Mutharika’s gaffes at ‘Mapwevupwevu’: Calls Zambia’s Lungu is ‘President of Malawi’

The woes of old age are catching up with President Peter Mutharika, with the 76-year-old increasingly making gaffes in his speeches, the latest being at Sanjika Palace during the state banquet [Mpwevupwevu] organised in honour of Zambia President Edgar Lungu for gracing Malawi’s 51 anniversary independence celebrations.

Enjoying the drink: President Mutharika and Zambia’s first Couple at Sanjika Palace - Pic by Stanley Makuti (MANA)

Enjoying the drink: President Mutharika and Zambia’s first Couple at Sanjika Palace – Pic by Stanley Makuti (MANA)

Mutharika mistakenly referred to Lungu as President of Malawi and his wife as first lady of Malawi a development that raised eye brows and a sense of amusement from guests at the dinner.

“Your Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of the Republic of Malawi, Her Excellency Madam Esther Lungu First Lady of the Republic of Malawi”, saluted President Mutharika before correcting himself.

Mutharika jokingly said that there are a lot of countries that need to become part of Malawi and that he hoped Zambia was not.

“Well because everyone is trying to get a part of Malawi, hopefully Zambia is certainly not trying to do that”, said Mutharika as guests were pretending to laugh over the flat-joke.

As Malawi celebrates five decades of freedom, Lungu said it was befitting that the people of Malawi should reflect on great strides the country has made since 1964.

The Zambian leader further thanked Mutharika for inviting him to attend Malawi’s Independence Day celebrations.

President Lungu was on Sunday conferred upon Freedom of the City of Blantyre and the Zambian leader said he was greatly honoured to be a Free Person in Malawi’s commercial capital city.

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Yes. I watch gaffes and enjoy them. Don’t serve spirits thousand.

pa tondola

the president is mad.akusatsa malawi kwa presfdent of zambia tomolo mumva chigonndwe chili we have done all the consulttion malawi must b sold. this is because we dnt hav fundsto run the gvt. let gondwe and this old mutharika go hom azikalela zizukulu


This all shows how dull the Malawi president is. He called the visiting president, president of Malawi. If this is what it means to be a professor, then I better not take up this in my profession, regardless of the numerous publications I have in international journals, much higher than the so called professors in Malawi


@ 31 who asked you to read the article? Were you forced? Its news to us because mapwevupwevu is putting this country to shame. WE as a country are ashamed of this aging one-toothed goat who doesn’t have a clue of how a country should be governed. So Boy just continue your garden boy job or chola boy and stop commenting. To Green Muheya thanks kkkk I never had the chance to listen otherwise hahahahaha. This 79 year old bull will surely sell Malawi.


I SEE NO PROBLEM IN WHAT apm SAID,IT WAS A SLEEP OF A TONGUE..and everyone makes mistakes…..he is getting old yes and they say all sorts of things without thinking believe you me its kinda funny and interesting.kkkkkkkk wish i was there i could have laughed my lugs out…thanks APM for a joke well done.


Moralist weniweni

Koma iwe you claim to be Ruth Warren.Your language is always rotten.You sound possessed.You need deliverance.Don’t be a coward hiding behind a keyboard.

Mlomwe wozindikira

Anybody is not endowed with cracking jokes.This sounds questionable with this old man.Azayankhula zosayankhula pagulu tsiku lina.He should learn to tame his mouth sometimes.He wants to be another version of the thieving achakulungwa.


Akufuna atigulitsenso ngati MSB. Atifunse kaye


Boy,come on. You don’t call your wife at your dinner table -your friend name. I don’t care how much you have been whisking.

Thus an head off.

ruth warren

koma chi mapwevupwevu kukamwa kwakeko ngati mpheto yovunda

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