Nigeria Speaker testifies through Malawi Prophet Bushiri: How God blessed him

With an incessant rolling of tears down his cheeks, the Nigerian Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly could not hide his excitement.  It was a testimony of what God has done to his life.  This was after he sought spiritual guidance and prayers from South Africa based, Malawian born Prophet Shepherd Bushiri during a Sunday service in Pretoria, South Africa.

Bushiri praying for Nigerian Speaker

Bushiri praying for Nigerian Speaker

Nigerian speaker testifies at Bushiri's ECG

Nigerian speaker testifies at Bushiri’s ECG

Bushiri praying for the Nigerian politician

Bushiri praying for the Nigerian politician

The Nigerian chief was among some of the VVIP personalities that graced the ECG main Auditorium of Hall H. Their mission? To pray alongside the young, but powerful prophet of God who has slowly become popular and famous for his astoundingly accurate prophecies and supernatural deliverances.

“When I look at what the Lord has done to my life through Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, I get so inspired and touched to thank him more and more. My story is that I had seen the Prophet via Prophetic Channel and connected to him thats’s when I was about to contest as a Member of Parliament in my constituency, I asked my brother to come meet the prophet here with my photo to pray for me to win,” narrated an emotional Dr Ihim before thousands of congregates and millions of viewers of Prophetic Channel.

According to him, when his brother came to the church, the prophet called him from the congregation and prophesied about the photos he was carrying.

“The prophet told him about me and asked him to put the photos on the altar, declaring victory for me in the elections that I was contesting. I happened to be watching on Prophetic Channel and I received it with faith; that it was done,” said Ihim

Just exactly as prophet Bushiri had prophesied, Dr Ihim won the elections and became a Member of Parliament.

“I was so happy that the prophecy had finally come to pass and this increased my faith that when I was about to contest for the position of Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, I asked my brother to come meet the prophet again and hear what God was saying about the decision of contesting. The man of God told him that I should contest, further said it would be difficult, but I was destined to win. And I won,” recalled the Nigerian speaker.

According to Speaker Ihim, he had to come in person to testify of this because he believes it’s what God wanted him to do.

“I am not ashamed to stand here today before you Prophet and all these people, including those watching me on Prophetic Channel, to thank your God and testify of what He has done to my life. I’m the third citizen in Nigeria and the post I hold is not something simple. I thank God for the victories and thank you for being His voice. I humbly ask you Prophet to be there for me, I know that every great King needs a prophet such as you to succeed and serve the people by the will of God,” he said.

He also asked the Prophet for blessings and wisdom to execute his job to the best knowledge of God. Later on, he asked the man of God to deliver him from the addiction of puffing cigarettes.

“Man of God, I have seen a lot of people being delivered here and I don’t intend to hide my problem because of the tittles I possess. I know it sounds like something else but we are taught that when we hide the devil, he also hides us, that’s why I wish to ask you to pray for me, that I quit smoking,” begged the Nigerian politician.

Prophet Bushiri later prayed for him and applied an anointing oil and later told him to lie down on the altar as he prayed.

“I am humbled by this man. I have prayed for a lot of people who matter in the society, but it’s my first time to see one of them coming to testify publicly before millions of people. For this, I declare as a prophet of God that this man will blessed beyond measure and whatever he desires, he will get,” said Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s ECG church has played host to a number of celebrities including Nigeria’s ace actor Osita Iheme, South Africa’s gospel artists Benjamini Dube, Secheba and Swazi Dlamini, Swaziland’s prince Lindani and Limpopo’s The Greater Tarzeen Mayor Her Worship Dikeledi Josephine Mmetle.

The church is slowly becoming big in the rainbow nation and attracts thousands of congregates from different countries.

Prophet Bushiri is considered one of the most powerful young prophets in the world and he is the reigning President of African Christian Coalition for Israel (AFRICCI) ltd, a Christian organisation created in 2014 with a vision of founders; men and women of God who desire to put their biblical principles in action.

It brings together churches and Christians throughout Africa with a heart for growth and lobbies for funding from its members and development partners.

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Is he a prophet or a soothsayer?
Is he a prophet or a mind-reader?

By the way, who is a prophet? What is a prophet?

Time will tell!!!!


Am touched


what the bible has said, that a prophet is without honor among his people is very true; south African people are being blessed every day because of our pride, yet we cannot see our wrongs: may God forgive us.
What was supposed to be our blessings has become somebody’s blessing because of our stubbornness; wake up Malawi, wake up!


masiku omaliza.bushiri!aaaaa!anthu mukungobwekera zilizonse.mankhwala aku drc avuta.i will ever kneel down to almighty living GOD only!

Benson Chongo Musonda
Benson Chongo Musonda



masiku omaliza.bushiri!aaaaa!anthu mukungobwekera zilizonse.mankhwala aku drc avuta

Mzungu wanzeru

God loves Malawi and will continue blessing her people


Limited places in heaven,so they are.

Pelani Mtenje mtenje

More fire my God, more fire prophet Bushiri; shame to those who talk bad of you!


koma satana ndi wochenjera. zoona anthu abwinobwino akupeper dikumanamizidwa ndi bushiri. Ambuye bwerani mudzaliombole dzikoli

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