OG Plastics K6 million robbers arrested

Police in Limbe town have arrested suspected armed criminals involving in the MK6 million OG plastics heist.

Manjolo: We got them

Manjolo: We got them

The law-enforcers have also recovered two vehicles, Toyota Altezza and Nissan Note from the criminals.

The robbery happened on Saturday 24th October, 2015 at Maselema in Blantyre.

Deputy Commissioner, John Nyondo said they have managed to arrest the suspects following an intensive manhunt.

Nyondo said the suspects were arrested at BCA Hill where they were hiding and several items worth of millions of Kwachas which include furniture, electronics and luggage was recovered in the process.

A police officer, Sub-Inspector Yohane Mabutawo was killed by the criminals during the robbery while another officer, Constable Jailos Phiri was wounded in a gunfire exchange.

National Police Public Relations Officer, Rhoda Manjolo told Nyasa Times that Constable Phiri, who managed to kill one of the criminals during the gunfire, has been promoted to the rank of Sub-Inspector.

Constable Phiri shot dead hardcore criminal Ben Harawa who led the criminals that staged the robbery.

The criminals also injured an OG Plastics accounts officer, Muhammad Sami- currently admitted at Seventh Day Adventist hospital.

Manjolo said OG Plastics hired the two police officers from B Division Company to collect money from the company’s shops in Limbe.

“After finishing collecting the money, the crew started off heading to their head office at Maselema. When they entered into the compound, a Nissan Tiida which was following them also got into the compound.

“One criminal suspect jumped from the car carrying a bottle of acid and splashed it onto the face of Inspector Mabutawo. Later Constable Phiri sensed danger and fired gunshots that killed the suspect on the spot,” explained Manjolo.

According to Manjolo, this action forced other suspects to jump out of the car and picked the gun which was in the possession of the deceased suspect and fired at the crew that was in the OG plastic’s vehicle, killing officer Mabutawo in the process.

Constable Phiri and Sami were wounded in the legs.

The vehicle used by the criminals was later dumped close to Katimba CCAP Church in Limbe.

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65 thoughts on “OG Plastics K6 million robbers arrested”

  1. Hamza Wotch says:

    Mb ava mpaka kukakhala ku BCA,ndibwana kale awa muona atuluka posachedwapa

  2. Nabanda says:

    The Analystic, wandisangalatsa mfundo yako imodzi, zoonadi other men are women and other women are men. Kwambiri ndithokoze Mulungu powayalutsa akubawo kudzera mwa a Police. Lawyer amene atakawayimirire anthuwa ku court aziwiretu kuti safika ndi moyo 2016 ndimulodza.

  3. Blessings Kaweru says:

    Let them get what they deserve ( stiff punishment is required )

  4. Omex70 says:

    Please our courts don’t allow these criminals to go away with soft judgement. They need to be punished heavily. These animals are not wanted in Malawi. The solution to this problem is just introduce ‘shoot to kill policy”. These animals have forfeited their rights. Stupid are those who defend these animals.

  5. kodi nanga ndalama zapezekanso

  6. Che Ngana says:

    Get Out Mkupamame.Why Cant You Intervine And Do The Job If You Think Its Easy As An Alphabet Or Automatic As Going To The Toilet.You R Neither A Good Citizen Nor An Imformant.Only Waiting For The Police To Do It For You.One Word For You.There Are No Prophets Or Angels In The Malawi Police Service.Above All There Is Nothing You Can Bring To The Service If You Praise Them.There R Pple Wealthy To Praise Them The Lexten Kachama.To Hell With Your Praises.Get Life!!!

  7. William Miya says:

    akapita Ku khoti awa ndi mwayi, they are planning to shoot them claiming that they were attempted to escape a lawful custody, no objection go ahead officers

  8. John Kaludzu says:

    Well done! Azipunguka amenewa akwana kwambiri iya!

  9. Kingman says:

    As a member of malawi police service am telling mkupamame that we dont need you to praise us I would rather wants ppo in a society who are cooperative, who can fed us with info where ever necessary like the issue of Issa njaunju. You dont know how challenging this job is.It doesent mean that when a patient dies in the hands of a doctor then the doctor is a failure. It doesn’t mean that wen a student fails exams then the teacher is a failure. A woman in area 47 was injured by armed robbers, we have managed to catch them, So dont make speculations. Thanks God for the guidance that led to the robbers to be caught

  10. Kamuna says:

    What is remaing is to see the stupidity of the court with its 2 year sentense for all this major case.

  11. khweseni says:

    JOb well done. sizimene mumafuna.

  12. Amos jumbe says:

    Congratulations 2 our police officers. Kumawapha choncho adzipunguka. Kwa wa police wathu adaphedwa, nzimu wake uuse mumtendere.

  13. Ronnex Ted Kayira says:

    Ithank God for revealing the climinals where they were hiding. Ibeg those who are responsible in deffending dangerous climinals in court of law,please! please! don,t deffend them let them lot in prisons or killing them is not abig problem.they really deserve painfull death.

  14. wankhawa says:

    these criminals have killed a law enforcer Iplead with our courts to lock them in for years they are dangerous to the society and our prisons shud not release them

  15. Mkupamame says:

    You only act swift when your fellow officer is killed.I will praise you only and only when you will come up with those who killed a very humble man by the name ISSA NJAUNJU.

  16. Konza Chapasi says:

    Chomde , please,

    Can you do the same with NJAUJU’S death , if you are not able to arrest the people who killed NJAUJU the government should hire the SCOTLAND YARD otherwise many Malawians are becoming suspicious with the way our government is acting on the death of this important man ?JB has a reason to claim that she is afraid of her life because of poor security with this government of DPP has. If you don’t want to do any about investigating the death of a very Sinior ACB man , what more with a person who you see as an enemy and is giving you sleepless nights ?

    The death of Njauju has many questions that the one or two answers which we are being given by our government.

  17. Prodigalson says:

    Kutha kwa nkhaniyi pliz tikuziwe ndipo chilungamo chiyende ngati shire.

  18. CITIZEN says:



  20. Nelson says:

    I personally don’t think it’s a gd idea narrating e story of who killed who. Yes, it might b a display of heroism to the public. Bt as far as such a display may lead to endangerment of e officer in talk, the P.R.O shldnt have revealed that kinda info to e media. Well, Simply Said…Some Stuff Jst Have To Remain Secrets!

  21. Pas.Q says:

    Job well done guys…..

  22. blessings says:

    Thumbs up CHILUNGAMO,mukunena zoona akulu…

  23. Kondwani Kalole says:

    Job Well Done to our Police officers. Congratulations.

  24. blessings says:

    Ah!!!moti muzitiuza kutii mwawapha apa!mmmxxxieee,muina timabungwe tasatanic tija tikawatulutsa kumenekoo,anyway,lawyer amene akayimirire zigawengazi nayensoo aonaa mob justice

  25. Kawonga says:

    So sad that ali mmanja mwa police, anyongedwe basi

  26. Alexbeu says:

    bola pompo akapolo amenewa akuwononga dziko kwabasi

  27. Pat says:

    Amenewa ngati atabwereko amoyo ndi mwayi. Azifunsa anzawo a FMB robbery akungochunidwa mwakachetechete. Lero maliro, mawa maliro mpaka atha onse

  28. Mosehliwa says:

    kodi enawo ndani tiwadziwe?

  29. losco says:

    Those of u who know this man pls tell me,is he the same Nyondo who was at Kasungu police station? If yes then may I,mayi,mayi!!!Who has replaced him?When I cm back to Malawi, I will recall him back to Kasungu.

  30. crazy stuff says:

    Look at manjolos hat. He looks like a bloody clown. Same federal stufd

  31. crazy stuff says:

    Capital punishment please. Simple choice. Cheap amd effective for these agalu

  32. Malipeya says:


  33. GRM says:

    I agree with those suggesting crushing these thugs. Beat them mercilessly so that they die in prison

  34. Spectator. says:

    Tiyeni tonse tione lawyer amene atakaimirire zigawengazi. Oyimira chigawenga amadya za chigawenga ndipo nayenso ndi chogawenga chomwe.

  35. Rumphi says:


  36. chilungamo says:

    So the police have got the potential to hunt down these thugs…eee???…sad to note that it seems they are acting swiftly when their colleague has been victimized!…look here good people…FMB thugs killed a police officer and they were caught…one died in the hands of the police….46mill Petroda thugs killed a police officer and they were caught…one was gunned down at Kameza while another one welcomed the bullets in his body in nkhotakota…OG plastics thugs never took a lesson…they killed a police officer and now they are caught!!!…ok ok..500mill STD bank thugs killed no officer and investigations are still going on…82mill Indebank thugs made sure they observed the golden of ..’never be bewitched to kill a corp’ and now they are free in town…you expect Njaunju killers to be caught????….never!!!..they didn’t kill a corp!!!…ever heard an adage that goes ‘send a thief to catch a thief’???….the adage gat plentiful sense… police should be POLICE to everyone!!!!…kaya!!

  37. Mashamase says:

    What abt Mr Njawunju

  38. ambusye says:

    Mr phiri has been Ranked to sub inspector. Coz he managed to shot 1 of the gangs. And wat abwt the one who killed the cops??? These guys are smart

  39. mbodzole says:

    its true they took them by supplies, I have to say sorry. It high time for our police to improve on how they guard things eg shop money escorts. their drill is not all that effective, at times you find them all in front of a vehicle as money escorts. sitting at the same place guarding a bank or shop. you should know that rifle are not mithiko. The way they sit at shops I sometimes feel that their rifle become a public threat. what if someone spray acid at the faces of Akapokola guarding a shop and took their rifles to rob the shop they guard. IG please consult on the best drills to guard premises and money escorts. We as exsecurity officer we do feel sorry at times we feel threatened when entering these shop, we don’t see rifles as protective weapons. The way they sit confuse us teach them Mr I G they will save our lives and theirs

  40. jp says:

    Thank you our men in uniform, the Malawi Police, BUT you seem to be very agreessive catching up with Robbers, why can’t you do the same with those killers of Mr Njaunjo???????????????????????????????

  41. Dunderheads says:

    You seem to be working. Keep it up…..pull up your sacks. Ask Nyapapi to increase your pay please. If he doesn’t,do something guys. Well done!!!!

  42. Attention Seeker says:

    Any stolen money recovered kapena mwagawana?

  43. They Will Be Bailedout,cry Our Beloved Country,lero apha abale athu mawa adzapha inu nomwe! Cann’t the president intervein as his brother did? Ma key a ndende ya mbava kukataya kunyanja mbava ziwolele kundende,Bingu;why did you go faster?

  44. cid says:

    Amzathu ku BT ntchito mukugwira bwino. Kuno ku Lilongwe ai. Ndalama zikabedwa wakuba woganizilidwa ali yense ali mmadzi amamuveka chinyau kenako mwansanga nsanga kummanga zaka zambiri Koma ndalama osapezeka. Kodi ndimayesa wakuba akagwidwa pasanathe one week ndiye kuti ngati anaba K10million ayenela abweze zotsala? Nanga Ndalama zimapita kuti? Munthu akabeledwa amafuna abwezeledwe ndalama kapena katundu wake osati kumamuuza kuti anthu anakubelani aja taagwira ndipo tawamanga. Gwirani ndikuamanga akuba komanso ndalama bwezani kwa mwini wake.

  45. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Achita bwino alangidwe

  46. Chenda says:

    Well done our Police officers for cacting the criminals professionally. Keep it up!

  47. Oliver Twist says:

    Allah be Praised!


    There was laxity in the side of the police. How could they allow a criminal jump from a car and gave him time to pick a rifle from the deceased and shoot at police officers. This was the time when police officers are supposed to be super alert. Thanks that the one who shot dead the other criminal was promoted.

  49. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Please the best you can do is kill the criminals . They deserve no space in this world.

  50. Chemwali chimwene says:

    Amene mwagwirawoasowetseni, apo bii mmawa aphanso mzanu wina wa polisi. . Njoka saweta

  51. dadaboma says:

    Police, that is the APM for you. You had said JB had relaxed the security of the country. Now you have a secure country you dreamed for.

  52. The Analyst says:

    I cry for the days of old! Had it been then, these bandits could have had their heads chopped off, dicks ripped off and balls crushed, mercilessly!

    The days of now, will have these bandits taken to court, (wasting our time and money in the process) and then slapped with a 7-years jail term and then released! Where is justice here? These bandits killed a policeman and all we shall have to hope for is a jail sentence? Seriously? .

    Any just man in their right minded would know that a loss of life can’t be compensated for by a mere jail sentence (as we all expect from this); rather by a death verdict, coz thats exactly the only just thing that can happen to these people. We need to eliminate them and save many millions of Malawians.

    Its disheartening to see our presidents failing to sign a death verdict when its necessarily meted on such people. just wish our presidents were strong enough! Alas! Some men are born women! Which makes it even worse coz some women are born men.

    This worries and makes me and other just Malawians to cry for the days of old, when presidents were strong!

  53. Concerned Citizen says:

    Congratulations to the Police Service.

    Please justice system give the ultimate punishment to these murderers.

    Are they all Malawians?

    This should not be tolerated.

  54. nyadani says:

    zabwino zonse apolisi. Koma musawataye amenewo. Zamaufuluzi zawononga dziko lathu

  55. Wachikulile says:

    Bravoo koma katuniyo adyiwike anuwake osati apite mmanyumba mwanu

  56. JC says:

    Well done officers keep it up, tisamakhale ndimantha ogwira cash fe,

  57. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    Include another charge on causing grievance harm on sub insp phiri and OG accountant on separate charges. The reason that, they shouldn’t come too soon from prison. Accumulate burning charcoal over their heads.

  58. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    Congratulations Malawi Police Service for your swift actions on incidents like this. Surely, we live in fear especially towards the end of the year. It takes long period for man to accumulate worthy, but these people get away with your worth within seconds. Throw them to jail and forget about them. They are terrifying our neighbourhoods. Once again bravo for your prompt actions to arrest thugs. But on your charges don’t forget to charge them with murder whilst they are answering robbery charges.

  59. will says:

    That`s the mission of the devil, steal, kill and destroy. He store your minds, used it for his own benefit, he killed your spirit for it not to reason properly, he has dumped you and handed you over to authorities and now he will destroy you and get you sentenced to maximum imprisonment. If you can come back to your senses just call on JESUS to forgive you. you will be under human custody but spiritually you will be at liberty.

  60. james adam kaunda says:

    very sad

  61. mlanjira says:

    Yes BCA kumidzi kuja ma criminals nde osanena nkuchimake. Police akhale ndi unit mu BCA proper please. These criminals killed one BCA gentleman a Chimaliro and snatched his rifle mpakana lero mfuti siinapezeke. Nkutheka its one of those rifles they are using.

    Shoot to kill please

  62. richard says:

    Nanga amene anapha Njauju muwagwira liti.

  63. Mmmmmm Amenewo life imprisonment !!!!

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