New leads on K577bn DPP-era cashgate, says Kamlepo: ‘Malawi Parliament needs more time to peruse report’

Malawi Parliament says it has found new leads in the K577 billion cashgate during the Bingu wa Mutharika reign and this will delay the presentation of the report in the National Assembly.

Kamlepo Kalua: There is more information on the plunder

Kamlepo Kalua: There is more information on the plunder

Deputy chairperson of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Kamlepo Kalua said in an interview on Tuesday that new leads are pointing to misuse of public funds amounting to K1 trillion.

“Our report to parliament plenary will delay, we are following up these new leads. A lot of money has been plundered by the DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) government,” he said.

He said PAC now needs more time to scrutinize the report.

“For sure this has exceed the K577 billion and we are looking at it very carefully,” he said.

This will be the second time the report has been delayed to be presented in the House as parliament is expected to make recommendations on how to recover the money.

Kalua said one week was not enough to look into the whole report, saying the committee needed at least two weeks.

The issue has caused controversy after unknown thugs broke into the Germany embassy in Lilongwe and stole a computer that stole data regarding some information on the plunder of the public resources by alleged Bingu wa Mutharika and his cronies.

Police have not made any arrests to the theft of the computer although fingers point to intelligence officers of the National Intelligence Bureau.

Some parliamentarians say they will recommend that property of the former head of state be auctioned off to recover the public money, a move that will face stiff resistance from Peter Mutharika administration.

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33 thoughts on “New leads on K577bn DPP-era cashgate, says Kamlepo: ‘Malawi Parliament needs more time to peruse report’”

  1. The Partriot says:

    Thats what we need to develop in Malawi, we need ACCOUNTABILITY! if all thieves, regardless of their positions, religious or tribal affiliations, were made accountable and put behind bars(even posthumously), then Malawi will develop. But if we let these unpatriotic , selfish and egoccentric mafioso masquerading as political leaders go off the hook , then we should forget about development. Our people will continue to beg and die of hunger and disease just because we can not hold the mafia to account! Shame!!

  2. Zilani says:

    Well said Distinguished Malawian, I. salute you.

    Just to add on top of that Bingu’s first term was full of development bcoz he was under heavy scrutiny from the rhen formidable opposition.

    Again that period, 2005, Malawi qualified for debt cancellation. Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC).

    What happened was that the funds meant to service the loans was redirected to infrastructure development under HIPC account.

    The donors were all eyes on that money and Bingu couldn’t play with it. He was powerless to dictate. However, soon after giving him a victory, he grew wings mpaka kugula Jet using our tax money topped up with donor money.

    The rest of the story was a disaster. You know what happened. Our economy suffered and we were sleeping at fuel stations. Shame.

    We could have been in that situation today but thanks to MSB sale that settled the so much touted currency swap deal the govt got from PTA bank.

    Whether we like it or not, MSB sale was another broad day light cashgate.

  3. Mpunga Woviika..... says:

    You need more time kamlepo??????? Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!! do u know how much u taxed me????? It pains me ….Foolish just go ku mlowe uko wamva Chitsiru.Unali mu PP wapanga chani za cashgate?U take us for granted Ndakwiya nawe kwambiri.Don’t provoke us with your crooked strategies.

  4. mayepu says:

    mkuluyu akuwoneka kuti amamenya ganja mochuluka.tawonani masowo….kkkkkk

  5. Rob watsopano says:

    Ife zandale ayi, koma timafuna chitukuko. Koma pakhaniyi mafunso tilinawo.
    1- Kodi Bingu ndalama zomwe amapangila zitukuko amazitenga kuti ? Poti chiyambileni cha ndale ku Malawi kuno, ngati ine ndawona zitukuko ndi thawi ya Bingu basi.
    2- Kodi ndalama za zaka ziwiri mu thawi ya pp zinapangidwila chiyani ? Popeza palibe chitukuko chilichose chomwe anachita.
    Khani iyi ndi yosabvuta, chifukwa olo titati tiyambe kuwelengetsa tchito zomwe anthuwa apanga,chilungamo chiwoneka.
    Ife ndi a Malawi akumudzi,koma musatipusitse tinadzuka.
    Dzulo ndi lero ndilosiyana,Bakili anakwanitsa kutipusitsa koma lero sizitheka
    ndale zonamizana ndizakale Kamulepo, ndale zapakamwa ndi zakale,ife pano tikufuna tchito za munthu basi. TADZUKA IFE A MALAWI………..

  6. Wamisala says:


  7. Chatsika says:

    Kodi ndi juju oro chiyani

  8. Kanthiti Mzandu says:

    Wamisala akati ndikugenda ndiye kuti waponda mwala

  9. Wakwinthu says:

    A Kamlepo mwazelezeka ,change your style of getting money

  10. chikopa says:

    Hon Enock Chihana, future president of Malawi? My foot! Perhaps he will be next Chikulamayembe. But I am told this might not be possible as his mother is from Mzimba. Kamplepo has no balls. Does he have the skills to read the audit report? Izitu siza standard six yakale yomwe adachita. chonde siyani sensualizing the figure at MK1 Trillion Kwacha. Yafikapo bwanji pamenepo? Kamplepo you are just stupid brute.

  11. observer mission says:

    Wadidi nkhum’phedja – goes our Sena provelb.
    KK u are doin a commendable task in parliament trying to help the helpless by uncovering plunderers of public funds while the owners are perishing.
    Plse drop ur email add so that I can give u another lead to be taken to task – former late Bingu cabinet nduna.

  12. observer mission says:

    I humbly applaud u distinguished malawian.
    A woruis enough to the wise.
    It does not require one to attemd eton college just to understand the arithmetic of how ALL cabinet crew (inreservedly) amassed wealth just under 7 years. Others are very quite today, to avoid provoking the situation. In anyway the take is just around the corner. May Allah have mercy on u – insha allah!

  13. Distinguished Malawian says:

    Those of who are doubting Kamlepo should just find answers to the question: Where did late Bingu find money to accumulate his wealth from MK150 million to MK61 Billion in just 8 years????????? Late Bingu had just one house in Area 47 worth pointing at in 2004, ask Bakili Muluzi who handpicked him then and a few UDF guys that knew late Bingu better than most of you commenting on Nyasatimes??????????

    For those of you who dont know, It is an open secret that Cash gating of our hard earned tax money at Capital Hill was started by Bakili Muluzi immediately he took over power from Kamuzu in 1994, then continued with late Bingu after Malawians gave him overwhelming votes in 2009 General Elections and just became too worse in the two years of Joyce Banda and her PP just because PP was in a hurry to source money for General Elections in 2014.During late Kamuzu Banda administration our little tax money was prudently spent on basic needs like education, health, agriculture and so on, as a result, we could not experience hunger,high cost of living,lack of trust from our major donors…..

    So all those of you who are saying fwe…..fwe… fwe…..!!!!! are just part of the headless and blind chickens that late Bingu used to mention during his days. Todays’ Politicians are milking our tax money because of headless Chickens like you…who blindly defend them when you and me are getting poorer and poorer while they are get richer and richer. Kamlepo is doing a commendable job just to prevent the selfishness of these politicians and he is not alone, he has the support of many good thinking Malawians.The Paul Mphwiyos started cash gating our tax money during the time of Bakili Muluzi administration and so too in the late Bingu administration, let s some of you dont know.There are alot of disgruntled retired and serving civil servants that are willingly providing Honourable Kamlepo Kalua alot of information that most of you commenting on Nyasatimes dont even know. There is just alot of evidence with retired and serving civil servants about how our public resources have been plundered by these greedy politicians over the post Kamuzu Banda era!!!!!!

  14. tuvitwana says:


  15. Kamlepo Junior says:

    Achitsiru awa ndi a bodza amaona ngati tinthabwala (or is it planks?) akuuza ana. Why not just say you have nothing to present to Malawians through parliament after all that noise you made? Nonsense !

  16. Kajiso Chijuwa says:

    Kamlepo bodza too much. Ingolengedzani kuti palibe chimene mwapezapo in K577b koma phokoso basi. Who doesn’t know that you are renown for sensationalisation of issues right from Kamuzu days on Channel Africa radio in RSA? Leads? Is Parliament doing the actual investigations or forensic audit? Little knowledge i have is that donors have engaged forensic auditors and they shall tell us when they are ready with results osati zopupuluma ngati ntchentchezo. Fokolo!

    And how do you conclude that Bingu’s property at Ndata has to be confiscated. Is this not the same attempt that JB made to turn it to state property when she had no tangible evidence? You are politicising and compromising the credibility of the whole investigation you fool.

  17. truth says:

    We area nation of jokers…..let’s die in poverty..useless Malawians

  18. Message for Ho Kalua (Chakufwa Chihana's Coe says:

    Hon. Kalua -Please permit me to suggest to you that because of the fast deprecating value o Malawi Kwacha, the amounts plundered by Bingu wa Mutharika, his brother and other family members should be shown in US Dollars equivalent on the day money was plundered.
    Otherwise the full of the theft will be lessened.

    Am happy to see you working closely with Enock Chihana, a future leader t

  19. FYWA MWANA WA CHEE says:

    Ndalama zimenezi zibwere apo biii . matching to sanjika not kwa DC or Parliament , ,
    Tikamangire zipatala kwa ngolongoliwa

  20. joseph says:

    Exportgate, kamplepo check last year there was new ruling from leserve bank allowing tobacco companies like limbe leaf, JTI etc to keep 100% of there export proceeds, eversince this new directive greedy tobacco companies export our farmers tobacco and they dont change there dollars into kwacha, they wait and cause shortage and then demand commercial banks to pay them higher rates then the buying rate, thereby causing devaluation of the kwacha, which in turn impacts every poor malawian through inflation. Eversince independence malawi has never allowed exporters to keep 100% but why did Reserve bank change this, eversince this ruling in April 2015, the kwacha has been on a freefall, and when times comes that is should gain value it is failing as tobacco exported the dollars are being hoarded by amzumgu tobacco companies causing shortage and depreciation. Leserve bank should reverse this ruling back to 100% immediate change all export proceeds should be converted to kwachas that is the only way kwacha will be stable which is good for farmers. Help us we poor people cannot keep up with high inflation and tikulephere mku nkhala ku town, kapena tipita ku mudzi

  21. Nyirenda says:

    Sometimes it’s better to feel ashamed when lying. How can an audit query that covers the period between 2009 and 2014 be a DPP era cashgate? Where is PP’s era then? This audit report is in the public domain and every Malawian reads it. What you have written up there makes some of us to start mistrusting this news outlet as to whether what we read here is true or cooked up stuff. Do not destroy your reputation please.

  22. James says:

    Kamulepo wants to use every available opportunity to eat our tax as he knows he is not coming back to parliament come to 2019. How can discussing audit query take the whole week? And to make matters worse, you say you need one more week of draining my hardly earned tax. Zoona? That tax money is for pro-poor developmental projects not to feed selfish, gluttons and jealousy people like you.

  23. Omex70 says:

    Mpaka K1 trillion kwacha yobedwa! mmmmm DPP led government it’s not a joke when it comes to stealing. Unfortunately we have Malawians who do not see any problem with the stealing of money from government coffers by DPP regime. They will always back the party no matter what. That’s how dull many Malawians are. Their priority is their party and the welfare of Malawians who are badly affected by the malpractices of their parties comes not even second.

  24. Eduardo Happy says:

    Nanga popeza amayi alimoso nde mutani a Kamulepo? Your mother also store part of the money in question.

  25. International Observer says:

    Malawians has been peeling the same fruit for quiet sometime now. If indeed DPP has a case to answer why has the investigating party taken so long and why has Kamlepo Kalua been seen to be a scare-crow all along and not everybody else in that committee? I understand the issue is in its investigative stage and any hearing hasn’t been made, my question is why has the committee decided the way forward and concluded that the previous DPP squandered public money, that the committee (not the courts), will confiscate Late Bingu’s Estate in order to recover the money? Is this how legal matters are handled in a civilised world whereby decisions are made by partisan few people who are striving hard to achieve their goals: that of ruling behind back doors and that of striping the wealth earned by bonafide Malawian citizens? If Late Bingu (DPP) are guilty why can’t the natural course of justice follow it’s course other than hearing One Kamlepo Kalua threatening that he has evidence implicating DPP and will bring it out but since he started all that nothing has been shown to the public or parliament itself? Bring it on and let it be done with, then the latest cashgate cases will take centre stage and all those involved will be brought out, regardless of their hiding places and let us see if you won’t be persecuting your own bed-fellows? Whether it is UDF, DPP, PP or MCP who cares – all we need is justice and culprits taken to court.

  26. MP says:

    It’s from January 1, 2009 – December 31, 2014. Is this DPP era? So, where is Joyce Banda and her PP’s era?
    Hahahahaha ma allowance at parliament akoma eti lol. So one week, with fatty allowances, wasn’t enough for Kamulepo? Kutafuna tax yanga mopanda manyazi a Kamulepo. Malawi will never develop with people like the Kamulepo’s. Poor people in the villages are dying of hunger yet you are just wasting our hard earned taxes in the name of discussing audit report for two weeks….oh God have mercy on poor Malawians.

  27. DRAKE says:

    Stupid, you are failing to produce a feasible report up to now and you want an extension for what?. If Bingu stole money then we need evidence and the people involved and how the money was coming out of the treasury. From20012-2014 Joyce Banda failed to give us evidence of the so called K577 Million instead she was the one plundering the economy. Kamlepo Kalua Chidani ndi Bingu chifwukwa adakumanga eti? You have stopped repreenting your constituency you are busy doing Police and Judges work. While you are doing that people in your constituency are busy decampaigning you.

  28. santana says:

    The German report revealed that out of 577bn the amount of 350bn was squandered during PP regime. This is why Kamlepo is trying to make dilly dallies. So Kamlepo wants another investigation to dig the 1 trillion he is talking about? So the German report should be thrown out? Kamlepo you must be joking. Handle this 577bn first and later you will be asked to convince Malawians where you are getting the 1 trillion. Don’t think we are fools. We know that the running of Amayi is not for nothing. You will be shocked to find that in Kamlepo’s 1 trillion Amayi is also involved. Zako izo khoswe.

  29. nangondo says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Do more investigations otherwise it will be witch hunting

  30. mphatso says:

    Time wastage Kamlepo. I dont see you ideas being embraced. Sorry for that.


    COME !!


  32. James says:

    Bingu was a thief big time. How did he build that Taj Mahal in seven years ?

  33. wanda says:

    we need our money back nothing else kaya anadya ndi ndani ndi ndani we dont care but the monies must be recovered. The monies did not belond to those animals only but all of us. Za cashgate winayu nazo tikuzikhumba tikamangile school ku watereka ku mzimba.

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