Mwachande fails to honour pledge on Flames goal reward

Malawi national football team’s 2-1 loss to Guinea has proved that people always want to associate with success.

Mwachande: No honour

Mwachande: No honour

This follows Allie Mwachande of Mangochi Investment who pledged to reward any goal scorer with K50,000 cash.

But Mwachande in a dramatic turn of events has backtracked not to honour his pledge which was made to public through Galaxy Radio prior to the games played on March 29.

Mwachande’s dishonesty has denied Chiukepo Msowoya who was automatically entitled to win having scored the only goal of the Flames.

“It was very clear. I said I will give the money to the winning goals not just a goal,” Mwachande said.

“So Flames lost the game do you expect me to give out the money.”

He claimed that he sourced the money for the pledge and has been returned to the well wishers.

“I sourced the money from well wishers and the money was returned to the owners,” he said without disclosing how much was involved.

The Football Association of Malawi Elections (FAM) presidential Elections aspirant said that he would reward K50,000 to any of the goals scored.

FAM General Secretary described Mwachande’s stand as unfortunate.

“Although the pledge was not made official its sad that Mwachande has decided not to live up to his word,” Suzgo Nyirenda said.

“We don’t normally make follow ups because we trust that those make pledges before a game do it on trust and are responsible.”

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15 thoughts on “Mwachande fails to honour pledge on Flames goal reward”

  1. Former Galactico Teddy Lou says:

    Mr. Mwachande should personally take responsibility for Malawi’s loss because of the silly promise he made. If you only reward the scorer of a goal, how will the guy who provided the assist feel? What about a defender who clears a ball on the goal line? What about a goalkeeper who keeps a clean sheet? What about a midfield wizard who plays the role of a play maker?

    These mediocre promises only brings unnecessary competition and mistrust in a team. Instead of playing as a unit the team starts to play as individuals competing for the Mwachande-money. But no team can win a game while playing as individuals. Those of you who follow the exploits of Barcelona and Real Madrid will agree with me here. I feel the Mwachande guy is the reason we lost.

  2. Kanthumkhonde says:

    What is a winning goal if I may ask. If the game ended 2;1, would the first goal also count as winning goal, especially if it was scored first and then Guinea drew level before Flames scored a second goal?

  3. Prophet Mboro says:

    Its pointless to award a losing goal

  4. Absalomchiwanda says:

    Amalawi kumamvetsetsa A Mwachande ananena kuti winning Goals How do you reward a loser? Nonse amane mukumunyoza Mwachande ndinu Mbuzi Kwambiri!!!!!!!!!!! Whwere in the world do you Reward anthu oti anagonja? mukufuna aziti oro tigonje ife zathu tilandirabe? To you FAM did you give the team a winning game bonus despite loosing the game?????????????? SHAME SHAME!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Petulo Mpingu says:

    Why should he be forced to pay the MK50, 000 to Chiukepo when the team brought shame to the whole nation at a home ground despite Chiukepo scoring the lone goal? Even if I were the one I would not waste my money on a player who was part of the below par idiots in the National team. Man, you did well to give the money back to those who contributed towards that cause. This is not time to waste money on failures, period.

  6. gilberto says:

    Wolemba nkhaniyi samva chizungu, shame on him. I held what Mwachande said, winning goal not any goal scored. Allie Mwachande siolakwa.

  7. LordMansfield says:

    Mwachande Ananenetsa Kuti Timu Ikawina Adzapeleka Ndalama Pano Timu Sinawine Nde Apeleka Ndalama Zachani? Basi Chigoli Chnapita Nadzi Or In Case Of Deadlock It Cant Count, Flames Inaweluka Paja, Kabwezeni Komwe Munatenga Ndalama A Mwachande Smnalakwitseso Amalipidwa Atalephela Ntchito(pangano) Lochinya Zigoli Nkuwinaso Game

  8. Mwinidimba wa Pa Central Region says:

    AAA pena pakenso anthu simumakhala serious and you as a sports reporter were supposed to be very conversant with english. Even the reporter who interviewed Mwachande can agree that he said ‘Winning goal’. He even asked others to support him so that other goals could be rewarded as well. Don’t twist facts. Uku ndiye kuuputa dala mlandu wa character asassination uku

  9. Kido says:

    Koma umphawi fifite sauzande zoona mukukana kupeleka???shaaaa

  10. Mcp-sapota says:

    Ife a mcp tikutsutsa zimenezi

  11. undani misomali says:

    Shame on him he said to the masses through Galaxy that any goal scorer would be awarded by K50,000. He had earlier indicated to offer money to the winning goal and later he changed that all goal scorers would be rewarded. Mr Nyamakutuma your assertion of Understanding English does not arise. You have made a fool of yourself by backing Mwachande who was seeking attention

  12. George Msaya says:


  13. Greencardless Malawian says:


  14. Nyamakumutu says:

    Mwachande is right he said a wining goal. That goal was canceled with the equalizer. Understand English well. After all the team should not be supported anymore. The government thought it wise by not wasting our limited resources to a loosing team when they failed to give them money. You went to Bushiri what next.

  15. mwachande says:

    Iwe mwachande umaneneranji pagulu kutamika basi mbuli yamunthu ngati unatunya sima umangoleka kumadziphwisira bwanji osanena chilichonse ndalama zake zonkhwimira zomwezi pusa

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