PAC says Mutharika’s corruption fight ‘compromised’

Church led civil society organisation, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) says President Peter Mutharika fight against corruption is compromised because the graft busting body, the Anti Corruption is not free from political influence.

Chingota:   ACB boss should be independent from the executive

Chingota: ACB boss should be independent from the executive

PAC chairman Felix Chimgota said Wednesday that the fight against corruption is not yielding results as expected.

“During the tripartite elections, all presidential candidates, including the incumbent promised to do more in the fight against corruption but it seems this is not the case now,” said Chingota as Malawi commemorated the World Anti Corruption Day.

Chingota noted that as long as the President has powers to appoint the director of the Anti Corruption Bureau, the fight against corruption would still be a charade.

Malawi is commemorating the day just days after Mutharika told the BBC that he does not know where money realised from the presidential jet sale went raising questions of high corruption in the former regime.

The commemoration also comes amid economic turbulence following the withdrawal of aid by donors because of high level corruption which saw billions of money plundered at Capital Hill.

Chigota said the best way corruption fight can have meaningful outcome is only when the appointment of the ACB top appointments is not done by the President but rather parliament.

“ACB should be politically independent,” said Chingota.

Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.

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19 thoughts on “PAC says Mutharika’s corruption fight ‘compromised’”

  1. Kadakwiza says:

    How can government fight corruption while the same government is corrupt. Fighting corruption? My foot.

  2. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Its just bcoz im far from home when i come back i will teach pipo how do petro bomb. May be other nosense pipo will disappear among the innocent.

  3. Prince Edward rsa says:

    How come aperson like mbendela to be left scort free the pipo even not to petro bomb his house at nit, that person supposed to be killed and this corrupt radio station zodiac

  4. Prince Edward rsa says:

    In democracy MEC,MCRA,MERA,MRA and all regulatory authorities plus parastatals must through intesive scrutiny by parliamenterians and to make sure that under any circumstances they can be held accountable and fired or else thier contract to be terminated.

  5. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    There is no way corruption can forcefully be fought in Malawi if the body that is leading the fight is not indepent like the ‘SCORPION’ in South Africa. Whistle blowers get discouraged when cases take ages to be investigated and yield tangible results. When prominent issues like Mk577 billion are never mentioned in government circles, who would be interested to be a whistle blower? We are currently fighting a losing battle.

  6. Njolinjo says:

    Big you have an empty head.

  7. Matako says:

    This is why I have always argued that ACB is toothless. It is put in place and people appointed are there to protect the president and his cronies. The only hope we have is to continue communicating with the donors and urge them not to support this corrupt government. Muthalika is not serious about eradicating corruption. He is the major beneficiary of corruption in this country.

  8. crit says:

    Malawi mother it pains alot .stop being greedy.dont ifluence capitolism the poor people are sturving.

  9. choka phiri says:

    Hej is right. The law should change. How can man pointed by president be against his/het Bosse. Why it is difficult to fight corruption? Because every leader is corrupted himself. Bringing DDP to power is to continue of billions corruption. How can People give leadership to an old muchona Who came back to just make himself Richards. And you expert donors to give you their tax money. U are joking. Muntharika does not want to investgate The 92 billions bit The 3å billions of JB.

  10. chembwiye says:

    ACB Director was appointed by Public Appointments Committee of Parliament, after interviews. Abusa get your facts right.

  11. simulemba says:

    The signs that the govt is undemocratic are:
    1. The president becomes commander in chief of the police service even when the police is not an atmed force.
    2. The president appoints everybody else unless the Act says otherwise.
    3. The president promotes/appoints top civil servants and ignores tecommendations.
    4. Doesnt appoint the best person as Chief Secretary because he manages the service.
    5. He thrives on rumour mongering and is tribalistic.
    6. His convoy is made up of more than 28 cars etc.

  12. Ghadhaffi says:

    Tikalowa mmalemba Mulungu nd atumiki ake sayankhula zopanda nzeru ndipo mmodzi mwa atumika amenewa adayankhula kt ULAMULIRO WOYAMBA NDIWO UMAKHALA ULAMULIRO WABWINO NDIPO MAULAMULIRO ONSE OBWERA PAMBUYO PA ULAOULIRO WOYAMBA AMAKHALA MAVUTO ND CIONONGEKO BAS. Pamenepo tinalowa mmalemba,Abusa kpna Ashehe mundisutsa ndanenazi kapena? Inenso ndikumalidza ndikunena kt”sikuzabwera mtsogoleri ndi utsogoleri wokonza zinthu mpaka tsiku lacwerudzo koma mavuto nd cionongeko basi”.Inunso amalawi mukuziona ndnso kuctra umbona. Naruta ine!

  13. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    The fight against graft will not yield any results in Malawi unless we reduce some of the “powers” with which the presidency is vested. Peter Mutharika in his campaign promises yielded to this fact and promised to trim the powers. However he cannot do it now until he is booted out of office as he is currently enjoying the sweetness of the echelons of authority. We have Presidents who are like Emperors in Malawi. Actually the incumbent is His Royal Highness Mutharika II .

  14. Jimbo says:

    APM will not make progress against corruption because he himself benefited from it when his brother was in power. If he wants a Presidential jet, let him buy it himself since he likes to boast about his wealth. He is not serious about fighting corruption because he himself is tainted by it. Also don’t forget he was charged with treason when JB was in power. He has seriously big cases to answer.

  15. Dikisan says:

    Jala Pa mlomo. Chingota has appoint . Its not fighting the president as some quarters may say.

  16. Titus scot says:

    Abusa, take the matter through the parliament which makes and reviews legislations osati kuuza atolankhani ayi

  17. big says:

    Is this meant to be latest comedy by Winiko? You may fight for the land yes but not in this manner!!!

  18. Mkwapu says:

    Total failure!!!

  19. big says:

    Fighting the Presidency. The President should not do this…..or… that. Do not appoint COP eeh Director of ACB…..Judge….Really!!!!!

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