Pastor asks women to strip butt naked so they can get married

Social media has been abuzz with a picture showing women bending over with their naked butt exposed on the shores of a beach.

Religion bizarre!! Pastor asked the female spinsters in his church to strip naked on a beach and he started kissing their ass as a sign for them to receive their prospective husbands. these ladies agreed

Religion bizarre!! Pastor asked the female spinsters in his church to strip naked on a beach and he started kissing their ass as a sign for them to receive their prospective husbands. these ladies agreed

According to the Twitter post, it is alleged that the women were asked by a pastor to strip naked so that he can kiss their behinds in order for them to find the correct marriage partners.

Butts of all sizes, colours and shapes lined up to get the holy marriage-inviting kiss from a bare chested, pot-bellied pastor.
It is not a confirmed fact, neither is the church names, but the idea of it is as shocking as it is unbelievable.
The only conclusion is that the women are victims of a pervert who loves to get his face in black booty.

Neither the pastor nor the single women could be reached for comment.

Several pastors worldwide have grabbed headlines for wrong reasons aligned to sex scandals

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46 thoughts on “Pastor asks women to strip butt naked so they can get married”

  1. GANGAMFUNO says:

    All what u want to do do it remember of judgement day which side a u going to be ( left or right

  2. Detective says:

    Its just propaganda try to put christian in shame . The whom we save is faithfuly and loving GOD GOD Will reveal the truth about it soon.

  3. pastor torre of universal church says:

    Are we really chritians????????? Preaching the words of God or Dogs????

  4. Angozo says:

    Very pathetic, if it true, the paster must seek God’s forgiveness before it is too late, but if it is false the one who took this picture must indeed go down to his or her knees.

  5. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Is it real? Blasphemous? The camera man too is an evil person. End times!!!! I pray it’s not in Malawi?

  6. Odala Ochibwe says:

    Mtsogoleri Ameneyu Chaka Chino Chisathe Apite Asaononge Dzina La Mulungu



  8. bwabwalala says:

    Whip them jah,

  9. Atuganire says:

    Is this what they call the labor of love? I over heard this conversation between a husband and his wife:

    W: honey we need to talk
    H: about what
    W: the way we are living
    H: how are we living
    W: why are you treating me like this? you are never with me, you do not listen to me. you do not care about me. look at the clothes I am wearing even mad people look better than me…[ then the wife starts crying]
    H: so what do you want me to do?

    You expose yourself to get a husband you will get a bad husband like the one in this conversation. Very true indeed mad people look better than these butts…ooooh!

    Signature tune: looking back over my shoulders
    all I don’t wanna say is goodbye

  10. i know a story needs its picture.but this is 2 much,nyasa muganizepo bwino pamenepa.remov th@ nude pic plz

  11. Nkasai says:

    29 give us the verse

  12. Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa . says:

    Komatu ndiye zimatakozo ungapambuketu bo.

  13. pastor torre of universal church says:

    Zina timabisa sitimanena ku mpingotimaopa kuti mpingo ungagawikane.ndipo verse lilipo likuti:kukamba za mzimayi wina osowa banja.:ndipo anayamba kununkhitsa kumaliseche kwa zinyama ndikuti akhale ndi nyere yopezera mwana.)

  14. pastor torre of universal church says:

    Verse lilipo in my bible.

  15. pastor torre of universal church says:

    Not all pastors do this.and I call upon those who are having the problem of that nature to join me to church.

  16. zamuwanthu says:

    moti anthu sanazindikilebe kuti tili mmasiku otsiliza.

  17. Thitherward Wendo says:

    The purpose of putting this picture in the Nyasa Times was not to enlighten readers, but to demean women and satisfy those men who need to justify their contemptuous attitude to womanhood in general. Those of us who cannot think respectfully of our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters should not be surprised when the rest of the world does not think respectfully of us. When daughters are loved, treated with dignity, and live in a family and community that actively support their development, they grow up confident that they can be the best their potential will allow. They live up to our expectations.

    The root of the problem is this: too many men are blind one simple fact. From a global perspective, they are not normal. It is normal for men to love women. It is not normal for men to love only sex and themselves.

  18. john maiden says:

    Even though it is not happening in malawi, just be aware of what is happening in other countries.last time we saw right here in south africa members of the church being commanded to eat grass for them to be blessed and their problems to have bern solved.

  19. louis says:

    atumbuka kukonda uhule kwambiri muzivulidwa chomcho ndima pastor

    1. dadaboma says:

      These are women from Phalombe (lomwe belt) at Nsondole beach on the shores of Lake Chilwa. You can see how Lomwes can become so stupid and obsessed with the desire for uhule with their church pastors. This is what Lomwes know best.

  20. Cimenti says:

    False prophets and healers in the last days!

  21. REX says:


  22. Korir says:

    I thank God am a kenyan. Atleast, our pple cannot be such idiots as to strip naked in such manner

  23. says:

    The women are just sex pervets. Most likely these are black American women and their black men. Look at the shadows along the beach and the guy in the lake. I can bet my 100USD this has nothing to do with a pastor and single women but a pimp and porno actor wanna be BBWs. This is the kind of free shit one gets from

  24. Zafika Poopsa says:

    A Malawi tizitha kugwiritsa nzeru zachibadwa.Osaopa kufunsa mafunso pa zachipembedzo chomwe tiri. Chifukwa ngakhale mmalemba oyera tikumvapo anthu akuwafunsa aMbuye Yesu mafunso.Anthuwa sanalandira matemberero ayi, koposa lero lino tikupindula nawo mayankho amene anayankhidwa ndi Mbuyeyo. Choncho kuganiza kuti chiri chonse chomwe ma pastor amatiuza ndi cholondola nkulakwa.Mpati pamene akunena kuti kupsopsona malo obisika mungapeze nawo madalitso?Nditseguleni makutu auzimu abale.

    1. dadaboma says:

      Read comments # 28 and 29 by pastor Torre to open your ears.

  25. CHIYAMBA says:


  26. wadala says:

    This is fake. Women can’t stoop so low for the sake of a husband?

  27. Ndadabwa says:

    Tili nawo muno mu Malawi Azibusa ngati amenewo monga ngati Rev Emmanuel CHinkwita Phiri .

  28. dadaboma says:

    Religion is like opium, take it and you lose your senses. You cannot be a religious person if at the same time you want to maintain your senses. If you’re religious, be prepared to lose your critical thinking at some point in your religious practices, otherwise you’ll be accused of lacking faith. Do not despise the naked women in the above picture – they’re blinded by their faith, and are accepting anything that comes from a pastor as a way of getting what they dearly crave for. The solution is public education and awareness so that people should know why and how problems come and why some problems do not have any solutions whereas some can be treated by conventional means. The more ignorant you are about things the more your religious faith is. In religion there is neither knowledge nor thinking – there is only faith, and that’s what the women in the picture are practicing.

  29. Do not tell me this is in Malawi!!!

  30. mdmdmmdm says:

    2. dont bring into disrepute the names of innocent persons. God can punish you. We know pastor Ziba as a true man of God. Mulungu akukhulukile dont be agents of the devil

  31. Pastor says:

    Koma ndiye yakumbuyo itha kukoma zedi. tawonani matakowo. Ku Karonga uku.

    1. dadaboma says:

      Read comment # 23.1 to know which part of Malawi this picture is from. You don’t have to guess, information is right here, just one click away.

  32. boy says:

    Even when you look at their butts, they are almost of the same size and shape, matako awo ndi akulu okha okha. Ohhhhhhhhh, ndiye kuti akazi akulu matako mchipempedzocho sakwatiwa ndiye akufuna mabanja? This is not true, I dont believe this.

  33. boy says:

    When you make a proper analysis of the situation, I dont believe that this is Malawi, somebody has just taken it from somewhere and posted it here. So, where did the reporter obtained the photo, it looks he/she doesnt know the Pastor nor the Church. When i look at the picture of the Pastor, he doesnt give me a picture that he is from Malawi and in Malawi. How can this happen and then anthu osanena?. Please post nkhani zeni zeni not zafeki izi. You think single women can get as far as this, no way, in day light for that matter!!!

  34. Back Bencher says:

    Ppo shud not go to church to seek marriages bt rather they shud priotise the kingdom of God.

  35. Angozo says:

    Amalawi kusamva, tiyeni nazoni. Anzanu akamakuuzani kuti izi ayi mumachita makani nkumanena kuti ma Church enawa mulibe Yesu. Ngati mumawerengadi Bible werengani zomwe walemba comment 1 Wanex Banda kuti muphunzire. Christianity has been in existence for over two thousand years now, are these so-called new Churches preaching the same Gospel or a different one? Ask yourselves. Ndikuuzeni tsono kuti uku ndiko kupembedza mafano kuja mumanenaku osati zina ayi. I cannot believe this.
    Lord have mercy, Nkosi hawukela, Seigneur, ayez pitie, Please repent and go back to your Churches.

  36. Dan says:

    Demons at work.

  37. Aneneli onyenga nde amenewo,chenjelani ndimasiku Osiliza

  38. Wokhudzidwla says:

    This is a shame. My advice to single women like me is to pray to God directly. Don’t be cheated by such bizarre pastors. Mother Mary please pray for us!

    1. zebe says:

      Mother Mary akupempherere osapemphera wekha bwanji? Iwenso ndiye munthu wina wopusa zedi. If you pray to God through this Mary you are as good as these single women in the picture. Nonse anthu osochera nokhanokha

  39. CHIYAMBA says:


  40. kukukuki says:

    Another thug is pastor Ziba

    1. Chandindiza says:

      When did Pastor Ziba become a thug? Be careful with what you say?

  41. Wanex banda says:

    Mathew 24 vs 24

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