No ‘tractorgate’, Minister clears mist on 177 tractors from India

Government said it followed all procedures in the distribution and sale of 177 tractors and 144 maize shellers which government acquired for the mechanisation of smallholder farming in the country.

Chiyembekeza speaking at the launch

Chiyembekeza tells Parliament sale followed normal tendering procedures

Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Dr. Allan Chiyembekeza said in parliament on Thursday there was nothing dubious in the way his ministry distributed and sold the tractors and its allied implements.

The minister was responding to a question raised by Rumphi East Member of Parliament Kamlepo Kalua who wanted to know the status and whereabouts of the farm machinery.

“The sale of these pieces of equipment followed the normal tendering procedures and interested individuals or groups submitted their bids.

“Evaluation of the bids was done by officers from different ministries and departments to ensure transparency. All bidders that met the set criteria were offered opportunity to buy the machinery,” Chiyembekeza said.

According to the minister, the bidders were also supposed to have had enough land at least a minimum of 5 hectares to qualify for the machinery, among other requirements.

Chiyembekeza then went further to give out the list of beneficiaries and buyers of the equipment upon the request of the house to allay sentiments by some MPs who claimed the machinery was sold to top government officials.

The Malawi government through the ministry of agriculture and Irrigation acquired farm machinery in 2011 with the aim of increasing the existing fleet of tractors and implements under the Tractor Hired Scheme in the Agriculture development divisions and district councils in the country and offer some to bonafide Malawians, individuals to increase ownership of machinery by Malawian farmers.

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14 thoughts on “No ‘tractorgate’, Minister clears mist on 177 tractors from India”

  1. zotu says:

    @Ben, very good and valid point. That’s what we call simple uncomplicated economics. The government are so dumb such that they can’t see that the decrease in value of the Kwacha is having a massive negative impact on farmers . The fact that the farm inputs are acquired at such a high value in dollar terms than the selling value of the produce, it is a naked truth the farmers are at a disadvantage. This country is being governed by people who have got to no clue. What’s going on? Look at the new president of Tanzania and the Rwandan president… good examples of how governance needs to be done. How can they attract foreign investment in the current economic climate?

  2. mdk says:

    Kamlepo amakhala ndi umboni all the time koma samaunena.amangoopseza basi,to be honest I think he is a joke amangontenga nkhani zomwe amakamba ndi azimzake ku bala ndikumakazinena mu nyumba ya malamulo kkkkkkkkkkk

  3. Tomtom says:

    The truth of the matter is that Bingu took some of the tractors to his farm, period. Some districts did not receive the allocated number of tractors and were told that it was the direction from above. So, Kamplepo is right and he might indeed have the information as evidence. Check. with file number ……………. at capital hill (min of agriculture)

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    If this went according to procedure, then why am I not aware?

    How was this advertised?

    What was the basis of selection?

    This is not acceptable by any standard.

  5. jamesmwandira says:

    Zambiri tizimva apa mpang’ono palibe chinsinsi padziko lapansi lino,muziwe zimenezo.

  6. chemuyaya says:

    where were you yesterday when the Mp was asking you in your own ministry? ndimamva chisoni ndikamadutsa kumudzi kwanu a Chiyembekeza kodi anthu akwanufe sitimafuna nseu wabwino?? undiyankhe ndikudikila

  7. choonadi says:

    Muchiteni corner Kamlepoyo apeleke umboni umene amanenawo kuti ali nawo.

  8. madzi says:

    u leader of opposition akanati azivota kunja kuno osati set rules Kamlepo unatenga vote yanga, ya mkazi wanga, ana anga,makolo anga, makolo a mkazi wanga ndi ena ambili ndamvela ma comment a onsewo oti ku opposition kulibe wa nzelu ngati Kamlepo awo a Chakwera khaya mukuti Chatsika maso awo ali pa 2019 basi ‘electrol laws’ thats all he know. How do u expect to win wthout a single constituency governor n the north & south achitsilu inu kkkkkkkkkk awa! tulo basi

  9. Dausi Phiri says:

    Mmmmmmmm kaya mwina chilungamo chonse akuchidziwa ndi Mulungu.

  10. Gadabwali says:

    Procedures no procedures, is the government in the business of acquiring tractors on loan on behalf of poor Malawian rural farmers and then sell them to undeserving rich Malawians? Why kulemerera pa anthu osauka? Mulungu akukanthani muona, chaka chake ndi 2016! Ma…nde amu nonse. By the way, who will pay back ths tractor loan?

  11. Kankhande says:

    The Most performing minister in the present cabinet.I see him becoming a state president in 2019 under DPP ticket

  12. Kumametsa says:

    Good work minister. But give us numerical figures in the way the of how the distribution was done. TRANSPARENCY, Sir.

  13. 9999 says:

    Bravo Kamlepo. Ngati penapake sipakunveka bwino bwino uli ndi ufulu ofunsa mene zinthu zikuyendera. Komaso you said kuti uli ndi umboni wokwananira kuti ma tractor sanayende muchilungamo. Does this mean kuti umboni munapezawo ndiwaboza?

  14. ben says:

    Can the minister explain to me a farmer who sells his produce which is sold and exported at 440 to a dollar, and then when i need farm inputs for planting season everything has gone up and kwacha is at 650, how do you expect us farmers to survive, clueless economists team

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