Ntaba back as presidential aide: Malopa moved to Macra

Bright Malopa who since 2014 has been Presidential aide on Communication Strategy has finally been removed from State House and relocated to Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) as Technical Advisor on Broadcasting.

Malopa: Out of State House , relocated to Macra

Malopa: Out of State House , relocated to Macra

Ntaba: Doctor-cum-politician withdrew from diplomatic posting and is now hired as presidential aide

Ntaba: Doctor-cum-politician withdrew from diplomatic posting and is now hired as presidential aide

Information from State House shows that Malopa has been “irrelevant” to the President’s office as he has been absent from duties will- nilly for many months now and authorities deemed “constructive resignation.”

The former Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Director General has been spending more time on his under-construction of a hotel project in Cape Maclear, Mangochi.

In addition, Malopa has also been making foreign trips without informing the President, Chief Secretary and Chief of Staff, Nyasa Times understands.

Under normal employment etiquette these three offices are supposed to know what State House officers are doing.

In another development President Mutharika has hired Dr Hetherwick Ntaba as presidential advisor on domestic policy with immediate effect.

‘Talking computer’ in ipad era

Ntaba between 1992 and 1994 earned the accolade of “Talking Computer” when he, comical Ali-like, and despite the obvious, defended the falling one party regime with such eloquence that he could have fooled “strangers in Jerusalem.”

With the one party system destroyed and the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in opposition, he continued practicing the art of oratory as a member of the opposition until his duplicity was exposed.

Then, he made his first move, and came up with a bargaining chip: the New Congress for Democracy (NCD).

Returning to his other creation, the NCD, he tried unsuccessfully to join the 2004 Mgwirizano Coalition bandwagon. Suspicious of him and his party, the coalition stayed away from him. Never one at a loss for what to do next, he sold his party, skills and talents to a very willing buyer: Bakili Muluzi and his United Democratic Front (UDF).

And with this move, he was back on the ruling side, where the gravy train flows. Needless to say that having languished in opposition for a while, when the late President Bingu wa Mutharika ditched the UDF, he quickly made himself available and useful, assuring himself a continued ride on the gravy-train.

He joined or co-founded the DPP, and was in the forefront demonising Muluzi and the UDF – where he had sought refuge briefly – as the Section 65 vs. Budget and Impeachment madness raged in Malawi. Along the line, he served as DPP Secretary General, fell out of grace, and resurfaced as Presidential Advisor and Spokesperson – until his client bit the dust.

One thing that needs to be said to Ntaba’s credit is that through-out his dynamic career, especially in his chosen speciality and niche of defending unpopular policies, laws and governments; he serves whoever is willing to pay his body and soul with unflinching loyalty.

He speaks the Queen’s language like his mother tongue and the same applies when he switches to his mother tongue, Chichewa. Not all people speak their own language that well!

And check this out: Not too long ago, in the aftermath of British diplomat Fergus Cochrane Dyet’s expulsion, Ntaba, tongue-in-cheek, took on the British Foreign Affairs Department, saying contrary to what everybody was saying, the Malawi Government had not expelled the British envoy. It had merely “lost confidence in him”.

Who does that? It’s like a spin doctor from the UK telling you that he or she has a better understanding of your vernacular language with its expressions. But that’s Ntaba for you.

While such ingenuity would be praiseworthy – if invested in a good cause and used for the general good – in a prostitute, political or otherwise, it just shows how low he or she will sink to satisfy their clientele.

For one, Dr. Ntaba’s political career, for all his close association with powers that be, isn’t endorsed by folks in his backyard. To prove this, he lost the parliamentary elections in a by-election to a then upstart – Willard Gwengwe and then lost again when DPP won re-election in 2009 even candidates who had no business of winning made to parliament and lost again in 2014.

This speaks volumes. Putting it mildly, while in indulging in politics is always a gamble, being an unelected politician is even worse. It renders one prone to abuse by any client pulling the strings. And, as a result one’s political future winds up being subject to the fortunes of another – as has happened now to Ntaba.

His fortunes at the polls underline one thing: political prostitution, though attractive in the short run from the perspective of personal survival, is generally frowned upon by voters, which is a good thing.

Malawi has other people who can do what he does but for a good cause. He is old school. And like Mark Antony, he has to first bury Caesar before making his next move – which would in theory leave him at the end of the line. But like a true prostitute, he had, it appears, prepared for such an eventuality and made some initial moves.

It may have gone unnoticed, but in fact Ntaba was the first to invest and gamble in the possibility of tables turning before anyone did. And he did this, very overtly on two or three occasions.

It all remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, Malawians haven‘t seen or heard the last of the ‘Talking Computer’.  Whatever software is loaded into it, when rebooted, the Talking Computer r will make some sound bites which should only serve as entertainment.

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50 thoughts on “Ntaba back as presidential aide: Malopa moved to Macra”

  1. chilungamo says:

    Wishing u all de best Dr Ntaba ,my our Almity God direct you.

  2. KARU UNITED says:

    Mr Malopa innovative and brilliant as he is should have been sent to Press Corporation to replace one Matthews Chikaonda i have always wondered how the man survives there.

  3. Atate says:

    I strongly like the way you write and the vocab systematically used. its thumb up man.

  4. Kuwali says:

    Isn’t he who brought Bingu’s downfall? He is the one who orchestrated the expulsion of the British Diplomat. Donors be ware.

  5. Ntumwi says:

    This Z Totally Wrong, Hw Come Old Aged Gurus R Still Dominating Vip Position In DPP regime?

  6. kwacha lelo says:

    This APM want all his agemate back in a government which is performing less in economy. Is there no retirement in Malawi? How old should a person continue working. What has Ntaba done to Malawi as a country to bring him back. Ngalamba zifuna kuba zonka. Its a shame. They should change law . A person can not work untill his last day of death. Old people are dead cells. Of-Course we should respect ld people but this is not the old people who are doing good for Malawians. About Chilima I think this gurus dont want him. He has helped them now they dont want him. He knows what is going one. His name is mention less and less. I tell u Malawians it is Malawi VP syndrom. There is presure in DDP that the old gurus dont want Chilima because he was not a member of DDP. APM wanted Chilimas technology to manupulate votes. Now they got what they wanted they have no use f him. One of close DDP to APM want the position another altenative is Atupele to help them to win 2019. If Atupele is stupid he will do it but not because they like him want Mangochi. And Machinga voters. Have u not thought that Muntharikas use others for their own benefits. When are u Malawians going to use pyschology of logical sense.

  7. Kavuluvulu says:

    What will this help us ?Is it about Ntaba being a spin-doctor or him being a good presidential-aide ?

  8. Wawamba says:

    Ntaba has a high profile figure funeral historical trend associated with state house and his return at state house simply foretells that another high profile funeral is in the offing.

    All the best Hitherwick as you prepare to search for a best mobile morgue.

    Who is dying this time? Your guess is as good as mine!

  9. zina lane says:

    Doing things the Malawian way. can a worn out bloom sweep best the corners? the answer is yours.

  10. Bololo says:

    To be honest I couldn’t care less about these political musical chairs. All we need is someone to get his finger out and sort out the mess that has befallen this failed state period. Spin doctors will just make our suffering worse. By the way where is Saulos and his so called reforms? Maybe he should go to Tanzania and Rwanda to learn how they are REALLY done.

  11. ndege says:

    Congratulations bright malopa
    Not a small achievement. Continue being a calm guy down to earth and focus

  12. Kalwena says:

    Hahaha nde mwaona kuli Ntabayo akuthandizani,Kuli vuto, kodi kusowa kwake mukuona ngati wadza ndi zachilendo,kodi achinyamata mumalonjeza nthito aja alikuti,

  13. Ku Monkey Bay says:

    He is the main culprit who is trying to use the government to force people out of their villages in Monkey Bay to pave way for the Porteguese – “Mota Evil” to come and build their so called a five star hotel. He is a liar and a thief. I am sooo happy the punishment for doing this just started on him. May god, allah, punish him to the maximum for his greedy by trying to push his own people out of their homes to accommodate the stupid Moat Engil bastards.
    We do not want them!

  14. half man half biscuit says:

    tsono bwampiniyo azikatani ku macra pamene director wa broadcasting alipo kale? aphwanga ku macra muli mmadzi. peter is creating room for ben phiri now there is an unconstitutional moritorium.

  15. SADRIDO says:

    A Ntaba mukalembanso “sapu” pankhani ya dokotala.

  16. el chapo says:

    wa gule ndi wa gule. ndayankhula zazikulu pamenepa

  17. kk says:

    Where did get the money to build a lodge?

  18. Hamza Wotch says:

    Kumachenjera pa town,kuMalawi kuli anthu awiri Dr Ntaba ndi Mr Ulandi Mussa change goal,alibe mbali yeniyeni,kumene zili bwino amapita kumeneko!#RSA

  19. Mbuyanga says:

    While I don’t like what Malopa was doing, koma a Ntabanso nde yayi! Aaaaah! Zamanyazi. Munthu wosakhazikika uyu: Zipani zonse zolamula kulowamo…..MCP, UDF, DPP, PP, DPP again. Mphuno biii! kufuna makobiri basi. uMP kugwa katatu, udotolo uwu wakulepheraninso! Kayambeni ulimi pa Kamphata chitani manyazi inu. Aaaaaah!

  20. James Phiri says:

    Bright Malopa is not performing at State House so he’s moved to MACRA. What do you have to do in Malawi to be really fired? I mean if he’s busy with his hotel let him go and do that, why should he still be on the payroll of Malawian taxpayers?

  21. All the old politician are back. How do u expect this nn to go forward. It is a circle which never stop circling. Pity. Only people can change this. The question is do Malwaians need change? YES and NO. U can not expect leaders to change for you. Malawi suffering is because Malawians have never exciense their rights. They dont even know what is their rights. They are so much they dont know. All they know is YES BWANA. And use religions , thinking they are peaceful people and christians. Malawi has the most un educated people in Africa. This is not good. I feel pity for my countrymen. Am luck I grew in Europe I could have been like them. What pains me is that up to now Malawi is less social developed. Many young people have n jobs. Small beautiful country no civil war but is very poor. I thought after dictatorship Malawi will be better off but democrancy is a disaster. CORRUPTION IS MORE THAN IT WAS IN NIGERIA. Is it not a shame ever Malawian leader has been punished of donors? Everytime Malawi get aid the leaders get very rich by stealing the money meant for the country and people. We Africans in Europe are treated bad because of the leaders of African ,s stealing. We work arsel of us here. These leaders are educated but behave so savagely. What does education of an An African mean? Read what Donald Trump wrote. I am sure he meant APM. This is good example. If Kamuzu had lived to day Malawi was going to be more better than these Muluzi, Bingu, JB APM rubish. No aid Malawi is a suffering nation. If you let this old man and his people rule Malawi 2019 then declare Malawi a lost nation. I wish I was not born a Malawian. It is so shameful that my country is so poor because of missmanagment of resources.

  22. Kamuna says:

    Viola and a small group which like propaganda at mbc, b careful with the so called politics u may b found siting on the bare ground. Look back situation happened in 20!2. U like taking part u r clearly seen, we shal meet.

  23. Kamuna says:

    Viola and a small group which like propaganda at mbc, b careful with the so called politics u may b found siting on the bare ground. Look back situation happened in 20!2.

  24. manyatwako says:

    ine ndkufna ndsutse, zot andisankha presidential aid akufalisa nd otsusa boma

  25. Odapulukira Ontaba ndithu Odala, Tele mpaka Oyesu odzabwera odzaweluza Dzikoli mpando onyumba ya Malamulo sodzaunyantha, Tele ife tidometa za Ontaba sotifukulitse Maliro inu, Ontabaso lero? Kapitani uko!

  26. Kamuna says:

    I misd his voice this old man

  27. just trying says:

    @Kenkkk. It IS Chemical Ali. Not Comical. Saddam Hussein’s cousin and cabinet minister, Ali Hassan al-Majid, was known as Chemical Ali because of his use of chemical weapons against the Kurds.

  28. Mtumbuka says:

    Izi ndiye nzeru so that Cardiac Arrest ikadza cha mu February to April (as indicated by TB Joshua), there should no repeat of what happened to the Economic Engineer. Dr.Ntaba can save life given the right apparatus

  29. ndege says:

    Some friend of mine told me how malopa refused flat out to defend what he used to call school boy blunders when asked to clear some mishaps. Whenever there was a scandal he could simply switch off his phone. When asked he simply said, mumati yamba dala. His last act was to switch all his phones for two months and literary stopped working. Then he came up with a 25 paged memo raising issues that needed to be done and brilliantly articulated but also sent a profoma invoice if he were to do it. He is a brilliant lone operator make no mistake. Hes brilliant mind too.most of the challenges were are experiencing were forwarned by him. his standards and principles are just so high. When most could not meet his standards, he simply withdrew and kept stone quite.

  30. youna says:

    Paja a Ntaba amalowa mu injury time.

  31. Mnngulu says:

    Where are the public reforms APm & SCC? You are taking Malawians for granted. Do not regret when they act but just accept. I am sure the public is as sick and tired like me. We will see you before 2019. Count your days.

  32. Kandapako says:

    Congratulations Sau. Umaitha kwabasi. Mikoko ya ku Mtenthela imeneyo!

  33. Eye Witness says:

    Many have tried to murder Mtaba by these cheap swords before. He is an intelligent doctor who has better at language than you todler unemployable journalists surviving on gossip and castigation through cheap platform. Instea of reporting and balancing analysis, you are campaigning, trying to motivate little minds to sympathise with x and not y. Shame.

  34. muphale says:

    Malopa has been unusually quite. His not going to work speaks volumes. Actually his Quiteness was louder than his silence. But for one to go out for months without going to work and then get a prestigious job such as the one being claimed here shows how important this guy is. If true,This appointment is far much better than his previous position

  35. Kenkkk says:

    Seems a better move by the president at last. Bright should never have been given such a position in the first place.

    Kaya Kwathu, it is comical not chemical Ali. This was the Saddam Hussein’s spokesman during the war who entertained with a lot of lies. Hence the name comical.

  36. musekanji palibe kanu says:


  37. Samuel Lwara says:

    Welcome back Ntaba. The president at this point in time needs people of high integrity like yourself. There has been total mess at the state house in recent times. GOOD LUCK.

    Samuel Lwara, Mzimba Boma.

  38. Tk says:

    A spokesperson is the ‘Devil’s Advocate’ that is what he is paid to do. Dr Heatherwick Ntaba is a damn good one. His job is to defend the indefensible,and gives him the right to represent his client with skill and ability, its a old and accepted tradition which allows even defence lawyer to defend murderers. As in the case of OJ Simpson, Attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr proved in the now famous quote “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” its an Art.

  39. Dikisan says:

    Nthawi ya Ntba inapita. Mufuna akubweletsereni mavuto ena. Amalawi zimmumoona patali.

  40. Kaya Kwathu says:

    *Chemical Ali. NOT Comical Ali

  41. KARU UNITED says:

    I was there that time, during the last days of Ngwazi Dr H Kamuzu Banda’s reign, the eloquent Dr Hetherwick Ntaba, was simply nicknamed COMPUTER. On losing parliamentary elections, that has been the case with him since the dawn of multipartyism or even earlier.

  42. Nyoni phiri says:

    Good story man

  43. Fingo says:

    Wow is this is an opinion piece or what?
    Sounds so personal to me

  44. Funzo says:

    Some things don’t change!

  45. chiotha says:

    Last time I met malopa, he was clearly not interested in any politics. He simply dint take up his post and just watched as things went downward. His absence on the scene made mutharika to take a negative dive.he leads a very private life and only concentrate on his project.

  46. el chapo says:

    computer and quagmire together, 2016 ikoma zedi

  47. Nzeru says:

    I enjoyed reading this article

  48. Peter says:

    And he saved Mphwiyo’s life too. And he served as Kamuzu’s doctor, and possibly Muluzi’s too. Zonsezo simunalembe bwanji? Ha has a distinguished career as a medical doctor. Koma he wastes it by engaging in politics. Ntafu did the same.

  49. Truck says:


  50. Patriot says:


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