Parliament approves Kachama as Malawi Police chief

Malawi Parliament has approved the appointment of Lexten Kachama as new Inspector General of Police.

Kachama: Expect a revolution for a reformed police service

Kachama: Expect a revolution for a reformed police service

Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Paul Chibingu proposed that Parliament confirms Kanyama as the Police Inspector General.

President Peter Mutharika appointed Kachama, to the position of IG after Paul Kanyama resigned.

Balaka North member of Parliament (MP) Lucius Banda, who is also leader of United Democratic Front (UDF) in the House, said his party supported Kachama because he is vastly experienced apart from being a professional

Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Lilongwe North East MP Maxwell Thyolera emphasised the need for government to make appointments on merit such as that of Kachama.

People’s Party (PP) chief whip Ralph Jooma said” “Kachama is an enthusiastic man and we have no doubt he will live to expectations of most Malawians.”

Out of 161 MPs who voted for Kachama’s confirmation, 159 voted yes with only two rejecting him.

Kachama said he believes the police that work with the people, the police that is friendly to people, as in so doing a lot of information is collected and law breakers are quickly brought to book.

He therefore said he will enhance the community involvement in security matters.

Fact file

Lexten Kachama is a career police officer who humbly began his career as a constable on April 2, 1979 after a course at Police Training School in Limbe. He rose through numerous ranks to the position of Commissioner and made Deputy IG administration before being appointed IG this week.

He was born on June 30, 1958 at Chidzenje Village, Traditional Authority (TA) Kalolo in Lilongwe, and he is the first born in their family.

Kachama went to Mitundu Secondary School. He holds a diploma and an advanced diploma in human resources management and administration from the United Kingdom (UK), a degree in human resources management from Shareworld Open University, two masters degrees, one in business administration from Shareworld, and another in leadership and change from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.

He is currently studying for his doctorate degree in strategic management with Colombia Commonwealth University.

On top of the above credentials, Kachama has gone through other short international courses in Sweden, South Africa and Zimbabwe in relation to his work.

He is married with six children, and this year they are celebrating 35 years in fruitful marriage.

During his leisure time, the IG said he likes reading books, listening to gospel music, watching TV and above all chatting with his family.

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67 thoughts on “Parliament approves Kachama as Malawi Police chief”

  1. MBWENU says:

    Congratulations a bwana Kachama. Mulungu akuyanganireni. Mwayamba bwino poyamba kumanga anthu a ma bottle store amene akupitiliza mpaka nthawi yochedwa ndi kuimba music yosowesa mtendere anthu. Ma bottle store a kwa Mananse , Nancholi ndi Manytowe. Zikomo bwana. Anthu a madera amenewa apeza mpumulo. Pitilizani kuwamanga. Ndikhulupirira mufikanso pa Kamba pamene pamakhala chisokonezo zedi. Ma galimoto amapangidwa park mu nseu blocking other road users. Ngakhale chigololo amachitira pa nseu pomwepo- chopolama pomugwiritsa mkaziyo tayala ya galimoto. Njansi zeni -zeni. Please stop this madness. Ku Kanjedza pa ma bottle a Chisesele kumakhala disco ndi phokoso 24 hours. Police cars are packed there thru and thru bwana athandizene anthu a ku Kanjedza ndi kale lija anayamba kudandaula.
    Mulungu ayamikike pa chifundo chimene wationesela posankhidwa inu kukhala IG. Mulungu akufuna kuti inu mutichotse mu ambvuto a ohokoso amenewa.
    Bwana tsopano tiyamba ku ulula ma number a magalimoto a police amene amapezeka mu malo omwela wa kuti mukhoza kuchitapo kanthu.

  2. Gundumulani says:

    Congratulation bwana Kachama so you better praise God and we shall pray for you

  3. Wampwesa says:

    UNIMA inali kale people prefer to send their children abroad or atasankhidwa ku UNIMAyo.

    1. Toy says:

      Which means Shareworld is total disaster

  4. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Zabwino zonse abwana. Koma musayiwale anyamata anu mbuyomu.

  5. POLICEMAN says:

    A Bwana gwilani ntchito momwe mumagwilira muja. Inu musakhale spokesman wa police ngati ena aja.

  6. Masiku says:

    Zoona akumudziiii…….Congrats…

  7. Mandolo says:

    Bwana IG, ndinamvera nyumba ya malamulo momwe inakukonderani, ndichifukwa chamakhalidwe abwinno. CONGRATS. mupitirize makhalidwe abwinoo.

  8. Happy Eduardo says:

    Congratulations are in order bwana Kachama. Ine Mphunzitsi wanu wa Research Methodology ku ShareWorld Open University. We will talk on phone.

  9. joe says:


  10. MPOTOPHWANYE says:

    IG koma uyu

  11. Jebison Slindine Nyoni says:

    I am happy that the Deputy IG Rodney Jose who was a serial killer was not nominated.

  12. zak says:

    Malawi Malawi Malawi yes Malawi kikiki my name is Jacob Zuma.

  13. Mr kachama ndiye tu alukwanaaaaaaaa let’s support him

  14. nyaka1 says:

    Koma pamenepa , hopefully things wil grasp. A new era

  15. Rhodwel Mphamba says:

    I think he is the light person for that post

  16. Master says:

    Abale Tamayamikani Zinazi.U Are Mentioning Nyau,pali Makanja Apapa? Congrats Bwana I.G kumeneko ndiye kubwera tiyenawoni ndi PH D . Wina amachalila ali mmadzi.

  17. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    Congrat Mr IG

  18. Kwezani says:

    Iwe Tchalo munthali you think kuphunzisa ku university of Malawi is a joke? You think a graduate from Shareworld can teach ar UNIMA? For your information ma lectur a UNIMA ma masters or PHD samangotengatu mma university a wamba. Mumaona ngati zophweka eti.

  19. zak says:

    UNIMA useless and university of Mogadishu in Somalia is better off than you.I salute you Mr IG be blessed.

  20. Abambo says:

    Its NOW called Leeds beckett university not Leeds Metropolitan

  21. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    “…listening to gospel music …” : a throwback to former IG Dzonzi? Police work and zeal in religion do not go hand in hand. We need police leaders who will deal with the hard core criminals (and there are lots in our cities), ruthlessly. Academic credentials do not necessarily lead to problem solving in real life.
    This guy has an uphill battle. And good luck. APM: give Kachama time – like a year to show his mettle. Less than that would be unfair. But do not hesitate to replace him if there are no positive discernible outcomes.
    Are there no police officers, in Malawi, with some credentials in criminology, abale? And with a proven record? Malawi may be on the path of competing with Sausaflika as the country with the worst security on the continent.

  22. wanyau says:

    Unima is the best in malawi,tisanamizanepo apa!

  23. Alufeyo says:

    I thank the Department of Human Resource in OPC for supporting police officers with their studies. These are people who are professional and unbiased. Pse OPC continue on this path amene saphunzira zake izo.

  24. Mlomwe12 says:

    Nyayo i agree wit u. Up to now someone still holds the view that UNIMA is the best no no…let them change their mind plz. We’ve workd wit UNIMA guys bt they proven incompetent and lazy.

  25. Congrats. Lexten. Nagama is stupid. After all unima is number 99 in Africa

  26. Zondiwe says:

    IG Kachama belongs to Malawi as a whole.
    I know him personally, and he is not a proud man.
    Congratulations Mr IG and God bless you and your family.
    You will serve the whole Malawi as you do not discriminate against anyone.
    Put God first, and all will be well.

  27. Mabvu Nkhomola says:

    Congratulations Bwana IG.

  28. Backly Magombo. says:

    Kubwera Dr to be.

  29. Benson Chirwa says:

    Peter Wati ziii! Alipo?

  30. Fathi Alshdhaab says:

    L kachama has what it takes hardwork pstience dedicatiin exoerience technical knowhow of policework plus warm heart nonagressive chrustian guy…komansi ndo vgh apikpa mlole nextdoor to nathenhe….eetu…. ngwurani boo ntchito ndi apm, nduna zake mp kimanso tonsefe.komatu chotsani tribe pa ma statement it foes not look polite or does it help in the case…i doubt! lets wiseip &growup in society mix ..

  31. kwangu says:

    Zatero kodi,ayi mwemo

  32. Ngakha says:

    Ena akutchula za UNIMA. UNIMA yake iti? Hehehehe bola shareworld ndithu. UNIMA ma book ama 80s. Hahahaha

  33. Unima is loosing ground, by a decade things will be different, a student from NRC practically is better than a student from Bunda/Luanar who lean too much on theory, you can agree with me alot mathematics, chemistry done at Bunda do not be used until one is dead, most Unima students are lazy, cashgaters, selfish and poor in mind, amadzimva u yoooo, u rudebwayi or uceleb but they are not creative. Findout those who are doing fine are most of them not from Unima but hardworkers like Billgates. Kachama has been endorsed by parliament because he stands for the truth, those who are jelous should mop the sea. God is always in control.

  34. AMUNAMUNA says:


  35. Msadane says:

    Bwana IG, congratulations for the appointment and confirmation to that top post in the police service. Kwathu nkupempha chauta azikupatsani nzeru zoyendetsela ntchito yanuyo pamene mukutumikila mtundu wa a Malawi

  36. puludzu chisale says:

    Congrats akachama thetsani umbabva.

  37. acn says:

    He deserves the position, the man is humble, God fearing, intelligent, hardworking. Indeed. from a JC Holder now towards attaining Ph.D. He runs his personal bussinesses and is able to sponsir his education.

  38. What is UNIMA or whatever you call it.Check in Africa how your do called UNIMA is rated.Its only respected at chikanda zingwangwa ntopwa and mgona.Fools how can you say ” bola akanakhala wa UNIMA ” .UNIMA my foot.Tifunseni ife mmene tidamenya 16 points in 1988 and that was automatic to go to Your UNIMA then; but chose to study elsewhere.UNIMA UNIMA UNIMA ooooh my God.Zothera mmalawi momwemuni chokani apa.Musiyeni Kachama sangafanane ndi Kanyama.

  39. aphiri says:

    Pamene kachama zake zayela. Timpunza zake zada uku after kumalandila ma salaries awiri. Ku mbc ndi Ku statehouse. Mungadzati sindinanene


    1. mtumbuka says:

      Kanyama_so anali “wanyau” koma zinavuta bwa?

  41. nyayo says:

    Malawi must grow. This habit of believing in Unima only is dangerous for development. Learn new things Plz. Those that think Unima is the best are making a mistake.

    1. Thuo says:

      If university of Malawi itself is rated at 99 out of 100 in Africa you think the Shareworld are any better. The issue is not believing but the so called universities must improve their quality and integrity. It is a fact in those schools anthu amalemberedwa ma thesis, kuuzilidwa maeso and the like. How do you expect munthu anamenya 48 points akapange masters ya weekend for 1 year. If you don’t know such people are just useless in offices and ndi amene akuononga dziko. You need to understand the whole essence of education and quality education for that matter.

  42. Mapuyu says:

    Akwathu IG wa

  43. Mapuyu says:

    Mwana wa kwathu ku mapuyu uyu

  44. nagama says:

    I would have loved if he was from UNIMA but Shareworld oooh shame.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    1. sukutumpwelembwe says:

      @ Nagama
      what about Leeds Metropolitan university, U.K ?
      Kodi iwe, what qualifications do you have ? Kkkkk

  45. Mukadzaona munthu akunyazitsa university mmangodziwa kuti that person is not mature. … ine 1st degree yanga is from Germany but I know what life is these days. Ngati apatu munthuyu kaya ena ati kkkk pa university yake munthuyu ndiwophuziratu uyu…ateping stone to his masters ndi ma degree akewa even now tikuona akuti akupanga PhD asa God bless his. Kuli ma phD kunja anthu anapanga za gondolosi komatu ndi anthu oti timawapatsabe ulemu akamaphuzitsa mu Unima. So let’s mature some Malawians. Congratulations mr New IG

    1. Chilungamo says:

      Inu musamangobakila za ziii apa Ndiye bwezi olo ANTHU kunjaku akumati akamva Kuti uyu ndi wa Havard, Oxford,etc kumampasa ulemu. Zaziiii ine I do not respect those credentials sikutiso ndi nsanje standard and quality. Amafuna azipikisana ndi ma graduate ali mu police ali nane zanga ndikatenga ku Shareworld go for quality. Osapita ku ESAMI bwanji.

  46. James says:

    Conglats Boss For Such Achievement…

  47. Mack Banda says:

    Dont handle the criminals with kid gloves. All the best.

  48. TC says:

    Congratulations bwana, you deserve to be there, a very humble and understanding career police officer!

  49. Tetracycline says:

    Police will never b reformed. A Kachama it takes a lot of effort to uproot the bad apples. If that is done. Then think of reforming police

  50. mkwatibwi says:

    Congratulations. Mwina nkuona zina pankhani ya chitetezo.

  51. truth weapon says:

    wishing you all the best big

  52. aisha says:

    Inu a congress simunavute chifukwa iyeyu ndi Lilongwe eti?

    1. Geofrey says:

      Ntchito sagwila bwino chifukwa a congress akuyembekezela bwanayu kumawamvera!inu a congress mumaganiza kuti 2015 ingafanane ndi nthawi yomwe mumalamula zinthu zinasintha!komanso olo titakupatsani mavote kuti mulamule dzikoli mumaonekeratu kuti muli ndi mtima obwezela osati okhululuka!atsogoleri anu kupatula a chakwera kaya ku chipani olo ku parliament amadelera kwambiri!apatseni mpata achinyamata atenge mipando mchipanicho kuti mudzawine madala okhaokha?enafe a chakwela timawakonda koma atsogoleri enawo nkhanza ziripobe!bravo chakwela!

      1. Zosautsa says:

        Iwe ndiwe mfiti basi. Agogo ali ku zipani zinawo sukuwaona

  53. pido says:

    Inu ndi Big. Congrats

  54. jongwe says:

    Shareworld Open University graduate,,,,,,,k k k kkkk

    1. Lilongwe warrior says:

      Kkkkkkk kak akaka hihihihi

      1. Yankees says:

        Akachama muipitilize ya Chasowa, Makolo adagwila ntchito kuyambila kuchipinda, kuchipatala amayi ake, (martenity) sikelo, mwana school, 1to8, forms 1to4, kolegi mpakana las year inuyo ndiazanu mwana uja ndikupha, or lingade bwanji adzaliyeletsa ngati Matalala koma ya Chasowa yokha imandipweteka ngati Bingu ali kumoto koma mwana wake siwina ayi, ndimukhito ndi Chasowa tidzaonana pamtengo wakachele Jah God Bless!! One Heart!!.

        1. Malindima says:

          Pepa aise. Tataya abale ambiri mu njira ngati ya Chasowa.Tivomereze ngati tinachitira kwa ena tinataya kumbuyoku and carry on. Only God will judge.

  55. chamakoza says:

    All the best you big boss

  56. PATRIOT says:


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