Mzimba mob burns vehicle belonging to alleged goat thieves to ashes

An irate  mob in the northern region district of Mzimba has burned to ashes a Toyota starlet which was allegedly being used by three suspected goat thieves around Mterela location in the area of Inkosi Chindi in the district.

Car burnt

Car burnt

According to an officer at Euthini police unit Sub inspector Isaac Imedi two of the men escaped but one identified as Paul Chinula aged 26 was apprehended and beaten severe that he sustained heavy cuts in the head and a fractured leg

Sub inspector  Imedi said the three men are alleged to have travelled from Mzuzu to Euthini on a mission to steal goats on Friday night.

He said the men managed to steal 9 goats which they parked in their vehicle but it later broke down close to the trading center

After people woke up in the morning and discovered what the vehicle was carrying they ganged up and set the vehicle on fire and it burned to ashes.

“Two of the men escaped the hands of the angry mob but one identified as  Paul Chinula aged 26 was apprehended and beaten severe and cuts stitched at Euthini hospital before being referred to Mzimba district hospital,”said Sub inspector Imedi

Paul Chinula who also sustained a fractured  leg  during the beating comes from Kavinya village in the area of Inkosi Chindi in Mzimba district

The incident comes just a month when villagers at Eswazini also damaged a vehicle belonging to alleged goat thieves who came from Mzuzu.

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20 thoughts on “Mzimba mob burns vehicle belonging to alleged goat thieves to ashes”

  1. wes says:

    All those thieves deserve to death

  2. freeman says:

    aphedwedwe ose akuba’amasaukitsa,chiweto chimavuta kusamalila kuti chikule.anyongedwe basi

  3. Gopaninji says:

    Alipo mtumbuka osaba?

  4. zachepa says:

    That’s the nature of Kambavi pple.

  5. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Job wel done! Enawo akapezekanso awotchedwe, dont spare their lives. Wez wez sharia law ikukhazikika pa Malawi.

  6. All thieves must be killed. We are sick of this behavior.

  7. Thomson phenduka says:

    Thieves must be sorted out!

  8. Kambani Zithe says:

    What do you expect if you steal goats from poor people?All the way from Mzuzu to steal goats in Mzimba?They were lucky not be killed.Those are consequences when you go easy money.



  10. Bristol says:

    So people could move all the way from Mzuzu to Euthini and Eswazini simply to steal goats. I remember here in Central Region where people moved all the way from Lilongwe to Salima to steal goats. The difference is that here, all the 3 people were killed while in Mzimba, two run away and one has been beaten to death. These thieves should repent and serve God or face mob justice.

  11. lovemsutu says:

    nthena yai wakwithu,

  12. snazd says:

    u burn car bcoz of 9 goats..kkk .. Malawians will always be poor y not share de tyres

  13. Oliver Twist says:

    Akuru one Soni zanikora chomeni. Mazugha yamara. Mazugha yamara nadi, Kwiba mbuzi nthena. Yayi charo chang’anamuka. Charo nimazgora, chikazgora wa Gamphani pa Nkhamanga!!

  14. Tengupenya says:

    Life is sacrosanct, even that of a thief. People steal for various reasons, not worth taking a life for especially if the thief does not directly threaten another life. Cut their limb to catch them, but do not cut their life to kill them. Armed robbers threaten life directly. Shoot these on sight to disable undoubtedly and apprehend them. Disable undoubtedly by targeting the weapon, their hands and other organs that can be used to operate the weapon to for them to gain vantage point to threaten life of those being robbed or those protecting the property. Split second decisions have to betaken before the robber uses his weapon. That is where the challenge is.

  15. MJ says:

    job well done all butcher men n restaurants owners we knw u sell stolen meat u wl pay fo it.

  16. opportunist says:

    That’s it

  17. Tengupenya says:

    Instant justice. Vigilantes know that best, bola they should spare lives of the thieves so that they can help police find their accomplices. Also limit the force to necessary force sine the law can also visit the vigilantes if they use excessive and unnecessary force. In this case for example, how did burning of the vehicle help apprehend the thieves? There may be charges of arson here.

  18. hahaha says:

    Za angoni okha okha izi,asiyeni

  19. Kanyimbi says:

    Is the picture real? I have never seen a starlet like this.

  20. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    They should have just killed the bastard

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