Old age catches up with Goodall, fails to walk in J’oburg airport, wheeled

Eighty-one year old Finance and Economic Development minister Goodall Gondwe on Friday had to be put on a wheel chair as he failed to walk from a check in point to a boarding lounge due to old age.

Goodall Gondwe, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning: Old age catching up

A journalist who coincidentally happened to be at Oliver Tambo International Airport in South Africa Deus Sandram says Gondwe was put on a wheel chair and wheeled off to the boarding lounge.

It was not immediately known if the minister was just making fight connections or he was in South Africa on official duties.

Sandram writes on his Facebook wall: “I met my minister of Finance at OR Tambo. Goodall Gondwe was on a wheel chair today. Not because he is unwell but the old man cannot manage walking from the check in point to where the boarding takes place. In all fairness, the old man needs to retire now. Please save the old man.”

However, although Gonndwe is fast eging, the economy is fast picking up with banks now cutting the base lending rate.

The National Bank of Malawi has cut its base lending base on Thursday to 30.5%.

Inflation rate is also down from 24% to 16%.

IMF says the economic outlook looks pretty good.

President Peter Mutharika is likely to hold on to Gondwe, the captain behind the steering of the economy from the muddy waters to clear waters.

Gondwe was born on December 1, 1936 and worked for IMF and African Development Bank.

He served former president Bakili Muluzi as economic advisor until 2004 when President Bingu wa Mutharika appointed him.

Minister of Finance and later served as minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment and Local Government.

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32 thoughts on “Old age catches up with Goodall, fails to walk in J’oburg airport, wheeled”

  1. Amon Zuze says:

    This guy wakula he needs to retire otherwise to be honest why do they put age limit for civil servants to retire? The same reason applies to him politics aside isah

  2. Ajijo says:

    The journo Sandram has not been kind but publicising this. Not a good story.

  3. winston msowoya says:

    Yahya Jammeh,I think you have faked your real name,for sure you are not a Muslim why do you conceal your identity?For your good information,81 years could not prevent Gondwe to work diligently,he is astute and brilliant economist having worked in internationally respected Institutions for a number of years which earned him vast respects in many countries.If Banda ruled you at the age of 98,how could Gondwe have failed to carryon his respectful job at the age of 81,right now Mugabe is ruling those fools in Zimbabwe at the age of 93.The fact is that Jammeh’s forceful temper is propelled by tribalistic venom.It is bunkum to disqualify Gondwe for his BA degree,but Mathanyula has PHd which has not used it for the benefit of the Nation,he has completely failed to lead our nation both politically and economically.For Jammeh’s information,Gondwe has served 4 Presidents with dignified excellency and a great deal of patriotism.The overwhelming majority of Malawians appreciate what Gondwe has contributed to the welfare of his nation through his dedication,even Peter acknowledges this fact that’s why he still keeps him in one of the highest offices of the land.Choose another topic Mr Jammeh,this one has made you a fool and unlettered.Thank you brother Gondwe for your dedication and patriotism towards your beloved mother MALAWI.GOD BLESS MALAWI AND AFRICA!!!!!!

  4. vyantonda says:

    his innability is affecting the country s evonomy he doesnt know that the donors will not come again to support these rotten thieves

  5. masa masina says:

    old age is not a sin. Sickness is not a sin. Learn to respect old people. Reaching age 80 implies that the old man looked after himself very well. Such lives should be celebrated instead of being ridiculed, spited, mocked, scorned. Congratulation Goodall for being active at 80. What is your secret for getting to 80?

  6. ungwelu says:

    @biggy…….. I do not remember Goodall ever working with Amayi ….. definitely when she was State President??

  7. Baba wa boy says:

    He was secretary to the treasury.

  8. Too old to work Koma dyela these shit politicians. What is the retiring age of civil servants. .? That same age should be applied to all politicians.

    1. Skekna says:

      Why can’t you came and succed him, that means you ‘re damn

  9. be humane says:

    How do you know when you already said you dont know whyhe was on wheel chair? poor journalist why concluding from the little knowledge you have?

  10. Nyau Thing says:

    A Deus Sandram inuyo mufika olo zaka fifite? Tamusiyani Goodall!

  11. concernd says:

    poti masiku ano lachuluka ndi bodza, tinaziya kukukhulupirirani.

  12. Tiyanjane says:

    In fact, one can request an airline, at the time of booking a flight, for provision of assistance in movement. I did that at the age of only 61 when I was to pass through long airport terminal s. Nothing unusual here.

  13. biggy says:

    Economy is picking up not because of Goodall but APM’s leadership. He worked with Muluzi but economy was in a mess. He worked with Bingu and economy picked. He worked with Amayi and economy suffered. He is now with APM, things are improving. Thumbs up to the leadership.

    1. mbembe says:

      he never workes with Joice Banda for your information

  14. winston msowoya says:

    My prayers mwana wa kwathu,you have done a great job for your country but still you are called Mutumbuka,Muhinya,Chikangawa so on and so forth.However,you know your job extremely well and it will take someone years to take over from you.Start to contact some brilliant economists such as Prof.Thandika Mkandawire,Kapote Mwakasungura the list is long,but most of them are hinyas as this will not go well with our brothers from the South and Central Malawi.Lastly,myself and a good number of Tumbukas in diaspora are proud of your anwavering and undaunted commitment to building your country despite abuses for being a Tumbuka.God be with you and the late Dunduzu Kaluli Chisiza one of the best economist Malawi and Africa had ever produced who was brutally lynched by Banda’s notorious thugs.GOD BE WITH YOU GREAT SON OF MALAWI AND AFRICA!!!!!!

  15. Wafika says:

    Dear Goodall!!! At least he can now retire without being afraid of blackmail. his friend went into the cooler

  16. Tawona says:

    81 years is not old enough for him not to walk. Why are you journalists so naive? And you say it’s not because of illness, but age. Ooh, what type of thinking is this? He was in a wheel chair precisely because of illness not old age. The so-called journalist you are quoting on facebook shud have asked Gondwe or whoever was assisting him what the problem was. Mugabe is 93. He walks on his own. Are you saying he’s not old?

  17. well done to be…..Amen

  18. Wakoyoka says:

    Aging means time for activeness is over as God made us to be.

  19. ALOSWEA says:

    Mmmmm lero no comment bola mawa kkkkkkk kuopa kulakwa

  20. Njete mumpika says:

    Sandras should avoid to write nonsense like this. Those of you that know Goodall is not surprised that he needs a wheelchair bucause Goodall has a Lumbar (spine) problem. I wish we were a little cautious when writing about others

  21. Yahya Jammeh says:

    Nyasa Times, you are suggesting that if Gondwe retires today the economy will stop to do do well? What are you insinuating by saying despite the old age, the economy is picking up. Malawi has many intelligent and well educated economists some of them have PhDs where Gondwe is a mere Bacholor’s degree holder. The economy is only surviving through his trial and era approach without strategic direction otherwise he cannot beat the vibrant young crop of economists that Malawi has. If you roped in some good university lectures or the current senior civil servants who are real technocracts in economics to become Finance Ministers, they can work wonderers. The writing is clear on the wall – the man is too old and he needs to rest, he is not the lifer Minister of Finance in Malawi. We need new thinking. During Kamuzu Banda’s era there was no Goodall was not Finance Minsiter, but the economy was doing well. So too was Muluzi’s era there was Gondwe nwas neither a Fianance Minsiter (probably an adviser), but under the leadership of Alex (Aleke) Banda, the economy was strong. Malawi cannot afford old people hold key positions that determine our destiny – they will not bring anything new to drive our economy. We seriously need young blood of educated cadres to drive our economy. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  22. Tondo says:

    Yes the man is old but his brain is still flesh. Others tried the same post but they failed us. And that is why malawi today is nashing teeth. Steel it up big man. Malawians love you for that. Hmmmm.

  23. Aphiri says:

    We don’t hv money to borrow from the banks to be honest coz the economy is bad that’s why the interest rates are dropping. Ndalama ikusowa ngati mabondo a nyerere

  24. Chungu Maziya says:

    Failure to walk and being wheeled around on a wheel chair is probably not a good yard stick for “old age”. I would save my conclusions until I know more about circumstances

  25. Chigwere Pa Euthini says:

    Wakula munthuyu koma kukakamilabe chingalawa basi!

  26. santana says:

    Is this Deus Sandram the one nick-named Bwande? I know him for his relentless fight against DPP. Sending the message to the public was the only thing he could do because he was not in the propaganda room along the Kamuzu Highway. Thanks to Owen Khamula for telling the so called journalist that despite his old age the man is accurately making strides in the financial arena as witnessed by the IMF.

  27. chakwira says:

    akapume munthu wakalamba uyu

  28. KK says:

    Malawians are very good at trying to tell people what they want things to be, not what they are.

    Is it not the same Gondwe that was called nepotistic for saying Kamlepo should know better than acuse him of sitting down. Was it old age that made him sit in Parliament?

    Now, without even asking, malawian journalists have concluded he was using a wheel chair because of old age. Did the journalist meet Gondwe or saw Gondwe? If he had met him he would have asked what was wrong, and knowing Gondwe, he would have told him exactly what was wrong.

    Why do we in Malawi put politics first, and people second?, and when we are put second, we complain?

    It is said you reap what you sow.

  29. chodziwadziwa says:

    Nonsense he has to go. There is nothing to celebrate with your percentages. Those are bookish economics. The Kwacha has recently fallen in its buying power. We are exchanging 1 rand to K60. Where is the improvement of the economy? Let this man GO. We have 17 million people amongst them capable economists. This is a SHAME to Malawi…why holding on to Octogenarians who are a wasteful and what they think is steal money for their grandkids. Have you seen the house that Goodall constructed in Area 10? You believe me this man has benefitted a lot from Malawi coffers…you may argue of working at IMF or World Bank but this man has stolen a lot. Let him go please.

    1. Aluweka says:

      As always we love making emortional arguments without facts. The ZAR1 to MK60 exchange rate is clearly nonsense unless you are dealing with your fellow crooks in dark corridors..

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