Mwai Kumwenda rejects ‘private issues’ claims: Cheers new babies, moms at Chikwawa Hopsital

Malawi netball professional  Mwawi Kumwenda has rejected claims  by head coach Mary Waya that she could not join the squad for England because she has “private issues”, saying that is utterly false.

Mwai admires a newborn baby.

Mwai admires a newborn baby.

Mwawi cheers the patients

Mwawi cheers the patients

Mwai in the hospital ward

Mwai in the hospital ward

Mwawi with the mothers

Mwawi with the mothers

Waya told Nyasa Times on Saturday night after Malawi Queens lost 65-44 to England at the University Arena in Worcester that Malawi’s sole netball export who was not part of the squad “has her own private issues, when she finishes with her private issues, she will join us.”

But Kumwenda in a telephone interview from Blantyre on Tuesday told Nyasa Times that she has no private issues.

“What private issues? I have no private issues at all. My issues was the concern for the Netball Association to pay players allowances they owe them. That is not a private issue and I did not discuss this in private, I made my concerns clear and open,” she said.

Kumwenda earned the wrath of Netball Association of Malawi (Nam) when she pushed the association to pay Queens players their allowances owed to them about K100 000 ($200) each from the 2013 Glasgow Commonwealth Games in London.

“I do not want to continue discussing this matter in the media but I have no private issue, please,”  she said.

The shooter who plies her trade at Easiyo Tactix Netball Club in New Zealand said she was committed to play for Malawi Queens.

“I am always willing to play for Malawi. I am patriotic and will do all my best to help Malawi Queens shine,” said the towering netball star.

Meanwhile, Kumwenda continues with her countrywide tours meant to give out the over K5 million (about $10 000) worth of items she collected from her friends in New Zealand .

The tour  which she started in the northern region took her to to Chikhwawa District Hospital in the south on Monday where she distributed some clothes to over 40 mothers and babies in the paediatrics ward.

Kumwenda was accompanied by Diamonds’ shooter Wezzie Mzembe and Alliance Capital Sisters’ centre Maria Lameck, said she wants every item donated from New Zealand should reach intended people.

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75 thoughts on “Mwai Kumwenda rejects ‘private issues’ claims: Cheers new babies, moms at Chikwawa Hopsital”

  1. godobaman says:

    mwayi ambuye akudalitseni ndithu ndipo achina mery waya ayenda ndipo wadya ndalama koma palibe chomwe wachita chothandiza anthu koma ntchito maboza pomwe achina chinunda aaaaaah awo ndamphawi chakula ndi nsanje ndi ufiti

  2. BEAM says:


  3. Malindi buoy says:

    I think a Mary mwayamba kale kudzimva.. …….ngati umaona zoti pali private issue, why not handle that privately….. Tikhozatu kukuchotsapo ndi chindunda wako yemweyo pamipando yathuyo

  4. nyakaronga says:

    My fellow Tumbuka’s just be proud of urself don’t waste time with stupid arguments.amadyeka ndiwowo amene ali ndi chinthu kumtima kwawo. We are all one b4 God but anthu ena amafuna adzitilekanitsa.

  5. BOKOHARAM says:

    I dont know some people are fond of dividing this country tribalistically .is there any need of mentioning a tumbuka why are you always having thicks with tumbuka people yet there the ones who have malawi pround in most sectors.Mwai is a realistic player

  6. Amwai just humble yourself for not to be humbled……i smell no future in you….mark my words

  7. Mphwache says:

    We all know what happens. Government/Sponsors give money to NAM in support of a planned tour. NAM puts money in a fixed deposit, when this matures they share the money between the officials, then travel out, do their shopping (mostly MRA boys don’t even charge them for duty purposes as Malawi Ambassadors). They sell the stuff on the local market and then pay out players allowances. Sometimes these deals don’t pan out, hence no money for the girls. Various schemes are used, eg: The officials buy players uniforms, shoes, balls etc, which they sell to NAM at higher prices, and loo, they can now pay the players allowances. Mwayi knows these deals are done at the expense of the players, no wonder they dont want her in the team

  8. swiswiri mbewa says:

    Mwayi has a valid reason to boycott playing for the Queens. NAM gets funding before flying out on official duties (tournaments). Official who accompany the players (often more than necessary) get their fat allowances in full yet the players who sweat it out get peanuts. To add salt to their injuries, part of their meager allowances is withheld or maybe misused by NAM officials. This may seem trivia but it does affect the morale of the players. Let us not take our hard working net ballets for granted.


    Problem with a tumbuka. patriotism means rendering services to ones country without expecting anything in return and wanting to put the country on the map. just keep quite you saboteur!

  10. john mbuzi yatopa says:

    A BUBU mulibe nzeru. Mutu mumangodyera osati kuganizira. NAM is spending lots of money in other areas. Why not just pay these said allowances especially considering that Netball is one of the sport that put Malawi on the map. Currently things r not improving. Wake up NAM and BUBU. Have u bn paid trying to justify the wrong doings by writing a document that is big like the maize scam report?? Just pay them and we shud go back to watching classic netball. Remember that nothing is for free. They worked and they need to get paid.

  11. she didn’t sent with somebody. Bt she is speaking well about their allowonces yes they must pai in time

  12. Naaaah says:

    What you have done is awesome may God add more yrs your life…..

  13. machendy says:

    kodi are you married or not? timakufuna kwambili ife. demet!

  14. golo says:

    I have always said to my friends that when our queens were coached by a man in the name of Griffin Saenda that is when Malawi netball flourished to world class standard because Saenda never involved himself with petty womens issues which most women are vulnerable too. Its easy to see even in organisations , sad to say this but in no way disrespecting women , headed by women when a junior work questions anything to her she thinks she is being undermined because she is a woman and ends up aggravating the issue than solving it. Men on the contrary are usually not like that when confronted with an issue by their junior-they usually think through it and come up with a very valuable solution than just becoming emotional about it. This is the way I see this Mwai- Nam saga. The whole NAM is headed by women in all departments and its to see why they cannot solve this minor issue. Its better to tell the players that their allowance issue is being looked into and at an appropriate time they will be paid their dues than just dismissing the whole issue in the name of patriotism and threating anyone who dares to speak out. Autocracy does not always work especially in sports because players could simply turn up and not give their best because they are suffering in silence. Its time to put to bed this uncalled- for saga because it is useless in the first place. Chinunda and Waya should not hold the nation to ransom because we all know that the queens are our pride and no body should satisfy his or her useless ego at the expense of the nation.

  15. clement says:

    Mwai, ndibwino ungokhala chete uzingogawira anthu akaunjika watolawo koma zoti uzioneka ngati dolo uleka.Nanu mabuluthu apa Nyasa akaunjika omwewo akukwana K5m? Koma mavuto pa Nyasaland eeeish,zanu izo

  16. Kasenye says:

    I Think Bubu You Are Misguided. Mwai Can Be Rightly Said To Be Too Patriotic Than Bubu Implies. In Fact, Mwai Is Fighting For The Common Good Not Being Individualistic As Yourself Bubu. Mwai Uses Words Like “our” And “we.” Bubu Remember That Samuel E’too Did The Same For Cameroon Players While Playing For Well Paying Clubs. Between You And Mwai, Who Is Patriotic, And What Have You Done For The Nation Apart From Defending The Unpartriotic Citizens?

  17. kudzi says:

    Hon Chiumia, Mr Justin Saidi and Mr Justin Msopera are you not reading this? Or you’re sharing the proceeds? Mukukhoza soni mwawanthu! You want to make this government unpopular. Rght Hon Saulos Klaus Chilima alowelerepo apa. Being an athletic he should understand better these things.

  18. mwai says:

    The thing is with all malawian admins, the people incharge want everyone to kiss their ass, standing up for yourself for the money owed to you is not being greedy nobody works fo free, its a career and should be paid for it. Nam pay the players and bring back our queen so the team can start winning again.

    1. Phuzi says:

      Sir? Madam,

      I think you have a big problem do really think one can work and sweat for nothing? If you think you can pay the players in the name of PATRIOTISM then go ahead and pay them. If you think one can work for no pay then we are still practising Reformed Slaverly. Think man using your Brains not your F*********

  19. bubu says:

    You shall not use the word PATROTISM IN VEIN, thats says a PATROTIC CITIZEN!!

    Do you think NAM has money and they are chewing it like in kusolora instead of paying the players?

    Looks you have proof enough that there are chewing money intended for players. In this case, go further and sue them for thiefing, eeh stealing players money. Please drag them to court.

    But if your knowledge is only that the players have not been paid, other than knowing if NAM has money or no money. Then your PATROTISM IS NO PATROTISM. You would rather prefer that the Queens should not participate in these games simply because NAM has no money to pay players? IS THAT PATROTISM?

    If you insist on payment before playing, how is that patrotism? The Queens will exist with or without an individual player. The Queens will exist with or without paying players. THAT IS PATROTISM!!!!

    The issue here is more on clubs not the National team, a player who is not paid well by her club will cause havoc at national team. Otherwise if they were paid by their respective clubs, to be patriotic is to play even for nothing at national level. Otherwise if your club is paying you and you refuse to play for your poor National team, insting on payment then thats GREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thats not PATRITISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Izi zija za Nigeria izi, Za Cameroon izi. Refusing to board a plane insisting on payment. Why cant you play for free for your national team, especially when NAM has no money.!!!? Especially when Bakili, Bingu, JB and Bingu 2 are stolen all the money? Is that NAM problem? Colleagues, its not that easy to raise funds to keep netball going. The little that NAM is doing is already too much. Believe it, Waya is not chewing anybody’s money.

    Ishaaaaaaaa, we have sick people to take care of , no panado, no penicillin and you insist on payment before you get on a plne to UK? Arrogance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. ujeni says:

      Forseki! akutuma eti, are you a sellout like in Sarafina film. If NAM can find money to fly to Australia, what can stop them to find K200,000 each for the players. You are very dull.

    2. wise words says:

      u talk like u dont get paid where u work.

      understand that this is also their job. their families survive on this

    3. Mbava says:

      Bubu you are an idiot . your rantings should not have been published if the editors were doing their job.
      Mwai currently earns her living by playing netball ,and she and her colleagues expect to be paid as per contract.
      The villains are the idiots who steal players’ money and threaten to exclude them from the Team if they squill about it.
      Those are the Unpatriotic lot, not the player who are asking for what is theirs.
      You do expect to be paid your salary at the end of the month ! You would certainly not give it up in the name Patriotism.

  20. One way says:

    Thats what Chilembwe & his friends wanted this country 2b.Bt alas,most leaders are selfish.Wake up malawi.Mwai i support ur motion.Flames failed 2go 2 Afcon wth the same selfish.Gvnt respond her request.

  21. chawanangwa Mlori says:

    It is hi time this issue is sorted out. This bad politics is affecting the only sport that that is making Malawi to be known & respected globally. Please coaches, administrators and government officials if you love your country stop being spectators and help resolve this issue. Zambia and Uganda are coming close and if caution is not taken very soon you will out of the the only position that is making us proud.

  22. Tengupenya says:

    in fact the Queens deserve a special honour like houses funded by public purse in recognition of their achievements for the country in netball honours. NAM and Sports Council create a Fund and we expect citizens and the corporate world will happily donate towards such honours for the Queens. Thega should be financed from public purse.

  23. Tengupenya says:

    Let there be peace. Why are the allowances not paid? You either openly scrap the allowances or pay promptly (as in pompo pompo).

  24. my right to speak! says:

    Mwawi lacks character!

  25. VYOTO says:


  26. Eckson Kaime says:

    Not very professional of Mary Waya to come public and tell lies, otherwise she stands to lose the confidence the sporting community has in her

  27. kachikho says:

    Mwai is a shining star. Malawi needs more people like her and not these thieves

  28. Zondiwe says:

    it is quite clear that Mwawi is being frustrated by NAM leadership.
    What is wrong with NAM?
    While it is right to expose more players to Netball, this should not be
    done at the expense of the existing players. Despite the unnecessary
    losses suffered in the UK, NAM bosses still do not want Mwawi in the
    Actually this is how Malawians operate. They are good at bringing others
    down, and if they had their way, they would like to see Mwawi stop
    playing Netball altogether.
    A small nation full of hateful people. Such people can never be blessed
    by the God of heaven.

  29. chims says:

    like I said Mary waya should be part of the solution not what she said that when Mwai sorts out her issues she will join the team. that was utter nonsense. the team belongs to us all.Mary stop being selfish rest you will be fired or just resign. stupid.

  30. Wawaman says:

    Mwana wa nzeru iwe! Asakuwonongere dzina a coach akowo.

  31. bbsupporter says:

    Mwawi,good lucky to you. May GOD almighty bless you.


  33. SimpleMind says:

    Well done Mwai on your charity work. Pity you should want to publicly disagree with your national team coach though. Very ill-advised. That could spell the end of your national team role, unfortunately. “No comment” would probably have been a better answer. Good luck!

  34. Ombewe a mu Blantyre says:

    mwayi amandisangalatsa,she has a humble heart ngakhale akumamukhomelera,kulilila ndalama zzako ndekuti ur not patriotic?bodzat ili,ma coachwo asalipilidwe tione ngati acoacheso teamyo?

  35. innocent says:


  36. matchaya says:

    mwai God will reward you for whatever you are doing God bless you sister. keep it up

  37. Boko Haram says:

    Mwana wanzeru uyu Mwayi..Mary Waya hule wachabechabe alibe nzerunso,ngati zakukanikani mumusiile Zagallo Saenda amatha heavy.

  38. mabilinganya says:

    Mwai zitaye zitsiru zaanthu zimenezi!!!!!! Move on pliz my dear!!!!! Vindere vakufikapo ivo!!!!!! Pamisundu pawo

  39. henry katiniche says:

    Akukuchitira nsanje koma osataya mtima
    Mulungu Ali mbali yako

  40. Umbava wayamba kale says:

    Such things have been a problemi in this country. That is the end of Queens – mbaza zalowako. There r 3 groups of people found at every ……… U will find them in the church, in politics, in homes. The first group will will go away because they dont like what is happening; the second group will wait a bit, ask questions and get booted out; and the third group will resist, stay and loot. Is Mwayi in the first or second?

  41. ujeni says:

    Big up to this netball player. NAM and coach should be ashamed for their petty jealous.

  42. Bwitoto says:

    Mwai Kumwenda should always know that without the Malawi netball Queens she wouldn’t have been a celebrity as she is today. That the Queens has now turned to be a wheeping lot in the netball circles should really cause worry on herself because this is the team that put her in the limelight. Pamene mumabwera ku Blantyre kuchokera ku kaya muja timakuonanitu. Munali ndi chipwepwe inu ndipo lero NAM yomweyo yakutsukani mwadziwa dziko mwayamba kusimbwa. Pakakhala vu to amachita kukambirama osati zoyalusanazo ayi. Amapanga choncho?????????? Ziperekani masopowo kumeneko koma mudziwe kuti team ya Malawi imene tinakusiilani ija ikungokwapulidwa chifukwa choti inuyo ndinu a khwinthi ndi ndalama. I don’t believe that when the Queens were toping the continent before you joined them had no money problems. Only that those that were playing did so for the love of their country. “REAL PATRIOTS”. Shame on you!!!!!!!

    1. mabilinganya says:

      Bwitoto go to hell!! There is nothing for free in this world!!! Dziko la malawi sunga lifere ayi mpang’ono pomwe!!!! Ya! Munachuluka uchitsiru kwabasi!!! A country where foolishness reigns all over!!! Za manyi basi!!!

  43. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Ndinanena ine kuti vuto ndi Coach ndi anzake aku NAM. How do you expect us to go forward in this case as a nation? This is the same ndimmene mukuyendetsela dziko

  44. Mphongo Zidana says:

    For what you are doing to your fellow country men, may the Good Lord bless you Mwawi.

  45. Mphongo Zidana says:

    NAM and coach Mary Waya manyazi mulibe? Anthu mukuwapondereza osawapatsa zawo. Mwawi fights for them and create a reason for her absence from the squad. This is the sole reason standards of sports are down in Malawi because of greedy and inhumane sports officials.

  46. Efron kuwani says:

    kodi ma coch salandira? Nanga amakonda kuchenjeretsa ma player why? Zimenezi zikugwetsa graphy yama sewero mw. Kufuna zonse zikhale zanu.

  47. Zanga Phee! says:

    Cashgate even @ NAM as well yo! the rest should follow suit why leaving her alone? shame see my name.



  49. opportunist says:

    I told u Mwai Kumwenda not these so called NAM. Now u have been vindicated that she’s fighting for the truth afterall she has got the cash .Girl ur my ambassador God bless u and Merry Xmas & prosperous new yr

  50. Chabecheker says:

    Nam pay your players please

  51. Paul Matemba says:

    Mary should go immediately, I wonder what the authorities are waiting for. Is she ‘well connected’ or what? This is an issue of national importance bordering on abuse of our hard earned taxes to say the least.

    1. Very very true this woman must go voluntarily otherwise azachotsedwa mwamanyazi…

  52. mwama says:

    A fam perekani ndalamazo basi. Mwai Kumwenda continue to be a freedom fighter till the fight is over.

  53. Nyapapi says:

    At last some good news!

    On another note NAM officials and coaches ndi mahule! Makamaka Mary Ways!

  54. Thas nice! You are really patriotic.Proud of you always.wasankha kuthandiza azimayi ndi ana m’chipatala wasankha ntchito yabwino.

  55. syamboza says:

    a Mary mufuna muononge tsogolo la mwanayu poti wakuposani kutchuka nzanuyu simungamupeza alindi nzerutu uyu. ali kupolofeshonolo uyu inu simunathera pa mbeya pompa. uzani zitsilu za Mutharikazo zipereke ndalama zatsikana athuwa basi osamangoba ku NAC ndikugula a mtolankhani upolofesa wa manyowayo



  57. Nyamayaphisa says:

    Mwai you are smart. I have said it before for the Queens to begin doing well remove this woman calle Waya for Sir Sayenda. The glory we had was all because of the talent left by Sir Sayenda and now it is fading out because I this player courch called Waya. I know her as a player and not as a coach. Why getting a courch player when you have real couches like Sir Sayanda. NAM mukufuna makofii chiyani.

  58. Think Tank says:

    some have been insulting her without hearing her side. Here she is loud and clear: allowances for the girls.full stop. No buts.

  59. jkkkk says:

    Mary Waya shudnt be telling us why Mwawi is not with the team. She had openly told us why just like she has repeated. Now Mary should tell us why these allowances hvnt been paid from 2013.

  60. wagwanayo says:

    Mwai means well. The sporting fraternity is full of dictators

  61. tzude2 says:

    Mary Waya Ndi Anzakowo Zakulepherani Popanda Mwai,panya Panu.

  62. Mpandadzina says:

    Nyasa Times your Timau summed up this Mwawi by describing her exactly what she is.She still thinks she is bigger than the Queens!!!We had/have players in football who thought the same when they started playing professional football abroad.Where are they now.Arrogance doesn’t pay.She is now denying the players she says she is fighting for chances of exposure because they are missing these international trips.She knows that this is a short profession that’s why she is fund-raisin while her friends have nothing else to look forward to besides netball.I tell you that all these pictures she is posing with the poor villagers will be hot cake back in AustraliaShe is going to become rich because of these poor villagers who do not know that they are being used.I would rather have a losing disciplined team than a winning rude one.Any work place have proper channels of airing grievances.Because you have an advantage over your friends of speaking to the media does not give you the key to be arrogant while denying the same you claim to be representing a chance to be like you— a professional coz they aren’t playing international games.

  63. Azombwe says:

    Anyasa mumupweteketsa msikanayu, simukuziwa kuti akuzimva cifukwa cainu?
    Poti mzasadawitsa paja nyasa ndiye atumbuluawo. Timakuziwani kale zocita zanu.
    Mwai, akukupweteketsa amenewo ataye mwansanga.
    Mau angawa uwakumbuka posacedwapa.

  64. Mwafongo says:

    Mwawi, anthu asamakunamize, akupweteketsa kwambiri. Ndiwe mwana osamakula mtima chomcho ai. Or in other words, ndiwe matuvi omwe ikuwapangira mwanowo ndi nyelo so umatulutsa mabii ndiye iweyo.
    Bwanji amzako sananyanyale ukunyanyala wekha? Just know ndiwe mabii.

  65. Manyi says:

    Mtumbuka ameneyo, kufuna kumveka basi. Shame on u!!!

  66. Tiwonge says:

    Inde ngakhale zili chomcho koma kunyanyalako kwa wekha? Bwanji amene ukuwanenerawo akusewerabe mpira? Sukuwona kuti iwe ndiwozikonda?
    Zikanacita bwino mukanakhala angapo koma uli wekha. Iiiiii sister ganizani ina osati iyi ai. Mwazikonda mokwanatu apa.

  67. Piper says:

    NAM are theiving bastards !! Pay your dues !!

  68. The Patriot says:

    Mwai, God will bless you no matter what your critics say! Very inspiring to fight for the rights of your fellow players and provide donations to your fellow countrymen!

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