Nandolo under probe for ‘exercising ministerial powers’

Suspended Blantyre City Council (BCC) Chief executive officer (CEO) Ted Nandolo is being investigated on allegations that he was exercising ministerial powers in executing some of his duties.

Suspended Blantyre City Council CEO Ted Nandolo

Suspended Blantyre City Council CEO Ted Nandolo

Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development suspended Nandolo three weeks ago with no pay .

The ministry is carrying investigations into  allegations that Nandolo was implementing salary increments without following required procedures.

The letter of suspension dated March 24 2015 and signed by former principal secretary for Local Government and Rural Development, Kester Kaphaizi, said Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Trasizio Gowelo raised concerns regarding Nandolo’s conduct to approve and implement the salary adjustments.

“The decision you made has serious consequences more especially where it has been observed that as chief executive officer you actually exercised the powers of the minister without authority.

“I, therefore, wish to advise that in exercise of the powers vested in him by the Local Government (amendment) Act Number 17 of 2010, section 6(2), the Honourable Minister has directed that you be suspended from exercising the powers and functions of your office with immediate effect,” reads the letter.

Nandolo, however, said the salary implementation was done while he was away to Vietnam on duty and the office had to adjust the salaries to suppress an impending strike.

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30 thoughts on “Nandolo under probe for ‘exercising ministerial powers’”

  1. nyavizwazwa says:

    Anthu wozolowera kuzunza anthu amatero. Kuwonjedzera malipiro a anthu sikulakwa konse. Koma funsa nalo, kodi nthawi yonseyi a Nandolo akhala ali CEO wa city of Blantyre bwanji amangoyang’ana osakwedza malipilo a anthu?

  2. Pa Malawi says:

    This is not surprising for people coming from Zomba. Ted Nandolo is from Zomba proper and we know many people from Zomba who are in the same situation.

  3. Nondolo yemweyo kuti wawawa…..!

  4. syamboza says:

    Za ndale DPP chakachatha no In second year show us what you have done kungobwera kudzakwatila basi

  5. mayankho anga says:

    Iwe minister, it seems suganizira anthu omwe ali pansipako. Nandolo sanalakwe and he portrays that amakonda anthu omwe akuwayang’anira and he doesn’t want to have a lion’s share, but thinks about his subordnates. Mwakhwana a Nandolo, and I think mutatimukhale a pulesidenti dziko lathu la Malawi anthu osauka, komanso omaba kaamba kochepa malipilo zitha kukhala mbiri ya makedzana. Chitani manyazi a minister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. True patriot says:

    If that is the case behind Nandolo’s suspension,then you must suspend all husbands because they excise presidential powers in their homes as well.

  7. A.kamwendo says:

    Wamaganizo abwino anenepo mbari yake nandolo sangango mpekela nkhani

  8. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    This should be a lesson to the Ministry of Local Government. While we could blame or condemn Nandolo for implementing the salary increments without seeking ministerial approval, the whole, the Act need to be revised to accommodate autonomy of councils to implement some changes in line with their financial muscles or capacity.

  9. chatonda says:

    There is no evidence of stealing as most of you the other officers are known of. He was not available when the implementation took place. He was away to Vietnam, Why cant you prove him first before sacking him?

  10. mwana mulopwana says:

    I think we need more of Nandolo caliber in our country , we don’t need people to raise alarm in a form of strike

  11. kiko says:

    I would not shade a tear for the bastard. He abandoned fellow Lomwes because of Joice Cahsgate Banda. Let him go and let Alfred Chanza take the mantle. There is so much rot at BCC because of Nandolo as ladies were the one calling the shots after giving him their bottom middle fruit. Let the bastard go in peace and never to be seen again at BCC

  12. My Haphazard Government says:

    Lets do a little bit of deep probing. Is what I hear that there is some sort of relationship by consanguinity betwwen Kaphaizi and the Acting CEO true. Rumour mill has it that the relationship between the two is what drove the PS to find faults with Nandolo.

    Was Nandoro herad before being suspended without pay. Am afraid if not then Government acted unfairly.

    Malawi, cant we as a country, be sane for one moment and be driven by a desire to advance a national agenda rather than using all our energies to promote personal and malicious vendetta against each other.

  13. Tatyata says:

    Was he heard ?

  14. sunderstar says:

    Mr Gowelo is a very bad and cruel Minister, He florishes is Miseche and is firing well established workers because of petty Jelousies. Ted Nandolo has never acted as A minister anywhere, has never addressed meetings in Blantyre posing as a minister, if Mr Nandolo has raised the salaries of employees against the regulated standards then he is supposed to be warned and quotioned not to repeat. We have sadly also observed that this Gowelo is victimising a woman DC in Chitipa because of miseche, this type of behaviour will only make DPP to be a very unpopular party, Gowelo must be stopped and transferred to another ministry before he messes up with people because the Blantyre City Assembly employees have been underpaid in terms of salaries for quite a long time and raising their salaries is not an issue, he has a human heart. Warning! Blantyre City Assembly workers may explode into strikes very soon if this is not properly handled.

  15. GRM says:

    The Minister has made a big mistake. Employees at the assembly who are happy with new salaries can easily frustrate The Minister or anyone appointed to replace this so called good boss who raised their salary. This in long run will create problems for any new management.

    I also have two questions
    1. Where was the mayor if he was implementing salary increment
    2. Was there equity or he raised his own salary and leave out the rest.

  16. Nkhombokombo says:

    A Boma mwaonjedza apa. A Nandolo sanathyolere ndalamazo mthumba mwao, amapanga nchito yao. Iyi yikanakhala nkhani yamnyumba osati pamene mwafikitsa yapa. Kodi mukufuna anthu azibvutika ndalama zilipo? City iyo yikuenda bwino-bwino panopa no phokoso pa zamalipiro. Pena mziganizila okugwirilani nchito anthuni! Marubishi inu!

  17. MELINDA says:


  18. Lovemore Najeya says:

    I wouldn’t disagree with those who are commending the suspended BCC CEO that what he did by raising the pay was in the best interest of staff. But perhaps what they miss and end up demonizing Hon. Gowelo is that the CEO did not follow the right channel in doing so. Let me give a simple example, if you are a Christian young man and you have a relationship with a girl with the intent that you will get married one day, and you have even introduced your girlfriend to the Pastor and church elders, then you decide to just bring her into your house and you start living as a family, certainly both of you will be suspended from the church. But in reality marrying is not a taboo, but the procedures here have been flouted. In Malawi, we still have a long way to go in terms understanding issues with critical minds, no wonder most of the comments people provide are based on little understanding of the issues under debated.

  19. George Lihoma says:

    I also don’t care to be ridiculed for doing a just cause to the marginalised poor. As long as its the right thing to do in God’s eyes. Mr Nandolo stand firm, the state is gonna exonerate you in future. No nome do pater, spirito sancto. Hahahahahaha!

  20. zaonaine says:

    Nandolo ndi deal unlike those cashgaters.

  21. J.C says:

    The issue is negotiable suspension or dismisal will only potray bad reputation from the minster of local gvt hon.Gowero.To error is human and to forgive is divine.Hon Gowero let me tell you that Mr Nandolo had done this in good faith,he wanted to cover your weaknesses because you are the one who was supposed to make such salary adjustments but you didnt.If you continue advocating for his dismisal God will punish you.I have spoken.

  22. jj says:

    to me’ Nandolo sanalakwe!
    It all depends wth the availabity of the funds @ the council’
    if the council can sustain the incrment so what is the purpose 4suspending him?

  23. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    What are the BCC workers doing to protect their boss , are you just sitting phwiii ? He is being crucified because of increasing your salaries.

  24. Tim Masamba says:

    This man is an idiot only survived due to marriage blood line(JB relative). This man lives up to his name after all nandolo is nandolo!!!

  25. kunene kude. says:

    Kodi iwe gowero ndiye utinso iwe munthu oipa vuto ndilakuti munthu ukakhala kangandiwamba umakhala wansanje ndi amene akuganizira ena ovutika. A Nandolo sanabe komaso ataona iwowo paudindo wao ngati CEO wa BCA kuti ndalama zikuyenda bwanji alinazo zokwanila kuti anthu awaonjezere anawaonjezera osati a Nandolo kutenga ndikukhutitsa thumbalao penapake tadziganizani bwino kodi anthu ndalama adzionjezeledwa chifukwa afika potula zida pansi?a Gowero chitani manyazi sanakulandeni udindo ayi koma chifukwa choidziwa ntchito ndimtima wachikondi kwa ogwira ntchitowo ndi chifukwa anapanga zimenezi. BRAVO NANDOLO ndipemphero langa kuti nkhaniyi muyiwine.

  26. Peter Mathanyula wakuba says:

    kodi ma suit a ma bokosi ma bokosi akadalipobe? inetu i thought adatha back in 2008

  27. Kwangwagwa says:

    A minister mukanamuyamikira munthuyu. He saved BCC from embarrassment of a strike. Musamupangire nsanje. Adzakubwezerani penapake.

  28. Patriot says:

    Mayor wa BCC walephera kuthamangitsa ma vendor mu Limbe.

  29. wawa says:

    But if he saw how much BCA makes..him as CEO anawona kuti panali chofuka kutero ..I like people like him it means…. he went to school and hes trying to use his skills on how to balance BCA.. BOTH SIDES.. Inde he was wrong some where may be …

    Komanso kungoti aminister akumupangira nsanje bwanji sanamufunse NANDOLO why he did that?….At th end akawina wina mulandu muluza zambiri…ndalama …

    You are just trying to make him well known or famous for just course….SANABE BOLA KOMA AMAFUNA KUTHANDIZA WOGWIRA NTCHITO… we love you Nandolo.. Simunabe

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