Nursing students block way to Kamuzu Central Hospital

Students of Kamuzu College of Nursing  in Lilongwe have blocked the way to Kamuzu Central Hospital, they are chanting and yelling at motorists to find another route.

Students protests against fee hike: #UnimaFeeMustFall

Students protests against fee hike: #UnimaFeeMustFall

This means doctors, management and staff are not able to go through the hospital gates by vehicles.

It was not immediately known why they have come out of their classes.

Nyasa Times crew will be updating you on new developments in this developing story.

This comes barely days after Chancellor College and Polytechnic students went on protests against exorbitant fee hikes which has led to indefinite closure of Chancellor College and arrest of close to 30 students from both public colleges.

The government is blaming the opposition for the new wave of protests, an allegation vehemently rejected by Malawi Congress Party and Peoples Party.

A youth non-governmental organisation, Youth and Society (Yas), finds students’ expression of discontent over the fees hike from K275 000 to a minimum of K400 000 “extremely genuine, patriotic and heroic at a time when the economy is severely anaemic and decrepit.”

“The University administration itself has expressed the same point of view in terms of rising costs of running the University. The students are justified to defend themselves and Malawian society at large against this insensitive and unjustified fees hike by the Unima Council.

“The exorbitant fees in our educational institutions are gradually leading to commercialisation of education, which will obviously lower the standards of education further than it is presently. This will militate against one of the needs of the nation, of an increase in numbers of graduates in Malawi by making it possible for as many as possible young people to realise their dreams,” as executive director Charles Kajoloweka  said.

Kajoloweka urged government to stop using closure of institutions of higher learning as a tool of intimidation and abdication of its responsibility.

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mr malawi

Continue blocking the roads.All greedy and selfish authorities refused to get students concern’s. Whoever is supporting this fee hike must face a dreadful disease. You send your children abroad bt you are raising fee here. You learnt without paying but you raising fee. You’re even refusing to pay back loans.. Anthu amimba zawo kumbwambwana


Nde akawathira utsi muziti police brutality? Blocking the road to hospital of all the roads? Just to kill innocent people who need urgent attention by doctors, this is uncalled for because the poor patient reffered to KCH does not even know what is happening around him, and you chose to prevent him from being treated. This is students brutality


Umbuliwo nde ndiumenewo……uchitsiru< iwe ukuona kuti mastudentswo akapanda kuphunzira due to fee hike yawoyo amene azathandize ndani mtsogolo muno anthu amene ukunena kut akufuna agent helpwo?

All I see in these demonstrations is lack of consultations, contact n dialogue amongst involved parties. UNIMA and Govt side, your side is loud and clear to substantiate the fees hike but you have neglected the other side of the coin. Make your simple analysis as responsible drivers of institutions; it is not far when we heard the State President giving a directive to have the students that dropped out of University due to fees return to their respective institutions when fees was K275,000. Now that you have doubled it, how many dropouts do you expect? Is it not another… Read more »
Samsung Nokia

ameneyo ndiye fodyatu…………osakatseka nseu ku parliament bwanj? kkkkkkkk inu nanu inu


kodi ndalama za ma cashgaters zija zili kuti? i thot they freezed their accounts? Osatenga bwanji and deposit in Govt account so that these issues will come to an end. Instead of giving us tough time. eish




The reason why nursing students are protesting is failure by govt to employ them after graduation, and to show solidarity with Chanco students who recently demonstrated against fees hike. Government is abdicating its social responsibility to the students by hiking their fees too much at a time economy is in shambles and not employing them. I’m their lecturer and I’m deeply concerned with their situation.

jussa joni

Academic!!!!!please fail all students. Tiwaonere kumene apite. azikalima kwao. Akuona ngati iwo ndizofunikira. Many civil servants do not want to retire because sanamange nyumba kwao, govt will need these old gurus and keep them working till they die as opposed to recruiting these reckless young ones who have no qualifications


You fail students because of poor academic performance and not because they have blocked the road. Expect more demos. Munya muona.


Bring more details. Do not give us your opinion , better introduce a column for your opinions


Yet anthu amne akumanama kuti akufuna kukonza zinthuwo ali busy kuba ndalama mboma nkumatumiza ku Switzerland, Amaerica, Panama , Portugal everyday. Keneko amvekere ndalama yathu sikukwera chifukwa anthu simkulimbikira kugwira ntchito. Zitsiru

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