA.

  12. Roseanna says:

    A President anatchena!!! Eeee !!!!!
    On another note anthu munakhala bwanji kuzolowera kulembedwa ntchito basi.Akudyetseni school feeding kuprimary kusecondary kotchipa Ku college ya community kenako akupezereni ntchito mmmxxxiiiii.Inuyo kutani?Create the jobs!!!

  13. Patriot says:

    Create job. Education without job means nothing.

  14. Chenkumbi says:

    after being trained , you can form your own business and employ other people, osangosila boma lokha. Open a workshop or any business make things and start export to other countries. Come to Ndirande people are making items which are fetching a lot of money from Mozambique, so is Nsanje some workshops are producing items which are bringing cash and have employed other people. Be creative not just waiting to receive already finished product.

  15. Chenkumbi says:

    Sabata fakufaku, did we have enough colleges to cater for all people who have not managed to go to university of Malawi to have the said courses? If the answer is no, then the president is very correct. Southern region there were only two technical colleges , Central region two, and northern region two if not one. Were these enough to cater for all the youth? These colleges will improve people’s lives , if you don’t see that then you have a problem.

  16. Chenkumbi says:

    Native, think. If there is to be a community college every district do you think quota system will work there? Why do you hate quota system ? You should learn to understand the subject in discussion. Osamangotsutsa zilizonse. This is very true hard work in what ever you are doing. Quota system says 10 people from every district the remaining places by merit. If you can not get places at your own district level , and places by merit it means you are lazy

  17. nam'binga says:

    Kutinamiza inu mukulemela modabwitsa mukumanga ma ndata mukugula ma kampani mukutsekula ma estate mukuendela galimoto zodula kwambiri

  18. GRM says:

    I have been involved in such programs for 20 years providing vocation education but i am now an advocate of proper tertiary education. The only students i can point as success are those i sent to University of Malawi and NRC. YOU CANNOT FORCE A TRADE ON A VULNERABLE CHILD. Luso lamanja ndi mwini manja. No child will want tailoring unless you offer her. Why do we offer these children this type of education when we fight to send our children to proper university?

  19. Tengupenya says:

    This is the best thing among the things the APM Administration can do for Malawi and its Youth. Technical colleges and skills for production is a necessary facet for progress and for youth empowerment. The colleges must not stop at technical skills development. They must also build business and entrepreneurship skills as core components of the skill development. Self employment is a real deal, but requires solid foundational skills in business. Provide the enabling infrastructure: power, communication, market places and trade fairs at home and abroad. How can these skills be used in their own communities and in external markets?

  20. wilson kasambandopa says:

    hardwork ,patriotism and integrity .I like that.if we can have 193 community colleges the better .in two years thousand of skilled work force.what do we do with them with massive lack of jobs.1-self employment .2-massive trekk to south africa mozambique tanzania but lets agree that nobody brings trash bringing back dvd tvs used cooking oil.lets bring back us dollars as the chinese are doing

  21. The real ujeni says:

    Sub human standard buildings, zonyasa ngati izo, better even welensiky buildings. We are specialised in building structures zonyasa, where are the designers coming from?

  22. Dracula says:

    The problem of this DPP govt is that it thinks of people in terms of where they come from. You don’t have to construct these colleges in every district just ensure they serve Malawians.

  23. Dracula says:

    The colleges are a waste of money. Why not use this money to enhance the capacity of the existing technical colleges; Lilongwe, Mzuzu, Soche?…….. Ever heard of economies of scale??

  24. Man from China says:

    These colleges should prioritize renewable energy production technologies and commercial agriculture at community level. The the rest will follow but carpentry and tailoring ……….please!

  25. Truck says:

    That’s good move Mr President .Keep it up!

  26. Kholo says:

    Describe to me the concept of community college e.g. is this MEDI or government is constructing, equipping and staffing new institutions? …and can someone explain to me why Getu is party uniform? Dress for the occasion, ma’am!

  27. auuaua says:

    we do know if there has to be growth in Malawi , this is also going to involve favourable credit conditions than the ones we currently have. Because what are skills without capital ?

  28. Martin Mtambo says:

    If government has made thorough calculations on resources and everything needed in running such institutions,then it’s indeed a welcome development.But if the trend is going to be same as the one in the old and dilapidated technical colleges,then i’m afraid-the whole purpose of setting up these colleges will be defeated in a twinkling of an eye.

  29. becks says:

    Same old trades and you expect the country to change.

  30. Thom Paul Duncan Nkalodzwa says:

    Mukumva inu, abwana akuti patriotism. Patriotism ? I doubt whether they as politicians are or have ever been patriotic. It seems patriotic for us and not for them. Ife tikakhala patriotic all we make as a revenue iwo azitafune bwino …… I will be patriotic to myself and boma second

  31. cholopi says:

    Apm congras. Ur president to stay for anoth 5 years kaya MCP mwayamba kale kusuthana mipando muli ku opposition, nanga mukazalowa boma mudzasuthana kangati?…
    MCP mulibe democray or pangono pomwe y not acepting ma views anthu ena? Mukutenga ku south Makangala koma inu mitu yanu sigwira mwamva? Makangala can not bring u evin vote imodzi.
    Pliz MCP change otherwise simudzawinanso..

  32. Native says:

    which is which? Hard work or Quota System

  33. Peter says:

    Well done Mr President with Hon Mussa for this program.

  34. Steve says:

    But the development programs in this country are too selective based on politics. There are some districts which are completely ignored like Neno. It is sad to see that over 50 years people from this district have been and are still being used like toilet papers. Mumangoafuna popanga campaign yanu. Look, mukutsegula ma college zoona, ku Neno kunali kale training base ya MYP and that land was neglected. No road network. Magetsi akuchoka komko mpaka ku Chitipa but alot of people can’t access electricity. Ndizambiri ndidzanena chifukwa zimandiwawa. Yes I do agree that one day the people fro this district should rise and close the Zalewa road to demand their right to development

  35. sabata Fakufaku says:

    I thought many technical colleges offer those courses then how can such transform their lives. Baba end corruption and invest in agriculture the country will be transformed

  36. Nyatwa says:

    Create jobs first fools,

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