Mutharika sidelines UDF members in board appointments

Malawi President Peter Mutharika sidelined members of United Democratic Front (UDF), the party which a loose working relationship with his government, when he rewarded members of his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) with appointments as board members for parastatals.

UDF members sidelined by DPP government despite their 'governing pact'

UDF members sidelined by DPP government despite their ‘governing pact’

According to a list from the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) released on Monday, Mutharika continued with the politics of patronage when he appointed most of ruling DPP politicians in the boards.

But UDF members, whose president Atupele Muluzi is serving in Mutharika’s cabinet, were conspicuously missing.

Leader of the House Francis Kasaila confirmed recently the working relationship of DPP and UDF calling it a coalition but political scientist Dr Henry Chingaipe called it a ‘governing pact’ not a coalition and said the affair is ‘cosy’.

UDF members have been accusing Atupele of “self-serving” in the working partnership with DPP.

The sideling of UDF members in the boards heightened such accusations.

But UDF spokesman Ken Ndanga said it was “not surprising” to have the party members missing and pointed out that the party members have a “right to not to be amused.”

Chingaipe pointed out that DPP did not need UDF to govern after they won the election.

“If the current arrangement fell apart, the government would still function as if nothing ever happened. With coalitions, the scenarios would be very different. The UDF/DPP arrangement is simply some kind of a ‘a political pact’ that began with agreements at personal level and over time, following the drift of patrimonial politics that characterise our political leaders, extended to their political parties,” said Chingaipe.

Apart from DPP operatives, Mutharika has also roped in opinion makers including civil society activist, a move seen as a silencer.

Outspoken individuals appointed include Consumer Association of Malawi chair John Kapito, Catholic Commission Justice and Peace (CCJP) General Secretary Chris Chisoni and Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) Fr. George Buleya, Monsignor Boniface Tamanani, Bishop Vitta Malasa, activists Emmie Chanika and Billy Banda.

The boards list has also drawn a mixture of professionals including University of Malawi Dean of Law Dr. Mwiza Nkhata , lawyers Bob Chimkango, Chancy Gondwe, Kamuzu Chibambo and there are also some traditional leaders on the list who include Chief Kyungu, T/A Nsamala, T/A Liwonde, T/A Bvumbwe, T/A Ngolingoliwa and T/A Tsabango.

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Total Mess

Oh now you are crying foul????? a Yao kutengeka you have no back bone.

Oh yes DPP need UDF even though they rigged the election on their own. Do not forget that it was UDF that catapulted Bingu into power. this is a pay back. Also the rigging syndicate came from UDF. It is just a matter of time before UDF gets pieced off and start spilling the beans. At the same time it may be a plot to side line Chilima incase the president is in capitated. They do not want Chilima who is perceived as an outsider to get into office. UDF is thinking ahead. Muluzi is the engineer of all this.

Please chonde abale, APM really tried to squeeze in UDF members, but every name that was proposed was either that of a telala, shoe repairer or khukhi . Nde munthu akanatani abale?

Imraan Sadick

Koma Atupele , are you really fighting for the rest of UDF, or you are just taking care of yourself? Tayamba kudabwa tsopano and if you think you can take our support for granted, you are in for a nasty surprise . Tikudabwitsa one of these days .


za miseche basi!

sayimoni bayisikolo

The young Muluzi is just another opportunist.He doesn’t hv any leadership qualities apart from being pampered by his corrupt crooked father 2019 he will be forgotten on the shelf.He is not a self made man.Consequences of accidental births thinks he can lead Malawians.zamkuthu basi.We r done with the Muluzis.Musiyeni azingotafuna mabanzi apitala.

British National Party

UDF is finished. Once all signs that Atupele is finished, the next thing is to dump him as well. Kutha ngati nsalu ya makatani just as Bakili wanted. To hell with them.


Mbava zokhazokha, ndiye tiberedwa, sizinawonekenso!!!

Ingwina Sya Karonga SC
Ingwina Sya Karonga SC

AFORD has xperience on this.


Koma kumenekoo! Mwadziwona lero zotelezoo? I suggest these appointments should also pass through PAC or through some sort of interviews. Useless!! Only they are there to munch the taxes. Too bad!! Marabishi!!

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