NBM pip Standard Bank of Malawi in half year profits

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) has claimed the top position as Malawi’s biggest bank by both profits and assets if half year financial statements from NBM and its closes rival Standard bank are anything to go by.

Prof Mathews Chikaonda, chair of NBM

Prof Mathews Chikaonda, chair of NBM

NBM head office in Blantyre

NBM head office in Blantyre

NBM were the first to announce their 2015 half year results recording a profit before tax of K11.7 billion against Standard Bank’s K9.8 billion representing almost a 25 % difference.

On assets, NBM announced that its total assets at the first half of the year stood at a K22 billion while Standard bank recorded total assets were at K18 billion.

The NBM pre-tax profit of K11.8 billion is higher by 16% compared to K10.1 billion earned during the same period last year.

“The results have shown that NBM is the biggest bank in Malawi by both profits and assets because of its strong financial management and this shows that most Malawians have confidence in the local bank,” said one financial analyst.

According to financial statements published in the local press, Standard Bank said in the first half of the year, the macroeconomic environment continued to be characterized by high lending rates which constrained credit expansion.

“Treasury bill yields generally abated, partly due to the high market liquidity that characterized the most part of the period,” reads part of Standard Bank statement signed by its Board Chairman Rex Harawa, Board Director Andrew Chioko, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Mashanda and Chief Financial Officer Temwaka Simwaka.

On the other hand, NBM said the bank’s own capacity to lend was effectively reduced by Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM)’s change in Liquidity Reserve Requirement rules by introducing additional Malawi Kwacha liquidity reserves against foreign currency balances and other administrative measures to complement tight monetary policy stance.

“The forecast for the second half of the year points to an environment of high inflation, high interest rates and a depreciating kwacha. Lagged pass through effects of the depreciating Kwacha and food prices are expected to dominate and influence the rate of inflation. Thus, the results for the second half of the year are expected not to be significantly different from those of the first half,” reads party of the NBM statement signed by its Board Chairman Matthews Chikaonda, Board Director Don Kambalametore, Chief Executive Officer George Partridge and Chief Financial Officer Mac Fussy Kawawa.

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12 thoughts on “NBM pip Standard Bank of Malawi in half year profits”

  1. Kubadi eee ine tsiku lina ndalama ndizizasunga mtsuko ndikukwilira pansi. Ma bank akuba awaa. U satana upose pamenepa

  2. mwene says:

    Ripping off already poor and pathetic Malawians!!!!! Any cause for celebrations when causing misery to millions in this poor nation??????

  3. Bola Kwimuka. says:

    How can you not make super profits when you charge K30 000 for every bounced cheque? ….and what about those high unexplained charges,on top of interest, on loans obtained. National Bank is worse than Satan!

  4. Luso says:

    Stealing from poor malawians! Shame on you shameless people

  5. Anti Orange says:

    No wonder, these banks make it so tough to get our money out they are sitting pretty on everyone’s cash. Invest some of these profits in better customer service, more staff and then we will be impressed.

  6. Sititiriti Venda says:

    No surprise at all for both NBM and STD. Standard’s backwardness is so amazing. There technology; my God! What an international bank.

  7. chimwemwe says:

    It is only Banks and exporters like limbe leaf,JTI , africal leaf who are making huge profits as RBM are allowing them to make profits due shortgae of forex in malawi at the expense of poor malawians. free float is only to the advantage to the banks local farmers are suffering as kwacha devalues after tobacco is sold so inputs to be bought at higher prices RBM WAKE UP, ENOUGH is ENOUGH dont take MALWIANS for granted

  8. mbwiye wapata says:

    Malawi is a sorry sight…banks keep making super profits in a contracting economic environment….something aint right here…..milking thin cows to death..lol!!!! no matter corruption is rampant..people need to find a way to survive…and the government sits phwiii!!! why not regulate these banks so that they make normal profits??


    I’m really concerned about what’s happening at Standard Bank.
    Under the chairmanship of Chitsime its performance was phenomenonal, growing its profit from 7.9bn to 12bn (2012 to 2013, respectively) and its dividend was healthy.
    Under the current board its profit remains static at 12bn: questionable performance. Perhaps a radical reshuffle at your next AGM would help. Perhaps even bring back Chitsime at the top.

  10. Press says:

    Chikaonda bank has made a profit of 300billion kwacha after tax

  11. zeze says:

    FBM overcharges us with its dubious charges, yet they don’t register as many profits as you NBM do, can advise them to stop the thievery they do to their clients? I never appreciated their service on what they do to my acc. Unfortunately, i can not change the bank bcoz my employer pays me thru this bank out of default… see, slavery, isn’t it?

  12. captain says:

    Kodi George patridge is a life CEO of National bank? Ma bank mukumatibela kukumakhala ma deductions Ena a silent,one day i took them head on after i observed some unknown deductions in my account then they refunded into my account. Hw many Malawians are bn robbed K1000 or more on daily basis thru unknown deductions

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