Opposition to repeal laws that restrict free speech in Malawi

Opposition leaders on Sunday took turns to protest against the continued arrest of ordinary people for simply criticising President Peter Mutharika and his government, saying the law is dictatorial, archaic and must be struck off.

Chakwera joined by Chihana, Nnesa and Katsonga at the rally

Chakwera joined by Chihana, Nnesa and Katsonga at the rally

Chakwera on a stop over to the rally

Chakwera on a stop over to the rally

Malawi Congress Party president Lazarus Chakwera, Aford leader Enoch Chihana, Mafunde president George Mnesa and PPM president Mark Katsonga all spoke strongly against the police heavy handedness in swiftly arresting ordinary Malawians for simply expressing their opinion on the presidency and the government.

This follows the arrest of two people recently in Lilongwe and Machinga for allegedly insulting President Peter Mutharika.

Chihana promised the people that he would table in the next meeting of parliament a private member’s bill to struck off the Act from the law books.

“In democracy, it is not proper for police to arrest people just because they are criticising Mutharika or his government. After all, criticising the president or government is the whole essence of democracy,” said Chihana.

MCP partnered with the smaller parties to hold the rally at Nyambadwe ground whilst Peoples Party had a parallel rally at Makhetha all in Blantyre.

MCP and PP held joint rallies until last week in Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

PP publicist Ken Msonda said the party learnt of the MCP rally after it had already organised its rally therefore it was difficult to cancel it to join the MCP.

MCP and PP are political bedfellows in Parliament.

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Winston Msowoya
Malawians,you must not waste your time with the former murderous MCP,it is the one which has driven our country into the state in which we are today.Tribalism started with the MCP,Quata System started with the same satanic regime,lack of economic equilibrium for our three Regions,started with the evil MCP the list goes on and on.The confusion that destroys our nation is squarely the relics of the Malawi Confusionist Party herein after(MCP).Now,Malawians are seeing Chihana,a political prostitute like his late father together,destroyed the once mighty AFORD,trying to join MCP for his own selfish ends.If Northerners want a new government in 2019,they… Read more »

Means Nyungwe,

which section of the constitution allows people to overthrow a legitimate government? U are the one who is very much ignorant about the constitution of Malawi just like most opposition leaders. We need objective opposition and not one advancing personal hatred with someone. This is the only way we can move our country forward together as Malawians and nit waste time in mediocre stuff like that……. I expected the opposition to advance a national strategy that will see the country develop in the next 10 years.

The best yhing is to accept that Things arenot adding up something have to be. done. Seriously thinking people would see it as litmus test for the hopeful party in waiting to jack up. Instead of being defensive and good at degrading others is just waist of time. MCP needs to think ways of penetrating the region. The so called mabulutu, illiterate are the ones who votes. MCP has very many inexperienced politicians who fail to read critically analyze politics of the country. There is too much of theoritical thinking in the party than practical action. Votes come from illiterate… Read more »
mwana nyungwe

Quaranto I can see marks of the Dictator in you the way you have written your Comment please understand the meaning of freedom of speech not that what you are saying you such type of people who breed these so called Dictators due to your ignorance of the laws of the land

Prophate mboro
kkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkk. Ithink masapota a kongeresi ndi zitsirudi ati. kuzilimbitsa mtima kuti ndi ma intellectuals osapita ku msonkhano kkk… mbuzi za wanthu. So amene amapita ku msonkhano ndi ndani? Southern region is not adumping site for Fools. We dont follow politicians mwauchitsiru kapena mwa uprophate mboro.. mmmm. Inthe south we hv senas, lomwez, yaos, mang’anjaz, very concrete groups who cant be decieved by stupid chakwera. waona wekha pa nyambadwe ground…. Amnako amazazitsa ground limenelo mpaka kusefukira…. We dont dream about mcp here never. Since kamuzu ambushed masauko chipembere of mangochi makanjira, we hv strongly agreed never to let anorthern region… Read more »
I always question the thinking of some people like Chihana, Ken Msonda even Chakwera. You have to be objective in the way you want to change the current laws otherwise its going to backfire……..wishing a overthrow a legitimate government through an organized violence is not the same as critising the president. Alot of people including myself have many times criticized the current and previous governments but have never been arrested. Kapito and others have done the same objectively but haven’t been arrested. I don’t see you and your fellow opposition dudes getting into government anytime soon with such kind of… Read more »
Petre Mathanyula

Chaxwera for president in 2019


This is what we want you dpp thugs to behave, no violence and let the opposition speak out without fear of being attacked. The country does not belong to you only.

So you dpp thugs, what have you lost by not attacking the opposition? You have actually gained respect this time and hopefully you will maintain this good behavior forever.


The next president is Chakwera.

koma kumaneko

Dziko likuvutika chifukwa cha anthu osaphunzira akumwera amene amasankha mtsogoleli chifukwa chakuti ndiwakwawo or abe, asapange chitutuko, osathandiza iwowo kwa iwo zilibwino. mwayesa qota system sizikuthekabe mbuzi zikanali zambiri. Munthu sungasankhe APM over Chakwera never. Chakwera is a leader of Kamuzu, and Bingu calibre. APM working with chair on the background can you expect something good? Zikwanje, poor governance, poor economy, umbanda, kuphana, so many things. DPP is for mbuzi. Unless there can be another leader but for now its Chakwera insight if we are serious with our malawi nation.

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