North Malawi MPs keep govt on its feet as minister clarifies on projects

Government has come out handy explaining detailed account of its projects in the northern region following vocal criticisms from some MPs from the region.

Kasaila: Development projects are spreading across the country

Kasaila: Development projects are spreading across the country

Leader of the House Francis Kasaila has explained that the government has over a dozen developments in the region, some of them Chinese funded.

He said projects include the Njakhwa road, the Mzuzu Nkhata Bay road, Misuku road, the multibillion Nkhata Bay hospital and the Chinese funded youth centre in Mzuzu.

“Government development projects are national not regional and government does not look at politics or anything when awarding development projects,” said Kasaila.

He said it would have been irrational to award another Chinese funded road to the north after the magnificent Karonga Chitipa road, saying this is why a Chinese funded road has gone to Makanjira road in Mangochi.

Kasaila said the north enjoys many national projects including the National ID project and the power transmission project among others.

He said government does not use politics or religion as criteria for awarding developments.

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76 thoughts on “North Malawi MPs keep govt on its feet as minister clarifies on projects”

  1. Tan'gatan'ga says:

    If we are all one as Malawians, why do we still have the quota system in access to secondary schools and public University. If it is a fair system, let us have a quota system in the cabinet as well.

  2. Angoni says:

    Bwana WA millennium challenge ndi wakuti

  3. jmc says:

    International airport in Mzz? Natiionall stadium in mzz? Chipembere highway in Mzz? Why? Let me assure u, i was more Malawian, thinking Malawian way till i realized kuti northenors dont behave that way. This time am different! Its northenors that changed me immediately i went thru corridors of UNIMA and thereafter the “world”. Never be cheated ndi northenor! Let them change and Malawians will change similarly! I for one will change

  4. Ngamila soko says:

    it will take ages to have people like Ngolopiyo or whatever name you call yourself to begin to know how these governments of mlakho operates.
    let me tell you that developments are not necessarily initiated by MPs but the executive arm of government which is unconstitutional in the first place .if you go to parliament you will not find any where recorded that a member of parliament from e.g. thyolo east or whatever ever àsked in parliament to have government build a university at ndata farm or chipembere highway to get its new face or all those road developed in the south. All those are done at the capital hill influenced by selfishness.Despite having managers or technocrats from the north. There has been no sign of appreciation or rewards through development.
    People of the north have not benefited from
    people like Goodall Gondwe,khumbo kachali, Rodwell mnyenyembe, prof. mosses chilambo, prof.peter kwanza, prof mphande, and many others let alone the systems of government conceived and championed by the sons and daughters of the north,instead, the south has greatly benefitted from these sons of the north, not that they have individual problems but coz of the “koma kwathu ndiko” system employed by the executive arm of government .for sure with federal system of government, it will take the northern region just a decade to outsmart other regions .

  5. chingolopiyo Genuine says:

    Federalism will not change things up the north of Malawi. What is needed to change is the altitude of the MPs that are elected to represent the North. For example, the parliament has just started all we here is Kamlepo this kamlepo that. He has no time to ask the government of the developments that his region would like to have. Instead he attacks the deputy speakers on allowances, is he a serious person. Harry Mkandawire the same thing. It is time for the people up North to choose people who have developmental interest of their area, not just because they are rich or they make a lot of noise. Stop choosing comedians to represent you, there are more capable people up North who can engage the government on better things than what we are witnessing. I don’t know why you choose Kamlepo , whether out of sympathy because he has been trying his luck since he cheated the country he was a Russian trained soldier. What a waste will be for the North for 5 years with this calibre of mps. There are just noise makers not development seekers.

    1. Tiyanjane says:

      Chingolopio @ 71

      what you want kamlepo to deliver in parliament is exactly what he is doing, if not more.

  6. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    What is the view of the editors of Nyasatimes on regionalism?

    I appeal to all my compatriots to avoid thinking in regional terms. We are one nation with a unitary government.
    Consider this: no region is made up of one group of people. The Northen Region has Ngonis, Nyachusas, Ngondes, Tumbukas, Tongas and others; the Central Region has Nsengas, Yaos, Ngonis, Chewas , Matengos and others; the South has Chewas, Ngonis, Yaos, Lhomes, Senas and others.

    So, broad-brushing a region with a particular short-coming because of one individual or group of individuals is not accurate.

    More generally, can we focus on issues instead of insulting each other, please?

  7. Mpoto says:

    Almost all Districts in Malawi are directly connected through either an old MCP built tarmac road or a recently built one by UDF and DPP. Some Districts in the South are even connected by two tarmac roads. In the North Malawi, Rumphi and Chitipa remain the only Districts directly connected through one of the worst roads in this world, i mean the Rumphi, Bolero, Nyika, Nthalire, Wenya, Chisenga then Chitipa Boma Road. Along this road there are five constituencies, namely Rumphi Central, Rumphi West, Chitipa South, Chitipa Wenya and Chitipa Central with so many Malawians. If this road were in the South where Bakili Muluzi, Late Bingu Muthalika, Joyce Banda and the current president Peter Muthalika come from this worst road in the World could have been prioritized. This road has been in the pipeline for so long, why?????????????????????????

  8. koma kumaneko says:

    Mlankho or midyomba yalemphera kutukula dziko tisaname Bingu did his best in first term komaso akanapanda kuchoka ku UDF palibe akanapanga ndiye pano mukuti DPP ndi UDF zikuyendetsa boma tiyenazoni kungoti UDF OR mvula imasiya kugwa bwino. Apatseni a MCP dziko ngati momwe anakupatsilani inu, osabela masankho mpaka kuvomela ma vote asanathe kuwerenga. Who is democratics here? Atumbuka muwasiye and akuvoterani kwambiri zisankho zosenzi akadzasiya ndikuyamba kuvotera MCP muli maji.

  9. KK says:

    Mr No 61. Mijomba imatukula dziko that is why Mangochi is the richest district. Magalimoto anu abwino amene mumagula ndi ndalama za cashgate mumagula Kumangochi. As I always say, developments follows us. We don’t follow developments. We have business skills. Banks moves to Mangochi following the business activities in the area. Government find the need to develop the area to match the business activities.Tumbukazi follow developments leaving the thengele behind. 10 years down the line they cry for a stadium to be built in a dead area where people cant afford to buy a simple ticket, at the end the stadium turns into the white elephant. Some of you never ever been home may be for 10 years. Mumadikila kuti Nganya m,modzi amwalire kuti mupelekeze maliro. Pena mumachita kuyitanisa makolo kuti muwawone. So if you can ask if Yawos can develop the country I say yes.

  10. Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    Zaro, Malawi is poor because of imbeciles like you. I never compared importing coal from Zambia with establishing a coal plant in Karonga or Rumphi. Look, I said it is better to have a plant close to the source in this case coal. Having a plant in Neno beats the purpose of equalizing development. The other disadvantage is that Mozambique is prone to civil wars; the question is, what will happen to the running of the plant at Neno if there were disruptions in coal supply due to war in Mozambique which has a 60% chance of probability?

    You have to face the fact that northern Malawi has resources that need to be fully utilized by government. You have also to face the fact that you don’t develop depending upon other countries’ resources.For eexample, has Malawi developed with aid from the west after more than fifty years? Mozambique is developing now using its own resources, it’s not depending on other countries’ resources, but your leadership in Malawi thinks it is wise to use Mozambique resources to develop a plant in Neno just because it is avoiding establishing the same project in north where coal is mined and where there are vast water resources, isn’t that archaic and short-sighted thinking? This is why I say leaders from the south are jealous of the north.

    There are some of you who have the courage to denounce the north and even saying northerners should be chased from the south. Let me remind you people that Malawi has failed so far because of your leaders who can’t think right.Northerners can do far much better on their own because they have the capabilities to do so- you are failing us you idiots.By the way, what is it that you guys are proud of because you have primitive life?

  11. Corruption says:

    Zinazi mungonena. Imagine the Bingu Stadium in Mzuzu and we expect all National Team games to be played there. People should be travelling from BT via LL to Mzuzu. Shupit. Imagine the Five Star Hotel in Mzuzu and when IMF and World Bank officilas who come to meet Government officials should be putting up there and traveling to Lilongwe Shupiti. Parliament, the same as the Stadium. Presidential Villas same as Five Star Hotel. Mwanva?

  12. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Who r u fooling Kasaira? 10, 20, 30 years from now u will still mention Karonga Chitipa, Jenda Edingeni as being roads planned for the North. The question is what have planned for the North with what u have got from China now? Please dont wait until this country becomes ungovernable for u to start listening. We r one of very few peaceful countries in Africa now. Dont forget that when there is war, it is the majority who usually the biggest casualties.

  13. mnjakwa 2 says:

    Much as I agree that there has been some projects apportioned to the north-may be a better position is to give such an explanation in comparative terms: Of the projects hatched and embarked on for the past say 15 years- which ones to the south, centre & north and values thereof. Further every project is supposed to have a social-economic impact among others-How many have been allocated to each region with what type of impact- national, regional or localised one.

    At the moment is Kunsaila aware that some people in the north have not seen a car in physical terms because the road from Usisya to Mlowe is not complete? For goodness sake this is M1 hence the lakeshore road has been incomplete for 51 years after independence-what an irrational response from the so called minister!

  14. Phinifolo says:

    Amene mukunena a Tumbukanu mwakwatirana ndi a Tumbuka omwewo. A Tumbuka akuti Federalism mukukananso aglu inu. Malawi minus mtumbuka=0. Foolish fools! Mavwende ghinu!

  15. Zangazatha says:

    Brring on federalism. in 10 years time, republic of Nyika will be more developed than nyasaland. Northerners are very good administrators. plus they are very educated and brainy. mijomba kapena milakho inayambapo yatukula dziko? where?

  16. Good samaritan says:

    Can tumbukas go back home and develop their area.. Mukusokosa kwambiri ambwenu-mbwenu inu pamene mukukanirirabe kukhala kwa eni. You are a minority tribe yet very talkative. We are tired of you.
    Pitani kwanu mukachite chitukuko…

  17. Captain Mediocrity says:

    At what point would this Mtwara railway deal have been made. As I recall for some time now we have had shaky foreign relations with the Tanzanians over rights to lake malawi/lake nyasa, which have only simmered down recently. Anybody would be right to be cautious about concluding such a deal with Tanzania even now, with a new president recently elected in the East African nation.

  18. Kibble Phiri says:

    Federalism whatever they call it tiyeni nayo. Four or five districts. Ukafika pa Jenda ma passport mmanja crossing the boarder. Ndalama kusintha kumat makopala. One international bus Taqwa. Shaaa chitukuko. Yesani muzalira

  19. MLOMWE says:

    Mtumbuka amadana ndi mitundu yodzikonda,akuba,afiti,amakonda chilungamo ndipo kuphunzira kwawo kumawadzindikilitsa kwambiri.Timadziwa kuti Mitundu yinayi imadana ndi mtumbuka maka mukatipeza muma office tikukulamulirani ndipo simunathe ALOMWE MUVUTIKA!

  20. mapwevupwevu says:

    Mtumbuka si munthu!

  21. D.D. Phiri says:

    mtumbuka ndiwotembeledwa dithu! kuipa mtima,kudzikonda kwina kumadabwitsa.tsikulina chidzaphulika dithu! ambuye wakumwamba akudzudzuleni, akulangeni dithu. akuphuzitseni kukonda amzanu.

  22. concerned citizen says:

    End to nepotism: Kodi issue ya Federation yili pati? If it can be followed then we’ll be okey. after all we’ve a number of mines that can help us develop.
    fede! fede! federation will help us

  23. Sapitwa says:

    May be we should ask ourselves what development is. Is it only infrastructure: building roads, stadiums, hospitals which only 20,0000′ people will use ?
    Not at all. A village or a district or a region develops based on their economic activities. Salima has now a sugar factory and citrus factory. If there could have been no good road in Salima, this economic activity could have triggered construction of a good road automatically.
    Population is also a factor as you allocate an infrastructure where it will be used most by 60% of the population. A coal fired power plant depends on the life span of coal mine and Moatize has such mines over 70 years life span compared to those from North and this justifies why an investor chose that place.Another advantage is the Vale railway line to support this power plant. I personally believe that when the population density of the North will start increasing,with economic activities, all these that people are crying for will come automatically.

  24. Alfred Newmann says:

    Compared to what’s happening elsewhere in our country, projects designed for the North are mickey mouse projects, and their implementation is deliberately slow and uninspiring.

    But in order to achieve unity in every sense of the word, a railroad running through a Region and connecting to the hub of the country’s commercial/industrial activity is always a must. This type of development has already happened in most of our neighbours, where no major area is without a railway line.

    Most Northerns die without ever seeing a train in their lives. Alick Nkhata said as much, more than 50 years ago. High time we got over this silly “Dead North” colonial mentality and get real.

  25. baby says:

    Atumbuka sayamika. Olo mutawachitira zabwino.

  26. twaniche says:


  27. mpinganjira says:

    Why develop the north when all educated and successful northerners live in posh mansions in the center and in the south? They enjoy all the developments there- not so?

  28. Alfred Newmann says:

    Compared to what’s happening elsewhere, projects designed for the North are mickey mouse projects and their implementation is deliberately slow and unenthusiastic. In order to achieve political unity, a railroad running through a Region and connecting to a hub of commercial/industrial activity is a must. Such development is already in place in most of our neighbours, where no Region has been left behind, without a railway line. Most Northerners die without ever seeing a train in their lives!

  29. The Patriot says:

    MPs represent the people who voted for them. MPs from the North represent Northerners and it makes sense that they take the government to task about the distribution of government projects. Amene zikumuwawa awauze ma MP akwawo nawonso ayankhuleko English mu Parliament kupempha development. Government projects are paid by taxpayers money and NO region should monopolize!

  30. Ben Ben Maseko Phiri says:

    Wuth ur respect Mr Kasaila.. am at Livingstonia and they haven’t even started the project. To talk of Nkhatabay that is a very old project it would have been completed some 5 years ago, so leave that aside its not the project of this current Gvnt… and I can challenge u, Mr Kasaila that even though the Njakwa Livingstonia road seem to start anytime soon.. but it won’t be complete the next five yrs.. ask me after 5 yrs u will see.. so don’t talk to the Northern Region MPs as if u r wiser. because they are telling the truth.

  31. BigMan says:

    A parliament, obsessed with trivia.

  32. WAKUDA KAMANGA says:

    Kkkkkkkkk milakho ya lomwe’s kudyelela

  33. Freedom Fighter says:

    Anyone who can’t complain when his area isn’t developing is abnormal and not fit to be a human being. This is the reason this country is the poorest in the world. Northerners are demanding concrete development and not crumbs. The Misuku- Kapoka road Kasaila has highlighted is being done in a very strange manner, a total bluff. Why put tar in patches? Don’t people there deserve a full fledged tarmac road? Why not use this chance of the Chinese to do a complete job on the road? Really using Chinese to do a patched road? Nosense! The fact is that the DPP govt isn’t interested in projects in the north. Where is the Mzuzu Youth Centre? All what Kasaila has said is utter garbage and Kasaila has now become a symbol of evil and nepotistic hatred against the north. What you should know Mr Kasaila is that discrimination against a people’s region is no laughing matter. If you read the history of this country, armed struggle is not an alien phenomenon. Tell your president that!

  34. bekeshu says:

    Atumbuka musamaopseze za 2019. muliko angati kumeneko?

  35. Zangazatha says:

    Koma mbuzi za ku cholo, mangochi ndi midyomba ina yoteloyo muwona nkhondotu inu. ife Atumbuka ndife anthu anzeru kobasi thats why you cant keep up with us

  36. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    There are no projects initiated by this DPP administration period!!!!!

  37. mayayauve says:

    Atumbuka siovutayi. Koma ndiaphuma polankhula. Ndianthu a khunyu. Odzimbuka.

  38. zaro says:

    1. Wisdom of Karonga ndiwe mbuli yotheratu, yaa! its cheap to export coal from zambia than karonga considering the target place. All ur concerns r nonsense! Mbuli!!..

  39. Mbuzi Iwedi says:

    Inu phee! …. tipange reserve coal wathu waku Rumphi tizamugwilisa ntchito tikayamba federal (khaniyotu siyaniti tu ndati inu phee)kuonjezera magetsi mpoto yonse komaso Mtwara yo ndi railway line Mzuzu to Zambia, Nkhata-Bay ya madzi ijaa yachitonga via pa nyanja ya Malawi waku Tanzania and Mozambique…MCC…MCC yachani mxm..kodi chipatala cha boma pa Nkhata-Bay chayambaso kukhala cha campaign 15 yrs? …shaah vote for me.

  40. Hansou says:

    Mbuzi iwe, what projects has Millennium Challenge ever implemented since its inception?

  41. Jayjay says:

    There are new Tarmac roads just completed in Chiladzulu rural areas. No news about it on DPP tv Mbc but once a small project takes place on the north the whole president talks about it in every public meeting. It’s typical of dpp; why they at least emulate Muluzi bakili? Chaponda is the master minder of the whole nepotism. It releases me just because I know that Peter will not finish his year term unles he sees what he can’t see now.
    Lake services were benefiting more of northerners that’s why this govt has no concern. It’s only a matter of time. You can fool some people all the time, you can also fool some people all the time but you cannot fool all people all the time. Who is our witness? Standalone is better than federism. What do we benefit from maphwevuphwevu.
    The truth always pains; it is equally insane to defend lies. You inner hearts knows exactly what you are fooling.: your conscience!

  42. kesterkalonga says:

    Kodi anthu aku mpoto ndi anthu atundu wsnji. Kodi kuli anthu angati Moto wakwithu ambiri Ali Ku Blantyre.Anthu okanika mchifukwa chake Tate Kamuzu anathamangisa maphunzitsi onse akumpoto kuti azikaunjikana kwawo
    Pofunika amakampani onse azipita chifukwa kwapangira zabwino sayamika.

  43. Bololo Wa Chitumbuka says:

    Kod iwe Mtumbuka Mzanga. Tanena zitukuko zimene zili Ku mwera kapena pakati kuyerekeza ndi zimene zikuchitika Ku mpotoko!!! Malawi Muno muli mitundu yambili, Ayawo, asena, alomwe, achewa, amang’anja, Atonga, ETC but why always Mtumbuka?? Kamuzu sananame . Kod zowapasa Dziko lawo zija zilipati?? Apaseni inu Mtundu okwana uwu!!!!! Muzapite Ku Chikwawa nsanje ntyolo Mulanje Mwanza Nchinji Chiladzulo mbali ina ya Zomba, Mukaoneko ngati mungakapeze miseu. Ndi Madzi a bwino kuyelekeza ndi Ku MZimba Rumphi , kod mukati chitukuko chikuchitikira Ku mwrakapena pakati mukunena Studium kapena njanji?? Kapena Chani???

  44. Chenkumbi says:

    Atumbuka, ndi anthu ozikonda. come 2019 amene mukufunayo sadzawinanso, koma APM

  45. BBC says:

    The only way to stop this misunderstanding is to adopt federal system of government. There is nothing wrong with this system. If Malawi is to develop in terms of infrustructure, please go for federalism.

  46. Mtunda says:

    Mmmmmmm, anzathuwa amazimv bwanji? tonse ndi aMalawi. tiyende limodzi pokweza dziko lathu.

  47. mboma says:

    stupid leadership of DPP and stupid thinking of kusaila, split the country that is the only solution here, if north is not wanted allow them to secede, they asked for this last yr u said we are one DPP is judged by their actions

    Nkhata-Bay road which one? Nkhata bay hospital??a hospital which started in 2005 and its still under construction? we are talking of chinese projects just announced kasaila think as if u have balls in ur underwears, Njakawa road which road?? paper project?

  48. Dolo weni weni says:

    DPP is a regional party. Its for Southerners especially among the Mulhakos. All the Ministers from the North and Centre are just being used as condoms which they throw away after using them to win projects. Later close to elections, cheat you with fake promises of projects in the centre and the north to vote for them…which do not happen at all. When will the centre and the north wake from the slumber to vote for Chakwera and Msowoya?

  49. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    Why do we have quota system if regions do not matter? Why does DPP consider where someone comes from when recruiting people if we are all Malawians regardless of region?

  50. Lettuss says:

    whether u develope northen region or southern region only but the bottom line is; Malawi is poor in general & its pathetic that our Malawi lies down the UN development Index. As Malawians we all suffer the same way despite the region of origin. The outer world sees Malawi as number 1 world’s poorest nation not Southern, central & northen part of it in particular. This shows some kind of idiocy & it leave one to wonder why a country scrambles for donated money for their so- called development from a country which once swam on the same economic level. Cant we find something worth debatable?
    If u go to Mzuzu you’ll find the Lomwes Tumbukas, yaos, senas &all other tribes.. so if govt build a market or hospital for instance is it tumbukas only who will benefit or Malawian at large? u mean Mlomwe cant b admitted in that hospital all bcoz he is from south? This is stupidity &it wont take us any where. Stop this stone age kind of thinking we r all malawians lets just unite if we are to succeed as a nation. zaziiiii izi nzaumbuli so to say. I rest my Case.

  51. gule says:

    Feudalism adzayiva kuwawa ndi amene amathawa chigawo chawo kumapita kwa anzawo. Asiyeni ambwenumbwenuwa. Adzabwelera kwawo coz akutilanda ntchito komaso malo a sukulu a ana athu. Peter, pliz talolani feudalism mtundu uwu uzikalima barley ku Bwengu

  52. HENS MASTER says:

    National ID projects is piloted in four districts in the country. Chitipa in the north is one of the districts so Kasaila should not cheat people.

    Coal is available in Karonga, Rumphi and part of Chitipa. Why not have a plant that will generate power in either Rumphi or Karonga. Do you consider transport costs

    The North is completely sidelined by DPP.

  53. pido says:

    Nkhatabay road is under rehabilitation only not new road, Misuku road is starting from where tell us. Njakwa raod is starting from where ad to where osamangonamapo apo. Mbuzi Kasaira ndi mlongo wako umamukokera uja

  54. chitsa boys says:

    Amayi amene munawa votela anaku thawani lero mukuti dpp ili ndi tsankho kodi pakati pa inu ndi dpp watsankho ndani dikilani chakwera mudzalilanso akazatha mavoti 2019

  55. kudya says:

    Ine AMBWENUMBWENU eee? basi apatseni zonse koma muona sazikakhalakonso akakamilabe kumwera ndi pakati kuopa kulodzana kwaoko akuti.

  56. The Analyst says:

    Kasaira to mention the National ID System project as one of the developmental projects the North is to enjoy, is not only an insult to the North but also a palpable display of lack of intelligence or a trait thereof, and gross failure to understand what the national ID system project is, vis-a’-vis what is being advanced here by the Notherners. And such comedy of errors have already been rebuked by Chakwera.

    If there was no more to refer to as a development been enjoyed by the North (since there isn’t) you could have just said “e.t.c” or “among others” or “inter alia.” This is what writer do: when they run out of ideas they just say “e.t.c.” Not that there is more, but there isn’t more to say.

    And are you sure that the Karonga-Chitipa road should be mentioned as a reason for “no more” development in the North? Doesnt it imply that if a road connects Chikwawa and Nsanje, no more roads shall be built or rehabilitated in the southern region? Dude! This reasoning is no better than that of some random vendor from Ndirande Market.

    If we had no answers, you could also have just kept quiet. Coz to have no answer is also an answer. And it helps to be frank sometimes.

  57. PETER NYADANI says:



  58. Kadakwiza says:

    My advice to northern people,is that they must rise up and fight for their rights. I mean their rights to education, their rights to development. The most of all is their right to be Malawians. Northerners please remember the Ogon people in Nigeria, the Ndebeles in Zimbabwe, the people of South Sudan. Remember how genocide started in Rwanda. We don’t want such to happen in our beautiful country like Malawi. The most painful thing is that the fight for independent of Malawi started by the same people of the north. The people like Levi Mumba, Orton Chirwa, the Chisiza, Chakufwa Chihana. Yet these people (Heroes) are not recognised. The grandchildren don’t enjoy the fruits of independence and democracy. But the people of the central and southern regions are continuing oppressing northerners calling them names. Time have come for NORTHERN PEOPLE to RISE UP and fight what belongs to them. All just boycott any government activities. You don’t have to vote. What are you voting for? I that the Mourners who chase the Information Minister who went to the funeral and provoke them. The had the right to chase him. Luck enough he was not beaten.

  59. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Kunama basi kkkkkk

  60. Winford Saka says:

    Ma Bp Akupwetekani Chifukwa Dpp Idzalamuliranso .Mudzachita Nazo Manyazi

  61. johnm says:

    The central region is even worse off. There is absolutely nothing for the region except that useless stadium which will not benefit anyone. Southern Governments only give the other two regions peace meal projects while it gets lion share of the development projects. Akumwela akutidyela masuku pamutu.

  62. Achimidzimidzi says:

    ‘It is irrational to award another Chinese project to the north after Karonga – Chitipa road’. Yet the same Chinese government think it is reasonable to give Blantyre district two projects (Cancer Centre and Blantyre District Hospital)

    This reasoning is by the stupid Chinese government and the Malawian puppet president.

  63. mtumbuka1 says:

    Matter of fact, the dpp government can keep their projects and share them amongst themselves and we in the north won’t lose a single hair of our heads. The north have been deprived of development since time in memorial and we have complained about it enough and we have since moved on. Enough of your lies…you can keep those projects to yourselves we no longer give a hoot.

  64. Chemjambe says:

    iiiiii kma a Malawi ndi regionalism ? What’s the matter even if the project is being done in Nsanje ? We are now a mixed up nation, every tribe in Malawi will benefit any project regardless of location…..Am living in a sick nation indeed..God help us

  65. Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    DPP is a party of nepotism.Look at these facts: the party has coaxed Chinese investors to establish a coal-fired electricity plant in Neno with coal imported from Mozambique. The argument is,according to them, it is cheaper to source coal from Mozambique than bring it from Karonga or Rumphi. The question is, isn’t it viable to have such a plant in Karonga or Rumphi and have transmission lines to Blantyre or Lilongwe? The same applies to the plant at Salima which will use coal from Karonga. The fact is these DPP politicians don’t want anything good for the northern region,they are jealous of the region.

    Does it make sense to agree with president Lungu of Zambia to have Malawi connect its railway line to TAZARA through Zambia instead of constructing a line from Lilongwe to Tanzania through Karonga?

    These are the actions of people who don’t want the northern region well. We live in a country of too much segregation.Look at the Mtwara corridor, it’s more viable than the so- called Shire-Zambezi waterway, but because it’s in the north they don’t care about it.

    Any project that is small they initiate it in the north and then they will claim that the region has an equally good share of projects. I think Dr Lazarus Chakwera is the only one who can fully develop the north and I strongly ask fellow northerners to support MCP and its presidential candidate. The southern presidents have created a very bad precedent about development and things need to change in 2019. These people have no love for others.

  66. Happening Boy says:

    Kaskaila just tell the truth, there is no njakwa-linia road, nkhata hospital is an old project before you even became an mp, nkhata bay road is just an old story, what are you talking about, just accept there are projects in the north, fools.

  67. kennzo says:

    Here we come again, kasaila is describing or explaining the already existing ones. He is telling lies again, we all know dpp is development is basad in politics and regionalism.

  68. Mtumbuka Hater says:

    Mtumbuka sadzatheka basi

  69. Malawian!!! says:

    Leave them. What else do they want? They just want to cause trouble.

  70. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Am fed up with my fellow selfish northerners crying all the time what is wrong with us. We are stupid pathetic and outright foolish

  71. Denguzman says:

    Kunsaila, northerners are not fools. Kpon dancing on ur political tune coz all what u want is APM to fl like things are working out there. Pitilizani kumamuputsa APM coz 2019 is knocking ndipo lidzakhala tsoka lalikulu mtundu wa Malawi kudzalamulidwanso ndi chipani cha DPP.

  72. odala says:

    Mwana Nsena uwakwanitsa aTumbukawa.Ndiovutatu awa.

  73. mbuzi iwe says:

    Ma project ambiri a Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) akuchitika ku mpoto koma anthu a zigawo zina sanadandaule.
    Kodi zonse mumafuna zikhale zanu?

  74. Akhwinda says:

    Aphalire Kasaila mwina angayambe kuganiza ngati a Malawi

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