Mutharika says Malawi should have disaster policy: Visits  floods hard-hit Phalombe

President Peter Mutharika on Thursday visited district to inspect damage caused by flooding over the past week  as rescue and relief efforts continue in the surrounding villages.

Mutharika has been inspecting relief efforts

Mutharika has been inspecting relief efforts

The road to the district is lined with barely-standing houses and dry river banks that have been significantly eroded by the floods.

Mutharika, who last week declared a state of national disaster,  has been inspecting relief efforts in the  southern region.

He has since  stressed the need for Malawi to devise a new disaster policy that would help reduce damage and expedite rescue operations once the country is faced with calamities.

Among others, the Malawi leader said the policy would explain the reallocation process of communities living in places marked as disaster prone areas.

He, however, said the reallocation would not be compulsory, but that those in the affected areas would ‘only be advised to relocate’.

On the aftermath of the recent floods, Mutharika said government was still assessing the impact and that he would be meeting relevant officials to map the way forward after the assessment is concluded.

Mutharika then assured those in camps that Lilongwe was doing everything possible to have them repatriated, but indicated that it would take a little longer for those whose houses were completely destroyed.

President Mutharika has since commended the many Non-governmental Organizations helping the flood victims across the country.

Relief group AMRA spokesman Ahmed Jakura says some people still remain isolated in areas where they have provided relief packs.

“The situation is quite dire. There are some totally water-logged areas and totally water-logged trading centres. Life as normal has totally been ground to a halt.”

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14 thoughts on “Mutharika says Malawi should have disaster policy: Visits  floods hard-hit Phalombe”

  1. brutsha says:

    So this means for the past 50 years we did not have a disaster policy koma Chikhalirecho kunali department ya disaster and relief agency ndi abwana ake dzii!! Ndiye bwanayo mu office amati akakhala amati ma standard operating procedures ndi ati? Mediocrity at its best.

  2. kadamanja says:

    Peter is just inspecting and not providing aids to the affected people, chithandizo chikuchoka kwa anthu ena kenaka timva DPP yikupeleka chithandizo. Tisayiwale mayiko akunja ndi ma Ngos ndi amene akuthandiza. Tiwona floodgate. Pitala tikufuna uthandize and not just inspecting pliz.

  3. pierra says:

    Well done Your Excellency!

    I would add, that all districts should have a Disaster Policy with all Regions having a Disaster Policy all complementing the National Disaster Policy>

    Notwithstanding this, all corporate entities no doubt have Major Incident Policies that should include and not limited to Disease, Fire, Earthquake, Terror Attack, Flooding, Accidents, etc. Among likely agenda issues are survival – First Aid, Protocol – getting the right help and assistance, escape routes, equipment, etc.

    So, yes we all should knuckle down and make sure if we do suffer similar plight, we are better equipped to cope and help those affected.

    Finally, all these policies should be regularly reviewed, probably annually with some warranting seasonal update and information alert bulletins!

  4. Annie Kaomba says:

    AMalawi tiyeni tichitepo kanthu posonkha limodzilimodzi mmipingomu kuti abale athu akuvutikawa awone poyambira. Mulungu adalitse pomwe tichotsepo. Tikhale ndi mtima othandiza ngati tingathe kutero. Sikuti amene tisonkhefe tili nazo zambiri koma kukhala ndi umunthu obadwa nawo. Assist in what ever way please! Mtsogoleri mwathu waonetsa chitsanzo chabwino za ndale tiike apo. We are all children of God.

  5. Mwana wa A naliyera says:

    Isaac Chagwa mzuzu. Unaona miseu yomwe President kabila wa ku DRC amayenda kusiya galimoto ndi kuyenda pansi galimoto itatimira. Kuno anthu ntchito zingathe zitachitika zoterezo. Look at those pictures then yo will appreciate ntchito zomwe ma President ena akugwira.

  6. Atcheya says:

    I read a story that Malawi already has a draft disaster policy which has been gathering dust at Cabinet office for more than 2 years?? What is this guy talking now????

  7. ngozi yomvesa chisoni kwambiri kodi nanga azanthu a NAC ,achina Mulakho wa , Beam ndi ofuna kwabwino kodi kodi apa nde simuonesa ku chenjera kwanu ndi ma press conference,chifukwa afa tu apa nda bale anu ofunika chithandizo moyenerela, apa nde pwiiii, osatokota. ziuzeni zi tsiru zanu zisamuke basi tingova za chitsiruzo chake n chaka, inu ndalama mukuthera ma dansi malo mopangira civic education alomwe azanu kuti asamuke m’mdambo mo iyaaa ,bola wamva

  8. H Kamdidi says:

    C’mon Malawi do you mean we do not have a Disaster Policy!!!!!

  9. How do you explain the issue of those constructing houses in Soche Hill. Will those houses stand running water from above? Why do people not want to settle in other area like Lilangwe and Mdeka area? There is still land in places like Mwanza. What is the benefit of living in towns where jobs are hard to get?

  10. matutu says:

    Surprising, old disaster policy is deficient of what is proposed as new policy. There is the whole department of DM. Would be interesting to see revised policy.

  11. Floodgate says:

    You mean we didn’t have a disaster plan in place …hmmmmmm

  12. Masoambeta says:

    Politicians like to play dirty games on disasters. They play politics whenever human lives are suffering. They are infested with plague. They thrive when sorrow befalls the unfortunate.
    Muluzi established Disaster Preparedness in his corrupt and idiotic reign. The funds were squandered in K50 notes at his political campaigns by showering it to the people.
    I came Bingu who opted to keep it under his pillow and Disaster Preparedness is now in oblivion. The gullible and illiterate population has no idea of demanding their right to know.
    This guy in charge is running the place in an unorthodox way. Nothing better will come out of any committee set for disaster. They know what they want and it’s no good.

  13. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    This is the leader we need I saw the picture of rains hitting him.Malawians lets part him a back so that when tomorrow he blunders and comment evil peopl understand you.leaving a palace is love and that is not common especially in this flooding era.Write something gud fellow northerners

    1. kanchenga. says:

      You foolish hand clapper. Why pat him when he is doing exactly what we employed him to do. If he didn’t we would be on him for getting paid without working for it. Don’t you get it.

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