People stealing church offerings should face  arrest – Bishop Mtumbuka

Bishop for Karonga Diocese of the Catholic Church Martin Mtumbuka has said people who steal church offering of plunder church’s resources should face the long arm of the law of the land.

Bishop Mtumbuka:  Let law enforcers deal with abusers

Bishop Mtumbuka: Let law enforcers deal with abusers

Mtumbuka’s reaction follows the increase of abuse of church resources in Karonga Diocese which he confided to be a result of forgiving tendency to the perpetrators.

According to the Bishop, the church will now refer all involved in abusing its resources to the law enforcers.

“I am very concerned with the resource mismanagement reports in my Diocese. This is because we used to have mercy and forgiveness to the perpetrators.

“In order to end it, any leader or follower found stealing the Church’s resources starting from 1 January, 2017 shall be taken to the court of law where they will be answerable,” said Mtumbuka.

He said some people take an advantage of the Church’s ethic of forgiveness as stated in the holy bible to deliberately abuse their powers.

Mtumbuka said that the tendency of stealing the Church’s resources is letting down people to contribute.

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14 thoughts on “People stealing church offerings should face  arrest – Bishop Mtumbuka”

  1. Kapeta says:

    Eshhhhh, kwatalika kwambiri 2017 mukufuna nanu mudye nawo eti? Mpaka 7month bonus apitirizebe kuba ndiye kuti chan a Bishop.

  2. Mbwenumbwenu says:

    Bishop Mtumbuka. Pepanitu maulemu paja aim a kale. Sinanga mwazikhalitsa player on social media. Tiye nazoni.

    Your call for government to immediately abandon the new Road Traffic Registration system still stand on social media. Can you go and validate. You have demonstrated lack of vision when you could not foresee a good thing that was to be realised within few months of the teething problems. Bravo Reforms. Bravo Dr Chilima.

  3. Concerned citizen says:

    Your Worship, you are being too linient. All measures should be taken to ensure full recovery of funds, then hand them over to the law of the land.

    Our country is rotting because there is no action being taken against these major thrives. It is not right.

  4. Bravo Bishop! This should also start at Mtima Woyera parish in LL, essshh. The church has taken ages to finish because of plundering of resources, akhristu tatopa!

  5. mr chambale says:

    iwe no 6 so called malawi weniweni ndiwe okuba kwabasi .kkk apa a bishop abaya nyani ntchende ndipo zaonekelatu kuti anthu Wambiri amaba ndalama za mpingo.shaa mumangidwano .kunoso kuti st pius ku blantyre asogoleli okuba ndalama za hall.Kumangoti pepa sunday uku okuba basi .amangidwe ameneyo .ananiya ndi safiya analandila chilango Ataba zamulungu .assembeso okuba amangidwe. Muyambise tip off anonymous mugwira ambiri .kkkkkk time up azisogoleli okuba. Bishop ooyeee

  6. nanga says:

    It just shows how misguided churches and their clergy are and those who listen to them, not God, are doomed.

  7. atcheya says:

    Running Karonga diocese is serious business..kkkk

  8. Gay Envoy says:

    This so called Bishop must be mad. iwe ndiye uziba izikanyengera ndikumangira nyumba azimai a legio.

  9. Malawi weniweni says:

    Bishop Mtumbuka ndi munthu womvetsa chisoni kwabasi. Please use the PR resources readily available at your disposal. Do you know what it means to suspend biblical principles of mercy and forgiveness? Ndamva nanul chisoni ambuye. Doesn’t the bible teach us as leaders of church not to rush with matters to earthly courts. Discipline one another within confines of Christian circles. What does the bible say about someone who fails to govern his own family? Now if you are exposing your Christians like this How will people look at the Church? Bunch of thieves?

    Solution is for your flock to receive Christ and get saved. It begins with you doing what God called you to do on the pulpit. If you misuse your calling those people who sin and all you know is to send them to jail, mwazi wawo azaufunsa pa dzanja lanu Ambuye Bishop.

    Nkhani in a yochititsa manyazi ndi image munapeza anthu atanyamula maliro inu nkuaimitsa kiting muziajambula ma photo. Interview nkati. Mumvekere anaemia iri yonse imabwera ndi njala. Save dignity of your Bishop Office and choose others to do the dirty work for you.

  10. h kamdidi says:

    Why should the legal appeal start in January 2017 and not now?

  11. stealing church leaders and stealing church members means a stealing a society. No blame to politicians and govt for stealing because politicians and our leaders are drawn from the church which are full of thieves. the blame should go to church for failing to straighten the morality of their members. if church succeeded in correcting the moral uprightness of its members, there could have never been cashgate. its actually cashgaters who are contributing a lot to the beautiful church buildings in the cities

  12. Mauanuwa says:

    Unfortunately, the priests are the main culprit in mismanagement of church resources. Nevertheless, this would perhaps help in curbing the vice.

  13. Myao says:

    A bit disturbed here, why only involving Police now just bcoz it’s money involved??
    How about policy and leadership wrangles that also require regular court interpretation?
    Yes, thieves will get punished right here on earth and much more when they die, so take these and other cases to court, after all the church dropped some routine contributions by congregants in respect of current economic situation. Mbabva zimenezi zizikabera ma prophet amasikuanowa, andale ndi ma NGO amathanyula.

  14. So if you fail to manage a small grouping like a diocese how dare you always despise the political authority ruling the entire Republic? Ironically having failed to discipline your own few thieving flock you seem to have thrown out the episcopal whip by now resorting to the conventional courts headed by the same earthly political authorities you always scorn and bash side by side for poor governance! You must be ashamed of your self Bishop.

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