Oxfarm warns Malawi of severe El Nino effects in 2016

President Peter Mutharika has repeatedly said no Malawian will die of hunger but a leading international non-governmental organisation has warned that up to three million people faces starvation before March 31, 2016 due to severe effects of El Nino.

In this photo taken Thursday, Jan, 15, 2015, a woman wonders through a crop field which has been washed away by flood waters near Blantyre, Malawi.   At least 176 people are confirmed dead and at least 200,000 have been displaced from flooding that has left homes and schools submerged in water and roads washed away by the deluge in the southern African country. (AP Photo/Thoko Chikondi)

In this photo taken Thursday, Jan, 15, 2015, a woman wonders through a crop field which was washed away by flood waters near Blantyre, Malawi. (AP Photo/Thoko Chikondi)

Malawi faced worse flood in 2015

Malawi faced worse flood in 2015

This is the second time Oxfarm is warning of severe effects of El Nino in Malawi and Somalia, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.

Oxfarm says the drought and flooding will ring untold misery to children and women.

The Oxfarm report coincides with a report by the US space agency, NASA, which said on Wednesday the 2016 El Nino will be the worst since 1998.

But local weather expert Elina Kululanga has played down the fears in Malawi, saying unlike weather, El Nino phenomenon can be detected six months in advance.

She said districts like Nsanje and Chikhwawa might be hit hard by the El Nino effects whilst Mulanje and Thyolo will get normal rains, the north will not get adverse effects of the phenomenon but might benefit from it instead.

Kululanga therefore asked people in Malawi not to panic much.

In an earlier interview, spokesman for the department of Disaster Preparedness Jeremiah Mphande said the government is well prepared for either floods or drought that comes as a result of El Nino.

And in his address to the nation broadcast on taxpayer-funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) television and radio Tuesday evening, President Peter Mutharika also highlighted precautionary measures for El-Nino.

President has asked people and all stakeholders to play their rightful roles to complement activities under a contingency plan which government has developed for El-Nino

Said Mutharika: “In this respect, I would first of all, like to strongly appeal to people living in flood-prone areas to urgently re-locate upland with the encouragement and support of local leaders —chiefs, politicians and religious leaders—as well as non-governmental organisations operating in the areas concerned.”

The President also said that in order to ensure the safety of people who are frequently affected by flood disasters, government will, from next year, start the process of permanently resettling the people in safe areas.

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    well I read that the president is dealing with climate change but tackling the serious iddue of deforestation. we its s shame malawi main issues are 1. population ( needs to implemement one couple one child) we are denser than china and poor than then..the policy attained economic growth are resources were largely sustainable. after lowest population growth fastest major economic growth was attained..now the reward is the law had changed families can now has two children.offenders get forced sterilisation plus jail ..im sorry to but rwanda is a role model ..lost half population in war now its by far better than malawi..Mozambique too.. 2. trees needs to planted year but mr president dont be stupid..climate change is about usa..china..russia..brazil..india..EU..canada..japan..korea..Australian. asia Pacific ..massely industrious countries causing climate change with global effects like the melting of ice in poles causing earth to have too much water and erratic change in ocean tempetatures I.e in further east asia getting warmer patterns and south america getting colder resulting in El Nino hence droughts. .if u look like tiny malawi u will realise that we ” don’t make our own rain and clouds” . 3 the president should have attacked india for refusing to implement standards by prefering to continue its careless manufacturing practices and also attacked all rich countries for ” pretending to care about climate and achieving economic growth by murdering worlds climate” USa..china..India ..EU thats a line up of biggest offenders in climate change.WAKE UP THE DROUGHT AND THE FLOODS ARE CAUSED BY THESE GIANTS..THEY MORE THEIR ECONOMYGROW THE MORE THEY DAMAGE THE WORLD CLIMATE AFFECTING MALAWI.they should be fine.all third world presidents must team up and petition the rich countries. .they are not doing enough to support victims of climate changé or to reduce their emissions. fuck them greedy countries. poor farming and fishing communities r dying in third world coz of climate change whilst they r polluting and attaining economic growth.

  3. Bwanji osatenga Mr Kazipe phiri of Malawi college of health sciences for his great contribution to work force in the field of Biomedical science .He deserves recognition as a hero.He is a humble and dedicated lecturer ever seen based at Lilongwe main Campus

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