Mutharika says Malawi moving towards ‘a better life for all’: Blasts lazy bones, cashgaters

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Monday 6 July, Independence Day, called for “patriotism, integrity and hard work”, saying they are three pillars his government plans to utilize to ensure progress of the country’s development.

President Peter Mutharika inspects guard of honour by Malawi army-Pic byFrancis-Mphweya

President Peter Mutharika inspects guard of honour by Malawi army-Pic byFrancis-Mphweya

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima welcomes the Vice President of Kenya William Ruto on arrival at Kamuzu Stadium-Pic by Francis Mphweya

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima welcomes the Vice President of Kenya William Ruto on arrival at Kamuzu Stadium-Pic by Francis Mphweya

Part of the people present during the Independence day at Kamuzu Stadium-Pic by  Francis-Mphweya

Part of the people present during the Independence day at Kamuzu Stadium-Pic by Francis-Mphweya

Speaking when the country celebrated 51 years of independence at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre Monday, Mutharika said Malawi has achieved a lot in the last 51 years of independence from Britain, but noted it has been “slow progress.”

President Mutharika said Malawi is now undergoing “exciting times”, saying the nation After 51 is “re-making history.”

He said: “The whole world can see that Malawi is on the road to transformation.”

Mutharika said the first ever Malawi Investment Forum last week, attracted hundreds of foreign investors from all over the world “because they can see hope and opportunities.”

The 76-year-old leader said: “All the international and local speakers at that meeting agreed that we have a better economic outlook ahead of us.”

Mutharika, however, said the economic transformation must benefit all Malawians and must mean inclusive development.

He outlined a route map to economic transformation by creating a local business environment and attracting foreign investors to bring their money to invest in Malawi.

“With Direct Investment, we will undoubtedly create wealth, create more businesses for Malawians, create jobs and create a better life for all,” said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader also touted a Skills Development Programme.

“This is a process of creating a skilled labour to support the industry. Wherever you go in the world, skilled labour is thrust of development. Within this programme, we are building community colleges. With this programme, we will create a skilled labour market to support the expanding Investment. We want this programme to help us create jobs for the youth and the rest of us,” he said.

He also talked of Public Service Reforms, the Green Belt Initiative to support farmers with inputs and the Malata Subsidy programmes will ensure that this country has sufficient food and Malawians must sleep in descent houses.

“All Malawians must rise together with the economic growth that is coming. We are all moving towards a better life for all,” said Mutharika.

The President pointed out “one immediate challenge” which he said is the human factor.

“We cannot do with people who are irresponsible; dishonest; lazy – wanting results for which you have not worked; wanting things to be done for us than us doing for others; we cannot develop Malawi if we don’t love our country! We need to be a nation of responsible and patient people. Rome was not built in a day,” said Mutharika.

“. We cannot change anything unless we change ourselves. We are the foundations of change, and the pillars of progress on which the future rests. We are now launching a mind-set change programme which must make us a responsible nation,” he added.

He stressed that his administration wants to promote three pillars of progress – Patriotism, Integrity and Hard work – that support reforms and national development.

“We must be patriotic!  We must love our country; be proud of her. Be proud to be Malawian. This is our only country,” said Mutharika, adding “We must be a people of high integrity. We must be a highly principled and honest in whatever we do. There wouldn’t have been cashgate if we were a people of integrity. Corruption would be history if were a people of integrity.”

He said government will organize a national conference to draw up a national plan of implementation.

“We must agree how best we should inculcate these values in every Malawian. I want these values to be collectively owned by all Malawians,” said Mutharika.

In his brief remarks, President Lungu hailed the bilateral relations between Lilongwe and Lusaka, ad encouraged people of the two countries to continue pursuing peace.

The celebrations held under the theme Towards Economic Transformation for Inclusive Development in Malawi, were spiced up by a number of activities, including military and police displays, traditional dances and performances by several artists and a football match between Malawi’s Flames and the Cranes of Uganda.

Apart from Lungu, who came with his wife Esther, Kenya’s Vice-President William Ruto, Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda and Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya were among notable officials at the celebrations which attracted thousands of Malawians from all walks of life.

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41 thoughts on “Mutharika says Malawi moving towards ‘a better life for all’: Blasts lazy bones, cashgaters”

  1. Chewelesine says:

    In brief Peter Mutharika….you are an arsehole

  2. Changaputwa says:

    Usandilakwise poyankhula pls, which better life are u talkng about ??? To sale Malawi saving bank its abetter life to de nation ??? Or belong to you as well as ur family ???? Ur vice president also he z unempty tin. Ngt pali munthu opwambwana ndiye ndameneyo, mchifukwa chani akufuna kumazionesela kt anabela ma vote monthandizana ndi anzake aku airtel Malawi ????????

  3. matekenya says:

    chitsiru chimalamulidwa ndi ben phiri nd I chisale

  4. NGONGOLIWA says:


  5. chefourpence says:

    president wanzeru.

  6. Sad says:

    I miss Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda he was a man with a big heart and vision. Bakili destroyed this Country. Bakili brought in cashgate spirits as he had acriminal record of stealing. That spirit is hoovering over Malawi. Malawi needs total deliverance or else cashgate is here to suppress and oppress.

  7. Phwado says:

    Petermutharika and ur broz are super lazy bones.And u are not patriotic.If you were patriotic to your country why did you spend 40 years living in a foreign country then coming back to steal and rob us of our hard earned wealth.We have university here amd you didn’t want to teach there.Why ?Because you are too lazy to start from scratch you came to continue stealing and enjoying what Daniel Phiri ripped from us.I shall never forgive you old toothless son of a b* #h.Even if it is going to hell for not forgiving let me.It is blasphemy saying Malawians are lazy bones yet you are that is why you have murdered Njauju for your 577billion and you think your cloakas have been protected.Forget !Sooner the laws will burn your corrupt asses!SHAME!SHAME…..SHAME!

  8. kanyimbi says:

    Its the civil service and the politicians that are making Malawi not to progress otherwise Malawians are hard working.

  9. Kenkkk says:

    The only good thing I can pick from your speech my president is the word change. You have so far failed in all three pillars you espouse, nobody can be patriotic if they steal, abuse govt money or assets; of course integrity follows as none; obviously stealing or abuse of govt money for easy quick self enrichment is not hard work. Also let me tell you my president that all Malawians are patriotic, we love our country. For example exposing donor money abuse is patriotic because we want all Malawians to benefit from such funds but to you dpp cohorts that is unpatriotic. We should go back to the four cornerstones of kamuzu era without the abuse.

    But I do commend you by uttering the need for a complete 360 degree change in behavior of all Malawians, especially the ruling elite. Once this corrupt elite seriously change, the majority of Malawians will overnight be born again. So the change must start with you my president.

    My suggestion is this. You should immediately reshuffle your cabinet or ministers by firing all of them except Chilima. Appoint completely new ministers who have never been recycled politicians, preferably technocrats, you can include me as well, am ready to overhaul the whole system and start afresh. The new cabinet should be inclusive to reflect the nation, so it should include say 3 or 4 northerners, say 5 each from centre and south. I don’t recognize the eastern region.

    Changing our existing corrupted mindset is the key especially for some of us who don’t want federalism, our problems can be fixed if we are serious about change.

    If we fail this my president, I can see clearly the north seeking federalism or seeking a referendum to be independent in the long run. I would go for independence personally, a peaceful velvet divorce just like the the Czechs and the Slovaks. And please don’t tell me that this can’t happen in Malawi, it can. You only need a few examples in Africa such as Ethiopia, Sudan despite the splits being bloody. Ours will just be a peaceful one to show the rest of the world and Africa that you can separate without fighting.

    So my president let the hard work begin of reforming the whole country. I will be 100% behind you if you are serious.

  10. Gulugufe says:

    Ine koma ndikugwirizana ndi zija ananena kuti Chakwera ndi ombwambwana!

  11. The Truthful One from the West says:

    The majority of Malawians are hardworking as they survive on their own. There are no unemployment benefits in Malawi. To call the majority of Malawians lazy is to insult them. It is plain that Malawians have been let down by bad political and economic governance. The country is still waiting for an explanation of K92billion misused during the rule of Bingu wa Mutharika. Talk of changing mindset is empty and meaningless. What is changing the mindset? Proper policies and a good mix of incentives is capable of making Malawians productive.

  12. Mtochi says:

    APM is the worst president Malawi will ever have. How can he let Muli Brothers free? How can Mulli claim that he can’t repay the loan coz Bingu was involved? Kodi ku MSB mesa kuli dzina la Mulli osati Bingu? Kodi munthu ukatenga ngongole does it concern woperekayo how u gonna spend it? Tikanakhala kuti ndifeyo osauka bwa?To hell u Peter.

  13. Muhlakhois Hlomweios says:

    Malawians are hardworking people especially in the centre and north but money ends up in the pockets of lazy bones from Muhlakho belt. Stupid President stupid DPP!

  14. drogba says:

    in fact I agree with you APM. Apapa mumva anthu ambiri akukutukwanani Bwana, koma zomwe mwanena ndizoona 100%.
    Malawians are just one bunch of funny
    creatures. Most of us just sit phwiii and
    expect that politicians will develop us, our
    lives, our families. We blame our poverty
    on politicians, like seriously?? Yes Malawi
    has been independent for 50 years, but can
    we point out on what each one of us has
    achieved in our lives as individuals in these
    50 years?? Most of are still stagnant on
    the same place while our friends have
    improved their status. To me, Malawi’s
    poor status is a collective thing, not one
    man’s or one political party’s show alone.
    Even we citizens of Malawi are to blame
    for this. We’ve not helped our governments
    to develop this country. We are not
    productive enough.
    1. Most of us are lazy and do not want to
    work. Even in our offices, we work when
    the Bwana is there. We only look to what
    our companies should give us. If I visit
    most companies owned by Chinese, most
    people will whisper in me, “Bwana anthu
    awa ndiankhanza amatizunza, ntchito from
    six kolokoo mpaka six kolokoo”. But that’s
    so typical of Chinese, that’s how they
    work. They are hardworking, Malawians
    can’t cope with their working style.
    2. Malawians we are multiplying a lot.
    Look at our population, around 17,000,000.
    More than Zambia or Zimbabwe. Where
    are we going to get resources to support
    this population?? Can we buy enough
    medicine to heal this population?? Olo
    boma litiuze kuti tizilera, timamva???
    3. Malawians love short cuts, to get rich or
    get whatever they want. Look at cashgate,
    look at depletion of our environment.
    Why?? Because most of us believe in easy
    money. If you employ a Malawian, he will
    work for you when you are around or steal
    from you when you are not around, or
    when he finds a chance to do so.
    So seriously, let us also take the blame as
    citizens. Let us think seriously on what we
    as individuals could contribute to the
    development of this very small country.
    Osamangothamangila commenting bad on
    negative stories about Malawi, let us also
    seriously reflect on ourselves. Tichepeae
    kupanga ana mmidzimu, let us work hard

  15. zilipo says:

    Mr President, it’s very true that there is need to change mindset of Malawians if their collective effort would help transform our country. But be clear and more specific when talking about changing mindset. You cannot do it to all Malawians at once. And you cannot start from the bottom. Start changing the mindset of yourself and those who report to you. If you can do that, the rest will be easy. Remember actions speak louder than words. So make sure Malawians at the bottom can see that change has started in your administration. You will earn their trust. Then that will prepare their minds ready for the reset. It will then be easier to mobilize them towards development which investors love to see. You got it??


    I must admit this speech by the President has left me with hope and inspired for a change. we often criticize our leaders but not doing self critique as to what we as individuals are doing.
    We Indeed have one country to call ours and that’s Malawi and its absolutely up to us to develop it. No one will come from outside to develop Malawi but ourselves. lets avoid pulling each other down. This is our land and only us can make it better for this generation and the ones to come.


    Remember I am a Malawian first before being Known as a Tonga from Nkhata-Bay.

  17. Chris says:

    Malawi dziko lomvesa chisoni, pachisangalalo cha pa 6 July ndinaona munthu wovina m’bwiza pamaso pa a president a dziko komanso president wa dziko la Zambia, vice prezident wa dziko la Kenya atavala vest yong’ambika, ine ndinachita manyazi zedi, dzaka 51 a
    nthu nkumavina magule pamaso pa mapresident opanda nsapato zoona? Dzikoli tigulise basi ife latikanika.Adzimai a mulakho kumavina gule mapazi ali mbuu kutuwa. Mayoooooooooooo dziko langa ineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  18. Khwethemu says:

    Am not proud to be Malawian with this nonsense of a president.

  19. Mafuta says:

    My take is you are not talking enough against corruption. Once this nation deals with corruption in high rise buildings half of our battle is won. The problem is politicians have a tendency to cover their own tracks when there is wrong doing. Set up an example of those in the wrong and people will begin to be patriotic

  20. uwauze alomwe ako ukuba nawo ndalamawo zimenezo. maPillar atatu anu ndi nePOtizm, killing albinos ndi umbanda. inu mumafuna kuti muzikhala ngati gentleman pomwe muli mbava. in environment, mumatiuza kuti tisamale mitengo inu mkumakagilisa ku china. ausitility measures pomwe inu mukusolola ndalama. ungalumbile kuti chipani chako sichakuba? nanga 92 billion ili kuti ?

  21. Bob says:

    Deal with the Chaaondas first then Malawians will see how serious you are in combating corruption. People learn from their leaders.

  22. Kokholiwa says:

    Does Mr President mean what he says? Let him and his people start living what he says. Give a report of the money lost during your brother, listen to the peoples advices (selling MSB, AIDS Commission) etc. Actions Mr President speaks louder than words

  23. Malawi wa Lero says:

    I agree witH Ambuje. USELESS SPEACH. Infact it was a useless speach from a useless old pig. Same speach for all functions. Pathetic! This was not a developmental function old man. But INDEPENDENCE.

  24. Kadakwiza says:

    The problem we in Malawi is that when we go school, colleges and universities, we are to work under someone and not to create our own jobs.create

  25. BigMan says:

    Bravo Mr President, this country is blessed to have a leader such as yourself. Full of integrity!

  26. Daud Zakaria says:

    If only his words were put into practice,poverty and corruption will be written off in my motherland.But was integrity demonstrated in the selling of MSB?Let’s walk the talk…colorful speeches should be interpreted with tangible action.I support the speech though,only action and clear strategy should be constructive for Malawians’ to take you seriously.

  27. Atsogoleri says:

    Anango iwala opanga ma party pafupi pafupi ena asaku landira ma salary, amenewonso akubwerzeretsa chitukuko m’mbuyo anthu akungo sinza mma ofesi mmalo mokhala productive. Mapwevupwevu are just another form of cashgate as people are given cash after kudyanso ndalama zama tax payer.

  28. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Other people need to be honest, patroitic, and of high intergrity.No corruption

    Koma inu bwana will use constitutional powers to use tax payers money the way want, so that the inclusive development being talked about only benefits your friends.

    You cannot remove a split from my eyes before you remove the log from your eyes. You cannot see.

  29. peter says:

    Your message mr president was well cooked up.Unfortunately,it is not a true reflection of what is happening in your government now.How sure are you that you are prepared to root out corruption when corrupt people are hidden behind the carpets by your administration.Where is transparency and accountability in your style of governance.Are you prepared to impliment intergrity in your governance?.Change must begin with you and your cabinet ministers .You have sounded very visionary but a real change has to begin from the high office.We love Malawi and I love Dpp.

  30. joj says:

    First show us your integrity, patriotism and hard work and we will show you ours, may be

  31. geo stream says:

    The President has spoken. Truth hates. Haters and lazy bones have been hurt. I can hear them louder right here.

  32. The Truthful One from the West says:

    I agree that it was an empty speech. He failed to articulate the major problems facing Malawi and how he is dealing with them. The word partriotism is easily misinterpreted by politicians to mean people should agree with everything Peter Mutharika should be saying. I have no doubt that Peter Mutharika’s DPP does not have a new vision, policy and strategy to transform this country. The community colleges programme is based on a fundamentally flawed reasoning that demand for artisans far exceeds supply when in fact this is not the case. If this was about the health sector I would agree as demand for health personnel far exceeds supply. As for unity the ball is in Peter Mutharika’s hands-stop politicising national events such as Republic celebrations, stop nepotistic public service appointments etc., recognise the important role of the opposition in a democracy.

  33. Kwima says:

    Kodi anakuvotelani ndani gwape iwe

  34. MAN KENYA says:

    If the statement made by your president is anything to go by, Malawi will be a fast developing nation compared to it’s neighbours. Corruption is the only setback in many african nations. We in Kenya wish you all the best in your endeavours. Thank you.

  35. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    That is what we call day dreaming!

  36. agnes wanzeru says:

    Good speech Mr President. Try to convince your party members to be with you on the three values. Internalize the values among your cabinet members; Kasaira and Nakhumwa. Start it within yourselves and Malawians shall learn from you. Action speak louder than words. TAMVESERANI zimenezi.

  37. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    It seems pedestrian, but APM is right to say that we need a new mindset, to be sure. This is one of the intangibles missing in many of us.
    Kamuzu used to say this with intimidation: as people assumed, and rightly so, that if they didn’t tow the line, MCP and The Youth League would promptly beat them up, savagely. Or worse!
    Then came Muluzi; and the drive to hard work and associated achievement was put in reverse. Later, Bingu started to perform economic miracles, but unfortunately, he was taken from us too soon.
    It’s only right for APM to call out the near defunct party, PP, for grave mismanagement, through profligacy and sheer ignorance of what it takes to run a government. Minister Gondwe’s efforts and plans will bear favorable results sooner than later; as he does have a fine track record.

  38. Jonathan Chiwina says:

    Nice talk Mr president , malawi is just full of lazy peopl indeed,people without vision and goals, who don’t know were they are going. Bcoz the behaviour isis influenced the way we feel our selves, and this comes from self concept. It starts at individial level, then family level, social groupings, comunity,district level,reginal then at national

  39. Munnyabu says:

    Yes!yes its clear with the reports of swindling 500bns, selling MSB, being the poorest country in the world,with the lowest GDP and yet my president seem to live in fantacy with all these all over his table shame!

  40. ambuje says:

    Empty and useless speech by Malawian leader, atleast Zambian president talked of economic development in real and practical terms

  41. James Phiri says:

    It begins with you Mr. President. This your patriotism. Stump out corruption and mismanagement. Create a conducive environment for businesses to grow. Reform the civil service, even it means firing everyone and restarting all over. Ndatha ine wanu JP.

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