Mutharika says UN trip immense success: ‘Malawi to benefit alot’

The Malawi leader Peter Mutharika left New York, United States of America (USA) back to Malawi on Sunday evening after describing his 14-day in America as successful.

“It has been highly successful,” said Mutharika in his last interview to give while in New York. “We have managed to do almost everything we had set out.”

The President said he and his team managed to meet development partners for aid, business captains for trade corporation and investors take up investment opportunities in Malawi.

Mutharika: We have managed to do almost everything we had set out

Mutharika: We have managed to do almost everything we had set out

“Of course we also managed to meet with the UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon who flattered us with an encouragement to be a country of influence on the African continent on matters of democracy, human rights, peacekeeping, health, trade and investment,” he recalled.

Besides, Mutharika said, he was pleased to have addressed the UN General Assembly where he looked at what needs to be done by the membership of the UN to have a successful Post-2015 period after the expiry of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) implementation time span.

“I am also pleased that I was one of the few leaders that talked about the need of finding peace between Israel and Palestine,” he said.

Mutharika said he was also pleased with the support that his concept of introducing technical colleges in all districts in Malawi for skills training has received internationally.

“We have managed to identify donors to support this project. Among them is Mr George Soros whom I met a few days ago,” said Mutharika.

Soros is an American philanthropist who participates in development and humanitarian work in different parts of the world, especially in developing and low income countries.

“I am currently talking to different people in China, India and here to help us with teachers, teaching and learning materials,” said Mutharika.

At the rate things are going, the Malawi leader, he revealed that the first phase of introducing the technical colleges in all the 28 districts of Malawi will roll out in January 2015.

“The second phase will involve introducing the colleges in all the 193 constituencies that we have,” he disclosed.

He explained that secret behind the overwhelming support the concept has received is the universal acknowledgement that it is not possible for government to absorb all the people that are not employed.

“Jobs are few. That is why it is important that we train others to employ themselves and create jobs for others,” he explained.

Mutharika also said that three days after making a presentation to the Corporate Council for Africa (CCA), an American group that fosters investment in Africa, about 8 companies have been in touch with him expressing interest to invest in Malawi.

“One of them which is led by John Hinks (chairman of CCA) is interested to invest in power generation using biomass. He will be coming to Malawi in the next fortnight for discussions,” said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader was in the USA to attend the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

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65 thoughts on “Mutharika says UN trip immense success: ‘Malawi to benefit alot’”

  1. Frank alick says:

    I dnt tnk its all tru n I dnt tnk it wil happen coz his brother used 2 say d sme tings

  2. hst says:

    It is good to have ambitious plans, and as President he can project these plans, but plans must be realistic. At the current level of economic growth, I tend to agree with somebody who says we will not have the demand to sustain all those 193 TCs. Why not start with a few of these over the next 5 years, and if it turns out that you surpass the target, that will be to your credit. Otherwise there is no point setting an unrealistic target. If this was to come from private sector investment alone, perhaps I would have no problem, but from the start this seems to be supply-driven, to be put up using Government resources. We know Government does not have that much money, and the private sector, even from the US or the rest of the world will not invest where they do not see a return. A Magalasi, please sit down and come up with a realistic plan – something that is doable along the lines of the campaign promises, before your boss digs himself deeper with these unrealistic political mistakes.

  3. I fear another 5 years wasted with DPP says:

    I agree with those who argue that we should give APM chance. However, my biggest concern (and therefore suspicion) is that the DPP government appears unprepared to govern and in the process they make so many ridiculous promises which will frustrate the people big time. For example in a space on 30 days they have announced three big projects being:
    1). Building a new stadium (this will not cost less than 4o billion kwacha
    2). Constructuion of another university in the North (another 40 Billion +)
    3). Construction of Colleges in all 28 Districts (by the way this includes Likoma Island). APM says phase 2 will be to construct colleges in all 193 Constituencies. For these colleges to function, obviously there will be need for roads, electricity, telephone, water, etc, etc. Can anyone estimate the cost of all this?

    Ironically none of the above were mentioned in DPP manifesto nor in the just passed budget. Worst still Parliament has not approved these projects as they cannot be simply implemented at cabinet level (any borrowing has to be approved by parlianment).

  4. wobeba wanga says:

    I commend mr president for the great job done

  5. Zoona says:

    Thanks A President

  6. FCK says:

    I say Mr. President I don’t agree with what you are saying of american investors coming to invest in Malawi. i very much doubt all your predecessors went there were promised the same do we have any investor from usa zero ask yourself Mr President if you are to succeed, i very much doubt may be on security yes but on others forget first put your house in order may be as it is they just wanted to make you happy otherwise your blotted entourage had a very good time in usa for nothing on our taxes

  7. FCK says:

    Iam afraid i don’t agree with what Mr. president is saying i still think H

  8. What a joke of a leader says:

    Reply to 5.1

    This is a chicken and egg situation. You cannot talk of building colleges before you build the road , telephone, electricity to the college. In fact the cost of the road to the college is far greater than the college itself. Should I add water? If colleges were to be built in all the 193 constituencies then Malawi would have developed overnight as it means the country has roads, telephone, water, electricty etc, etc throughout the country. For sure we would not be talking about federalism/decentralised system. Malawi does not have money to do all this in a short space of time. Are you aare that over 50% of our budget is in fact donot money? We are a begging country something that Regions/Districts can do themselves.

  9. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Nothing knew here. Every president praises himself or herself when they come back. There is nothing to praise Peter Mutharika for. This is why this country is still desperately poor 50years after independence because we easily accept lies. I repeat the Nsanje Inland port is a white elephant that will not materialise.

  10. Bright says:

    Mr president thats wat we call ”serious bussiness”

  11. Dafter says:

    Good idea

  12. Mwapheranjiru says:

    Izi nde pfundo zabwino, zobweretsa makapani, omwe anzipangapa katundu wa malonda wogulitsa kunja ndikumabweretsa ndalama muno mu Malawi. Komanso ife tidzapedza kolowa ntchito kumene tidzipereka mitsonkho ya boma. Ifeno kulemera, boma kulemera komanso makapani kulemanso imene timachula kuwina patatu. Mandatsi kapena zigumu sabweretsa ndalama za kunja ai, ndi malonda a ku midzi.

  13. Kenkkk says:

    Guys let us commend the president for what he has done in 15 days he has been to USA. If what he says will Materialize then he has achieved what Malawi had failed to achieve in 50 years!!!

    Action speaks louder than words, so we will now be looking for action as promised by our president.

  14. robert watson gondwa says:

    Ahoy Mr. President. Sofar so good!

  15. Bingu says:

    uchindere wako, boza uli kwamba mphauli? Boza lakwamba likawa lakuti pala watola BOMA wamujula SHIRE INLAND PORT, 2; KUKHIZGA MALATA NA CEMENTS, 3; KULEKA KUFUMYAFUMYA WANTHU WA NTCHITO ZA BOMA, 4; KULEKA NA KUTINKHA SANKHO. kweni para ukusewera na wanthu beware this is not time of fools. 2019 is too far we don’t want you mr president

  16. Webster says:

    I do believe that Peter could turn around this country for the better but please avoid these so called recycled politicians’ advice. By the way i come from the north.

    1. Real North says:

      So what if you come from the north? Wakukupenda ng’oo

  17. pat says:

    May God bless bless you our President and bless all the works of your hands.We are proud of of your exellency

  18. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Welcome back Peter, we love you.

  19. Palibe kanthu says:


  20. Nabetha says:

    Ndipo ma college amenewa amangidwe sizogwiritsa ntchito ma block ama primary school kapena ma community secondary school. Ngati mukufuna gwiritsani ntchito malo ena m’mene munali ma MYP training bases. Technical college imafuna malo aakulu komanso zipangizo zochuluka zophunzitsira luso achinyamata. Chonde ife musatimangire timisasa bola mungosiyilatu.

  21. Vavlov says:

    Time will tell if any of these will materialize. Technical colleges a good idea, but do we have the market for the graduates to supply once they start to produce whatever they will have learnt? We have limited industries, so really unless they get into agribusiness, may be unemployment can be addressed. Then there is the issue of startup capital, how will those coming from disadvantaged regions manage? This will again benefit the preferred tribe, Lomwes. Hope not!!!

    1. mmihavani says:

      A Vavlov kupepera ntima wanu wa ukaidi. You still believe that we learn to be employed. Nooooo we must apply the technical skills to be our own employers and employ others. Change the mindset please. Have confidence in your abilities. And you are talking about capital, which capital? Most successful people in the world never had financial capital before. Their major capital was skills capital. Period!! Don’t just write onani mukupanga expose umbuli wanu

  22. chatty man says:

    Bola mwakaonako America!

  23. Ngodya says:

    Nkhani yoti a Malawi apindula SI yachilendo tazinva kokwanila zimenezi ndipo takhala tikuimba m’manja ndi chimwemwe kuimbekezela phindu koma mapeto ake phindulo silioneka,sitikudziwa limapita kuti.Mwachidule tatopa Nazo . Mukapita kunjako mudzikangonjoya ndi kukonza tsogolo la Ana any.

  24. Issa Kabudula says:

    Uku ndiye kubwela Bwana APM, leave every human who is taking the leadership of Malawi today to go to hell and come back and find the change within 5 years, development r being registered in the eyes and mind of the people and so is development.

  25. Malindima says:

    This is good effort Mr President.
    We know you have sowed many seeds and whilst some will not grow, we will still get many that will grow. This is the only way a determined President would pursue; luring investors to come to invest in Malawi. Continue to persuade them and do not stop; continue sir!

  26. jedi says:

    Does anybody know who George Soros really is? He is the face if evil responsible for breaking down many economies around the world. And that’s the man the President be bragging to us he met?

  27. mandasi says:

    This what we wanted. In every society or village there are mentally sick people. Those who are writing nonsense are among the mentally sick people. Koma kufuna kuti president azinyamula Thumba LA chimanga ndi nkhunda kumakagawa mmidzi. We support you president we are for you. Leave these idiot’s talk nonsense. Next time solicit money to build mentally suck hospitals in every constituency for such unthankful people. Zipani zones 2019 sorry mwalephera muyembekeze 2029 koma ambiri mutafa RNA mutakakamva. Sorry

  28. Zuze says:

    This is what we call informative reporting not zija nyasatimes has been peddling as news things that favor the regionalistic tendencies say about NORTH Malawi this or NYIKA REPUBLIC that. Keep it up Mr. Kalanda, educate other Nyasatimes amateurs to report instead of taking irresponsible positions about nepotism and Wakwithu tendencies.

  29. achanguti says:

    kodi mapepala mbweeee ndiye uprofessor umenewo kkkkkkkkk kunama kuti chisankho chinali successful poti azunguwo anadziwa kale Kati tired of 36%victory tamabwerani next trip mukalowa Ku BigbrotherAfrica basi.

  30. Welcome back beloved President. We are behind you !!!!!!

  31. GRM says:

    Mad ideas like the one of technical colleges in my village can turn out to be game changer sometimes. Remember FISP during his late brother’s rule. It is good we have someone promising us paradise. Zikamulephera tizamutseka zikamuyendera tizamuimbira manja. Zake izo koma asatibere half a billion for one trip. How many technical colleges could he have established with this money?

  32. HONESTY says:

    There is only one post in Malawi where one can get employment by the nod of a country’s people. And that is of the President. The one such person is none other than APM. In this post we tend to be trained. Most of what we learn is the job: listening, speaking, delegating, directing, advocating and leading. The most difficult of all those is listening.

    You always listen. Most things you listen to make you wonder whether you are really the president you are supposed to be, especially when you listen to one other person who calls himself a Doctor. How can a doctor of philosophy fail to see that one way of killing unemployment could be training Malawians to become technicians?

    Then you tend to remember that lunatics are not only those at Zomba Mental Hospital. And the job of a president is to lead sound people as well as lunatics, to freedom!

    When you remember this, then you rest and forget you were being provoked.
    So help us God.

  33. OGO!! says:

    Mr President how can you leave highly confidential material pa mpando choncho? What kind of president is this abale…? Kumbwambwana bwanji..seriously don’t you have people around to tell you how to conduct yourself in that high office? Like seriously..poyera yera choncho?

  34. OGO!! says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Peter Mutharika tsopano!

    193 Technical colleges..very unrealistic…awadi and a dreamer..nzeru mulibe ata. A Malawi, who ever cast a vote kwa akuluwa anabetsa and you should be ashamed of yourself for helping in handing dziko lathu kwa munthu opanda nzeru ngati uyu.

    Bakili amyankhula zopanda pake but he tried to keep his words even though ma structures amakhala a chabe chabe.

    Does he realise kuti for the 193 colleges kuyenela kukhala misewu and magetsi just to mention a few things? Our electricity supply is below par..can’t cater for the current demands…nde colleges? Why not invest in production of elctricity, then misewu..what about teachers for the colleges? Who and how are people going to pay for fees in these colleges when wages are extremely low for ordinary people..This is a joke . I can’t take this government seriously..a waste…useless. No priorities.

  35. Kulinda Mtere says:

    I choose to give the President the benefit of doubt. The concept of increased number of technical colleges is definitely a right direction that will spur grassroot development. But the viability of the project and success of the trained Malawians shall require a lot of support from other sectors. For starters, the project shall need massive mobilisation of resources to construct and sustain the colleges. On top of that, the graduates will rely on the finance lending institutions to offer them surity-free loans for capitalization of their business plans. With the reputation of ruthless loan sharks that our banks have it shall require the President and his administration to conceive other softer financing vehicles to support the technically empowered young Malawians many of whom are likely to come from poverty stricken backgrounds.

  36. peter says:

    Investers coming to Malawi ? How many Presidents have talked of investers coming to Malawi? How many have come? Where are they ? The economy is going down yet previuos president have been singing the same song of investers coming to Malawi. Starting from a Chair, Chitsulo cha njanji, JB and to day this current president is singing the same song of investers coming to Malwi. Whom do you want to fool?

  37. The Truthful One from the West says:

    What is it that creates jobs- direct jobs or self employed jobs as Peter Mutharika puts it? Any seasoned, experienced and properly qualified economist will tell you that what creates jobs even self employed jobs is sufficient and sustained demand for goods and services to be produced and supplied. When there is weak demand for goods and services businesses especially small scale businesses cannot prosper. Let me ask Peter Mutharika is there a plan to boost demand? If there is no such plan the technical colleges will simply increase the number of Malawians with skills who are idle. This is not a political point but a pure economic point and if not addressed DPP is likely to pay a high price.

  38. Sessesionist says:

    The problem is that good contracts will given to the Lomwe as u lead this country into the second phase of Lomwesation of the country. Come back to ur poorest country but with a growing Upper Class of Lomwe Tribe eg Muli, Mphwiyo, Mkhito, Mwanamveka, Msaka, Nandolo etc with the rest being

  39. matako says:

    This is a very interesting self assessment on a trip that just ended yesterday. Have you met your team Mr President and do a post evaluation , look at what is not just a political talking point? How can you say your trip was a success? Glad you mentioned about how you brought up the fact that donors are not meeting commitments after so many years and here you are in the same breath mention how successful your trip was which surprisingly hinges on the very same donors that have failed to meet their past commitments. Hello!! do I hear APM counting chickens before they hatch? If I point out it takes a lot more than a few minutes consultation for investors to feel comfortable and open their purses. |There are many other countries whose environment, economic, tax structures and security conditions are far much more conducive to invest in than Malawi. Why you would think these organizations are rushing to Malawi given the conditions of our country beats me.

  40. upile says:

    mukapitaso ku america mukagule boxer kuti trouser lizioneka bwino

  41. jimbo says:

    APM has to justify the huge expense of attending the UN and staying in the US for two weeks. Let’s now see how much investment, aid, etc. actually materialises. There is not the infrastructure to support all those technical colleges he speaks of. Who will teach in them if and when they are built and operational? What about the new Science College which still lacks basics? It all sounds marvellous, but words are easily uttered,

  42. kukukuki says:

    Technical colleges in all 28 districts and 193 colleges for all constituences. Very good idea if properly implemented.

  43. Papa says:

    No.6 walemba zamanyi. Umafuna ali amako akuba aja adziyankhula ndiye mtima wako mbe…. uwona posachedwa Malawi akutukuka m’nga’zi iwe.

  44. kholobowa(nthochi wapathyolo) says:

    wat next mr presdent?

  45. frank says:

    Akuti ndi aprofessor koma wopanda nzeru, ukufuna kusegula ma college m’madela onse aphungu akunyumba yamalamulo, wayiwala kuti madela ambili ndikopanda magetsi, kodi ndalama zomangira ma colleges wokazitenga kuti? Popenza amabungwe ndimayiko wolemera akana kukhutandizani.

    1. Aaron Mwala says:

      AMalawi think 100 years from now, we have to start somewhere. All these high quality universities you hear of in the developed world started similarly. Please open your eyes and have an open mind not being negative all the time

  46. chekambewa says:

    Atumbuka simuzatheka ngakhale kukumangilani university mbeu iyi ndiyachabe chikanakhala chimanga kunali kungokazinga kuti ithe basi

  47. Guest says:

    Were those discussions/meetings worth the $40 million spent on the honeymoon?

  48. Chikopa says:

    Coming back with 1.4bn us dollars wich is over k500bn yes you are indeed prof osati kupita ku america kukabwera ndi nyali

  49. Kanyimbi says:

    Zoonadi izi kungoti these will be the improved MYP bases.

  50. EDSON JOWELO says:

    bwera basi tamva

    1. Kanyimbi says:


  51. Boko says:

    Za zii. What do you think Peter can do. This guy is a dunderhead and so dull that he doesn’t know whether he is going or coming back. Fotseki, what investment are you talking? What success can a dull head like you bring to Malawi.

    1. Kanyimbi says:

      a Boko inu ndiye mumadziwa chani pa Malawi pano? Simachende anu okha basi? APM was selected to Box 2. Is a Lawyer etc. Musamanyoze anthu oti atha kukulembani ganyu.

  52. What a joke of a leader says:

    “The second phase will involve introducing the colleges in all 193 constituencies that we have”. Who bewitched us to have such a leader. Does he know that in the majority of constitenecies there is no electricity, good roads, telephone, etc. How will Technical Colleges operate without these amenities? Are we sure this guy is a Professor?

    1. Atamusi says:

      Komatu kudana ndi APM kukuchotserani nzeru! Zinazi muzichita nazo manyazi before commenting kapena kuchotsa zomata mmakutumo nkumvetsetsa. Inuyo nokha simungaone ndithu kuti the introduction of the colleges will necessitate kubweretsa zomwe mwatchulazo? Inuyo,zokuonerani,mu nzeru zanu simukudziwa zimenezi!!! Monsemu muli zitukukomu munali magetsi,misewu,ma phone ndi zina mukunenazo before? Anthu openga mwapanga bwanji?

      1. What a joke of a leader says:

        This is a chicken and egg situation. You cannot talk of building colleges before you build the roads, telephone, electricity to the college. In fact the cost of the road is far greater than the college iteself. Should I add water? If colleges were to be built in all the 193 constituencies then Malawi would have developed overnight as it means the country has roads, telephon, etc, etc throughout the country. For sure we would not be talking about federlism/decentralisated system. Malawi does not have money to do all that within 5 years (APM’s term). Are you aware that over 50% of Malawi’s budget is donor funding? The money that is generated locally is not even enough to pay salaries (later on capital projects). These are facts and not fantasies. We live in an information age. Please do not alllow anyone to keep you in the dark as was the case in the past when information in freely available.

  53. stanicious says:

    All the Presidents ruling over us since multiparty despansation, have a tendency of going to these UN General summits unlike those days when the Ngwazi could delegate ministers to represent him. When ever he attends he made sure that handclappers were just affordable. Now adays even village headmen are crafted among the entourage, brothers, wives or dogs find their way to US in the name Presidentail escortees. Browing up MK. 400 Million almsot half a billion eesh we are a cursed nation.

    1. Kanyimbi says:

      I think it is madness to send a minister to the UN General summit. If Obama was there, so who is a minister after all?

  54. marvel chikondi says:

    Thank you Mr. President that is encouraging to hear. to some of you it is not the same old same boring as one puts it. if i remember correctly there is no other President who once spoke of introducing more technical colleges. lets try to appreciate despite our different political interests.

    1. Kanyimbi says:

      Kanyimbi salutes you.

  55. Piper says:

    Same old same old….Boring

  56. Quota system says:

    Ok. We have heard.

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