Nigerian arrested at Malawi airport for illegal possession of forex

A 39-year-old Nigerian, Efeoma Emmanumara has been arrested at Kamuzu International Airport after being found in possession of US$26,150(approximately K15, 467,250.00) without supporting documents.

Malawi Police arrested Emmanumara when he was about to leave the country through Ethiopian Airline.

National police Publicist, Rhoda Manjolo told Nyasa Times that the money was discovered in Emmanumara’s bag when he was being searched at the airport’s departure lodge.

Last month police in Blantyre arrested a Pakistan national, Muhammad Jawad at Chileka Airport in Blantyre after being found in possession of US$270,000 (approximately K143, 100,000) without supporting documents.

The law-enforcers arrested businessman Jawad owner of Pick and Shop in Limbe as he was trying to leave the country for Dubai.

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23 thoughts on “Nigerian arrested at Malawi airport for illegal possession of forex”

  1. Prodigalson says:

    Alandidwe ndalamazo ndipo athamangisidwe.Chifukwa ndiakuba

  2. Max Prist says:

    Amayamba Ndi Atsogoleri Kodi Nanga JB Pochoka Mdziko, Nayenso Sanatulutse Ndalama?

  3. Boma lathu liyetsetse kukweza miyoyo ya a Malawi kuti mabizinesiwa mdziko muno akhale mmanja awo.Alendo akuchulukira munomu nkumapanga mabizinesiwa ndipo onsewa akuthawa nazo ndalama kunoku sikwao tisayiwale kwanu ndi kwanu.Akuluakulu tiyeni mokondana tikweze miyoyo yathu akunjawa asapeze mwai wongotola numalemera ndinso kuthawa nacho chuma chathu dzikoli ndilathu likasauka wovutika ndife tomwe alendowa apita kwao ndipo azatisekanso.A Polisi limbikirani kondani dziko lanu.

  4. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Our economy can not collapse because of these few dollars. Ours is in billions. I think we waste time with these small time crooks while our poiliuticians milk forex big time. You think JB is eating stones out there? You think there are well wishers out there who could care for her for a whole year? Amalawi kugona too much. Let these traders take their money, they worked for it.

  5. PHIRI says:

    kamuzu gave Malawian youths a chance by taking out non Malawians from rural areas
    what has happened today only bar dance shops all the people come to Blantyre zomba Lilongwe and mzuzu to but goods its a shame on Malawians wake up start farming

  6. makito says:

    No. 7 you are not a genuine Malawian. Inu ndemumafunika Big Kahuna akanakhala moyo to deal with you.

  7. mzungu wa nzeru says:

    These come here to make ud poor

  8. Vwapuvwapu says:


  9. I was there says:

    When things started to get out of hand during Bingu era, this type of news was one of the symptoms that things were bad. Everyone, including state House was hoarding forex. Did we nothear hope state hous does not hear of sacks of forex in car boots during JB’s alarm about looting at state House By the way, how did that story end? And now ankolo goes China but could not go Gaborone? Help me understand, what priorities and policies is mu uncle pursuing? Why can’t he let us know where he is driving this bus to. Or is he on a jolly ride in the city?

  10. ... says:

    Arrested bcoz of your own money. You did not steal it, you wotk hard for it, but when you are living in a country where there is no forex into the banks, tha’s wjat happen. Atumiza ndalamazo kwa mapwevupwevu leader wa alomwe ku China.

  11. ANALYST says:

    This is what happens when you “worship” foreigners!! Go to Immigration, Road Traffic and see how easily these crooked foreigners obtain passports, drivers licenses, etc!!! All because aMalawi timanjenjemera ndi zinthu zakunja!!! Mxiiiiiiii

  12. Watcher 30 says:

    We have many of these foreign investors in the devil street of Lilongwe selling some cheap perfumes and doing all sorts of dirty deals.That’s the Malawi of today.

  13. zachabe says:

    Akutha Forex ndi agalu amenewa

  14. ndizimenezo says:

    Naga ndi a DPP amenewo? They have to go to prison.

  15. Ya amenewo ndiye ma Nigerians

  16. Malawiyano says:

    It’s their money , this is the only country which gets bothered by people taking their hard earned money outside the country . Just give that money back to the owners. After all who has complained about the money to have been stolen ? You want investers to come and invest in Malawi and you want them to be keeping the valueless Malawi Kwacha , why ?

  17. aphiri says:

    Gld job airpor Police

  18. The real ujeni says:

    It is only now that these authorities are waking up otherwise these West Africans and Asians(Indians, Pakistanis etc) have been taking out forex out of the country for a very long time.

  19. Mulangizi wa APM pa mthibulo says:

    But Malawi government irresponsibly gave trading rights to all these foreign vendors (the kind of vending that is supposed to be restricted to only Malawian youths), did you not expect illegal forex externalisation?

  20. john says:

    These Nigeria’s are big crooks where ever they go.Let him face a long alm of law

  21. Mapiri says:

    Where are they buying the forex from?

  22. matako a pusi says:

    Nigerians Nigerians Nigerians criminals always

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