Mutharika to meet Cameron, Queen and Dangote on UK trip

Malawi President, Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika is expected to hold high level talks with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Queen Elizabeth II and Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote when he officially visits the United Kingdom later this month.

Mutharika on official visit to UK

Mutharika on official visit to UK

Information from Capital Hill indicates that the President’s meetings will centre around international cooperation and investment among other key areas.

The meeting with Cameron is expected to highlight Malawi government’s commitment in the execution of the Public Sector Reforms and Public Finance Management Reforms.

It will mainly touch on the execution and short-term successes of the reforms so far.

United Kingdom, suspended budgetary support due to Cashgate, is Malawi’s most important traditional cooperating partner owing to the history of colonization and later support either through the national budget and other extra-budgetary channels.

The encounter with Dangote in London will mainly zero in on investment in line with President Mutharika’s underlying vision of spurring economic growth through massive investment which will increase the country’s export base.

Dangote, through his Dangote Group, has been investing heavily across the African continent in energy, cement production, agriculture and financial sector among other areas.

The courtesy call on the Queen is going to cement Malawi-UK relations as the two countries forge ahead with 21st Century strategies for economic and social development.

The President will attend the Global African Investment Summit  which will attract over 1,000 qualified global investors and will be held at Central Hall, Westminister in London from December 1 to 2.

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53 thoughts on “Mutharika to meet Cameron, Queen and Dangote on UK trip”

  1. OGO says:

    I remember a while ago he told us he was to meet Obama? lol this dude is a clown basi..ahh

  2. zayakunkhongo says:

    Investing in the poorest country in the world

  3. Dolo weni weni says:

    This is just trying to cover up this mapwevupwevu of public money. This trip will not bring any investment to Malawi apart from soothing the president’s appetite for external travel to beautiful countries.

  4. James kotoki says:

    Is peter going to take an interpreter?The guy can’t speak English,and unfortunately the Queen doesn’t speak or understand Lomwe.

    ICarry a basket full of pardon s

  5. Mashamase says:

    Dangote ndi kale tinayamba kumumva and even 1 project ,sitinayiwone ,

  6. Sapitwa says:

    Why is Malawi full of pessimistic people?
    If you don’t trust yourself who will? This is the reason why we are the poorest people in the world because we:
    1.We are impatient; even God helps those that exercise patience with faith and hope.
    2. We are conditioned to freebies since 1964 and classified as lazy people with beggars’ syndrome.
    3. We don’t love our country and our leaders hence the reason for our poverty.
    5. We only believe that a person can only be rich through thievery than hardworking.
    It’s high time our Legislatures preached hardworking, patience, resilience and having in God al together with a changed mind set, we could make it out if this poverty.

  7. Kenkkk says:

    The queen is apolitical, so the meeting with her is of no benefit to Malawi. That is just peter’s own ego boosting to show that he has met the queen.

    He will be dismissed very quickly by the queen. It will be like this, thanks Peter for the courtesy call. How r u and the people of Malawi. Fine your majesty, how r u? I am fine Peter. Greetings to the people of Malawi, good bye. Thanks your majesty. Out he goes. Then someone shouts, Please let Another head of state come in as there is a long queue of them waiting to see the queen.

    The real deal is Cameron, that is the one Peter need to convince about resuming donor support. Malawi will benefit from Cameron meeting, not queen meeting.

    Dangote is rich but pompous. Why meet him when he snubbed a visit to Malawi the last time Peter invited him to attend another investment forum?

    Someone is suggesting Peter shouldn’t delegate this time. He can’t, this is the trip he wanted most because of very heavy allowances and of course meeting the queen. The India or Tanzania trips are peanuts allowance-wise, so he delegated.

    We commend you Peter for working hard to bring investors to Malawi but we have so far seen very little despite your trying very hard. Why? Sort out poor governance issues including obscene corruption, then you will see serious investors, not Chinese, flooding in.

  8. mikhe says:

    Atipeza konkuno ameneyu and we will give him a hostile welcome. Ma placard talemba kale ndili nyimbo tapeka kale.

  9. Saiziyakana says:

    Ayayaya! This is washing dirty linen in public.
    What is he going to say. Propaganda does not work out there.

  10. Bwana chitilani zokoma dziko lamalawi kuti ntchito za manja anu zikuchitireni umboni.

  11. Chingolopiyo says:

    If our bad mouthing president is meeting Queen, Cameron and Dangote, we will watch on the news tv otherwise we have heard lies above the China trip, the meeting with Obama or being told that some one taught Obama which are all lies. And why meeting British PM when we are announcing that donor age is gone for Malawi while their ambassodors were there? We are talking this today en tommorow we do the oposit

  12. Ndata farm says:

    Nothing to write home about he will not be the first one to meet the Queen, Cameron or Dangote.

  13. zambezi says:

    A complete waste of time. Any investor worth his salt can just google Malawi and see that there is nothing worth investing here in Malawi. Money always follows where more money is. You cannot lead a man to a beautiful woman once he sees her. He would have already found a way to approach her. Beauty attracts lots of suitors. Malawi has no such beauty. She is investment ugly.Even with heavy make up and lipstick.

  14. The Most Concerned says:

    I feel sorry for my fellow Malawians, they even oppose without knowing what they are actually opposing. There will be no other better chance than this, Bravo APM. Winawe bzy kunyoza koma Agogo ako kumudzi a kuvutika kusowa mankhwala ku Chipatala coz ma donors anapanga pull out.

  15. Gadabwali says:

    Africa’s richest man to meet Malawi’s richest man! “I was already rich before I became president, I just want to help you Malawians”

  16. jimbo says:

    APM needs to do something about the economy as a matter of urgency. The Kwacha is trading today at MK886 to UK£1. This means that MK1 is worth nothing!! It is cheaper to light a cigarette with MK1 note (if there were such a thing) than a match! APM has done nothing to boost the economy since becoming President. Things have got worse and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

  17. Tony Kanyenda says:

    How will be able to communicate, he speaks like a 3 year old learning how to speak, he keeps licking his lips and saying bubububu gament woyee dpp, tichitadi manyazi with bwamphini

  18. kaka.1991 says:

    so, he is going to the UK eh?!! Amuzing

  19. zimenezo says:

    i feel like malawi no matter what she has to be proud of being good freind of UK….Britain has been doing good job to help malawians.. thats the truth lets appreciate.

    I dont think the president can be ashamed of asking help from UK …because thats the only place we can run to according to our history….the problem lies on our leaders corruption…and politicizes of projects…
    Kamuzu used to ask help from UK….

  20. Otanjere says:

    Mbuzi zimenezi zimanama chonchi pochoka kuno. Zikangokumana ndi kalaliki wa mayor waku London. Mwayiwala padzana paja zomwe zidachitika eti?

  21. losco says:

    This is my President! Pls do not delegate. This trip deserves u n u physically.

  22. mboba says:

    Peter manthanyula I second your motion. We need to deal with these issues first. Otherwise tikungotays nthawi kumangopita kunja osaphula kanthu.

  23. Nanzunga says:

    Cameron,Queen ndi Dangote? Yo yo yo, Malawi akachitenso manyazi anthu aku Malawi ndi opepela ngati APM koma osadziwa kuti alipo ochenjela ngati Chakwela.

  24. mtumbuka1 says:

    When he comes to the United Kingdom we will stone him like jappie mhango. After all a president from Malawi visiting the queen’s land can never be an issue in the UK only kamuzu was and according to the British government and parliament,all other political parties in Malawi are a thieving bunch of crooks it’s only the Malawi congress party that is regarded as a good party so peter will be visiting the UK as a dpp thieving clown.

  25. Happy Eduardo says:

    Some of the investors will invest in electricity generation which will in turn woo more investors. I am positive about this trip by the president to the UK as a patriotic Malawian. I wish you well Mr. President and God bless you.

  26. Prince Edward rsa says:

    NKhope ngati chilombo chokufachokha you said you will never go for begging.You said you will rule malawi without the support of the donor community wat are you going to do in uk.I feel soory for those pipo who just backing a stupid person like pitala a fallen president .

  27. knowells says:

    Try & error @ its best.zabwino what u see can help u not to be relagated as the way Noma is doing now.kkkkk go bwana go.chinenepetsa nkhumba sichiziwika

  28. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    He must try to improve his pronounciations ,chifukwa zimene amanena sizimamveka. The queen will not be able to hear what he is saying.

  29. nick says:

    Fine words from Peter Mutharika. Will he remember when he speaks to the queen and the prime minister FIRSTLY that no-one in UK believes his statement that the Malawi government has reformed itself since Cashgate. (How could it be reformed when the chief beneficiary of Cashgate is now its Head of State?) SECONDLY that Malawi has NO experience of an international aid-freeze, A freeze on Budget Support is not the same thing. British taxpayers have always donated hundreds of millions of their tax pounds every year through DFID, and at least as much again in private donations. A real aid-freeze would cause an immediate collapse of Malawi as an independent state.
    Flags and parades and expensive cars have always turned the heads of the Mutharikas. They must, one day get real.

  30. Gwape says:

    Donor era is gone padzana paja munatero, nde kwini ndi cameron mukumbairana zotani?
    Chakwera adakuuzani koma unkhutukumve

  31. Nathenje trading centre says:

    That’s great news Mr President,that’s the way to go,we need to focus more on foreign direct investments and mutual benefit international relations,that way we will be respected and grow economically.

    We don’t want a Master Slave relationship that has been glorified in the past and was perfected by Former President Joyce Banda by her Excellent begging techniques.

    Try your best to convince Dangote to invest in Malawi,because when this guy gets his business into an economy the effects are immediately and clearly visible,more activities will happen,thousands of jobs will be created and the whole economy will expand.

    Mr president this trip has all my blessings just make sure that you take on board necessary people who will help you in these very important meetings.

  32. ndiye wina zakati phwiko phwiko,phwiko phwiko…a Malawi munapanga bwanji

  33. To rule investors my foot. Which investor will invest in the country which has no electricity. Electricity heavy load shading is the order of the day. No serious investor can waste his time trying to come to Malawi a country known for heavy black outs. First make sure electricity is available 24/7. That’s when you can dream of ruling investors to Malawi. Free advice from opposition.

  34. chimwemwe says:

    Please dont go sort out the malawi kwacha fall before you leave or remove goodall and CHuka the worst governor, please CHuka and Goodall for the sake and love of Malawi resign, YOu should relaise that you have messed up so please pave way for younger generation.

  35. Pure Nkhonde says:

    Pure contradiction! Why going to Dangote, Queen & cameron, don’t we have rich business tycoons within who can invest

  36. namwali says:

    Go APM Go

  37. Konza Chapasi says:

    That’s not news at all , who ever goes to attend Commonwealth Summit if he or she is a head of state of a member of Commonwealth It’s a must that they have to meet the British Queen and British Head of State , Peter is not scoring any point for meeting any of these people mentioned here.

  38. DIDIMU MULOMWE says:

    Malawi is a toilet. no investor would waste his/her money by putting it in a toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 a country full of shit starting from the president to citizenry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid!!!!! ya!!!!!!!!!. a Malawi ana oyipa maganizo kwabasi……..[ mulli, 2015}

  39. Mukharapwio says:

    Advise him to carry along an interpreter or a megaphone zomwe amayankhula sizimamveka especially that the Queen is very old and by the way is he going to attend conferences/meetings addressed by these eminent statesmen/woman or he is meeting them man to wo/man chifukwa awa ndi aja ankati ndi nzao/anaphunzitsa Obama chonsecho anangokumana naye ku G8 kuja,kapena anangopezeka mumeeting yomwe Obamanso anali.kodi anthu kukumana pa msonkhano kapena ku graduation ndiye ungati yense ali kumeneko ndi mzako kapena wamuphunzitsa.Pa ma electoral reform paja ayikeponso IQ test adziona maganizidwe amunthu chifukwa zinazi zikudabwitsa

  40. Eye Witness says:

    Kumeneko kufuna Budgetary support yet you claim the era of donor dependency is gone.

    Why don’t you practice what you preach?

  41. Pilirani says:

    Big up Mr President. Kamlepo azingolalata inu gworani ntchito

  42. tzbvxhn says:

    I like this guy. He’s going everywhere up and down, to do the right thing.

  43. Alfred Minjo says:

    Ena akakolopa m’nyanja ndithu!!! Wishing you the State President good luck!

  44. Mwethu says:

    I hope APM will be as articulate as possibly he can because am sure we are losing out a lot because of his slurring of words. Please train him to speak words that come out clearly so that the cockney speaking Queen will understand the Ngongoliwa accent.

  45. levelheaded says:

    You are trying your best indeed Sir! Keep it up.

  46. Mbayani says:

    The next country to visit is Australia.

  47. Mlauzi says:

    Pa Zambia pompa apa Dangote is producing cement

  48. KK Grey says:

    Way to go Mr President..

  49. Issa Kabudula says:

    I call this more fire to opposition parties – the like of MCP, Afford and PP, the leadership of the said parties are much in talking – which is cheap politics. We are in the 21st Centaury and we must know how to play draft games, lack of knowledge of how to move your king around you lose the game early. For MCP if is not going to change the way they are doing politics – the party is going no where, it will even be replaced as official opposition in parliament.

    Mr Chakwela must now start talking development and the means of funds generation either from within the country or out side the country. Speak to the overseas church leaders who have collected a lot of money from Africa and elsewhere to fund the programmes and projects.

    The Malawi politicians got the mind set of say if am doing develop now the time of Bingu/Peter it will seem as if it belongs to the said individuals – forgetting the citizens. Mr Chakwamba Gwanda he had all the chances and opportunities of bringing development in Lower shire but felt the same and he waited till he is president – where is he today?

    Malawi is developing and it will develop mufune musafune – Peter is to informed when he talk development, he stayed with azungu and akudziwa, mzungu need tangible events to convince him and not theories. For Peter he is tangible development; Malata, Cement, Community Colleges, roads and the list is too much within a year, and we the opposition if we are not focused, we will wake up in the mortuary with stress.

  50. The Patriot says:

    Can we have the list of people going with the President please? Please dont add mafumu on the list, they will not add any value to the talks. And yes, I have the right to know who is accompanying the Presdent since he uses my tax.osandiuza kuti ndi nthawi ya DPP tiwasiye adyerere, anthu a madyelera ena akufa kusowa mankhwala mu zipatala?
    Udf inadyelera, PP inadyelera koma a Malawi akubvutikabe.
    Dzuka Malawi, dzuka osawalekelera a ndalewa kuti dyelera masuku pamutu!!!

  51. Nabetha says:

    It is sad that Osama bin Laden is dead otherwise you should have also gone to meet him because your business Mr. President is of going around the world to meet people.

  52. Mr Pheee says:

    Ndiye Queen ndi Cameron muzikakamba nawo zoti chani poti mwati anthuwa anatopa nafe kutithandiza?Lero mukamba izi mawa mwasintha, kikkkkkk koma abale!!!!!!. Tapitani mukapemphe basi, Malawi sangalongosoke popanda ma donnors, Chakwera anakuuzani zimenezo kikkkkkkk!!!!! kaya zanu izo.

  53. SONG says:

    tiyeni nazoni tikuonerani.

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