Mwawi’s call up snub angers Netball Association of Malawi

A decision by Malawi’s first ever professional netball export Mwawi Kumwenda to undergo a tooth operation in South Africa has angered the Netball Association of Malaw (NAM)i which suspects there are some reasons behind her snubbing.

Chinunda:  There is more than meets the eye

Chinunda: There is more than meets the eye

NAM president Rose Chinunda told a local radio station on Friday that NAM has not officially been communicated by the player on the matter.

“We haven’t been communicated officially and what we know is that she is on call up and if she wants to snub, she has to respond through normal procedures,” Chinunda said.

According to Chinunda, Kumwenda’s decision to visit South Africa is meaningless since Malawi also has dental experts who can do a better job.

She however reminded Kumwenda to be patriotic enough and remember where she is coming from.

“She is there because of Malawi government as well as Malawi netball so I really don’t know why [she is snubbing the national team] that is why I am saying we are yet to hear” said the NAM President.

Kumwenda has been an influential player and a hope career for the Malawi Queens.

The Queens are expected to take part in a Fast 5 Netball Competition to be played in Newzealand next month.

The team will be in camp for twelve days before leaving for New Zealand.

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28 thoughts on “Mwawi’s call up snub angers Netball Association of Malawi”

  1. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Kodi mukunena alomwe? Aaa! nivindere ivi. Njelu vilijeso, kweni unkhungu pera.

  2. Nala nasekela says:

    Bati mbweno bakkulira bati. Kulira Mwawi. No soni! Wanozga iwe wa mwana Mwawi iwe!!

  3. Kirininti, whatever u call urself, ma northerner, akulakwira chani, after all netball team yo ambiri ndi akumpoto, flames ambiri ndi akumpoto. Phunzirani kukonza pomwe palakwika osati chamba ukusutacho, pathako pako. Anthu akumpoto tinakulakwirani chani? Mumazimva chan inu? Nzeru simutiposa, mumatiposa kuchindana kokha, nchifukwa mumabeleka ngat chiswe. Tikukulemban ntchito ku ma estate afodya . Zopusa!!!

  4. chifi says:

    Mu haahaha kkkkkkk koma Mbuzi iwe e. Asikana amulakho amaziwa kudikhula Selebwede dance basitu…

  5. DJ 27 says:

    mwana akayamba kunyoza kholo, ndiye kuti wayamba zibwezi. akatenga mabomu ndizina kumeneko, azalifuna kholo. Today has money to get a dentist in RSA, tomorrow she will need gvnt support. she knew the games earlier, why didnt she communicate to NAM before the call up? Akumati akaona mmusimu akuzimva kukula.

  6. Kirininti Yowehiwana says:

    The young woman holds a high position in the Nyika Secession Movement and she thinks she is fighting the current administration by snubbing NAM’s call up. Please let her go, mtumbuka wachabechabe uyu. Replace her with a Malawian not another Northerner.

  7. Mpezeni Phiri says:

    Mtumbuka nayeso wakwiya sakufunaso kumenya mpira mu team ya Malawi. Akufuna federalism itheke kaye because tsankho alomwe inu mwawonjeza. Alomwe ntchito mkupanga chigololo ndi kusankhana mitundu basi, kumenya netball simutha mumangopwisa basi after kukhuta nandolo. Vi angulu vi wanthu vokonda kudya njoka. Bravo Mwawi mwana wa kwithu kukaya!

  8. Mungulu says:

    No. 1 ndiwe munthu wanzeru ndithu. Kodi mukwiyowo ndi chifukwa cha chiyani kodi? Nsanje ndi Mwayi, Kuonetsa khanza kwa mwayi or puti ndichiyani. Iyayi, kafuneni kwa goliati, Chimaliro, Chonde basin mupeze wokondedwa wanu azishaina.

  9. Ma says:

    She is there because of Malawi govt and Malawi netball? ????? NO NO NO THATS INCORRECT. Ali there because of Luso lake/ talent that God gave her. If people play professional soccer or netball because of Malawi government then you should be sending thousands out since you have the capacity kkkkkk
    mwasowa zonena munthu asadwale? Go you will lose miserably. …

  10. "A NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    I see we hv a problem here. Mwawi and NAM hv issues to sort out as it is an inside issue and to the Nyasatimes reporters plz b4 u publish any article it’s better u verify the source of an issue and pipo involved, when evidence is tangible then u publish. As 4 now names of pipo wil be pulled in the mud. Sumthing is cooking sumwhere. Resolve the issues now b4 the can of worms are opened.

  11. opportunist says:

    Things are not adding up here

  12. Charter says:

    Kulalata kumeneku! You cannot tame players. Listen to her privately and address her grievances if there are any. But don’t fool us that Malawi has better dentistry pratice than South Africa, where you yourselves hurriedly fly to with the smallest ailments like alleged thief Mphwiyo was. There should be a plausible reason the player who has always been patriotic is behaving like this.

  13. Nyamayaphwisa says:

    Kusakondana azimai. Umo limawawira dzino munthu ungasewere mpira. Chamba chiyani.

  14. Mccarthy says:

    People like that are worthless, just leave her is not only one who’s best in the country, give opportunity others forget about her, life goes on & what comes does not beat the drums.

  15. eye eye says:

    Its also TOTALLY out of order for Chinunda to respond to to mwayi’s decision through the very media. the best would be for her (Chinunda or NAM at large) to say wait to hear from Mwayi rather than talking about dentists and where she is coming from…nkhani yake ya dentist yomweyi? U mean she should not go for a preferred medical/dental attention because of netball? Come on Chinunda? Uli nganya?

  16. Tiyanjane says:

    Mai Chinunda, have you not heard that even a dead body was on 5 or 6 April 2012, taken to South Africa to confirm that the man was indeed dead. Mind you, that was after a brother ordered Malawian doctors to break the lifeless man’s ribs – to wake him up from the dead.

  17. CAPETOWN says:

    hear 4rm me mwayi pocketed huge sum of money 4rm south africa and frm kudziko amasewera.atsikana aku southafrica started celebrating that they r gng to replace malawi on position 5 b4 mwai announces tht she nt gng to b part of the gve atsikana a SA the nuz ndimwai yekha

  18. Leave mwayi alone you bloody tribelist we have done alot for this country but what we get back is insults and insults

  19. petrol kali says:

    Rose chinunda ndiwe chitsilu typical of women biologically that is how they were made they can not live in harmony azimayi amenewa

  20. mboma says:

    dont these people know that she is a nyika republic citizen?????? start grooming southern team, 13 million people u cant find 10 players??? alwez depending on nyika republic citizens to come from their republic and beat you at your backyard???????? i now understand why nyika republic has great talent, commitment in whatever they do and yet they are just 1 million, koma inu anthu 13 million what do u do????? nyau basi???? am very ashamed by u NAM,

  21. APM says:

    but lookng at the issue, a NAM you are not supposed to be angry like that and vent the anger through media. why have you not called her to a round table and discuss the best way? i can tell you that south african dentists can not equal malawian dentists. the reason being, they have advanced technology and adequate pain medication. i was once done tooth extraction at one of the central hospitals, i stayed in bed for 1 full week because of tooth ache after extraction. but here in RSA, u feel nothing throughout the procedure and happy ever after. so why should she (mwayi) subject herself to torture when she has capacity to pay for better services else where? if you are professionals, you will sit down with her and advise appropriately for the way forward than ranting on media. after all we will not have mwai forever. find life without mwai. we have many upcoming netballers. promote them rather than whinning for mwai. grow up rose and friends.

    1. Boko says:

      Mwayi also has no brains, she is the one who rushed to the media before discussing with her managers becoz Rose is also wondering why Mwayi didn’t contact her. I think she has grown thick skin and thinks Malawi cannot do without her. Forget baby there is life and a lot of netball after you. Don’t let fame get into your head, you have not yet reached there my dear. Mbuli.

      1. Waa says:

        No one rushed to the media, the meadia rushed to them. So you should be wondering why the media did not ask Mwawi why she did not use Malawian dentist and whether she has had an OK from NAM.

        They you have responded shows you have issues that you have not aired.

      2. o says:

        There have been other netball greats like Mary Waya herself, Peace Chawinga, Conis Mhone Linda Magombo etc who have retired and people thought that would be the end of the queens, but the queens have survived. So queens can do without Mwai. Akagwere! This is a chance for upcoming players. I say to them grab the opportunity. It will be a shame to Mwai if queens do even better without her in this tournament.

  22. zangaphe says:

    Abale, munthu amasewera ku New Zealand konko as a proffessional, apa akuteteza Mgodi wake. Sakufuna akasewere against her bosses. Am just thinking……….

    1. Tengupenya says:

      izi ngakhale Flames inkaziwona ndi Malawi pros plying footie ku Zudi. Timalephera mogometsa kapena mochititsa ulesi mpikasano games against Bafanabafana. ALWAYS.

      Maybe the player has now felt she has to move own for personal gain after doing what she have achieved for Queens thus far. NAM should just grow up and learn to gloom other players. remember stars without patriotism or discipline are worthless in the long term. get a good pool of disciplined, patriotic and loyal Queens. The sun always sets after is has seen its day. you never know, the player may feel she has done her part for Malawi, now she has to do for herself.

      Mau omaliza: let her go and give chance to other rising stars! Nthawi ikakwana yolekana, tizilekana mwaulemu ndi mwa mtendere. Khobidi ngati ali nalo lofuna chipatla cha kunja, mulekani adzisamale mwakhumbo lake. Ntchito anagwira kumbuyo siyochepa; pan apitirizeko wena.

  23. Mbuzi says:

    go ku phalombwe and look for netballers , i thought u said tumbukas dominate in everything?????? pleaee go at chonde on sunday for mulakho wa alomwe , u will find many great netballers to replace mwai!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nyambalo says:

      Who said Tumbuka dominate in anything you idiot? Keep fooling yourself, they are tribalists and selfish and most of us can not wait for them to go to Vipya republic, wapulika chindere imwe?

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