PAC rejects it received bribes to stop Malawi Federalism debate

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has categorically denied allegations of being bribed by some quarters of the society for them not to proceed with the facilitation of the debate on federalism.

Chingota:  enhancing debate on federalism in a timely manner is critical for Malawi

Chingota: Enhancing debate on federalism in a timely manner is critical for Malawi

PAC Chairperson Reverend Dr Felix Chingota told stakeholders during a Regional Stakeholders Forum in Lilongwe on Monday June 15, 2015 that the organization has not received any bribe from anybody.

“PAC will not stoop so low to erode its credibility. We are not an organization that will indulge ourselves in a such unbecoming behaviour,” he said.

The allegations of this nature lack context as well as depth as far as the strategy on debate on federalism is concerned, he noted.

He said the organization has a Code of Conduct that can be enforced on any of its executive member who behaves in a manner that affects the credibility of PAC.

During the National Conference held in Blantyre in November last year, he said, one of the resolutions was to continue raising awareness and promote common understanding to the regions on federalism.

“This is what we are doing now, we are sticking to our words and promises in discharging our duties.”

The Chairperson also cleared misconceptions that the organization would come up with resolutions on whether Malawi should go federal or not.

“It is clear in our articulated objectives that the question on federalism can better be realized through a process approach and PAC cannot pronounce on whether the country should go federal or not but to provide an opportunity where the articulated objectives and come up with a roadmap,” said Chingota.

However, PAC Executive Director Robert Phiri said the organization is planning to have a national conference where resolutions and recommendations from the regional forums will  be presented and people will discuss and determine from there.

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23 thoughts on “PAC rejects it received bribes to stop Malawi Federalism debate”

  1. Shekman says:

    Federalism Njabwino Komano Ikukokomezedwa Ndi Kagulu Ka Anthu Ochepa Komaso Frustrated Ones Kuonetsetsa Amangodandaula Zilizose And We Shld Not Take U Serious Bcoz Zikadutsa Izi Mubweletsaso Zina, Kamuzu Anapititsa Aziphuzits Mmakwawo Omwe Analira Kwambiri Mpakapano Ndi Omwewa Pamene Mitundu Ina Inali Phee, Pamenepaja Mukanayambila Pamenepaja Kutukula Kuthengele Komwe Munena Kuti Nkosatukuka, Pano Mmakanako Kuthawila Kwina Pano Awa A Livngtonia Synod Kumpoto Kwawo Kwakanika Kenaka Timva Alowelera Mu Zalewa Mmalo Momatukula Kwanu Kuti Mwina Ammadela Enawa Angasilile Kudzapanga Ma Bzness Kwanuko (ABOMA TANGOITANITSANI REFERENDUM MSANGA ZITHEPO IZI KAYA AFUNA AYIME PAOKHA APITE ALIBE NTCHITO AFTA ALL IKADUTSA FEDERALISM KUBWELE XENOLISM) Ask ma Scottish Zinawalaka

  2. Says the truth to shame Devil says:

    Poti amene anena ndi a Busa, tamva. koma anakhala wina tikadati akunama. we trust Ministers of our Creator. God bless PAC.

  3. Kusaziwa ndi kufa komwe those against federal quetion mark in your heads

  4. Wellus Mtobe says:

    We need federalism now not unitary

  5. Rodgers Banda says:

    All people against fedelism are uneducated Malawians who do not know what it is. Their comments precisely show that they follow Kwacha schools of Kamuzu and Bakili primary schools.PAC is a bought bunch of loosers who are bias and lead their noses towards money.

  6. MBACHI says:


  7. Fed supporter says:

    Tikufuna Federalism ichitike basi.Tatopa ndikubeledwa developmental funds for some regions.Ife tili nganga pa federalism.

  8. MASO A GULU says:

    Kukana Feudalism powopa milandu ya cashgate

    Muziwabera ndalama ndi mavote wanthu ngati wosapenya

    Mwauponda feufalism itheka basi !!

  9. flora says:


  10. mdk says:

    Kusadziwa ndi komwe kwachuluka.most people don’t even know how it works.Chomwe akuona iwowo ndichakuti wawoyo adzawalamula which is a lie kkkkkkķkkkkk

  11. zonse ndi nthawi says:

    we need federation in Malawi not unitary.

  12. Phodogoma says:

    Where will federalism be introduced? Here in Malawi? Over my nonliving body. Foresake.Atumbuka pitanikwanu ndipo muzikatokota komweko. Mwamva?

  13. mwanamlomwe says:

    PAC is doing its responsibility. If it feels that federalism is not suitable for Malawi it has to use the better way of discouraging it directly or indirectly. PAC leave these selfish idiots to follow its own way. Dont dare your foolish demonstrations down town here in center and south. Do you nonsense in your own region. Its you guys who want stupid federation

  14. Sandile says:

    When federalism is introduced in Malawi Corruption will be restricted to the south. Mark my words.

  15. Akuyikani chi banz kkkkkk shame

  16. Pemek nyokoz says:

    Zitengela kunennena kwathuu zikatelo azi chenicheni nchiti fedalism ndiya bwino hvy

  17. ujeni says:

    Why are dunderheads afraid of change?

  18. ***** Ugalu Bwako says:

    PAC, you can’t accept it publically but the way you are dragging this issue betrays you.

    We need a special program on Zodiak radio station about federal government. where are the NGOz, like NICE?

    Ine nsewu wanthu ku Dowa unayima kalekale. Nsewu opita ku Nyika National Park through Bolero osayamba.

    Yet government priority is to build public toilets in Lilongwe and Blantyre and they get loans for those toilets.

  19. bob says:

    Pastors and the rest of the so called people of God are as unreliable as any other vast number of professionals including Judges. They are human and can be corrupted. Do not assume these people are beyond human

  20. Muyande says:

    PAC should just continue sensitizing the people in all regions!

  21. Greencardless Malawian says:


  22. Is it possible to accept that PAC officials are bribed? No! However its behavior shows that the officials were bribed.

    We could not be in a multiparty era had other agents then acted in a way PAC is doing it today.

    There is are no tangibles in all words backing themselves.

    We want results, not refusal for obvious bribery signs.

  23. Dambudzo Mwasanya says:

    We really need a debate on this issue.Countries like US and UK really likes debates to hear public views.It seems most Malawians are not conversant with the federal system.Amangoti federalism ndikugawana dziko.I don’t know who told them that federalism is about diving the country?Usa,SA,Germany,Mozambique practices federalism.Are there countries divided?There is alot of awareness and sensitization that needs on this issue than just condemning the idea.Let us give a try.This useless unitary system has failed us.Let us try a new system.

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