Ndaona Satema admits getting K167mil ‘Cashgate’ in her account: Denies getting 10% commission

Ndaona Satema, one of the accused persons in the K2.4 billion Cashgate also involving former budget director Paul Mphwiyo, confessed that her account was used to deposit money from the looting in public funds at Capital Hill known as Cashgate.

DPP Mary Kachale:  They knew it was Cashgate

Satema of Kanengo Building Contractors admitted in court through her lawyer Moses Nkhono  to have received three cheques amounting to K167 million which she deposited in her company account and later cashed out and remitted the cash to Cashgate convict Leonard Kalonga who masterminded payments from government through several contractors,.

But Satema who pleaded not guilty to a money laundering charge  claimed she did not  received her 10 percent commission from Kalonga and she has told the court that she was not aware that the cheques were of money stolen from the Malawi government.

Nkhono told the court that Satema admits three cheques went through her account.

“But the admission of these facts is not admitting the offence,” the lawyer argued.

Kalonga—who was convicted of charges of conspiracy to defrauding government, facilitating money laundering and money laundering— testified that Satema got her 10 percent commission.

Director of Public Prosecution, Mary Kachale told Judge Esmie Chambo that Satema and other suspects confirmed their account were used to cash Cashgate cheques from government but “they are disputing that they took 10 percent.”

Kachale said the suspect including Stanford Mpoola of Stadal Building contractors,  Fatch Chungano of Makhausi, Sympathy Chisale of  Mchemani Building Contractors  “knew the purpose of which this money was being  drawn.”

Mphwiyo, former accountant general David Kandoje and one Auzius Kazombo-Mwale and convicted civil servant Maxwell Namata denied various counts, including conspiracy to defraud, theft by a public servant, theft by a servant, negligence and money laundering, among others.

Others who pleaded not guilty to related charges were Steven Phiri, George Banda, Michael Mphatso, Samuel Mzanda, Andrews Chilalika,  Clemence Madzi, Rosevelt Ndovi, Mpoola,  Chungano, Cecilia Ng’ambi, Gerald Magaleta Phiri and Chisale.

Businessperson Limumba Karim is on the run in South Africa after absconding bail and a warrant of arrest was issued by the court.

The theft led international donors, which bankroll the country’s budget by up to 40%, to pull the plug on aid worth $150m until the government in Lilongwe cleans up the situation.

Political commentators have expressed fears that donors will suspend aid indefinitely because it could take years for the courts to complete cases that implicate several senior officials of the People’s party of former president Joyce Banda, as well as top civil servants and business people.

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19 thoughts on “Ndaona Satema admits getting K167mil ‘Cashgate’ in her account: Denies getting 10% commission”

  1. dowa boy says:

    Let’s stone to death those are accused of cashgate just like we do with others who are caught and accused of stealing chicken or other things. Its unfortunate have never met this people in person but marking my words I can stab them to death if I meet them. Aziyenda mosamala am after them now one by one.many soul were lost cause of this

  2. koma abale inu eeh says:

    Many of these accused individuals should just start making reservations for beds or spaces on the floor to sleep on when, not if, they get to jail. They have no chance of avoiding jail time, unless they are sick. Really sick that they can’t get out of “bed”.
    One thing they will have going for them while in prison is moderation on the part of the guards. Sentencing these kind of criminals to HARD LABOR is de rigeur, among judges in Malawi. Most of the work is back breaking, worse than hoeing in the garden to be sure. Like when the prisoners (akamachecha mauzu m’mbali mwa mseu) are cutting grass on the edges on the main roads, like M1, one can see sweat dripping and soaking the thick “shirts” worn by them.
    It still easier today doing hard labor, as if you have the money you can even buy chikondamoyo (African muffin) from passing vendors, and eat discretely albeit on the fly. Far cry from the days of Kamuzu when hard labor meant harsh labor.

  3. mphatso says:

    Cashgate has a woman face. Women were factored in the equation some satisfying the formula, others in the result. Satemwa, Senzani etc. Greedy stimulates the inclusion

  4. Kamuzu 11 says:

    Section 10 of The Money Laundering Act states that a person has benefited from an offence if the person has at any time received any payment in connection with, or derived from, the commission of serious crime, whether committed by that person or another person…………..

  5. mmc says:

    Bingu never sololad money from account number one. But these PP people and civil servants did just that. 236m anaikoka ndi a PP Kamlepo and Harry in order to distract the public from this show cause they knew it was coming soon rather than later

    1. Gogo says:

      Was kamplemo an mp wen 500 million mumaba? In 8years sungamange ndata if u honest…even chair,kamuzu Ababa ndithu….Bingu’s worthy need to be audited. Why is it that minister of finance is not being questioned in all this cashgate…these are huge amounts to be withdrawn without his knowledge

  6. Nkhuluru says:

    Ndaona,how sad and pity I feed for you zomsezi ndi mtima wosakhutitsidwa, this is the price one pays for greedy and now you hve destroyed the reputation of your family.Someone should be groaning and turning in HIS grave and you know who.Madre de Deo now this is the time to encounter the reality show dont if you will survive.

  7. kelvin hill says:

    Sipakufunikaso umboni wina arrest them all finish

  8. donors will only come back after the bingu stolen moneys which mathanyula is keeping are returned to poor malawian souls!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. zembo says:

    This is embarrassing

  10. Mgoloso says:

    If indeed Bingu stole money, why not even a single Malawian has opened a case against him?. The BEST is to sue him and get his wealth back to government coffers.

    Malawians are TOO GOOD at fabricating stories against each other other than against people from other countries. We have a lot of crooked Indians, Burundians, Ruandans and Chinese in the country but none of them is being spotted by the so-called concerned Malawians and Civil Society Organizations.

    The obvious reason is that Civil Society Organization leaders are also dirty in their hands. People like for example; Sembereka, Trapence, are too dirty.

    1. Gogo says:

      Why attacking civil society in this? How sure are u bingu sanabe? In ur honest opinion can u build ndata in 8years? Bingu anaba ndithu the question is to prove it. But the audit report shows unasowa ndalama from 2004_2009. Who was president? Was it trapence?osamangolemba coz u can. Write zanzeru

  11. nGanGa says:

    Nchifukwa chake ena akutha.. mulandu kuchedwa uwu.

  12. Genghis Khan says:

    Could somebody please tell me why we still Mpwhiyo in the streets still driving fancy cars but somebody stealsna chicken and all we hear is ‘wakuba uyo,” and thr next thing people are getting stonesld and burnt to death. I’ve seen the convict Kasambala, Mphwiyo and the other hoodlums strutting their stuff like peacocks in town and they werent stoned. Why are they not stoned like the other criminals you kill like flies? Why dont you scream “wakuba uyo” when they pass you? Because you deserve it, you deserve to suffer and only cry on social media while these mafioso build mansions, drive fancy cars and sleep with your women. You even envy them because they have balls. Do you think they’re going to lose their mansions, offshore accounts and businesses? They’ll be out in less than 5yrs and still spit in your face because you and me will always be dumb. Was up and smell you Chombe Tea, this Cashgate has got Bakili Mukuzi, Bingu Wa Mutharika and Joyce Banda written all over it. Meanwhile continue to tweet and live your mediocre life.

  13. Gerald mapanga phiri says:

    It’s a real drama in a court. If we have so nice drama of k24 billion of PP and I’m sure it will be a real theatre on R236billion of DPP. I hope we will not suicides

  14. Gwenembe says:

    Koma zithunzi zawo kumationetsa a Nyasa tizizidziwa mfitizi pliz

  15. Gwenembe says:

    Ndaona Satema what you are saying is a total lie even a child will laugh it off. How can you allow a whooping K167 million be deposited into your account and not benefiting from it? Why then did you allow them to use your account and why choose you among all the contractors in Malawi without any strings attached? Kalonga ndi m’bale wako? You got 10% no doubt. You could have asked Kalonga why was he not depositing the cheques into his own account but because mumafuna kudya nawo mayi that is why you hurriedly used your account. YOU BENEFITED FROM THE DEAL.

  16. Palani says:

    Of course donors can not be impressed unless the K236 billion case is started and concluded. And Bingu stolen money is given back to Malawians

    1. Pido says:

      are you commenting on the issue at hand here?

Comments are closed.

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