No jobs for University of Malawi laboratory graduates

A team of medical laboratory sciences graduates from the University of Malawi (Unima) are facing dire unemployment hurdles, with some still gallivanting in the streets eleven months after getting their honours degrees.

UNIMA graduates

UNIMA graduates

Nyasa Times has established that the Ministry of Health (MoH) has no posts for the graduates at a time when countries world over are embracing evidence based medicine.

Spokesperson for the ministry Henry Chimbali could not immediately comment but an impeccable source within the Ministry described the matter as “disturbing” considering the fact there are only about 40 such graduates in the country.

Laboratory sciences graduates are some of the fewest the country. Last year only 13 graduated, Nyasa Times learnt.

“The posts are filled with underqualified personnel, and it is all mind-boggling,” said our source.

One of the disgruntled graduates said in an email that it was sad that government was not giving serious attention to the matter.

“It is like government is taking a reverse gear when the rest of the world is moving forward,” said Scotch Kauchibwe.

A letter to the MoH last year, and a number of pleas have not yielded results, Kauchibwe added.

Malawi has recently been ranked by World Band as the poorest of the poor countries in the world with disquieting unemployment rates.

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35 thoughts on “No jobs for University of Malawi laboratory graduates”

  1. chimutawaka says:

    Go and read about poor dad reach dad u will discover the reason behind your sufferings….Mind you education is one reason behind independence, self control and self reliance…My question is, why going back to your mother and ask for food again yet she has given you the independency reasources? No wonder we are failing to develop and grow as a nation due to lack of self reliance and creativity. I bet you think between the lines and stop thinking about being employed by governement, tomorrow you will land in dollers city. lab! lab! chani apa? bwanji ma accountant sadandaula ngati inu tatopa nanu achipatalanu nkhani isamangokhala ya inu apa…Timvekonso za migodi ndi chilengedwe kaya.

  2. edda mwalweni says:

    Please where is the program of training community midwives? school me where it went otherwise Safe Motherhood minus that equals zero

  3. tonkhwetonkhwe says:

    Thats bad

  4. Tmc says:

    Open up your lab, u wil earn alot of money, why being idle

  5. lex says:

    that’s very bad n that is why i refused to study that course,am proud of BBA .

  6. 5Moba says:

    Vuto lake ana amasiku ano mukabwerako ku college mumaona ngati ndinu nokha mwaphunzira mdziko muno kuiwala kuti ma college wo anayambidwa nthawi ya atsamunda and year in year out kwakhala kukulowa ndi kutuluka ma graduates , ophunzira bwinonso osati za chinyengo zanu zamasiku ano. be prepared to compete with the crème dela crème in the world ngati mukufuna ntchito osati kumafuna ena akale awachotse inu mukalowepo. By the way, athu akale mukunena kuti ali under qualified wo ndiye odziwa ntchito osati kumangowona mapepala aphweka lerowa , kumangotenga degree paliponse ndi mu msika momwe. Kamuzu amakana za uve zimenezo that’s why panopa dziko likulowa pansi, full of ma degree, diplomas and phds opanda pake. Kamuzu wanted quality not just quantity

  7. mbona says:

    The only thing I don’t agree in the article is that the posts are filled with unqualified personnel. That’s not true. But I agree with the rest of the story.

  8. where are Malawians? says:


  9. mbona says:

    That’s bad

  10. Manager says:

    Let me educate a few here.These Scientists are highly needed in public hospitals.They have knowledge from molecular lever to mixtures and compounds.These people understand human bodily components much beter than every other hospital personnel.Lab is an innovatory career whch needs intelligence.and as far as I knw,these people have a rich academic background.COM recruit geniuses.It is total unundastandable that the Government should forsake them

  11. Kanyimbi says:

    Hahahahaha! you want the government to give you a job? Do people get jobs from the government only? Have you checked with the private sector? Have you decided to go entrepreneur? There are many options to choose from.

  12. Kaka says:

    Comment No. 20. You commend science that its bringing in good technology but you say people should study economics. How come? No wonder you are really economics. What are doing at a hospital doing hospital administration? you mean all the Calculus and economic theories you learnt, basi ntchito yake kukakhala hospital administrator kumayan’ganira anthu otchecha kunja kwa chipatala? With your kind of thinking its no wonder this country is the poorest.

  13. xxxxxx says:

    Which UNIMA lab graduates? Come and see lab graduates here at COM who are being employed straight away even before graduating into Malawi Hospitals.

  14. amina says:

    Guys its not only Lab Technicians but even teachers. All these graduates are supposed to be working straight after graduating. We as a nation we dont priotise in a move forward style. Instead we are moving backward. We have people who have been working for more than 50 years and what do you expect your child to do after finishing college. You need to move out and pave way for the youth and let them lead their life this time. You are supposed to be home and being looked after by those guys you sent to xool sometime back and now have finished. If we think in this way things will move smoothly. With the new tech why still cling to the old folks. Lets move with time. Malawians I beg of you. I retired ten years ago because I wanted my son who is now in his thirties to get a job and feed me. Why should you be working at ’70’ something is wrong with you. You are not prepared to leave this earth. You came and you will go. Palibe wa mbeu, tonse tibwelera kwathu. Amen

  15. Eliam says:

    Kaya asiyeni ife opanda ma degree tingoti chetee! Kumvetsera chapansipansi tikuthamangathamanga 2make sure that we have food 4 2morow

  16. hospital administrator says:

    With rapid diagnostic tests for Malaria, HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis and many others that can be done by volunteers after 2 days orientation who need people with degrees? Technology is making your job useless except for high profile lab work such as PCR etc. When you are employed you will want houses, cars, offices and you will not even be working you deligate to assistants. Market forces and technology osamasewera nawo a fana, study economics.

  17. Alpha says:

    The Government should,with immediate effect,post these graduates.Results delay to come out of Labs cz of understaffing.And we understand COM produces the most qualified lab personnel in the country.To those sayn thz graduates shd go into privates,Private sector is underdevelopd and they wnt cheap labour.Plus COM graduates need to undergoe internship to gain experience.Health related jobs are no jok as no private wd wnt to take risk of employn the,dnt jst tok of thngs u dnt knw.Otherwise,I’l b waiting to when the government wl post them.if not,then they should stop training people for the course

  18. gaba says:

    i think its true that our educational standards are nose diving.How can a graduate fail to think and do something with his knowledge.shame!

  19. Kulibe kantu says:

    At 2, You are indeed nyani!

  20. Taelos says:

    The problem is with our government,it teaches candidates to be eemployed not to create jobs

  21. Masm says:

    Please assist them.

  22. Patrick Majoni says:

    The complaints sound not valid.Everybody goes around to search for ajob him/herself.Kodi mudachita kusainirana ndi boma kuti lidzakulembani ntchito?Do you mean the gvt should dismiss those you refer to as underqualified just because of u?

  23. James says:

    Make Urselvs Marketable, Many Employees Elsewhere!… Kkkk

  24. Zozoro says:

    Kkk Koma Nyasatimes tasiyani zomamalizira reporting yanu ndikuti we are the poorest country in the world

  25. Onnie says:

    You establish a programme after thorough research on demand and supply. Why was the programme established in the first place? Go to the one who told you we need the programme to employ you. Polytechnic is also doing the same mistake -training mining engineers, really?

  26. Tata says:

    Xool yaulereeee kenankoooo akupezele ntchitooo mmm uisovaaaa

  27. Maulana says:

    Its true these graduates can nt be limited into working only in togovernment hospitals, they can look for elsewhere.. But i hear hospitals under CHAM got instructed by the same government not to employ personnel of their grades because the salaries come from government as well.. Going into many CHAM hospitals, you will not find personnel of their grades despite the need of doing so..

  28. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Interpreneurship is the way to go.

  29. BalakaGuy says:

    Do you know how difficuit is the course,clinical laboratory science imavuta kwambiri,musayense nursing iyi?These are diagnoticians,they actually see what happens in the body of a patient by just analysing samples,and for your own info.laboratory and radiography are the two most important sections at the hospital,they give the proper diagnosis to clinicians.

  30. It is a core responsibility for government to establish more employments for its citizens who graduates from National universities. No matter how far some of you dear readers can write on this but you should as well know that not all graduates have viable resources to stand on their own after universities. We need support from government not just private sectors some of you are pointing out here. If some are able to find jobs after universities then term yourselves lucky. Moreover nowadays too much selective in most institutions.

  31. gwaladi says:

    The grads are employed in institutions like mlw bureau of standards sun crest etc.go there

  32. galu wa galu says:

    Kodi boma limapezela muthu tchito? Come on wake up. Look for a job yourself. Gov does or did not look for job for me. Kuzolowela Spoon feeding.

  33. kanchenga. says:

    We have a resource in these graduates that if used properly could save both life and money. Life can be saved because proper diagnosis of illness means proper treatment and poor diagnosis means misuse of medicine. Health workers treat bronchitis patients using coughing drugs because of poor diagnosis. Why do malawians put emphasis on wrong things all the time. Look what happened to NAC. Instead of fighting HIV they end up financing Alomwe. Well I hope now you know you can swindle malawians but global fund. I also hope that H. E. The president is getting the massage that these aZungus may smile at him while at Sanjika but they mean business when they say cashgate to them include the 92 billion. Please lets get serious about the state of our nation before the bottled anger in these and other graduates erupts live a volcano and consume us all.

  34. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Government should not be expected to employ every graduate from the med lab program at UNIMA. Where are the private hospitals, CHAM and others? Are they not championing the evidence based practices? It is misguided to propound that only the government should absorb the graduates: the government’s direct responsibility is to serve the citizens, if it is financially capable. Not to be reckless with the public purse.
    Nobody promised these graduates jobs when they enrolled in the program. I doubt if any of them had Plan B at all.

  35. nyayo says:

    That’s the effect of being groomed to be employed. If creativity was the philosophy in these so called best Universities they could have found something to do with their Degrees other than waiting for the government to find jobs for them.

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