Mutharika says Malawi press ‘writing rubbish’: Challenges critics on development

President Peter Mutharika has hit at Malawi press for writing what he calls “rubbish” against his government which they do their watchdog role and challenged his critics to come forth with constructive ideas that would help develop the country, further reminding them that he is leading a listening and all inclusive administration.

Mutharika waving crowds in Ndirande

Mutharika waving crowds in Ndirande

Ndirande was painted blue

Ndirande was painted blue

DPP: Blue sea in Ndirande

DPP: Blue sea in Ndirande

He also urged Malawians to develop a hard-working spirit and avoid corruption and other vices that derail development.

Mutharika then asked various leaders to always preach unity, tolerance and co-existence among people of different ethnic and political backgrounds.

“We shouldn’t be a people without integrity. If we have dignity we cannot indulge in corruption and other vices that derail development,” said Mutharika during a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) political rally he addressed at Nyambandwe ground in Ndirande, Blantyre on Sunday.

The Malawi leader further observed that it is only when people are united and love their country that they can ably take part in meaningful development activities for their communities and the country as a whole.

“If we love our country, it will be easier for us to take part in development initiatives. Are we going to just wait for some foreigners to come and develop this nation?” queried the president.

He also said Malawians need to have personal dignity and integrity, saying those are some of the pillars that make a humble nation.

“Had we been a nation with values and principles, Cashgate would not have happened. Mismanagement of government funds at Capital Hill, widely known as cashgate, happened because some people are greedy and have no dignity and a sense of responsibility,” he added.

Mutharika quashed criticism against his government in the local press, saying newspapers are focusing on “rubbish.”

“For the past 12 months, the DPP government has managed to implement the developmental agenda we promised in our 2014 DPP manifesto. For instance, I have maintained a lean cabinet, we have also managed to construct eleven community colleges in various districts, some people have started benefiting from cement and iron sheets subsidy programme among others,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said he was saddened that some quarters of the society were only looking at mistakes rather than coming forth with ideas that would develop the country.

“Whatever we are implementing is to promote the development of the country. Two months ago I urged everyone to come with ideas so that we develop the country, but none has come forward.  My government is ready to accept any constructive ideas from anyone as long we achieve a common goal,” he stated.

On security, Mutharika pledged his government’s relentless support to the Malawi Police Service. He said government had already provided 50 vehicles to the service and would provide 100 more to help law enforcers in their operations.

“My appeal is that we should alert the police whenever we suspect someone, because they are the same people that we live with that terrorize communities. The police also have a witness fund, I have already donated K3 million and I urge all well wishers to make some donations and help the service,” urged Mutharika.

Mutharika also rubbished assertions that his public appointments were favouring people from Thyolo where he comes from.

“I have read in some newspapers that I have got many advisers and that am favoring the Southern Region. This is not true. The media exaggerated on this,” he said.

“My government is always appointing people on merit not as what others are speculating. For instance Chief Justice and ACB director are from the North, Chief secretary is from Zomba while others are from the Central Region,” explained Mutharika.

The Malawi leader also promised to deal with the problem of medical drug shortage, stating that drugs were available in the country but ‘there seems to be a problem somewhere’.

On a lighter note, Mutharika said he has always had a Ndirande connection from his childhood days.

“Ndinkakhala ku Zingwangwa, koma madzulo ndimaswera kuno[ku Ndirande] chifukwa kunali ma bottle store ambiri,” said Mutharika. (I used to stay in Zingwangwa township but mostly was frequenting Ndirande because there were so many beer pubs here.)

Speaking earlier, Vice President Saulos Chilima urged the general public to join hands with government in developing the country.

Thousands of people attended the rally.  –Additional reporting by Mphatso Nkoma, Nyasa Times and Memory Kutengule & Donnex Chisala of Mana


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56 thoughts on “Mutharika says Malawi press ‘writing rubbish’: Challenges critics on development”

  1. maphwiya says:

    if I were bwana peter I cud raise my salaries after raising de sararies of civil servants,welfare of policemen mmmmmm unfortunately am not, bwana peter try to comfort malawians,their eyes are on u-Dpp woyeeeeeeeh.

  2. Daniel Justin says:

    Makosana nonse dziko linasintha ndipo palibe amene angadzalithenso bcoz tili mmasiku otsriza woti timve ululu.YESU AKUBWERANSO POSACHEDWA TIYENI TILIMBE MTIMA BASI TISAMAKANGANE

  3. ahoy says:

    577 billion is rubbish? Nafe AMalawi how on earth did we evn cast a single vote for this 76 year old granny?

  4. Status conscious. says:

    Nkulu wakumbukira the good old days mmene amatafuna kanyenya wankhumba pa chiwaya Ku Ndirande.You know status misses you some fun.I remember ndikadya chips Chapa chiwaya kwabasi ndilipasukulu.Pano im blessed with a latest merc ndipo ndimakanika kuyima in such places.So bwana Pitala wazilira nthumbwana zapa bottle store amu Ndix.Muzadyanso abwana after your term finishes in 2019.You will have the time to roiter in all those ndirande bottle stores.

  5. Alungwana says:

    Its a vomit of the president

  6. kunena mosapyatila says:

    My fellow country men I think you have a lot of time & energy listening to riddles and folktales from this old fella. As for me, it has been a long time I tuned to mbc’s.

    This useless ranting in rallies by the former teacher cum politician and the loan dodger at Standard bank will not bring fuel for ambulances & drugs in hospitals, appreciate the kwacha, fill NFRA reserves, speed up salaries in departments of agriculture and forestry and numerous problems that the media is highlighting, that the old man is calling rubbish.

    The worst scenario is that the lhomwe belt, which voted for him in large masses is on the receiving end of such calamities. Just wait maphwias, this is just July, what about when we reach December and February? By the way, how much are you buying a pale of maize right now? You are in for it. These are the results of voting unwisely.

    Analephera kuyendesa ma unduna akuluakulu atatu!! Ndiye mumati uphulenzidenti angawukhwanise mbwiye??? ZOSATHEKA!!!!!

  7. loynot Makwale says:

    Malankhulidwe anu mudziwe kuti simudzawinanso olo pang’ono ndipo mungodzivutitsa mukhala ku opposition mpaka kale kale Mulungu sakupatsani mwai anthu oipa inu. Chilichonse mumafuna chikhale chanu . Anthu asankho inu angavotere inu ndani.

  8. Chamwini Kwawo says:

    The fellow is tired and old, what do you expect of a retired teacher called The Law Professor. We haven’t seen trouble yet, problems are on the way, yet to arrive.

  9. Manyasa says:

    You speak rubbish and you want the media to be writing good of you??

  10. ziphaliwali says:

    ngati umayankhula rubbish umayembekeza kuti alembe kuti umayankhula za nzeru tangoganiza kumakamba zotereza na bottle top. You are indeed a waste of time. Mbendera ndi Kenyata Nyirenda you will be answerable 4 giving us this dunderhead.

  11. Phiri says:

    Tax everywhere! Tax in a salary, tax as you travel, tax on the table, tax in the bathroom, tax in the church, tax in the garden,………. Tax in the toilet …………. Everywhere, anywhere anytime we are being taxed, but no drugs in the hospital, malata, fertilizer subsidy who is benefiting? is this Justice? Ok yeah that’s a sign of good direction from a good leader!!!!

  12. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    The situation is pathetic in Malawi at the moment.High rate of unemployment.Life has become unaffordable to many malawians and the results are high rate of crime and prostitution in towns for survival.Everytime you are meeting malnourished kids begging around for left overs.These are not orphans but with parents living who cannot afford anything for their kids.The healthcare has crumbled.Go to Kamuzu central hospital,you will find patients sleeping on the floor with no medication and he claims they are drugs in the hospitals.They must be something wrong with this old he wants Malawians should be lying that all is well when actually things are not right.Why cant he just admit that he has failed than giving Malawians some empty speeches of roitering in some dirty ndirande bottlestores during his childhood time.So that is another way of winning some povos from ndirande township?He is a very funny old man.He is quickly losing his senses like his deceased brother.Mbendera and Saulosi gave us a raw deal.

  13. Sayimoni Bayisikolo says:

    I don’t have any affiliation with any party in Malawi but for Mutharika to say that the Malawian press is writing rubbish is very untrue.The oldman doesn’t want to face the reality.To say the truth Malawi has so sank so slow during his reign.If Malawi had the magic to fast forward the years,they would have done so,unfortunately its God’s time table.Even on corruption,himself too is highly corrupt together with his people he is surrounded by.You can finish writing endless failures about this old man than his successes.The man is a total failure for Malawi.He is just a time waster for this impoverished Malawi.So what has to do with Ndirande bottlestore picking some bottle tops during his childwood all the way from Kamba?Will his childhood pastime help Malawians with anytime?That’s where he had his first stint with a drop of some cheap liquor which is confusing his little remaining brain.Time for flattering politicians is gone with Kamuzus era.Malawians are looking for people who can deliver not just time wasters.

  14. This is the dawn of the downfall.

  15. Peter Mutharika it is truly that you didn’t win the election but these two selfish, greedy people i.e. Mbendera and Kenyatta Nyirenda exchanged with few coins. By calling news paper writing rubbish it proves how foolish and stupid you are yourself. It proves that you are the second professor the world has ever produced as your late brother was the first foolish professor to be known. If you were voted by Malawians you would be acting wisely by thinking how to reduce problems many poor Malawians are facing. You are busy together with your fellow foolish DPP members abusing innocent Malawians like Rev. Lazarous Chakwera. You think it will help you to have funds to develop Malawi. Boma logula uliwona kuwawa. God will never allow donors to pump funds because the government is being governed by dogs. The truth is that you will not have peace at all including those who you bribed to declare you a winner while the truth is that Malawians rejected you “kwa mutu WA galu” Ukhalira yomweyo yongobwebweta mumisonkhano yomwe ukupangisa ndi ti agalu tako monga patricia kaliyati, kondwani nankhumwa ndi george chaponda. Ada Peter Mutharika ukulengetsa title ya u “Professor” A true qualified Professor can’t behave the way you behave. My final words to Peter Muthatika are as Late Lucky Cube sung I quote “Oppressor man you are running your kingdom is falling” I can’t write you with a title as President because you not the real President Malawians voted into power but you the illegal president of our Beloved nation Malawi the Warm Heart of Africa.

  16. Life says:

    This human animal does not deserve to be called president. I realised how useless he could be the very first day I saw him open his hole, called mouth, completely unintelligent man he is. He is so stupid that he can talk about cashgate when he is one of the main architect and beneficially; he gets his medical attention from overseas, no wonder he is not aware of the rampart shortage of medications in the country, yet he calls himself president!!. Then, brainlessly, he talks about journalists talking rubbish, when every letter, word and broken English / Chichewa sentences he made were utter nonsense. I can’t wait for the day when this madeya is despatched to ndata’s mpumulo wa bata to be judged by the incorruptible judge because I know our legal system, no matter who the next president would be, cannot send this composition of human debris to jail.

  17. chingolipiyo says:

    the president is threating there.let the ppo say & write what they see.for instance,you blame cashgate yet you are also a suspect.wait for your time.

  18. Richard. Banda says:

    DPP ..adazolowera ukaluma.Osadanda ndimmene amadyera.

  19. Kakaboy says:

    Others from the central region, who and who.

  20. Ochewa says:

    Tinkanena ife Boma lotenga pakati pa usiku limavuta. Pitala sunatitu bola osalondola a Bingu nawenso. This is just the beginning. I feel problems have also affected Lhomwes. They come begging for food from us in this month. These are the people who celebrated mo bowa Mbendera wa kuba atalira ndi kuba. Munya muona. Ife sitinasinthetu koma mbuli za Alhomwezo. Agalu inu eti.

  21. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    No comment koma mmalo mokamba zapano anthuwa ayamba kale kunena za 2019 they need to delivery first atipatse miseu mankwala business ships trains ndege ma bus abwino fertiliser wotchipa mvula akazi good interest rates atilembe ntchito security etc sindinatchole nkhwani this is just no comment

  22. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    mr president stop pretending! cashgate started wayback n u r part n parcel of it.

    you have very misleading advisors: we dont have drugs in our hospitals n u r busy lying to the nation about it. com colleges r a non starter with political attachment to it. advise kaliati n saonda against castigation n mind your toung as a leader.

    to say the least u still have a long way to go. or else cardiac arrest is going to take another life from your family dont forget so quickly

  23. vilimmwera says:

    nkhalamba zambiri hate criticism, dont be surprised with matchonas outbursts, that it natural, you know what in some villages ana amakonda kusewera kwambiri ndi agogo awo and the weak agogos will threaten ana kuti ndikumenyani……ohoho angamenyedi or that is just a threat to scare anawo? we cant be scared by defensive outburts

  24. Edwin Maso Kayuni says:

    President of doom and mapwevupwevu

  25. Dpp and mr Ibu are not a listening gvt. Parliament told you not to sell MSB did you listen? Mbuzi yopanda manu mkamwa. What are you saying now?????? Your village idiots castigate innocent people like Chakwera in your presence and you do not repremand them. How do you expect people who love Chakwera to help you develop this nation. once again mbuzi yopanda manu mkamwa. Azikuposani Chilima kulankhula mwa nzeru. Koma mr Ibu!!!!!!

  26. Ngwira Macbilly says:

    The president said media is wasting time on rubbish things that will not help in making long strides in our development endavours. Not that the media is rubbish. Quote the first citizen without emotions. DPP aliponso wina?



  28. Because you are as rubbish as you come.

  29. Chakwera. Alibize kuwedza mu mphika. Itscrazy to repeat same tricks expecting different results.

  30. Mkazacheeee says:

    If APM actually believe that this country has enough drugs then, that’s a problem.. where is the evidence? Is it so hard to show the nation that the country has drugs so we believe this nonsense and that those stealing will be cornered from taking these drugs since we’ve all seen that the drugs are indeed there??

    In my opinion, seems the people surrounding APM are still telling him lies

    As a nation we need transparency on EVERYTHING and not just what you say, because we’ve been on this all talk business since 1994 and no feasible and fulfilling results

  31. zachepa says:


  32. ben says:

    Please restock drugs in hospitals the situation is dire

  33. Truth says:

    Thanx Mr President for the efforts u putting to develop this country though a majority of people are pulling u down. As u hv challenged them they shud come with ideas that can help this country to develop. But one thing u said the government doesn’t owe its citizens nothing that’s nonsense as u like to put it. The government owes us big time, the government owes us quality health care where drugs are available all the time, qualified personnel and well paid. It owes us quality education and to provide us with employment opportunities, it owes us security, food security and the list goes on. So next time think again b4 u say that the government doesn’t owe us anything bcoz it owes us alot for the TAX we pay.

  34. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  35. macks says:

    musover man

  36. katakwe says:

    i always laugh when some people call the lhomwe population a clueless population by voting an accomplished Professor as president. Conversely, the educated ones voted a clueless JB for the presidency. shame!!!!

  37. mwini mbumba says:

    Rubish ??? why malawi leders always dinie jusice ?? ok you mean you are an angel ? pls be advisable !!

  38. Jelbin mk says:

    If indeed your government is a listening government to other people’s views why didn’t it take the input of MPs adoption to have MSB sale cancelled and wait for the bank to collect some outstanding debts from Mulli, Kutsaila and others and then sell it? Is this a characteristic of a listening government? Mr illegal president you must be very stupid to deceive us. As another observer has already put it that subsidiaries are very expensive for our small economy to sustain regarding the fact that we already have a farm input subsidy program and we couldn’t afford another subsidiary of malata and cement which’s aim is more political point scoring than economical point scoring. On the side of medicines Mr so called president I think you must consult a mental specialist for a thorough check-up otherwise we are one day going to wake up with a surprise that you are going in the streets naked. You mean you have medicines in the country while people are dying of curable diseases? You mean you have medicines and the problem is somewhere else where you can’t reach? Just be clear Mr so called president that you have no clue how to bring the nation to its feet.

  39. Chithumwa says:

    kuNdilande chifukwa cha ma bottle store, koma munthu uyu m’MUTU muli bwino bwino?za mowa basi Mgwimbi ya munthu

  40. Telling the Truth says:

    Only Chilima spoke as a civilised person. I enjoyed his speech.

  41. Hitler says:

    Last kick of the dying horse.

  42. The real ujeni says:

    He failed completely as cabinet minister don’t expect him to do better as president. A clueless man who ascended to the presidency by mistake of a clueless population.

    Why challenge the opposition just deliver and the public will see and back you, otherwise the public and the opposition are on the same page, they see Malawi deteriorating socially and economically under your watch.. Challenge? Challenge what?

  43. Bondera says:

    Nayeni uyu a Gregory Gondwe ndi aRabecca Chimjeka akuti wayamba zomati trush or rubbish musiyeni adane ndi ma CSOs then journals. Zitukuko zikunenedwazo its part your JD

  44. Edward says:

    Thousands of people ferried from phalombe for two days .Mukunama inu ine I was in phalombe .

  45. kabotolokamo says:

    kkkkkkk, what ?

  46. Wisely says:

    Don’t be an anthill Mr President,Formulate national polices of collective action that will allow all of us to participate.Malawi is bigger than dpp.NO PARTY POLITICS.People are stealing because of highier taxes on very small salaries and income. Subsidies are aburden to small economies like ours.Tough talking is nothing,but tough policies.

  47. chefourpence says:

    Thumbs up my President! But tone down on language use. Rubbish? Sounds Unpresidential. Leave this to cheSaonda.

  48. ..... says:

    We heard this before.
    I remember that Bingu said the same RUBBISH this one has said on media.
    I remember that they planned to torch Nation Publication and fortunetly enough, they had moved already when that happened.
    I remember that they torched Zodiak vehicles.
    History is repeating itself.
    Mr. Chilima GET READY TO RULE.

  49. Eye Witness says:

    Hahahaha Mr. President the Kwacha pool is drying and you want the press to be silent? People are being slaughtered like goats and the press must be silent? Hospitals have stayed without funding for the past three months and the press should not report this? You blew away Mk300,000,000.00 kwacha on cerebrating the 51rst independence day of living in abject poverty when the hospitals had no medications? Don’t talk of Cement and Malata subsidy as development never because even 90% of the working class is also poor…cant afford to build a decent house many wait for pension to do so? We already have myriad graduates unemployed and your renovated 11 Community colleges will just prepare students to face the same misery. With the market conditions non would dare start business without enough capital or it will collapse. Yes you have a lean cabinet but the gap has been filled by the so called advisers that are useless. Thumbs up for the 50 vehicles and 100 to come…but bwana they will all grounded because you do not allocated enough funds for fuel…they were failing to run a small fleet mostly relying on begging. Yes begging Mortor Engel ikuzionera kupemphedwa fuel ⛽.
    Lastly thanks for the gross salary increment of 10% which shall not be suffice to pay water or electricity bills.

  50. Dalitso says:

    Peter Munthalika behave yourself, speak as a leader not like a follower. We are watching.

  51. MAN KENYA says:

    Real development is openly visible countrywide. Why should you be scared of the press if there is tangible development and the public bear it witness. The guilty are always afraid. Play your role, actions speak louder than words.

  52. clement says:

    The president shud avoid using harsh words to the public. Words such as Rubbish, Stupid, Nonsense, Silly hv become his trade mark. A president is a roll model and our children might start copying

  53. Kadakwiza says:

    So the whole President is talking about 11 local collages? Is that development? About cement and iron sheets, do people have money to buy the said cheaper cement? I don’t think so. Our president must know that cash gate will haunt him for the rest of his life.

  54. Greencardless Malawian says:


  55. Wa kwa Luna says:

    WE ARE WATCHDOGS madandaulo mwa onjezabwanji ? Kwacha Yagwanso Why ?

  56. Chimani. Game says:

    This was intertwine the for the people because they have nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon.

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