‘Off the wall of’ Levi Kabwato: Don’t inherit Muckracker, be original

Nyasa Times has introduced a new column called ‘Off the Wall Of …’  We will be taking a Malawi Facebook Post of the Day and republish on Nyasa Times.

Then I received a “friend request” fromGanizani Desmond, whom I’ve never met nor recall interacting with. Going by the profile, it seems the FB account was just recently set up. Alarming.

Tenthani:  The muckracker was killed in a car crash

Tenthani: The muckracker was killed in a car crash

Now, I have no problems with immortalising the memory of Raphael Tenthani, but to do so as this “columnist” – nameless and faceless – has cowardly done is to bastardise, corrupt and injure that very same memory. It is a travesty of the highest order.

For Blantyre Newspapers Limited (BNL) to be part of this deliberate bastardisation of Ralph’s memory and actively contribute to the undoing of his immense investment in their product – The Sunday Times – is not only scandalous but an exhibition of great disrespect to a writer who single-handedly contributed to the good fortunes of the newspaper.

Ganizani – whoever and whatever you are in real life – please have the decency to name this column something else and quit the free-rider status bestowed on you by yourself and by BNL. That is if you have any honour and respect for Ralph, yourself and more importantly, for the readers.

There can only be one Muckracker and that was Raphael Tenthani. I have nothing against your writing but it does seem from this entry that you just don’t have that guile we had come to associate with Ralph and the special space he occupied in The Sunday Times, a newspaper i’ve also previously contributed to.

The frauds we have in government, politics and civil society are far too many. We can’t afford to add, to this list, anyone from the media, especially those occupying column space that devoted its excellent thought and profound ideas to tackling – you guessed it – FRAUD of any kind!

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9 thoughts on “‘Off the wall of’ Levi Kabwato: Don’t inherit Muckracker, be original”

  1. vitselekwete says:

    Atani nkhandwe. Mmutu muli madzi okhaokha

  2. Ben Phiri says:

    BNL if u have really maintained Muckracker with someone else(for I haven’t bought the paper since the demise of Ralph),can u remember this. When late Edward Chisambo left Weekend Nation for Malawi news Edward Chitsulo taking over the space,came with Raw stuff. Steve Nhlane leaving the Nation with his Diary George Kasakula came with his own creation. Equally a replacement of Edward Chitsulo of late Danwood Chirwa has come with Accountability Hub and there are many examples. So to continue with the page with same Muckracking is totally unfair to the spirit of Ralph. Whatever the case,u cannot have the same following that ralph commanded

  3. Munthu - The Citizen says:

    Scuse my usage of a soccer example on this issue; I am a soccer fan. Napoli the team Diego Maradona played and won trophies for retired the jersey No. 10 for fear that some nonentity will one day don the adored jersey and bring the great man of soccer into disrepute. Just imagine; the jersey was retired although Maradona is still alive.

    Having said this, I am of the view that the Mucracking collumn be duly retired forthwith so that it should keep its original integrity intact. R10 was a literally genius manufactured from rare material. The guy wrote stuff and we dont wont someone to wake up one day and write chaff using the muckracker brand. The guy who is now writing the collumn cannot be another R10. Why do people take pride in being copycats? The BNL guys should realise that the muckracker collumn was patented in the name of R10 period!

  4. Pamphasa says:

    Yes that is true… I was so shocked when I opened the paper last weekend how can people be so inhuman?????????????????? We are still mourning R10 and you shamelessly and fraudulently use his space.

  5. Steve says:

    Apange yake column. If he has smth in his brain we will respect him not just coming from nowhere writing your rubbish on that had-won column by his late RT aka Muckracker. And BNL, what rubbish is that?? Are you all insane?? Fotseki. You irritate me!!

  6. Joseph says:

    I loved the muckracker to death! I was one of the many who looked over to Sundays just to read the muckracker- and Ralph was the man and no one will ever replace him….., EVER!! Having said that, life goes on and we still need muckrackers around, whoever they may be. I dont mind who it is, as long as he/she is MUCKRACKING, I am fine. And don’t tell me about creativity. Which Malawian journalist is creative here? They all just CUT and PASTE from each other, and you could have noticed that IF YOU WERE CREATIVE ENOUGH YOURSELF to be reading the articles with an inquistive mind. My only explanation here is you hated what Ralph was doing, were glad he is gone, now you don’t like the idea of your fellows being muckracked again!! Ppsst!

  7. Wa BB says:

    Levi is right here be creative guys. Kungotola kophaipha eti.

  8. makito says:

    I agree 100%.

  9. Atcheya says:

    I entirely agree with Levi. It is indeed nonsensical for BNL to do this to the memory of Ralph. Stop the madness please

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