NAM drops Malawi coach’s favourite player for Netball World Cup 2015

Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) has stuck to its guns by dropping head coach Peace Chawinga Kalua’s preferred choice player Ellen Chibokho for Jane Chimaliro.

Mwai Kumwenda has made into the final squad

Mwai Kumwenda has made into the final squad

Assistant coach Mary Waya  giving the players tips. Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Assistant coach Mary Waya giving the players tips. Photo Jeromy Kadewere

NAM has released a list 0f an 18-member delegation to World Netball Cup comprising 12 players and 6 officials dropping Chawinga Kalua’s choice.

Carol Bapu, General Secretary for NAM insisted that the entire coaching crew has the right to come up with the list of the players for an international competition creating a lift between head coach and her assistant Mary waya who was demoted and preferred Chimaliro.

However, inside sources revealed that Chawinga Kalua’s choice of Chiboko was based on club affiliation as she plays for Complex Tigresses – the team she coaches.

The players will travel to Australia leaving Chileka Airport at around13:15 hours aboard Malawian Airways and then Australia’s national airliner Qantas from Johannesburg.

The following is the list of the team travelling to Australia:

Shooters, Sindi  Simtowe (Complex Tigresses), Jane Chimaliro (Civo nets), Joyce Mvula (Blue Eagles, Mwawi Kumwenda ( Tactix  New Zealnd),

Attacckers; Bridget Kumwenda (Kukoma Diamonds, Takondwa Lwazi (Blue eagles), Thandie Galeta (Thunder)

Defenders; Caroline Ngwira (Kukoma Diamonds, Towera Vinkhumbo, Kukoma  (Diamonds)Lauren Ngwira (Complex Tigresses, Grace Mhango (Complex Tigressees), Martha Dambo (Thunders)

Officials; Peace Chawinga headcocach) Mary waya (assistant coach), Abgail Shariff (team manager), Jennier Kazembe (team doctor ) Carol  Bapu and Rosy Chinunda (officials).

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57 thoughts on “NAM drops Malawi coach’s favourite player for Netball World Cup 2015”

  1. Mtochi says:

    Ine ndimasilira kukhala mtumbuka look they are good at almost everything building nice houses in town, education, beauty, sports etc

  2. Andy says:

    its a shame to be nepotistic on natinal interest lets mature and have a different altitude towards ethenicity am ashamed of myself queens woyeeee

  3. Moffat Chinkhadze says:

    chi team cha atumbuka ichi nanga mchewa modzi basi.

  4. moffat chinkhadze says:

    team ya abwenu bwenu okhakha mchewa modzi basi Galeta

  5. vilimmwera says:

    who said atumbuka will not rule? ruling the country or ruling in all fields of education,sports and what have you? tinene zoona these mbwenumbwenu are ruling but we cant see? ruling the country could be tantamount to being outstanding in the country in most or all fieds and this is what tumbukas, few as they are, are doing. caoch ndi mtunbuka but opted for this lomwe, apanso pali kukonera? my advice to coach is ngati wapitayo sumufuna azikamwa madzi pa bench. akakakakukakamiza kumlowetsa mukalephera kuwina game dont worry it will be collective failure together with chinunda yemwe angopitira kukashopa

  6. kkkkkkkk says:

    Alongosi Mwai Kumwenda, ayi zili boo.NAM yachita bwino mumafuna 100 percent mukhale a Tumbuka wokhawokha.

  7. Mapwevupwevu says:

    You cannot run away from TUMBUKAZ, inenso ndi Mlomwe koma anzathuwa ali ndi luso

  8. Critic says:

    Mwayambapo zikakuvutani muone ponamizira. Mumafuna mutengane a bwenubwenu nokhanokha. Agaru inu eti.

  9. Chinunda was not suppose to go with the team Mwai and Chinunda are not intame Chinunda is a cofuesionist

  10. Jabu says:

    Really mwai is looking sexy. getting her on your bed, definitely she just realize it is on.Look at her. I think now she is tired. She wants it.

  11. Mbuya says:

    Zi azimai zonyasa nkhope zobadwa ngati amuna zili ku NAM zikufuna kuononga netball…..Ubwino wake nonse ozunza dziko lathuli mu njira zosiyanasiyana ambuye akukulangani mmodzimodzi

  12. Myao says:


  13. Myao says:


  14. ophiri says:

    Carline Ntukule Ngwira si mbwenumbwenu nanuso. AGALU INU AKUMPOTO NO WONDER YOU WILL NOT RULE THIS COUNTRY

  15. Kamuzu 11 says:

    The problem I can foresee is favoritism because the coach is affiliated to a club. There is need for NAM to review this and employ a full time coach for the queens, who does not coach a local club. For once lets be professional!

  16. Njou says:

    Can someone out there tell me why NAM president, Rose Chinunda travels with the national netball team where ever it goes? What critical/unique role does she play which the team officials cannot manage to handle? Why should it always be the NAM president and not other sports presidents? Government please take note of this for it is unnecessary expenditures. Remember, allowances for officials are much higher than those of players. No wonder Chinunda does everything possible to win the NAM presidency. She makes sure the players are not paid their dues so that she and her cronies pocket full allowances which are meant for the players. Any player questioning their morality is shown the exit door. This is the highway of the Queens downfall.

  17. dayfri says:

    let Chinunda be the coach for queens…..mmai uyu alibe nzeru….How I wish I met you at alonely place ndidza kumenyani chimbama chakumaso

  18. Ombewe a mu Blantyre says:

    Ine msaname,,,ndinagwa chikondi kalekale ndi mkaziyu mumati mwai kumwendayu…amandisangallatsa ndipo ndimafuna nditazakumanako naye ameneyu,kaya angandilole kaya.Mtsikana ndiwe owala

  19. francis langson says:

    guyzs plz stop affect this girls thy did good job to apperance in the world,lets fight wth gondwe.

  20. baggio says:

    Nkwidzi,dyela,kaduka ndi mabodza a Malawi tikusiya ma netballer enieni tikutenga adzibale anthu chifukwa chadyera south africa inatimenya chifukwa chazomwezi panonso mukupita ndi anthu apanda ntchito mukufuna kugoononga Ndalama?tionetsana mukabwela ndi nyagwita za ma Pryer mwatengazo

  21. mphwache wa bingu says:

    Adulation too much misheche bring back Saenda kuti ziyende

  22. Malawiano says:

    Kodi President wa FAM, Nyamirandu amathanso kuperekeza Flames kunja?
    NAM was that necessary kuti nyumba yonse ipite? imagine mutapanga ngozi (God forbid) mungatani?

  23. Kaka says:

    Koma Chinunda amandinyasa. Useless bafoon lady

  24. Charter says:

    Why should Rose Chinunda and Carol Bapu accompany the team if a team manager is present? What role will they play there? Ok, if there is real need for them, why two? One should be enough. Tourism eti, kumatinamiza kuti ndinu official! Mukataniko kemeneko popeza there is no role needing you? And mwafinya ma allowance oposa coach, you have booked yourselves better rooms, etc!!!!!!

  25. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Mwai is sexy indeed

  26. Jimuni says:

    NAM and its technical team are set on a SELF DESTRUCT mode for the Queens

  27. Sabil says:

    Atumbuka muberekana bwanji Ameen ana inu akazi mmatigulitsa ife a pakati ndi kummwera.? You will be seeking for crying words to comfort yourself but it won’t help.

  28. Lomwe says:

    Tikabwezera muziti talakwitsa nthawizose regionalisim atumbuka mudakhalabwanji ndi za malawi izi mesa atumbukawo mwasankhana mwachinyengo ku campko ukuwona ngati kumulanje kulibeko zimenezi ufuse akweni

  29. phingo says:

    Don’t expect to win coz of tumbukalization!!! Worst of resources!!!!!

  30. Idi Amini Dada says:

    ten players from the north only 2 from south and central, tikamati atumbuka amalida pa za sports mwaiona? osati odya mbewa inu! mumazalima fodya kwathu kuno ku mphelembe ngat matenant.


  32. Hhmmmmmm Nyika Republic woyeeeeee

  33. Man says:

    Koma azimayi okha! paliponse kupangirana nsaje! Mukusewera ndi ndalama zathutu za misonkho, a bilimankhwe, tonkhwetonkhwe, nanzikambe, inu!

  34. Mupoto mwenecho says:

    90% plus from the north…

  35. Katolora says:

    Inside politics will not help the Queens. It only nurtures hatred and divisions. Our netball will not go far. Can NAM grow up for once?

  36. victor kanchisi says:

    At chikopa, zikuwawa simati

  37. Kasim says:

    Whether you like it or not these people are representing Malawi not the north where you say they come from .let is accept the pipo have skill are talented in many areas of development. Most people who hate northerners know they can’t compete with them hence the hatred. Wake up guys send your children to better xcool and you will see the fruits of working hard in xcool. You expect with your stupid chikamwni culture you can raise cultured and strong families? Behave like you have some brain in your skulls

  38. yangu Aino says:

    nepotism ndi mumpira momwe?? nkhani ndiyoti Assu wamwalira..guys he was my good frend here in malawi.. ndithandizeni ticket yandege ndikapepese malirowa..guys

  39. Zangazatha says:

    Atumbuka are stars indeed. Konse… Mkalasi, Sukulu, Sports. How did Atumbuka end up sharing dziko ndi mbuli zinazi izi. Ntchito kubeleka basi. No wonder Malawi Queens are World stars. Ndi Chifukwa cha Atumbuka osati mbuli

  40. kadokera says:

    Nyika republic team. Viva mpoto viva wasungwana

  41. N'kanamwano says:

    Who is the netball coach? Why did u hire a coach if u want to start dictating which players she should pick? Izizo zomati technical panel isankhe ma player izi ndi bullshit. Inu a Nam u r fools. U pretend to know netball pamene mukusokoneza zinthu zedi. Dyera too much. Issue ya Mwawi munasokoneza ndinu. Pano mukufuna kusokoneza coach. One day… hmmm Lord have mercy on u.

  42. Koma ana amenewa amakhala malo omvetsa chisoni. Amaoneka obeba mu ma news mu koma kukumana nawo, munthu umamva chisoni ndithu. Muzayese kupanga nawo chibwenzi and muzaone mabvuto amene amakumana nawo. Ndinali ndichibwenzi ndiwosewera wina koma nditapita kwawo kumene amakhala ndinamva chisoni, makamaka kutchuka konseko. I will do something, as i will have to talk to the relevant authorities.

  43. GRM says:

    Why putting a picture of Mwai not Chiokho? Strange reporting

  44. john says:

    Atumbuka achuluka in this team not trying to be tribalistic koma eh abale apa zikhala ngati za Kinnah if we are not careful

    1. johnM says:

      If they are the best players in Malawi then it is not a problem. If you don’t want tumbukas to dominate netball and football then you should encourage your sisters to take up netball and you should take up football otherwise, you should shut upt

  45. Alf says:

    Peter Fote of JOY TV posed a question to CAROL BAPU about a hidden syndicate. Here we are with a mess. Supid Carol. Shame on you.

  46. anthoroki says:

    You see killing our team. Let the coach choose the team and if the so called Nam has issues it should consult the coaching panel instead of imposing players in the team. Instead of making ten steps forward of developing our netball we are making twenty steps back wards. Grow up guys

  47. half trillion says:

    paja akuti NAM yatha 10 years with no audit. silly women…

  48. ambewe says:

    Achinundawo akukatani? Mayi ameneyu eeeh ndiovuta

  49. Ineyo says:

    Kumwenda, chimaliro, waya…chibokho: dropped

  50. The real ujeni says:

    NAM is acting like DPP to much mafia activities going on there. This is incredible. The whole name selecting players?

  51. INVESTIGATOR says:


  52. Bristol says:

    The coach should take this issue maturely because such things happen in the sports matters. It is about professionalism and not personal attack.

  53. chibwatiko mbekamachuni says:

    Who selects players? I thought a coach is responsible for that, if the team loses who is to blame? NAM mumatipotse

  54. Alex Likoswe says:

    Rose Chinunda????? Sick

  55. Chikopa says:

    Nyika Republic. I stopped supporting the useless and stupid team.

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