Mutharika urges Malawi Chiefs to work with DPP govt

President Peter Mutharika has urged chiefs to put aside their political affiliations and work with the Democratic Progressive Party-DPP Government so that they effectively contribute towards the country’s socio-economic development.

President Mutharika congratulates TA Ngongoliwa

President Mutharika congratulates TA Ngongoliwa

Mutharika urges Chiefs to work with Government

Mutharika urges Chiefs to work with Government

Mutharika made the call Friday morning when he officially elevated Sub Traditional Authority-STA Ngolongoliwa to Traditional Authority-TA Ngolongoliwa The First at Mtundaosema headquarters in Thyolo.

He  observed that chiefs had a vital role in the implementation of projects such as the Farm Input Subsidy Program-FISP, hence the need to closely work with Government.

“For the country to achieve socio-economic development, there is need for all of us to work together. I know we had differences during the elections period, but it’s over now. I won the election and am the president. Its ‘now time to work together to develop the nation,” the President urged.

Mutharika described Ngolongoliwa as a humble and supportive traditional leader, and urged him to continue with such a leadership style.

“Chief Ngolongoliwa stood firm and supported us in the past two years we were not in government. There were some chiefs who because of political pressure rebelled against us, but Ngolongoliwa didn’t abandon us,” Mutharika said, adding he had already forgiven those who had rebelled against him.

President Mutharika also warned chiefs against ill-treating their subjects and soliciting bribes.

“I am aware that there are some chiefs who are busy harassing their subjects with some even grabbing land from them.  This is a very bad behaviour and it must stop,” Mutharika warned.

He then called for unity among Malawians, advising them to desist from adopting ideas that could easily divide the nation.

On his part, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Trasizio Gowelo urged TA Ngolongoliwa and other chiefs to avoid rushing to the courts whenever faced with chieftaincy wrangles.

“The courts are not ideal places for settling chieftaincy wrangles. If you have such issues, resolve them amicably amongst yourselves rather than rushing to the courts,” Gowelo advised.

Speaking on behalf of all chiefs in Thyolo, TA Mphuka commended President Mutharika for elevating STA Ngolongoliwa to TA Ngolongoliwa.

Ngolongoliwa becomes the first Traditional Authority form the Lhomwe tribe. Most of the other TAs in the district are from the Mang’anja tribe.

‘Born Laelo Juma in 1950, TA Ngolongoliwa has a wife and 16 children.

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25 thoughts on “Mutharika urges Malawi Chiefs to work with DPP govt”

  1. Quota system says:

    One of the chiefs who visited Kyungu last month to bash those who champion federalism.

  2. pdf says:

    Tikwezane alhomwe basi

  3. Titha says:

    Right Mr. President

  4. pdf says:

    Mafumu amenewo sadalakwitse kukuthawani chifukwa iwo agwira ntchito ndi boma la PP ngati m’mene mukunenera kuti agwire ntchito ndi boma la dpp. Prof you are contradicting yourself.

  5. Martha says:

    Awuzeni mafumuwad amvetsetse zimenezo

    Zandale ai koma chitukuko pogwira ntchito limodzj ndi boma

  6. Ludatha says:

    True Mr. President

  7. Frank says:

    Yes that’s right Mr. President

  8. Lorde says:

    What a brilliant advice the president has given to the newly installed T/A other chiefs must listen to the same and try to practice it

  9. Sammy says:

    Indeed for the Malawi to achieve socio-economic development, there is need for all chiefs to be non partisan but work together with government of the day and every political party for the benefit of our country.

    It is sad that some chiefs are bribed and start showing sides this should be discouraged in our country

    Please APM be the first President to show chiefs that we need leaders who focus on development

  10. Mwakipiki says:

    So Ngolongoliwa worked with you in the past 2 years when you were not in government. He should be a very bad chief for not working with the government of the day then. He didn’t deserve elevation

  11. Mera says:


    Chiefs should refrain from working with government on political party intention but on development of their respective villages

    Don’t be used our chiefs

  12. Mphatso says:

    You’re right Mr President

  13. Nafe says:

    Zoonadi malangizo omwe mwanenawa ndioona

    Mafumu azigwira ntchito limodzi ndi boma koma osati pachimvano cha ndale chifukwa mafumu amayang’anira anthu azipani zosiyanasiyana

  14. Craniwell Yabooka says:

    Ndiye mwati he has 16 children? A full football team with five susbstitutes. The President was just rewaring the chief for having assured him of votes in 2019.

  15. Mbolo ziwiri za ku Balaka says:

    Ndiye mwati the new chief has a wife and SIXTEEN CHILDREN????? koma alhomwe is this how you multiply like maggots? No wonder there is no land for farming in your area…..

  16. clement says:

    Zaitha Mapwiya Murupale pokweza Mamwene Ngongoliwa.Pali mafumu ena anapanga zopusa kanthawi komwe Joyce amalamura ndipo mumayenera kuchosedwa,musamale. Munapita ku Sanjika kukapepetsa Joyce on what grounds? I would love the president to promote again Senior Chief Kaomba, pliz he is just too good to DPP by showing his true colour even in difficulties.He supported you Bwana a lot the time while others were castigating likes of Lundu,Kyungu

  17. WAKWITHU says:

    shame. why attending elevation of a mere STA and fail to attend that of a paramount

  18. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Pt of collection Mr President,
    1 the chiefs ddnot rebel against you, they were just serving the gvt of the day that was then, as you are urging them to now.
    2. if you think the differences were burried just because you are the president you are wrong, the differences are stll there. What wth your willy nilly dismisals of public officers and their subsequent replacement of people from your ethnic tribe and/or region. If that is not dividing the country then you are to school me on that one!
    On a serious note kwa mfumu, mkazi m’modzi koma mpaka ana 16! Mkaziyo machine or what? Or a Nyasatimes atinamiza? Choncho dziko lingatukuke kubereka kwake kumeneku ngati kwa mpikisano, mpaka ka national team. Pafunika uphungu wapadera wa uchembere wabwino kuchokera kwa mai wathu wakale wa dziko lino, Calister Muthalika, nanga sipaja zoterezi amazitsata!

  19. Tozer tsono says:

    Chiefs must be encouraged to work with all political parties to understand issues affecting their people. DPP is just one of the political parties.

  20. nabanda says:

    Mfumu opanda khalidwe ndiye Ngologoliwa

  21. “Chief Ngolongoliwa stood firm and supported us when we were not in government.”. meaning APM is only returning the favours..

  22. VULUNGANYA says:

    Ndiye mwati one wife and 16 children??

  23. Tilipo says:

    So this means his elevation is a reward.
    Not good. Reason not enough.

  24. Hehede says:

    Sorry mr president, leave chiefs alone. U are just confusing them. Malawi does not need chiefs to develop.

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