Namadingo’s patience pays dividends: Malawi musician of the moment cuts new hit single

He’s patience is finally paying him dividends after waiting for so long for a breakthrough. He’s finally made his mark. He’s becoming the country’s most exciting music prodigy, and he’s loved.

Namadingo: Malawi music prodigy par excellence

Namadingo: Malawi music prodigy par excellence

Patience Namadingo is nothing but ‘an ass of the track team.’ He’s arguably loved by all and sundry in the music echelons and it wouldn’t be folly to speculate he’s put on this earth for the sole purpose of giving hilarious entertainment.

The undisputed music extraordinaire, Malawian unconventional Afro-Gospel prodigy, Patience Namadingo is without an iota of doubt living up to his new image as the country’s music game changer with his continued sophisticated and plausible ear-pleasing harmonies and mind-blowing lyrical undertones.

The ludicrous Msati Mseke hit-maker is a full package and his music exploits put him ahead of his time. The diminutive songster is rolling in the deep and quickly pushing the Malawi music game far-and-beyond the barricade with each new composition that he makes.

The illustrious Malawi gospel fallen queen, the late Grace Chinga in an interview in December 2015 labelled Namadingo as ‘a very creative musician’ and prophesied that Namadingo will go far with his music because he’s got it all together.

The compelling narrative for Namadingo’s music – from early compositions such as Mfumu Kale and Mtendere through to Msati Mseke to Macheza, Namadingo has created a league of his own and is fast pushing all those pouting rebellious and unappreciative souls and tyrannical high-trousered haters who defied the truth – as now it seems that it was all written on the walls of destiny before he’d even recorded a note.

In an interview, the soft-spoken entertainer explains that largely it is his attitude to music that makes a difference saying it makes him happy to see people happy when listening to his music.

“Some would choose circumstances, perhaps saying I would be happy if I get rich out of music or be more famous but in reality, though, attitude oftentimes trumps circumstances when it comes to happiness,” he says.

Namadingo believes that in music, both for the artist and the listener, happiness is good medicine.

“The bible in Proverbs 17 Vs 22 states that; “A joyful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit saps one’s strength.” 

Unlike circumstances, over which you have little control – you can control your attitude. I make music that makes other people happy, that, is far much more important to me than anything else,” explains Namadingo.

Malawi UK based Film and TV Audiences Scholar and communications specialist Dr. Joseph Chimbuto says Namadingo is one musician in Malawi who connects with the souls of the people classifying his music as deep and amazing stuff made of legend.

“I have to confess that I’m not a fan of gospel music but having listened to this guy I ‘m impressed for he communicates to the audiences well. As an expert (in audience studies) I’ve problems with the way most gospel music is used as a medium to evangelise to the masses and poignantly they disinterest masses,” explains Dr. Chimbuto who is also a journalist.

Chimbuto says it creativity at its best to blend various Malawian adages together and fuse them in the biblical context.

“Namadingo’s music is a must listen because he’s relevant. Africans need to receive gospel messages packaged in African way and it’s time we’ve to be unchained from the colonial prescribed packaging of biblical teachings. Namadingo is doing well and his video production to his new song is a good piece of art, added Dr. Chimbuto.”


His new sizzling thought-provoking hit song, ‘Mozimila’ and its lyrics are just too cavernous for an average Joe and Joana to comprehend and his voice is as sweet as a free bird in the green forest.

The new song is pure and simple but full of wisdom as the message is deriving from a collection of adages and if truth be told, it can only be Namadingo who can do that – blending the secular and the word together in a danceable arrangement for somewhat a gospel song to be appreciated across the divide.

His vocal codes and range are just exhilarating, enlivening and as soft as she-mouse’s belly and the song is a swooping, euphoric anthem and comes with a huge pop jazz hook and he follows with an idiosyncratic first-rate music video production.

It’s with his ‘coming of age’ new chart-bursting hit single that the Lilongwe born and bred music act launches himself perhaps as a new version of a younger Wambali Mkandawire.

In  Mozimila, Namadingo is making a bold statement that he is a force to reckon with on the Malawian music front as he has taken a very bold move to fuse his music between traditional beats and a somewhat jazzy tune while at the same time maintaining his individuality.

In the new song, Namadingo is not only showcasing his singing abilities he proves that he’s clever and more tactical in  his storytelling propensity and his guitar plucking knack, puts him in the league of the country’s radiant and excellent guitar wizards such as Peter Likhomo, Lulu, Eric Paliani among others.

The music video of the new track is both artistically and aesthetically ambitious with its concept so simple and easy to relate to the message of the song but the production sophisticated and overambitious and the use of the shooting location complete the storyline.

The jazzy buzz-cuts, the drums, the naked bodies playing instruments under water and the outstanding voice coming in from the cold suggest that Namadingo is a complete artist and he greatly enjoys his freedom like a domesticated uncaged bird.

The new song starts as a delicate flute-voiced guitar ballad and surges forward with an almost military snare while the lyrics brims with ‘crooking’ emotion and seriousness of the words of the elders blended with the gospel of Good News.

‘Mozimila’ is sumptuously produced and perfectly sung, with just enough intrigue. If it lacks personality, there are signs – especially on the dubby neo-soul of ‘Truth’ and ‘honesty’ – that he’s in the process of developing one perhaps the only drawback is that the song doesn’t have a chorus for those who love to ‘dance in the Lord.’

The dark days of scripted horseplay with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude in the Malawi gospel circles seem a long way over as Namadingo seems to have thrown the game into the abyss and proves that gospel music isn’t just telling obsolete biblical stories but something that resonates with daily living.

Commenting on Namadingo’s music Malawi’s renowned poet, Nyamalikitiki Nthiwatiwa (real name Chisomo Mdala) says he has always known of his potential from his first album but in the latest offering, he’s shown a sense of maturity that his music is no longer a hobby but a vocation.

“(Patience) Namadingo is currently one of those exciting stage performers always trying to push his envelope. Profoundly I like how he engages audiences and his spontaneity. More work on the guitar will have the musical world swooping to a nearly – complete musician,” lauds the Dziko liri m’manja mwa agalu poet.

Veteran music promoter and lawyer Jai Banda Entertainer’ of Entertainers promotions sing praises for Namadingo labelling him the best musician Malawi has ever have saying that he has a bright future in music.

Says Banda: “His music style is unique and something very different emerging from the souls of Malawi. It is soulful sweet and captivating and there’s no doubt, Patience will get very far in his music journey. One doesn’t have to be a Malawian to love Namadingo’s music. He’s indeed the future of Malawi music.”

The new track which is poised to be a cracker, Mozimila is very Namadingoish, soulful, bright and full of attitude and coming from him, it’s no surprise and the lead guitar and the song’s arrangement is sweet and soft and Namadingo is without doubt rolling in the music deep end.

Below is the new video:

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6 thoughts on “Namadingo’s patience pays dividends: Malawi musician of the moment cuts new hit single”

  1. Justice face says:


  2. Mbodzole says:

    Isn’t it a good thing to say or write something positive and appreciate someone while they are still alive rather than putting up some long eulogies when they are dead and gone? The author has just done that. And you blame him for appreciating someone’s talent! If you read this article properly, it’s all about talent and the uniqueness of Namadingo. The guy is talented and that’s a fact.

    Now coming to your perception of gospel music, you seem to be those brainwashed and close minded fellas who think gospel music should be done in some soft RnB, soul or Jazz kind of music to make it gospel regardless of the message. One wonders why in our pentecostal churches today, people sing and dance to local and vernacular choruses but revert to american inspired tunes during time of worship. The Don Moens and Michael W Smiths of this world brainwashed you to think that’s worship. Don Moen once sang this song ‘God Will Make A Way’ for his sister-inlaw and husband whose son died in a car accident. But many times I have heard it people singing the song akuti ndi ya worship. How about worshiping to Benjamin Dube’s music. Someone who does music as a profession. Surely, name one gospel artist who is anointed as you say and prove the same to me. This is all subjective. Hate.

    Well, you have said we cannot mix gospel with our traditions. But really why do Born-Again christians adopt new and modern ways of life instead of living the medieval forms of life that were there during Jesus times? Why do you use television to preach, why do you use internet to share gospel messages, why do you use cars, why do your so-called gospel musician perform live shows, how about boarding a plane and owning one, etc! Isn’t that combining the gospel with modern traditions?

    On another note, are christians not supposed to be entertained in a gospel way? It doesn’t really matter who else likes one’s gospel music. In fact is good for the gospel music to be also played during parties, weddings, etc. Spreading the message and that’s the meaning of gospel.

    It is this spirit that Muslims are killing each other and others because some believe life should be lived in medieval ways as it was during Muhammed. And you are no different.

    1. Mbodzole says:

      This was in response to this misguided BA called #Malangizo

  3. Mayi a Titatu says:

    @ Malangizo, so what are you suggesting? Who should we imitate if we can not come up with songs locals can relate to? It is not every church that sings the hymns as you put it so are you saying that they are not singing to God. For some churches their songs have never appeared anywhere on the lime light and for some they disappeared the moment they appeared, are you saying when they sing such songs it is vain before God. It is only God who can judge.

    Remember, it all originates from the heart. If the one singing the song is doing it from their vocal cord even if it sounds glorifying to the listener, it is noise to the Lord. Because you are singing amazing grace it does not mean you partake in it. The partake thingy is what is important. God desires the heart, the whole purpose and essence of the singing the songs. So whether old with western genre or local what matters is whether it edifies the one singing or not other wise they are all noise before him.

  4. chemuyaya says:

    Patience is a FULL artist, he is very creative when doing his job. You cant imagine which came first between the video and the audio just like how Micheal Jackson was doing his job. Malawians need to be proud for having such brains

  5. Malangizo says:

    Mr reporter
    Surely you have tried real very hard to persuade someone into seeing what you want them see from this vedeo. You tried well hard to verbs, nouns, adjectives and all their relatives to try to bring home your point. Yah! This song needed an over lengthened comentery like this perhaps. Art speaks for itself!. Patience Namadingo is a talented artist, fact!. He is creative, fact!. He is unigue, fact!. His new projects are getting further and further away from real Gospel principles, fact!. Bible readers should know the The Word of God is not supposed to be mixed with traditions!. If the two are mixed, you will excell in achieving one thing, making the Word none EFFECTIVE. Focuss on music, people dance, people will laugh…..but the message will be non effective! The songs will be known for dancability…..but not for the message turning the whole thing into secular or let me say heathen dance song fit for pubs and filthy parties. Fine fine…real gospel songs live , live and live long for the gospel never dies. Thats why you still get touched by ‘Yehova Mbusa wangadi ndilbe kusowa’..and all the old Gospel songs. Some one is shouting..’you are talking of hynms’..they are simply pieces of music done by truly annointed artists, annointed by the Spirit of God. This idea of mixing traditions and the Christian Gospel is very wrong and not from the Bible!. Lastly i will compare two songs from Mr Namadingo…i know you remember Mtendere…and the most recent one Msati mseke…mtendere, with its weaknesses aside, will still have a slight touch to the heart if played today though it was done many years ago while msati mseke came, made noise for about 6months and is now burried. Macheza’s life was even shorter…mozimila will have its weeks and get burried soon. Mixing gospel and traditions makes the Word non effective!! This is too far from a real gospel song. The artist is getting too far from true gospel singing. Ndathera pano

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