Mutharika swears in Kamanga as Supreme Court Judge

President Peter Mutharika on Tuesday swore in former Solicitor General Antony Kamanga SC as a new Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal judge.

Presidenty Mutharika congratulates Justice Kamanga

Presidenty Mutharika congratulates Justice Kamanga

Kamanga: Sworn in as judge of Supreme Court

Kamanga: Sworn in as judge of Supreme Court

Mutharika appointed Kamanga court of appeal judge at the end of his contract as Attorney General.

Kamanga holds a bachelor of laws, an LLM (Master of Laws) and a diploma in legal drafting.

The President congratulated Kamanga on his “deserved appointment” saying he has known him as a legal practitioner of many accomplishments.

“You have risen through the ranks in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, where you served, among other positions, as a Chief Parliamentary Draftsperson and Solicitor General and Secretary for Justice. You also served as Law Commissioner and Attorney General before your new appointment.  These are all very senior positions and your contribution to the nation is therefore beyond measure.

“For this reason, I have no doubt whatsoever that you will excel in your new appointment as Justice of Appeal in the Supreme Court of Malawi,” said Mutharika.

The President said he believe that Justice Kamanga’s experience will help to unlock numerous challenges that the country’s judicial system is going through.

Mutharika said it is regrettable that the justice delivery system in the country is facing some daunting challenges including inadequate resources and pressure to clear “cashgate” cases.

“I, therefore, believe that with your vast experience, we will together be able to overcome some of the challenges our nation is facing,” said the Malawi leader.

He assured that his administration will continue to respect the rule of law and the independence of the other two branches of Government namely, the Judiciary and the Legislature.

“We will, within the dictates of the law and in public interest, work together with a unity of purpose for our justice delivery system to succeed and lift our country to greater heights of prosperity. Our stewardship and service to our people should surely always be beyond reproach”

Mutharika said Judiciary is the guardian of constitution, the protector of dignity and the guarantor of freedoms and responsibilities.

The Head of State, who is a law professor, urged the Judiciary to live up to its mission of providing independent and impartial justice and judicial services that are efficient which earns respect, trust and confidence of society.

Mutharika said “Efficiency and effectiveness of the justice delivery system is not an option because justice delayed is justice denied. For this reason, I call upon the Judiciary to discharge its constitutional mandate and responsibility with professionalism and fairness in the delivery of its services to citizens.”

He urged the Judiciary to respect the Constitution and the prescriptions of the law when discharging their functions.

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27 thoughts on “Mutharika swears in Kamanga as Supreme Court Judge”

  1. Abit says:

    omwa tea azamwanso. bravo Kamanga

  2. Terance Kamanga says:

    congraturation brother

  3. mwipa says:

    Mutharika has not committed any felony in appointing a Tonga/a Chewa in positions of supreme court Judge or Inspector General of police. Mind you this is a political Government.

  4. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Conga Kamanga, but be very careful, u hve been put with a purpose. Tumolo u wil be the one pple wil point a finger at.

  5. Tengupenya says:

    Pali phones mpakana wina ali lepo. Nkhuku kwere kwere kwere!

  6. nyayo says:

    If one wants productivity then the High Court is better. Supreme Court is like a retirement. Vast experience yes but not as the officer of the court. He goes there as novice, that’s very unsafe for a legal system which is still not fully develiped.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tayankhulanidi za nepotism zija

    1. Antinepotism says:

      Now that’s stupid. Ndimayesa chifukwa cholankhula that is why Kamanga is Supreme Court Judge. Tikanakhala phee, Crispine Kam’mayani would have been the one appointed

  8. Sake Chilling says:

    Congratulations Anthony and all the best in this challenging position.
    By the way, Jose’ , Anthony is a Tonga from Nkhata Bay and not a Tumbuka, as you allege!

  9. TAWONA BEWULA says:

    You should try Amanda Mkonda and Kondwani Sauti Phiri of MRA who are diverting government revenue through conniving with Amwenyes in EFD project. Zikuwonekaso ngati ka shaft kakumayendapo

  10. Patriot says:

    Supreme Judge wa DPP. Koma mabvuto nde alipo eeee

  11. mfiti weniweni says:

    congrats Judge! late but well deserved!!

  12. Jebison Slindine Nyoni says:

    Mutharika Ibu is trying to correct the image he damaged. He alleged that Anthony Kamanga and the Judge who chaired the Bingu inquiry connived to fabricate the issues surrounding death of Daniel Phiri.

    1. Maximus Decimus Meridius says: read and weep…..

  13. Mandevu Waluza says:

    You know these times of years the Kamanga’s come from different districts in Malawi and others even part of Zambia. So Number 1 you need to know first where the man comes from. It is also high time Malawians have to change and know that we are all Malawians.
    Why is it when we found one another in a foreign country we treat all of us equally?

  14. Congratulations Judge Anthony Kamanga! You more than deserve this appointment.

  15. greatness says:

    Appeasement. Mwina high court kma someone who has never sat on the bench before kumuika ku supreme court

    1. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

      You need to consult the Judiciary Committee and get an answer. Otherwise kalira.

  16. Mphwache says:

    This guy has been in the system for so long, he was Parliamentary Draftsman over 33 years ago, long before all these crazy lawyers you see driving funny cars and screwing other people and their wives. He more than deserves this for his dedication, service and perseverance.

  17. Here we go again says:

    Qualifications ok, but hav you consulted thoroughly regarding his health background because we dont want another resignation soon, as we have just noted that health background sounds to be one of the qualifications these days when appointing anyone into these high position

  18. Hebrews says:

    Kodi paja kamanga ndi wakuti? Kapena ndi Mulomwe ameneyu? Mbuzi zina zimakonda kuyankhula zopusa! Nanga apa mukutinji!

  19. Jose' says:

    Tayankhulanitu apa za nepotism zanu zija. This is one Tumbuka appointed on merit. Who can challenge his appointment?

  20. chilungamo chimadza ndi chilungamo. zabwino zonse.

  21. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. President, you have done a right thing. Those whose deserve promotion, please do promote them.

  22. makito says:

    Well deserved… congrats Anthony

Comments are closed.

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