Mutharika says Malawi press ‘writing rubbish’: Challenges critics on development

President Peter Mutharika has hit at Malawi press for writing what he calls “rubbish” against his government which they do their watchdog role and challenged his critics to come forth with constructive ideas that would help develop the country, further reminding them that he is leading a listening and all inclusive administration.

Mutharika waving crowds in Ndirande

Mutharika waving crowds in Ndirande

Ndirande was painted blue

Ndirande was painted blue

DPP: Blue sea in Ndirande

DPP: Blue sea in Ndirande

He also urged Malawians to develop a hard-working spirit and avoid corruption and other vices that derail development.

Mutharika then asked various leaders to always preach unity, tolerance and co-existence among people of different ethnic and political backgrounds.

“We shouldn’t be a people without integrity. If we have dignity we cannot indulge in corruption and other vices that derail development,” said Mutharika during a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) political rally he addressed at Nyambandwe ground in Ndirande, Blantyre on Sunday.

The Malawi leader further observed that it is only when people are united and love their country that they can ably take part in meaningful development activities for their communities and the country as a whole.

“If we love our country, it will be easier for us to take part in development initiatives. Are we going to just wait for some foreigners to come and develop this nation?” queried the president.

He also said Malawians need to have personal dignity and integrity, saying those are some of the pillars that make a humble nation.

“Had we been a nation with values and principles, Cashgate would not have happened. Mismanagement of government funds at Capital Hill, widely known as cashgate, happened because some people are greedy and have no dignity and a sense of responsibility,” he added.

Mutharika quashed criticism against his government in the local press, saying newspapers are focusing on “rubbish.”

“For the past 12 months, the DPP government has managed to implement the developmental agenda we promised in our 2014 DPP manifesto. For instance, I have maintained a lean cabinet, we have also managed to construct eleven community colleges in various districts, some people have started benefiting from cement and iron sheets subsidy programme among others,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said he was saddened that some quarters of the society were only looking at mistakes rather than coming forth with ideas that would develop the country.

“Whatever we are implementing is to promote the development of the country. Two months ago I urged everyone to come with ideas so that we develop the country, but none has come forward.  My government is ready to accept any constructive ideas from anyone as long we achieve a common goal,” he stated.

On security, Mutharika pledged his government’s relentless support to the Malawi Police Service. He said government had already provided 50 vehicles to the service and would provide 100 more to help law enforcers in their operations.

“My appeal is that we should alert the police whenever we suspect someone, because they are the same people that we live with that terrorize communities. The police also have a witness fund, I have already donated K3 million and I urge all well wishers to make some donations and help the service,” urged Mutharika.

Mutharika also rubbished assertions that his public appointments were favouring people from Thyolo where he comes from.

“I have read in some newspapers that I have got many advisers and that am favoring the Southern Region. This is not true. The media exaggerated on this,” he said.

“My government is always appointing people on merit not as what others are speculating. For instance Chief Justice and ACB director are from the North, Chief secretary is from Zomba while others are from the Central Region,” explained Mutharika.

The Malawi leader also promised to deal with the problem of medical drug shortage, stating that drugs were available in the country but ‘there seems to be a problem somewhere’.

On a lighter note, Mutharika said he has always had a Ndirande connection from his childhood days.

“Ndinkakhala ku Zingwangwa, koma madzulo ndimaswera kuno[ku Ndirande] chifukwa kunali ma bottle store ambiri,” said Mutharika. (I used to stay in Zingwangwa township but mostly was frequenting Ndirande because there were so many beer pubs here.)

Speaking earlier, Vice President Saulos Chilima urged the general public to join hands with government in developing the country.

Thousands of people attended the rally.  –Additional reporting by Mphatso Nkoma, Nyasa Times and Memory Kutengule & Donnex Chisala of Mana


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if I were bwana peter I cud raise my salaries after raising de sararies of civil servants,welfare of policemen mmmmmm unfortunately am not, bwana peter try to comfort malawians,their eyes are on u-Dpp woyeeeeeeeh.

Daniel Justin

Makosana nonse dziko linasintha ndipo palibe amene angadzalithenso bcoz tili mmasiku otsriza woti timve ululu.YESU AKUBWERANSO POSACHEDWA TIYENI TILIMBE MTIMA BASI TISAMAKANGANE


577 billion is rubbish? Nafe AMalawi how on earth did we evn cast a single vote for this 76 year old granny?

Status conscious.

Nkulu wakumbukira the good old days mmene amatafuna kanyenya wankhumba pa chiwaya Ku Ndirande.You know status misses you some fun.I remember ndikadya chips Chapa chiwaya kwabasi ndilipasukulu.Pano im blessed with a latest merc ndipo ndimakanika kuyima in such places.So bwana Pitala wazilira nthumbwana zapa bottle store amu Ndix.Muzadyanso abwana after your term finishes in 2019.You will have the time to roiter in all those ndirande bottle stores.


Its a vomit of the president

kunena mosapyatila
My fellow country men I think you have a lot of time & energy listening to riddles and folktales from this old fella. As for me, it has been a long time I tuned to mbc’s. This useless ranting in rallies by the former teacher cum politician and the loan dodger at Standard bank will not bring fuel for ambulances & drugs in hospitals, appreciate the kwacha, fill NFRA reserves, speed up salaries in departments of agriculture and forestry and numerous problems that the media is highlighting, that the old man is calling rubbish. The worst scenario is that the… Read more »
loynot Makwale

Malankhulidwe anu mudziwe kuti simudzawinanso olo pang’ono ndipo mungodzivutitsa mukhala ku opposition mpaka kale kale Mulungu sakupatsani mwai anthu oipa inu. Chilichonse mumafuna chikhale chanu . Anthu asankho inu angavotere inu ndani.

Chamwini Kwawo

The fellow is tired and old, what do you expect of a retired teacher called The Law Professor. We haven’t seen trouble yet, problems are on the way, yet to arrive.


You speak rubbish and you want the media to be writing good of you??


ngati umayankhula rubbish umayembekeza kuti alembe kuti umayankhula za nzeru tangoganiza kumakamba zotereza na bottle top. You are indeed a waste of time. Mbendera ndi Kenyata Nyirenda you will be answerable 4 giving us this dunderhead.

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