North Malawi MPs keep govt on its feet as minister clarifies on projects

Government has come out handy explaining detailed account of its projects in the northern region following vocal criticisms from some MPs from the region.

Kasaila: Development projects are spreading across the country

Kasaila: Development projects are spreading across the country

Leader of the House Francis Kasaila has explained that the government has over a dozen developments in the region, some of them Chinese funded.

He said projects include the Njakhwa road, the Mzuzu Nkhata Bay road, Misuku road, the multibillion Nkhata Bay hospital and the Chinese funded youth centre in Mzuzu.

“Government development projects are national not regional and government does not look at politics or anything when awarding development projects,” said Kasaila.

He said it would have been irrational to award another Chinese funded road to the north after the magnificent Karonga Chitipa road, saying this is why a Chinese funded road has gone to Makanjira road in Mangochi.

Kasaila said the north enjoys many national projects including the National ID project and the power transmission project among others.

He said government does not use politics or religion as criteria for awarding developments.

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If we are all one as Malawians, why do we still have the quota system in access to secondary schools and public University. If it is a fair system, let us have a quota system in the cabinet as well.


Bwana WA millennium challenge ndi wakuti


International airport in Mzz? Natiionall stadium in mzz? Chipembere highway in Mzz? Why? Let me assure u, i was more Malawian, thinking Malawian way till i realized kuti northenors dont behave that way. This time am different! Its northenors that changed me immediately i went thru corridors of UNIMA and thereafter the “world”. Never be cheated ndi northenor! Let them change and Malawians will change similarly! I for one will change

Ngamila soko
it will take ages to have people like Ngolopiyo or whatever name you call yourself to begin to know how these governments of mlakho operates. let me tell you that developments are not necessarily initiated by MPs but the executive arm of government which is unconstitutional in the first place .if you go to parliament you will not find any where recorded that a member of parliament from e.g. thyolo east or whatever ever àsked in parliament to have government build a university at ndata farm or chipembere highway to get its new face or all those road developed in… Read more »
chingolopiyo Genuine
Federalism will not change things up the north of Malawi. What is needed to change is the altitude of the MPs that are elected to represent the North. For example, the parliament has just started all we here is Kamlepo this kamlepo that. He has no time to ask the government of the developments that his region would like to have. Instead he attacks the deputy speakers on allowances, is he a serious person. Harry Mkandawire the same thing. It is time for the people up North to choose people who have developmental interest of their area, not just because… Read more »

Chingolopio @ 71

what you want kamlepo to deliver in parliament is exactly what he is doing, if not more.

Dr Haswel P Bandawe
What is the view of the editors of Nyasatimes on regionalism? I appeal to all my compatriots to avoid thinking in regional terms. We are one nation with a unitary government. Consider this: no region is made up of one group of people. The Northen Region has Ngonis, Nyachusas, Ngondes, Tumbukas, Tongas and others; the Central Region has Nsengas, Yaos, Ngonis, Chewas , Matengos and others; the South has Chewas, Ngonis, Yaos, Lhomes, Senas and others. So, broad-brushing a region with a particular short-coming because of one individual or group of individuals is not accurate. More generally, can we focus… Read more »
Almost all Districts in Malawi are directly connected through either an old MCP built tarmac road or a recently built one by UDF and DPP. Some Districts in the South are even connected by two tarmac roads. In the North Malawi, Rumphi and Chitipa remain the only Districts directly connected through one of the worst roads in this world, i mean the Rumphi, Bolero, Nyika, Nthalire, Wenya, Chisenga then Chitipa Boma Road. Along this road there are five constituencies, namely Rumphi Central, Rumphi West, Chitipa South, Chitipa Wenya and Chitipa Central with so many Malawians. If this road were in… Read more »
koma kumaneko

Mlankho or midyomba yalemphera kutukula dziko tisaname Bingu did his best in first term komaso akanapanda kuchoka ku UDF palibe akanapanga ndiye pano mukuti DPP ndi UDF zikuyendetsa boma tiyenazoni kungoti UDF OR mvula imasiya kugwa bwino. Apatseni a MCP dziko ngati momwe anakupatsilani inu, osabela masankho mpaka kuvomela ma vote asanathe kuwerenga. Who is democratics here? Atumbuka muwasiye and akuvoterani kwambiri zisankho zosenzi akadzasiya ndikuyamba kuvotera MCP muli maji.

Mr No 61. Mijomba imatukula dziko that is why Mangochi is the richest district. Magalimoto anu abwino amene mumagula ndi ndalama za cashgate mumagula Kumangochi. As I always say, developments follows us. We don’t follow developments. We have business skills. Banks moves to Mangochi following the business activities in the area. Government find the need to develop the area to match the business activities.Tumbukazi follow developments leaving the thengele behind. 10 years down the line they cry for a stadium to be built in a dead area where people cant afford to buy a simple ticket, at the end the… Read more »
Wisdom Of Karonga
Zaro, Malawi is poor because of imbeciles like you. I never compared importing coal from Zambia with establishing a coal plant in Karonga or Rumphi. Look, I said it is better to have a plant close to the source in this case coal. Having a plant in Neno beats the purpose of equalizing development. The other disadvantage is that Mozambique is prone to civil wars; the question is, what will happen to the running of the plant at Neno if there were disruptions in coal supply due to war in Mozambique which has a 60% chance of probability? You have… Read more »

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