Mutharika seeks ‘honest, objective advice’ from ministers

Give me your honest and objective advice, President Peter Mutharika  urged his aides and cabinet ministers on Tuesday at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe during the swearing in ceremony for Rev. Malison Ndau, Minister of Transport and Public Works and Aggrey Masi, Deputy Minister of Defence.

President Peter Mutharika, pose to a photo with a newly Minister of Transport and Public Works, Malison Ndau and his wife after being sworn in at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

President Peter Mutharika, pose to a photo with a newly Minister of Transport and Public Works, Malison Ndau and his wife after being sworn in at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

The President said one of the key roles for the ministers is to advise the Head of State, therefore, it is his hope that the ministers will provide honest and objective advice.

“I will expect you to give me your honest and objective advice- not what you think that I want to hear because that is the only way we are going to be able to deal with the problems such as those of food shortage and corruption,” urged Mutharika.

“I will expect you to tell me the facts as you know them, not what you think I want to hear. I, therefore, will rely on you to assist me in delivering on the promises that we made to the people of this country”.

The President also urged newly appointed ministers to take a lead in the fight against corruption, as it continues to prevail in many quarters of the country.

“Make sure that your hands are also clean from corruption because corruption is another enemy of development,” he said.

“I will expect you to perform your duties in a manner that upholds the highest standards of integrity and propriety, and you must work hard. I will not hesitate to fire any member of the cabinet found to be involved in fraudulent or dishonest activities,” advised Mutharika.

He then encouraged the new ministers to work alongside fellow members of the cabinet in finding long-lasting solutions to the challenges that the country faces.

In his remarks, Ndau thanked President Mutharika for the trust him by giving him a huge responsibility of being the Minister of Transport and Public Works of this country.

He said his role is to study what is going on and make necessarily reforms in areas that need change.

Ndau said the ministry has been facing a lot of problems and the government has incurred a lot of expenses when it comes to paying the contractors who are devoted.

“What we need to know is that when it comes to giving contact, we look at several factors such as experience. We do not need to worst resources. With my coming l will make sure that we study those people that we award contact to be real genuine people, contactors who are well experienced and with good equipment,” said Ndau.

On his part, Masi also thanked the president for the opportunity and that he is there to save the nation. –Additional reporting by Gladys Kamakanda, Mana

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APM ndi boma lets support him, a malawi tiyeni tisiye nsanje. good kwa good mr. president.


Mukanakhala kuti mukudziwa zoti corruption ndi mdani wa chitukuko mukanayamba kaye mwatiuza za K577billion mwanva Mr Ibu? zopusa basi.

Bigman munthu waMulungu
Bigman munthu waMulungu

Good geisture from mr president, hope not to see the contrary on the ground! All the best


Winston and colleagues. Mulira mutopa APM is here to stay. Like it or not

J. Chagoma

I don’t think all this abusive language is a reaction to this story. What’s wrong with the President seeking honest advice? If you have issues with the President, you are free to voice it when he has gone wrong not when he is taking the right direction.

Mr President APM , Malawians are just watching you and if you think that they are that stupid the way your brother Danniel Phiri thought that Malawians were the most stupid citizens on earth you will know them and you will regret. Try to listen what Malawians want , they fought for democracy and you hijacked the leadership because of the thieving Eleson Bakili Muluzi who wanted an open term and because of failing to achieve his goal he gave us un idiot man by the name of Bingu, he even rigged elections, the rightful winner was Mbuya Gwanda Chawamba… Read more »

Mr President for you to have honest advice you need to be honest yourself.

Joseph kaduna

The most useless president the land he aver had.

Winston Msowoya
Since when President Muthalika started seeking advices from his yes bwana Ministers.Why change of heart or policy today? You and your brother underrated Malawians’ sense of one self because you thought your cheap PhDs were more valued than the rest.The people you are looking down upon them are the ones who fought for both our independence and multi-party style of democracy while you were nowhere to be seen or heard.Now that you are seeking their positive advices,it means that you have lost your moral compass to lead the nation.Your predecessor Mphonongo Hastings Banda,ruled Malawi for 32 years single-handedly and you… Read more »
Dr Geo Turtle

Ujeni ujeni bwampini

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