Nsanje Inland Port fate in feasibility study

Whether the multi Million dollar Nsanje inland port project becomes merely a place for tourist attraction or be used for its intended transportation purpose lays in the outcome of the ongoing detailed feasibility study to be out early next year.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Public Works Rexie Lyson Chiluzi says once the study is complete and favorable, Malawi and the SADC region should expect the reopening of the Shire Zambezi Waterway.

Nsanje 'slab': Waiting for feasibility study to revive dreams of port

Nsanje ‘slab’: Waiting for feasibility study to revive dreams of port

Chiluzi said this on Wednesday when he toured the port area to assess its status and find the way forward as to what government should do to prevent further siltation and damage at the port.

According to Chiluzi the study, being conducted by Hydroplan GmbH from Germany, started in November 2013 and is expected to be complete by May 2015. It focuses on the technical, economic, and environmental viability as well as detailed planning and investment appraisal. Currently it is in its advanced stage.

Chiluzi believes once complete, the opening of Shire Zambezi water way will contribute to the provision of efficient transport system with affordable costs and reliable modes for countries sharing Zambezi river basin namely Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to the Indian Ocean.

While major plans for the inland port waits the feasibility study, Chiluzi says plans to rehabilitate the port will commerce as soon as funds for the job are identified.

“Having seen the current state of the port, the Ministry will produce a report with recommendations to Mota Engil to possibly dredge the silt and water hyacinth and replace covers which were vandalized subject to availability of resources.”

When asked what will become of Nsanje if the results of the Feasibility study prove unfavorable, the Principal Secretary said other options will be explored.

“We do not expect the study to fail but in the unlikely event that the project does not materialize, Government will explore other ways of using the facility.

“For example it can be used as a place of tourist attraction. As the port stands now it is a government asset and cannot be abandoned, ways will be explored to make economic use of the facility,” Chiluzi concluded.

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North iz a dead region.


I think Malawi is south not central or northern region. Where is Cancer Centre going? Thanks mayi Banda for the Stadium but imapita ku Thyolo. Where is Bunda now, ndalama zapita ku Ndata. Where is northern corridor? Kodi ku North kuli njanji?. Kodi ku Malawi kuno magalimoto amalowera kuti and is the government looking into developing Karonga to municipality? EEEEEEEEEEEEE inde Kayelekera nanga yili pa stand by but ndalama zimapita kuti? Hiiiiiiiiiiiii you talk of quality rubber in Nkhatabay and the famous Chikangawa forest , ndasiya basi , let your will be done.


Why was this Port Built without a feasibility Study in the first Place??????? Moreover when the route passes through another country?????? Makani Basi!!!! No work Done!!! Usova!!!!!!


I think the project depends on the political and diplomatic will of the Mozambicans. It is a viable project. We only need to plan carefully and not do hash hash things the way Bingu did. Nsanje still needs to develop and the Port could be part of such development. Although we say the north is not developed, Nsanje, Mwanza Neno are worse. Let us therefore as a nation support the project.


Inland waterway in the south
railway line in the south
what about the north?
School me please?

proffesor peter muntharika
proffesor peter muntharika

ha haa vuto nd boma mul okuba okha okha and otsutsa ali kut**politicians are liars hah**KODI MENE AMAMANGA STUDY SANAPANGE? Kod mesa bingu anatsegula kale doko mwaiwala amalawi mene amat stima yagwidwa ku mzque kkk kukatenga bot laku monkey bay mwat stima ha ha ha LETS DO FAST MALAWIANS,axatpusise

Vale has just constructed a railway line from Tete in Mozambique through Malawi back Mozambique on the India side. So where does Malawi want to connect to exactly? Can’t Malawi explore the the feasibility of riding on this railway line? I could be speaking from pure ignorance. But there is something that really baffles me when I hear about the Nsanje Inland Port. Believe you me it is very sensitive to climate change and climate variability. Also it will be very costly to maintain long term due to constant need for drenching. Funsani a Escom akuvutika ndi namasupuni pa Liwonde!!!… Read more »
Water ways Spy Chief

I was in Germany and some inside information. The report is positive, and the Germans, themselves experts at inland water ports, are giving the project thumbs up. This project is a go ladies and gentlemen. For the fools who don not believe, there are currently boats prying the water ways carrying both passengers and cargo, so its a matter of size of water vessel, goods to be carried and frequency of use. For those DPP haters, eat your shit!


Drming in color. Ngati kwanu mumadya manyi, zako izo. Paja alomwe mulibe mseru,,fulu/kamba ndi ndiwo. Kadyani shit zanuzo. Mwaiwala mbuyanu bingu kupsetsa anthu ndi dzuwa ati opening doko last time, za ziii.

Sapitwa kakulanye

Don’t be pessimistic. If it works fine. If it fails life will still go on.

Paulos Banda

Bingu iyi inali njira yobela ndalama za boma ndi Mota Engil. I hate Mota Engil ndi Bingu.

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