Mutharika’s whereabouts mystery trends in Malawi media: Govt bashed over ‘default explaination’

President Peter Mutharika’s absence without leave in Malawi two weeks after attending the United Nations General Assembly has dominated headlines in Malawi press and  the editorial comments after widespread rumours, including allegations that he is in critical condition at a hospital in the US.

Malawian President Mutharika : Missing in action

Malawian President Mutharika : Missing in action

Two of Malawi dailies, The Nation and the Daily Times wrote articles about Mutharika’s whereabout mystery as government spokesman Malison Ndau gave a default explanation that the Head of State is in robust heath and on official duties in America.

But The Nation editorial comment screamed “Stop these lies” title, saying Malawians have the right to know the whereabouts of their leader accusing the state machinery of not helping matters as the information about the President is “almost non-existent.”

The paper quoted what Ndau, who is also minister of information and communication, said last Friday that Mutharika was due to return home over the weekend and would open the Malawi Investment Forum in Lilongwe which was opened by vice president Saulos Chilima.

“Wherever he is, the President is spending funds from the public purse, raised through taxes. It is for this reason that Malawians have the right to know where their president is, what he is doing,” reads the editorial in The Nation.

The paper said false statement form government machinery are “tantamount to disrespecting of Malawians by those entrusted with the authority to run the affairs of this state.”

And the flagship Daily Times said in its editorial that government “has itself to blame” on Mutharika rumours.

The paper said  nature abhors vacuum, saying when information is not forthcoming, people begin to come up with  conspiracy theories to make sense of the absence of credible information.

It also said Malawians have every right  derived from the Constitution to question, and in the absence of official communication, speculate about the President’ whereabouts.

The editorial said Mutharika has breached the three pillars  that he tries to “force down” on Malawians.

“He is not being patriotic, he is not showing any form of integrity or indeed a spirit of hard work that would have seen him being home to solve the numerous problems riddling this country,” reads the editorial comment.

He warned Malawians that spreading false rumours about the health of the President is a criminal offense, warning that government will not hesitate to bring to book those responsible for “rumour-mongering which is clearly aimed at spreading fear and panic among law abiding Malawians.”

Ndau said the nation will be advised in the next few days regarding the dates Mutharika  will return home, assuring that  there is therefore no need to panic.

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29 thoughts on “Mutharika’s whereabouts mystery trends in Malawi media: Govt bashed over ‘default explaination’”

  1. DPP Supporter # 1 says:

    The guy is American first. Elections are just around the corner and he is busy strategising fo the Republican candidate. He is a bonafide citizen fro America and has to vote before coming to his devastated second country. Peter is a DPP president, he is not for Malawi coz if he was for Malawi why DPP ministers are shielding him as if he has sold Lake Malawi to TZ. We all fall sick and if he is sick, is it anything new to Malawians. Cry my beloved DPP. My blood is DPP but I will not allow and praise stupidity. This is stupidity at its best. Chipani chathu chinachotsa chimanga mmunda ndikukachisiya pa Nsalu kkkkkkk

  2. DPP says:

    Musadandawule a Malawi. Abwerako basi. Whether as a Corpse or wamoyo

  3. mchisala says:

    The guy is serving his American Green card, he will surface after 30 days!

  4. The Patriot says:

    The ruling elite think they can do anything without informing Malawians or being accountable to the taxpayers! The President thinks he is entitled to AWOL and no Malawian deserves to know where he is now!
    Where is integrity, patriotism and hard work? Are these so called pillars only for villagers but not the palace and the ruling fat cats?
    If Malawi continues to be ruled by such caliber of leaders then we should just forget it, we will remain at the bottom interms odf development! Its time our leaders knww who the real boss is, the electorate and ÑOT them!

  5. tman says:

    Its my first time to hear from Malawi journalists that a plane has been chartered to get someone dead from Malawi to USA, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,hopefuly are MIJI not MIJ journalists.If i tell you is on holiday,you shall start calculating the figures,iam happy my big has chosen to remain quite from these stupid,english incompetent journalists.

  6. Ause Mu Mtendere Peter says:

    i understand he is on coma right now, and if not let him speak to malawians kuti ndili moyo ine ana anga, if he cant he is on coma

  7. Eugene says:

    Midnight Six thief wasting our money

  8. Rasta says:

    Our thing is missing in action.You mean all these journalists cant search him? we are again waiting for BBC and Aljazeera to tell us huh? We nah being serious guruz. We haffi hear him ah dead hahaha. suh nah blame us wen we seh him ah dead.

  9. winston msowoya says:

    There is no difference whether Peter stays in the States or in Malawi.He doesn’t give a shit because USA is his first homeland,he has fat Bank Accounts there and sons who are living decent life on stolen funds from government coffers.It seems Malawians have stone brains that can not make them think correctly.We could have learnt from Banda’s instance,Kanyama and Masauko invited the rogue they had never seen before and the ramifications had been tumultuously divisive and misguided turning Malawians into ciphers.As if we did not see or feel what Banda did to us,Bakili Muluzi,introduced to us someone he had never met or known before,you had seen what havoc he brought to us and finally,his inept and corrupt brother Peter.It is foolhardy to believe that Malawians from South and Central hate and insinuate Malawians from the North for no reason atall apart from senseless and wicked jealousies.Comeon,get educated you people,you have disastrously turned our once splendid country into a stincky garbage bin.Come 2019,you fools are going to vote for the very same rogues.SHAME!!!!

  10. Death Peoples Party (DPP) says:


    Amalawi mukupemphedwa kudzakhala pakhomo osapita ku office, wa minibus osapita ku nseu, ma vendor osapita ku nseu pa 1 November 2016 mpaka Petet Mutharika atule pansi udindo. Wationjeza kutigoneka mu mdima, watibera ndarama akuzidya ku America.

    Tumizani kameneka mma whats app, facebook, emails, mma phone, twitter, Instagram ndi zina zonse zotumizila uthenga.


  11. Congo mafia says:

    A president apita kwao Ku America, amalawi thulo. Nthawi ija munamusankha kukhala president wanu simunadziwe kuti Ali ndi duo nationalities? Simunadziwe, munyanchila ndi umphawi.

  12. Amuna Kudambo says:

    Sangafe Pitala. Akuzunzi kaye mphaka mulire mfiiii! A Malawi kusamva. Munapulumutsidwa kwa nkhalamo Bingu mukukasankha mbale wake kambuku yu. Mark my words, he is another Mugabe.

  13. Chaponda Wauponda Wonona says:

    Inunso ma journalist simukutithandiza. You are not good investigators. Zikukulakani zedi. Why can’t you deploy some listening devices that could track communication between themselves including hacking their email communication. Hack Chaponda or Dausi’s communication and other members of their clique to see exactly what is going on.

    Inu mukuchita kufuna kuti chilichonse muchipeze on a silver platter!

  14. Jamusi says:

    Apm please you need to come back Escoms has made DPP very unpopular in your absence giving power cuts for 22 hours a day in many high density areas. There are opposition supporters at Escom doing this deliberately

  15. Charly says:

    The president is lost.

  16. Whitesho says:

    We are not panicking bwana. We are only being patriotic and we are also exercising our right to information. You need to know that as government you owe Malawians information. You need to tell us where our president is. What is he doing? When is he coming back. What should Malawians expect from his business meetings he is holding etc. Is he on holiday somewhere is one the Caribbean? Is he adminitted in one of the wards in a hospital somewhere in America? Is he dead? These are questions you need to answer. Do not threaten us, otherwise we will not fear you. Simple….

  17. Kkkkkkkk says:

    The only one panicking here are DPP zealots. Ife we are happy if he’s dead.
    What do JB, Peter and Jesus have in common? They are “coming soon” Kkkkkkk

    1. Marry Me says:

      kkkkkkk God thought

    2. Marry Me says:

      Should be good not God

  18. Issa says:


  19. Zaya says:

    Available intel is that Mutharika was due for an op on his oesophagus in Germany. The op has been on the table for very long and the catch was that his Germany doctors had advised that once operated on he will need a recuperation period of not less than 6-months. Whether he has been operated on by his German doctors or he is still in the USA now remains an issue of speculation.

    Time will only tell as the intel had made indications that this was going to be a major op. If he stays away for long then we may only assume he has been operated on if he returns to the country in the near future then we will know he has been on private business.

    There is no point in his spin doctors keeping the nation in the dark and guessing on his whereabouts. Like it or not the country is on the precipice of collapse with a dysfunctional economy and collapse of social services and we expect Mutharika to be around to give leadership to the country. There is absolutely no programme or business which Mutharika is keeping away from Malawians and we have every right and demand that he and his spin doctors make the nation aware of his whereabouts and his state of health as this is the major source of gossip in the country.

    Playing hide and seek with the citizenry only fuels more gossip and speculation and does not augur well for any confidence in the DPP leadership. Malawians demand to know the Presidents state of health and his whereabouts. This is not asking for too much.

  20. Maunits says:

    Who is panicking Mr Ndau. We are not even under panic but what people of Malawi need is to know where the president is. There has been no any speech from the president on the radio as well as tvm. MBCTV always provide news letters to Malawians for any engagement the president is undertaking abroad to appreciate, so whats wrong here Mr Ndau please speak.

  21. Chalo says:

    Come on Malawians! You mean you expect an announcement that the Presdent is in hospital bla bla bla. No this is Africa where presidents are not supposed to be known to be sick. Just focus your ears to the grapevine and your curiosity will be healed.

  22. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Ken Msonda is now DPP advisor on issues of when the president will return! He has a lot of experience from the ‘is coming’ of Joyce Banda!

    Actually Peter Mutharika has met JB and they have agreed to say they are coming soon. Sadzabweranso akanganya amenewa.

  23. Al-Fayeed says:

    Tell us please Mr. Spokesperson. We are not blinded we watching all this. Where is our Leader??

  24. Pitala says:

    Olo chitamwalira chithucho ndani angadandaule let him go to hell.

    1. Peter Mthiburo says:

      Kikik koma abale. I said it on Facebook two years ago kuti, Pitala timseka mpakana 2019 wooo!

  25. Kkkkkkkk says:

    He’s in hell being sexually molested by the devil.

    1. Gertrude says:


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