One on One with Peter Mponda on Malawi draw in Swaziland

Malawi national football team, the Flames, drew 2-2 against Swaziland in the Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers on Saturday reducing their qualification chances further in a game which they led comfortably.

Peter Mponda: We cannot wish away veterans

Peter Mponda: We cannot wish away veterans

Gerald Phiri Jnr put the Flames a head in the first 10 minutes of the game before the home side equalized. A few minutes later Chiukepo Msowoya scored what could have been the Flames winner but Swaziland managed to equalize forcing the two teams to share points.

However, after the game Nyasa Times senior Sports Reporter Jeromy Kadewere had an exclusive interview with former Flames captain Peter ‘Mjojo’ Mponda to get his views on the result and the way forward for the Flames to excel through in their group.

JK: Flames 2-2 draw against Swaziland in the AFCON qualifiers’, what do you make out of this result?

MP: It is just the first game for the coach (Ernest Mtawali), but seriously whether Swaziland defeated Guinea away from home, we were supposed to get three points today. If we really want to qualify for the finals, its teams like Swaziland we should be beating home and away.

JK: There was an outcry from a certain section of fans that Flames technical panel left veteran players. Did this had an effect to the game?

MP: I will say Ernest is the head coach and he knows what he is doing, but he shouldn’t try to impress too much. He has played the highest level he should not be scared of veterans. Look at the way Esau Kanyenda played at Kamuzu Stadium. You will believe that age is just a number. Joseph Kamwendo is or was the captain of the team. Do we still need him? I will say Yes he brings morale to the team.

JK: Are you trying to say it was wrong for Ernest to leave out Kamwendo and Kanyenda?

MP:Kamwendo motivates players when the chips are down, while Esau theyway he played in the previous game against Zimbabwe l don’t believe he deserved a chop in the squad.

JK: What about….oh! Seems you have something to say…continue Peter?

MP: I cannot believe that Robert Ng’ambi was left on the bench for 90 minutes. This is a waste of talent.

JK: What was the secret during your time that we even qualified for AFCON 2010 in Angola ?

MP: Firstly l should say luck but l will go on to say we created our own luck, team spirit was good and also it was a team which played together for a quiet a long time.

JK: Peter was it a good move to play a second division side in South Africa ahead of today’s game?

MP: May be to the coaches it was a good move but from someone seeing things from far it wasn’t. Players can shine with small teams where as at the bigger stage they can’t play the same and coaches can be deceived.

JK: We still have many games ahead of us. What can you tell Ernest and the whole team?

MP: We need to be realistic; first you cannot leave out players like Esau Kanyenda, Robert Ng’ambi and Joseph Kamwendo. These players can win us games easily. If we struggle against Swaziland who are we going to beat? I know people will be excited that it was an away game but that mentality is the reason why we are not making progress.

JK: May be some people will say the coach is building a new team?

MP: The fans need results; people do not want to be told that we are building a team. We have heard that song for a long time, then every coach who will be coming will be building and we will not get the results.

JK: Any last words Peter?

MP: It’s just the first game and let us all unite because this is just the beginning. We still have many games ahead of us.

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63 thoughts on “One on One with Peter Mponda on Malawi draw in Swaziland”

  1. mwe says:

    Modern football requires combination of as many attributes; skill, speed, physique, commitment and above all players who can rise above ordinary expectation – individual brilliance. Aliyense apa akuona mbali yake Peter believes in hard work, Ernest believes in skill, kina was for speed, You Go believed in system and it took him long. Koma chifukwa choti we work in isolation we will be building teams forever, lero kusoka apa mawa pena kuphwenthuka choncho….! Nanga ka Swaziland kachani sikaja tinkachinya 6 – 1 kwao komwe….Lets not experiment with the national team when it comes to tournaments.

  2. Ambele says:

    Peter, Peter Peter munthu uyu ndiwokanika, Wizards imangoluza iye Mpondayo atapita kunja kukasewela suja anabwera akulira akuti missing home. Mponda alibe nzeru iliyonse to talk about National Team. Chimodzi yes, Chamangwana yes, Kinna yes these people
    amadziwa mpira zinangobvuta koma n osatenga advise osati kwa Mponda aaaah kubetsa

  3. Zangaphee says:

    A mponda, ngati mumafuna u Head Coach, bwanji sanakulembeni inuyo? Inu ndinu a nzeru, shupiti.

  4. chifisi says:

    Peter you are still below standards of the coach even the standard of football commentator, we better listen to Village headman Humphrey M on Ufulu radio not you at all. You can comment sensibly on football issues for Simama League in north, Chipiku League LL, or Nsejjere League in south.

  5. bazuka says:

    Iwenso Peter peremende wachabechabe ngati iwe, ungalankhula chiyani kwa coach. You are failing to tick in super league, then what are you trying to say? Mbuzi iwe eti.

  6. Peter Mathanyula says:

    Aziyeni ma puleya ogonja.

  7. Jabulani Kuveya Mudede says:

    Cdes you are fond of criticizing, you got a point away from home, that is a remarkable feat…but you come out guns blazing…attacking the coach. Shame on you aMalawi, what will you do when you come to Harare and we hammer you thoroughly ? Kill Earnest ?

  8. Jabulani Kuveya Mudede says:

    Malawi ndi Malawi basi, yu shall see wen yu cme to Zim, we are going to massacre you

  9. Joseph magawa says:

    I agreed wth MPONDA’S speech & 4 us we dont need to struggle wth underweight team like dis beware Ernest dont be under
    pressure wth KINNAH jst do which is best for y to stay longer otherwise we gonna dump u all da best am jst advising y stay blessed.

  10. Nyamilandu says:

    Peter Mponda palibe ungatiuze ife a Malawi timakuziwa moyo wako Team ya Wizards ikukanika pena paliponse umapeza choyankhula akulu inu ndinu obvuta Paja u are on a record that Mr Know it all.Paja munapita ku Angola with 4 points ndiye atolankhani aziti munapanga qualify ngati zenizeni.Leave Mtawali naye athandize dziko lake.Kamwendo,Kanyenda,Fischer,etc apangapo mbali yao let have another squad to fight for the nation.

    Atolankhani chonde Pitala musamamfunsefunse ndi okanika ameneyo Makani ngati unyolo mumanja

  11. Monday Coach says:

    Names don’t play modern football.Look at Ivory Coast who have not featured Big names like Drogba.Look at Nigeria;Leaving Mikel Obi,Victor Moses and the like.When shall Malawi say:Enough is enough!!!The Kamwendo’s,Kanyenda’s have done their part,lets focus on new blood????When is this going to be anthu oloweza lineup ya Flames???

  12. baggio says:

    Wat we won’t is result,weather mponda is saying the truth or not. becareful mr mtawari

  13. Bibo says:

    I don’t see any problem with Ernest,but at least he should have included evergreen Robert Ng’ambi who missed the Zimbabwe game.Zicco Mkanda,Charles Swini,and Tawonga Chimodzi who now plays for a Greek super league club, also deserve consideration.Some senior players have lived their maximum contribution and are a disappointment.Ernest’s team has style but will need good blending and consistency.

    Mponda should just zip it up because his preferred players flopped against Zimbabwe on home turf in a game that heavily jeopardized Malawi’s qualification chances.Even in Angola AFCON, Mponda failed to lead a competitive team with all experienced players included.How about last qualification editions? Did Malawi convince with Mponda’s crew? The answer is “NOPE”

  14. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    If rumours are to go by then mpondas comments are not made in good faith: u mponda is nepostic u hate northerners. one kid from karonga can testify! u kno what i mean! and enerst is from karonga uliwa in particular.

    which experience? experience of losing games? let me also agree with one commentator swaziland are no longer pushovers!

    give enerst and his panel time! patience must be exercised at all cost before we can start singing songs of joy!

  15. Eneya says:

    Malawi koma cashgate; mpira ayi; mungovutika ndikulankhula

  16. Manyelesa wa ma ule says:

    If we stick our nose to same old players then we wont progress,ernest did a good job blending some new blood in the team with old ones lets not cry for results ths young blood wil make us proud in the future after playing together for some time

  17. ngongoliwa says:

    Guys do not disturb the coach , the youthful side was just very good. The only problem was partly defence and goal keeper had no good day. Otherwise the very same old guns you want have been making us crying and weeping as well. Do you remember Mponda and his fellow friends, all those you are mention here, cooked nonsense for us at African cup of nations. Leave Mtawali alephere ntchito yekha. You are rubbish. Why didnt you apply for the job if you are better than him. You did the same to Kinah. You did the same to every leader even Mathanyula was put under pressure I did not know that, that fire would be extinguished as we are today. You are stupid.Remember the same Swazi beat Guinea smartly. We are lucky we have survived. These young Swazi will be baptized here in Blantyre or in new stadium in LL.

  18. Nyenyezi says:

    Experience really matters whether one is old or not, anawa inde akusewera bwino but lucking game plan and unable to defend goals.Leading 2-1 mkumapanganso draw ndiye kuti chani? We do not need a biblical verse of we are building a team, up to when? All what we need is results, these people are using our taxes yet when our parents go to the hospital they find there are no drugs, yet some are flying because of my tax, zimandiwawa, kwa amene sadziwa where government get money azinyadira not knowing that it is a burden to working class people.

  19. Ameneyo says:

    Mr Mponda should concentrate on making AFITI WIZZARDS to start winning super league games rather point fingers at Mtawali and Ramadan. Maybe he needs to include more veterans in his team.

  20. Ahoy says:

    A mponda inu mpira mumaudziwa. Against Zimbabwe at home we lost to a team that did not train, traveled n slept in a bus, arivd a few hrs b4 game. A kamwendo onse analimo. Now we draw away in Swazi. Osayamikabe. Swaziland won away against Guinea, in Africa its not easy to win or draw away.

  21. Hagar the Horrible says:

    I can understand that we are all desperate for good results, but many of us seem clueless as to how those good results come about. Mponda says that our last Afcon qualification was largely luck plus a few other things. Yes luck may be part of it, but it should account for less than 10 percent of our success. The rest should be good preparations, tactics, hard work, right attitude etc.

    Many have attributed yesterday’s unsatisfactory result to the absence of veteran players. I agree that experience matters a lot in highly competitive football. However, experience alone cannot win games and the coach sometimes has to make hard choices. We heard Mtawali saying that most of the veteran players were not in form and lacked game time in their respective clubs. Should he gamble to include them in the squad just because they have made a name? I believe it is the current rather than past performance that earns one a place in the line-up. We should rather lose or draw with inexperienced but in-form players than out of form experienced players. This is what happened in the Zimbabwe match and it was so painful, no wonder some heads rolled.

    The attitude of the players also matter. Again we heard the coach complain that some experienced players were not demonstrating the seriousness that is expected in preparation for a competitive game. Perhaps it is the same attitude that makes them believe that they will still be featured because they are so and so. This must change. Players should be disciplined at all times.

    On a different note, I believe that preparations are also a key determinant of a team’s performance in a match. With all due respect to the coaches and FAM, playing a second division team or a select team back home is not good enough to prepare for a competitive match. We needed to play a strong team, that can assist in testing our tactics and game plan for the real match. I suppose the friendlies before the competitive match ought to be part of your strategy and not just a formality, or just because everybody does that.

  22. ibrahim makwati says:

    tamva zonse mwakambazo koma tiyeni tione pagolo pathu mipira yonse yomwe tasewela kuphatikiza yopimana phamvu zigoli zikuma lowa mosavuta 2 masewelo oyesela 2ndi zimbabwe 2ndi swazilande 2 kulikonse 2 2 penapake magole sakutithandiza

  23. JAPHET KAIRA says:

    Game ya zim maveterani mnalibe?more over inali pahomu.forget about small teams these days.Malawias we look like civilised koma ndife mbuli zanthelatu.leav the coach alone.Mponda ndiwe mfiti

  24. Senzani/Mchinji,Robert4 says:

    Maveterani ndiofunika, consider them on your next games

  25. Becks says:

    Mponda is like a cashgater. He wants results immediately without working for it

  26. Gameover says:

    Enanu mpila simumaudziwa zili zonse kudzudzula amene mukunenawo siwomwe anakhwapidwa ndi Zimbabwe.
    Komanso kodi a Mpondawa adasiya ku tsuka mkamwa mul bii

  27. caswell Thom Mbalinga says:

    mutawali akanatimwsa mukaka. Tiyeni amalawi tisiye kuchita phokoso losayenera. Enanu ndinu atola nkhani osati makochi.

  28. Modikaye says:

    Mmmmmm a Mponda inu zanu zikukukanikani ku Wizards FC uko! Zoona magame 14 uli ndi 9 points nkumati ndiwe coach? That’s ridiculous! Osamusiya mzanu kuti apange strategy yomwe akufuna bwanji? Mmesa magemu onse omwe timasewerawa ma player mwatchulawo amakhala momo? Bwanji sitimawina? Mmesa inu munkakana kubweretsa ma old players ku Sure Stream inu? Mwatani kodi? Kufuna kutchuka eti? Aaa iyayi tatchukirani zina osati ma lame arguments ngati menewo!

  29. Bandawe says:

    I agree with Mponda, what Mtawali wanted to prove was stupid and sheer nosense.
    Why would he leave articulate players like Kamwendo? How did he think he was going to be able to produce results with young guys with little experience?

    Mtawali should have known that this was the only time we need to pull our victory with a great marging which would have assisted Malawi as we go through the race. Now we have missed the chance to do so and thing we will do it better here. If this is the mentality he has then e can as well forget about puling through to the quarter finals.

    Mtawali should be told that for the Malawi game he must use the experienced guys let him like it or not.

  30. SENGABAY says:

    I thought by conceding 2 goals much weakness should be on building strong defence and goal keeping…strikers did it by producing two goals (all of them Ng’ambi, Kamwendo and Kanyenda are never key players in Defence)….the magic of Mtawali can bring results as i see it….Let him work on defence and goal keeping……Granteed Game time because of uvetelani ayi…but if the vetelani has impressed the technical panel y not give hime gametime

  31. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Qualification of failure is loading! Fortunately I am not de only one I dont suport cows of flames. No future 4 u cowches!

  32. johnM says:

    What is it with Malawians? Experience here, experience there. Experience nde chani? Are people born with experience? Experience is gained by actually carrying out the duty. The players that have played today gained experience which they may not have if they had not been fielded. Frankly speaking this thing called experience is overated. If an individual is talented, he will perform in accordance with our expectations, experience or no experience. Izi za experience is just used to pondeleza ana!!!.

    Where was Kamwendo’s morale boosting abilities when Malawi was clobbered by Zimbabwe here at home, hey Mponda?

  33. Kingster Bella says:

    Mr. Peter Mponda, do yourself & each one of us a favor by keeping your mouth shut. I hate opportunists..waiting for a slight opportunity to pop in their dirt noses.
    Leave the new coaches/technical team a lone. They just got in yesterday & this is their first big assignment. Aren’t the players you mention the same players we have watched driving the national team to the trench without any meaningful success. Are they not the same players who have been losing throughout..
    Peter, you’re just too big headed for nothing, your pride will swallow you whole.. If you think your opinions matter, why don’t you make your so called wizards the champions..

  34. ALEX NGLUBE says:

    peter mponda is right try to mixed up with experienced players at least 2 or 3 and you will see the difference rather than singing a song of building a team.

  35. Wodzitsata says:

    Osanama a Mponda! Considering the time Mtawali has been on the job, the result is not bad although we are dissapointed because we gave away our lead. Otherwise, I support the idea of leaving out veterans. When the veterans were in the Zimbabwe home ground game, what did we achieve? Kamwendo and Esau were in that team, what did Kamwendo do to raise the morale? The Zimbabweans had all sorts of problems at home before meeting us and we had our veterans yet we lost at home. I do not also agree with those who rate Swaziland lowly; you are living in the past! Swaziland managed to beat Guinea away; they are no longer pushovers!

    It is good that our team managed to salvage a point there; with those veterans it could have been worse! Mponda’s comments on the issue are not made in good faith. Actually he himself has experienced a poor start to the Super league with his team, surely Ernest can be forgiven for these draws in the circumstances. If we are going to have a local coach, then I feel Ernest is the man! The rest have all been tried with disastrous results. It is only here in Malawi that players would be allowed to play until they have grand children, if need be! In the rest of the world, they rest – atleast from the national team! Ndiye athuwa amanama zaka ndi kale. Akamati I am 35 amakhala ali 42! A Malawi nsanje tileke. Ndizowawa inde kulephera kuwina koma kumaopa Mulungu popereka ndemanga! Let us support these coaches. Pamene ziaakanikire sipasowa!

  36. Chatinkha says:

    The team is good but lacks finishing.

  37. Duncan kapunda says:

    Let’s fire mtawali because he don’t knw what he is doing

  38. Telling the Truth says:

    I am not surprised with this mediocre performance by the Flames. Nothing is improving. What surprises me even more is that Nyamilandu wants a 4th term when it is clear he no longer has no news to improve football. It is greed only that is motivating Nyamilandu to go for a 4th term. As long as Malawians accept underperformance Malawi will continue to remain one of the poorest countries in the world. Although Peter Mutharika told Malawians during the campaign that he has solutions to Malawi’s problems including the negative effects of cashgate the Kwacha continues to weaken against the US Dollar since he became president in May 2014. Blaming Joyce Banda will not address the worsening economic situation under his watch.

  39. Willie Chimseu says:

    The post of national coach & his assistant was advertised for suitable candidates to try their lack. No Peter tried his lack. Please please kamwendo, kanyenda & Ng’ambi are just good as u have indicated but still results were not forth coming as expected. Lets give others a chance & my opinion is that the current panel is taking the team on the right direction but that does not mean these should left out if at all they have something to offer but at the discretion of the panel not a must. Anali kale awo,period

  40. Mapwevupweve says:

    Peter Mponda has already forgotten his slip in Angola. Mpira siwophweka mboni ndiweyo. A Malawi mwayiwala kale kuti ndi ma veterans omwewa akhala akutikhumudwitsa???

  41. dennis buju says:

    ma veteran tatopa noa iven peter ndi FSID mesa mumafuna ti ma upcoming player we wnt dat n FLAMES

  42. mphatso says:

    Peter you talk too much,if you are that good why is wizard fc doing that bad. Talk is cheap bro,i think personally mtawali is a good coach, lets give him time and see what he can do.

  43. John Flames says:

    It is such mentality that has caused us the pain through the years, why cant we move away from the norm and try out combination that will bring out results. Arent they the same pro players that caused us the shame throughout the past years? i would say good start to the coaching panel. Names dont play soccer, remember that!

  44. George phiri says:

    There is no small team in football these days. Remember Poland beating Germany and just last week Iceland with a population of about 317,000 beating Holland. Its that mentality that haunts us. Football is 11v11. We need to change our mentality and look at each game as winnable. Secondly, Enerst should be reminded that Robert is a box to box player as such he should play him. Robert defends when he is supposed to and attacks when need arises.

  45. mwana mulopwana says:

    there is sense in what Peter Mponda is saying , I support him 100%

  46. Kanyimbi says:

    Pagolo ndi Limbikani Mzava panavuta.

  47. We need services of experienced players

  48. Ras Mix says:

    take example of Collins Mbesuma the real veteran

  49. cheche says:

    Ng’ambi was rated as the best attacking mid fuelder in the southern region of Africa just a few years ago. And you leave him on the bench.

  50. Zaire says:

    Take care Mutawali

  51. Achakulungwa says:

    I can see sense in what Peter is saying. There is no way we can claim that Seaziland is stronger so a draw is a better result. We are going to play stronger teams and we need to beat them both home and away. The exclusion of experienced players leaves a lot to be desired. These should have been blended with the young players if we are to bring results. Ernest should reconsider his decision for the good of the nation. We have cried for long and can see ourselves crying out loud. What was wrong with Baggio to have him warming the bench the entire game? Seriously,there must be something going on between Ernest and these foreign based players. Perhaps he isn’t comfortable working with them. Bring them into the squad and see how they perform. If they don’t impress during training,drop them.

  52. clement says:

    I only blame on leaving Ng’ambi on beach. That guy is machine on midfield, next time don’t let him down again pliz and you can recall Esau.

  53. Adam Nedi says:

    team inalibwino bvuto ndi pagolo

  54. nyambiton says:

    U talk too much.if its first game y r u criticising.u r a hatter.musiyeni.ikanawina bwezi ukuti wasankha bwino.draw its good start.

  55. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    What would you have said if Malawi won the game? Ndikunena iwe Pitara Muponda, ukanatiuza chani Malawi ikanawina? Nanga mmene Malawi imaluza ndi Zimbabwe pakwawo achina Kamwendo, Kanyenda ndi ena maveteran munalibemo? Ngati analimo why did we lose the game? Koma kuganiza kwinaku kupepera kwake!!!

  56. point Blank says:

    I think Mpondas’ sentiments represent what Malawi is all about , short-termism. We don’t believe in investing for future gain. No wonder our nation lacks meaningful development. The same players he’s talking about almost gave us heart attack in the previous matches. Lets be realistic guys ,we need a new team that will give us good results and I don’t mind how long it will take to build such a team.

  57. SUB WA BULLETS says:

    Mtawali uzimuvera ramadan ngati ukufuna kuti ziyende he is the best tactician in malawi so far

  58. Boyd says:

    Coach ndiwautsiru, anamusiya bwanji Mwayi Kumwenda, we need veterens too, shupit zako…

  59. Khawaz says:

    Yes Mponda ukunene zoona chomwe tikufuna ndi resuts basi,Zoona osamulowetsa Ng’ambi mumamutengenji

  60. Bola Nax says:

    acitako ndthu aMtawali koma xacifwilinbwit xomasiya maveteran mucepese

  61. phaka says:

    Ukunama iwe ma club akuswaziland ndi amphavu than amalawi ndipo mpuvuta kuyichinya swaziland pakwawo….ngati ukufuna tchito yawu coach mponda jst send ur cv to walter Nyamilandu,sizawusiru ukunena apazi

  62. Joseph Moyo says:

    Idont blame Ntawali but the deffence for failing to deffend two goals.the coach must work on this

  63. mbuyache says:

    Why they left some veteran wen they are morale booster i dont know

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